In “Live Free or Die” state, comrade takes down his Rebel flag; 29 days of zip

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A New Hampshire comrade wrote me:


Hi John,

[…] I just put my Rebel Flag in the closet as to not offend my neighbors.


I watch the neighbors being lead down the liberal path to destruction, and there is nothing I can do to help them. When I tell them they just get angry and think I am the nut (maybe I am for trying! 😉 ). […]

What I find amazing, that is i/you tell anyone the truth, they don’t want to hear it. They “can’t handle the truth.”

The mind control and propaganda is so powerful that the truth is suppressed. And they make laws to keep it suppressed.

Anyway, thank you for sending the information. I have read almost your entire web site. Your perspective is in line with my research.

Wow, I could be arrested for what I know. Does this mean that the Truth is Illegal???


Hi, comrade.

Well, you cannot be arrested YET for what you know….. but if the paternally half-Jewish Hillary got in, I believe both the First and Second Amendments would be gutted.


Hugh and Hillary Rodham in the left half


Yes, the brainwashing is very powerful — and has been going on for over 100 years — but the neurochemicals are having an equally nefarious effect on our level of courage. Testosterone, the male hormone, is down 23% in thirty years!

Fluoride in the water, and in beer now (!!!!) make people passive, but also chemtrails and bisphenol-A in food packaging and in the green inside coating of tin cans of food.

It was very instructive how the feds reacted when I released on Hitler’s birthday in 2015 my video on “VIP Pedophiles — Kill Them All.” Ontonagon here in Upper Michigan is a very isolated town of 1500 in a county of just 6,000. Yet two days after my video came out, on Monday April 20, 2015, they had begun chemtrailing this town with two jets!

Of course, the info in this Hitler’s Birthday-dated video ATTACKING VIP PEDOPHILES is nothing short of explosive:

1) white men once lynched a powerful jew (for the rape and murder of a white child) despite massive jewspaper protests


2) Bill Clinton is a pedophile — yes, the ex-president and husband of the presumptive Democrat nominee for president.


[iframe src=”” width=”720″ height=”406″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen” allowtransparency=”true” scrolling=”no”]

A screenshot of the video-recording software working….


I can only assume they thought that between me and activist Mike Delaney of and 911MissingLinks, who are both living in the same small town, we were about to start converting the locals entirely to national socialism!


And their response was to massively chemtrail this tiny town…………… with two jets.  This must be costing the feds thousands of dollars a day.

I wonder if Ft McMurray, Canada natives ever ask themselves how they got years of drought, which triggered the current holocaust.



The Jew World Order thugs must therefore believe that chemtrails make people numb and dumb, unable to process new information, fearful, anxious, and cowardly.


Against vaccines? Oppose psych-meds? Then we’ll just chemtrail you

There is some evidence the Americans were actually chemtrailing Germany already during WWII, maybe with the same intentions. Many old videos of that time show long, long trails of something behind the bombers, whereas a true contrail evaporates within 15 seconds and disappears right behind the jet or plane.

USAAF chemtrails over Emden, Germany in WWII -1943

But there is the permanent issue of the masses always being cowardly and unheroic since the beginning of the Neolithic, the Age of Agriculture, when not every man had to be a hunter any more. The majority of men then became peasants, planting wheat and harvesting it. No bravery or skill was necessary — just plod along behind your horse or cow.

Warlords also arose at that time, especially when bronze and then iron weapons and armor were invented, then the wheel and the war chariot, and they began warring on each other, killing off the bravest men not for food but to defeat each other and rule over the docile peasants.

So genetically we are not at all the same as our Cro Magnon ancestors.

No tyranny was possible then, in the Paleolithic, the Old Stone Age, the age of hunter-gatherers,  when every single man had a spear in his hand and a knife on his belt.

People lived in clans of 15-25 people and elected their chieftains.

Women gathered berries, roots, and medicinal plants, cared for children and made clothes (and gossiped about the men and each other 😉 ).

Reincarnation adds a further insight, that most humans are young souls, barely up from the animal stage. To talk about truth and duty as sacred things to Joe Sixpack like reading a Shakespeare sonnet to a pig, or trying to teach a cat to defend the house and bark. 😉

Ain’t gonna happen. 😉

For all these powerful reasons no mass movement is possible, especially not now.

It has to be an elite religion.  And there are about ten percent who are read y to fight and really “get it.” Like this Ken Huber in Tawas City, (lower) Michigan.


The sorry truth is also that 90% of the American people just scratched their butt and criticized, and only 50% even favored the oh-so-glorious American Revolution, and there were no chemtrails, or bisphenol-A or fluoride affecting THEM 1775-81!




This is why I am creating a new Aryan religion.


Massive crop circle with the clearly SS black sun that appeared in a field in Bowerchalke, England on August 8, 2015, making numerologically 8-8-8 (yes!).




The comrade replied:



Excellent! I concur with your statements.

Something must be happening [to people] because I do not think I am nuts.

I took the attached pictures above my house 2 years ago (chemtrails). BTW, New Hampshire has a high (like 30%) Prostate Cancer rate, almost the highest in the nation.


This cancer is directly related to pesticides, orobably the type of chemicals they are spraying. Talk about neutering the men! Yikes.

The pProstate cancer rate in New Hampshire is 10% (not 30% as I initially wrote {30% is all cancers combined}). However, still one of the highest in the Nation.


September 22. 2014 7:58PM


CDC says NH cancer rates among highest in nation


New Hampshire Union Leader

High cancer rates in NH

Rates of cancer (per 100,000 people) among New Hampshire residents of all races in 2011, according to the Centers for Disease Control:

All Cancers



New Hampshire




Rank in US




New England




United States




Source: CDC U.S. Cancer Statistics Incidence and Mortality Web-based Report

The gov’t must want girly men that won’t rebel, but instead need gov’t protection for in their weakened condition.


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I got one good donation a month ago and since then it has been almost zip.

Nothing since April 10th, 29 days ago.

Over Margi’s protests I spent much of the good donation I got on vital allies in the cause who are involved with my website, videos, video platforms and other projects and who were in desperate financial straits themselves. One comrade in Germany who translates for me had had to sell his laptop for food!

The jew-free video platform is down again and is being redirected only to Mike Delaney’s Youtube channel.

The other judenfrei video platform,, is up and doing fine. But we need to buy the software before the rental of it is cancelled under jew pressure.

When my religion comes out, will there be any free, non-jew-censored video platform my message can appear on?


What is going on with YT videos now is this:

Google, which owns YouTube, is owned by two Jewboy multi-billionaires.

Russian-jewish co-owner Sergei Brin

They determine if you are a WN by your browsing habits. If so, search results do still take you to WN and anti-NWO themes (race, Jews, Hitler, vaccines, chemtrails, fluoride, Holocaust, FEMA camps, etc.)

But if they determine you are NOT yet a WN, then the search engine no longer takes you to anything except “debunkings” of our positions and NWO disinfo.

Finally, they also do something analogous with comments under YT videos.  Only other WNs can see comments by WNs.  Others do not see the comment at all.

In this way, they seek to keep us preaching ONLY to the choir, and by giving the illusion of freedom, they seek to undermine demand for TruTube, Sonnenrad, and others. “Gee, YT is not censoring like it used to!” Actually, yes it is — and more than ever. Only other WNs can see WN stuff!

When my religion begins, it will be with a kind of earth-shattering revelation in a speech, and then the question is — will anyone be able to see the video? If Sonnenrad is down and TruTube stays down, then no.

And then Trump with the two Jew-married kids is our only hope, until he is taken out. Then we get white-male-hating Lesbillary!  *;) winking

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