In defense of Putin

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I just received yet another link to a video defaming as a crypto-jew the Russian president, Vladimir Putin. I replied to the sender:

Putin is not Jewish! First, he has a classically north-slavic face.

FILE - In this April 28, 2015 file picture, Russian President Vladimir Putin expecting a forum of regional and local independent mass media in St. Petersburg, Russia. US experts on Russia see a growing threat the crisis in Ukraine That HAS already taken lives of milliers Could explode, ALTHOUGH the latest cease-fire agreement HAS Partially Held. US and Western European moves to isolate Russia and damage ict icts economy for seizure of the Crimean peninsula and the support of separatists in eastern Ukraine against the Western-backed central government-have not forced Putin to back down. (Alexei Druzhinin / RIA Novosti, Kremlin Pool Photo via AP, File)

His father, a cook, also had a face that was completely non-Jewish.


As for his deeds, his Russia helps and protects the anti-Jewish regime in Iran



a Jewish graphic attacking Putin and leaders of Iran and Syria as his “Nazis” 


…. He helps anti-Jewish Syria, and opposes the fully judaized US regime…

G20 Leaders Meet In St. Petersburg For The Summit


–and the Judeo-Americans’ puppet in Germany …


But knowing well the sad fate of Hitler, Gaddafi, Saddam, etc.

A worn-out AH in the bunker at the end

ah-very-aged bunker-at-end

the hanging of Saddam

Gaddafi, horribly bayonetted in the anus


… he still prudenhtly avoids an open war with the Jews and goes to Yad Vashem with a beanie on like all other politicians.


And as to his 2014 law against “Holocaust denial,” what he really said was:

“Millions of innocent people were victims of the Nazis, lived through hell in the camps and were shot, tortured, or died of hunger and disease.”

But where in that sentence are any of the famous “gas chambers” ??? Huh?

In addition, he was in power for 14 years (2000-14) before enacting this law, and this surely was done only under the pressure of events in Ukraine.

He wants to solidify firest his alliance with a huge and powerful China



… and with the other BRICS states, and then after this he will face world Jewry.


The Russian national game, remember, is chess! One hides his strategy!


As for the anti-Putin campaign, the Romans (who created the first professional police in history during the reign of the emperor Augustus) would automatically posed this question:

Cui bono? Who benefits from defaming Putin?

Vladimir Putin-pen-and-ink-drawing

The Jews!



The day will come when the Russians at war with NATO will parachute ARMS and whole TANKS to Americans fighting the hordes of Obama!

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I need your financial help to WRITE MY SACRED ARYAN SCRIPTURE FOR US AND OUR TIMES. Others have been making big sacrifices. How about you?

What is my religion based on?







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The enemy is very afraid I will get the financing I need to start a heroic Aryan religion that will turn us into fighters. If anyone understands the power of religion it is the Jews themselves!


I am living now in Upper Michigan, USA, on the Canadian border…My goal is go as far north as I can 😉


I am creating for Westerners a new religion based on Vedanta, the true Aryan religion of karma and reincarnation of our ancestors…. because we Westerners today are mentally, spiritually and karmically in a disastrous condition… and for me only true, ancient Indo-Aryan values can save us.

I am now completing a translation of Michael Winkler’s book Die Spirituelle Welt, “The Spiritual World.”


This fleshes out the details of exactly what happens when you die. Winkler is a very well-known political commentator in Germany ( and is often fined for being politically incorrect.



This is not a gobbledy-gook religion I am founding, but based on facts and truth. Anyone who sees this essay knows I am not inventing crap to get your money.

I wrote to a white Indian supporter in India:

I studied at the ashram in Pennsylvania of a brahmin, Swami Rama (Himalayan Institute,


One of the greatest adepts, teachers, writers, and humanitarians of the 20th century, Swami Rama (1925-1996) is the founder of the Himalayan Institute. Born in Northern India, he was raised from early childhood by the Himalayan sage, Bengali Baba. Under the guidance of his master, he traveled from monastery to monastery and studied with a variety of Himalayan saints and sages, including his grandmaster who was living in a remote region of Tibet. In addition to this intense spiritual training, Swami Rama received higher education in both India and Europe. From 1949 to 1952, he held the prestigious position of Shankaracharya of Karvirpitham in South India. Thereafter, he returned to his master to receive further training at his cave monastery, and finally in 1969, came to the United States where he founded the Himalayan Institute. His best known work, Living With the Himalayan Masters, reveals the many facets of this singular adept and demonstrates his embodiment of the living tradition of the East.

And my professor of Indo-European and Sanskrit studies at Georgetown University was a brahmin from Benares, Shaligram Shukla.

I am talking a serious path to turn us aside from selfishness, cowardice and foolishness toward our true being. Sin will never satisfy! In the end, the happiness becomes sadness, the thrill becomes a nightmare, the pleasure becomes an addiction. Sin never keeps its promises. In the end, what we need is a new Aryan religion for disciplined heroes, so we can take these JEWS DOWN: 

 That IS THE ONLY MISSION and the only satisfaction. Vengeance and victory.

–July 8, 2010 from a comrade in North Carolina

–July 7, 2015 from comrade J in North Carolina

Building a shed with him and Mike Delaney of


–8 Juli 2015 von J in North Carolina–8

–July 10, 2015 from DP in Australia

–July 8, 2015 music CD from JN in Nevada

–July 6, 2015 from anonymous in Charlotte, North Carolina a USPS money order and letter

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