UPDATE — UPDATE In Allied-disarmed Germany, prob. muslim gunman (or false-flagging Jews) sprays bullets around a Munich McDonald’s then flee — nine whites murdered

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Great, cops, you are once again too late. Too bad you are so vigilant at protecting Merkel and the other reptilians.







And surprise, surprise, he has brown skin. Could he POSSIBLY be a muslim refugee fleeing persecution and who is angry about white racism? 😉





A German woman cries; just imagine the satanic joy of the JWO over this photo; in the future it will be a million times worse, because the judaized “Federal Republic of Germany” is bringing in and arming hordes of muslims to slaughter German civilians.

A woman reacts following a shooting rampage at the Olympia shopping mall in Munich, Germany July 23, 2016. REUTERS/Michael Dalder


‘No indications’ of Islamist motive

Munich Police says: no indications of islamic terror

SZ München


Munich Police says: no indications of islamic terror

German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung tweets that police say there are no indications this was an ‘Islamic terror attack’.


A senior German security official told The Washington Post that four people were killed inside the McDonald’s restaurant and one was fatally shot outside. The official said another victim died at a hospital.


This is basically Germany’s first major muslim terror attack. (In the ax attack on the train a few days ago, no one so far has died.)

But as my German website speculates, it is possible the whole thing was yet another false flag. An Iranian nerd was blamed (after he conveniently died, supposedly a suicide) for something that looked very professional. In particuler, there were reports that, as in the Brussels airport massacre, one gunman caused a panic and, as people fled, another gunman awaited them.

GERMAN Mein Hmmmmm zu Muenchen


The Munich police chief, Hubertus Andraea,  is an amazingly ugly leftwinger whose specialty, as the German Wikipedia reports four times, has been fighting “right wing extremism.”




Munich street cops on alert; they look like the Adolf Hitler division of the Waffen-SS




……See also why the once proud Germans put up with this:


Female politicians in all German parties except AfD bitterly denounce loans to young German families as Nazi


  1. The German police is way too White, and not reflective enough of the racial realities of 21st century Germany! Looking at the woeful whiteness of the police in the above pics reminds one of old Nazi photos of the Leibstandarte SS. This is just completely unacceptable! Mama Merkel must immediately divert some of that delightful diversity she invited to enrich Europe into the police force! All she has to do to locate potential recruits is simply set up police recruitment centers in swimming pools, since Mid-Eastern immigrants, as we all now know, strangely love frequenting swimming pools. I guess there ain’t many opportunities to go swimming in the Rub’ Al Khali lol.

  2. “No indications of Islamist motive.” Perhaps the shooter was a Zoroastrian extremist? After all, rumors are he had connections to Iran, where Zoroastrians are still to be found. Maybe he shouted Zoroaster Akbar, and not Allah Akbar?

  3. The murdering savage has to be a homosexual. Why? Because the leftwing media says he was “despondent from years of bullying.”

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