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I just blocked yet another person making a dogmatic assertion that Putin was Jewish. I have blogged over and over and over and over on this since the year 2007. No, Putin is not Jewish (nor does he act or look Jewish — blond with blue-green eyes and very Baltic facial features;

Russian President Vladimir Putin with All-Russia People's Front a
he is descended from northern Russian cooks and peasants).

His father — a Jew???



He is indirectly, via his actions, very pro-German and extremely anti-Jewish but also scared to be openly antisemitic. And no, Stalin was not Jewish either, nor was Abraham Lincoln (but John Wilkes Booth WAS). If you want to assert everyone and his dog is Jewish, please do so on your own FB [Facebook] wall. Frankly, I am tired of the lack of humility of people with no investigative training, no college degree, no serious knowledge of foreign countries, history or languages, making bald assertions in a highly dogmatic way with zero or twisted facts.

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  • John D. Nugent The other day I read some guy asserting out his butthole that the great poet Lord Byron was Jewish….
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  • John D. Nugent In his satirical “Age of Bronze” (1823), Lord Byron adopted a hostile attitude toward the Jews, whose emancipation he opposed and whose alleged support for foreign tyranny (Turks against Greeks) he denounced with many unpleasant allusions.
  • John D. Nugent http://www.thefamouspeople.com/…/images/lord-byron-1.jpg(Looks real Jewish, don’t he? )



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  • John D. Nugent Canto XV:
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  • John D. Nugent How rich is Britain! not indeed in mines,
    Or peace or plenty, corn or oil, or wines;
    No land of Canaan, full of milk and honey,
    Nor (save in paper shekels) ready money:
    But let us not to own the truth refuse,
    Was ever Christian land so rich in Jews?
    Those parted with their teeth to good King John,
    And now, ye kings, they kindly draw your own;
    All states, all things, all sovereigns they control,
    And waft a loan “from Indus to the pole.”
    The banker – broker – baron[340] – brethren, speed
    To aid these bankrupt tyrants in their need.
    Nor these alone; Columbia [= the young USA] feels no less
    Fresh speculations follow each success;
    And philanthropic Israel deigns to drain
    Her mild per-centage from exhausted Spain.
    Not without Abraham’s seed can Russia march;
    Tis gold, not steel, that rears the conqueror’s arch.
    Two Jews, a chosen people, can command
    In every realm their Scripture-promised land: –
    Two Jews, keep down the Romans,[341] and uphold
    The accurséd Hun, more brutal than of old:
    Two Jews, – but not Samaritans – direct
    The world, with all the spirit of their sect.
    What is the happiness of earth to them?
    A congress forms their “New Jerusalem,”
    Where baronies and orders both invite –
    Oh, holy Abraham! dost thou see the sight?
    Thy followers mingling with these royal swine,
    Who spit not “on their Jewish gaberdine,”
    But honour them as portion of the show –
    (Where now, oh Pope! is thy forsaken toe?
    Could it not favour Judah with some kicks?
    Or has it ceased to “kick against the pricks?”)
    On Shylock’s shore behold them stand afresh,
    To cut from nation’s hearts their “pound of flesh.”
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  • John D. Nugent In sum, just because you can TYPE does not mean you should WRITE: I would never tell a roofer what shingles to put on a roof, nor do I expect a roofer to TELL me Putin is a Jew. 😉
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  • John D. Nugent One of the advantages of being 60 and no longer a politician is I can call ’em as I see ’em. 😉
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  • Christo Makropoulos Putin is orthodox and Emperor of the Holy Roman Byzantine Orthodox Empire
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  • John D. Nugent This excellent article in German refers to the fact that major European and American WNs just held a very public conference in St, Petersburg, Russia! http://globalfire.tv/…/06nja_russlands_neue_weltordnung…

    “Die Oligarchen Beresowski und Gussinski sind Bakterien, die sich im sterbenden Volkskörper eingenistet haben. Aber sie sterben, sobald der Körper beginnt, zu gesunden.”
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  • Donal Cumhea Mac Namara Found an old one of Mr. Swansong.

    Donal Cumhea Mac Namara's photo.
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    • Pál István Sándor Jews never fight themself for their own homeland nor their people, they get goyim to fight for jewish interest in foreigner countries.“-the dumb goyim will fight while we profit, with the aid of our friend in Washington.
      Powerful Jews will be on all Draft Boards, and Jewish physicians will protect you from military service. Arrangements are already made to exempt you, in case religious exemption cannot be prepared in time.
      You are warned to renounce, abjure, repudiate and deny any of this information if questioned by Gentiles, even under oath, as outlined in the Talmud and justified for the preservation of our race.
      (Passage from a circular letter of “The Central Conference of American Rabbis at the 117th Annual Conference, held in New York City on June 26, 1937, declared for“Exemption of Jews from military service in accordance with the highest interpretation of Judaism.”

      Pál István Sándor's photo.
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    • Karl Giel Any way Jewish or not, he just releases laws for imprisonment for HOLOCAUST DENIERS>>>>>>>>>>
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    • Keith Mc Farlane Yeah the “west” hates Putin and Russia? That should tell anyone he is a good guy! John Wilkes Booth, Jewish? You sure bout that? Iv read much about American History, in particular the Civil War? Never read Booth was Jewish?
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    • Jason Zado As traditional with Jews and their followers, they have a habit of falsely labeling their opponents as being “Jewish”.
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    • Donal Cumhea Mac Namara Hitler was a Queer Masonic Jewish Negro that worshipped Satan.
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    • John D. Nugent Booth was the top actor in the US, and like many Jews supported SLAVERY and the South. He also wanted the US to break up so the Rothschild British Empire could reabsorb the US, chunk by chunk. :http://www.jewornotjew.com/…/j/john_wilkes_booth.jpg Booth’s great-grandfather, some say, was a Jew named John Booth, a silversmith who had been driven out of Portugal. Booth assassinated Lincoln on orders from North America’s first Jewish cabinet member, Judah Benjamin (http://media-2.web.britannica.com/…/6431-004-0E27542D.jpg), the Rothschild agent, as revenge for the North expelling their banking interests, and Lincoln printing greenbacks to finance the Civil War, not borrow money from Rothschild. (Benjamin moved to England after the Civil War to be near his Rothschild masters.) The Rothschilds would not regain control of American banking completely until 1913 with the Federal Reserve Act. .Jacob Schiff, a Rothschild agent who was instrumental in the Federal Reserve Act, would go on to finance the Bolshevik Revolution against Russia as payback for the country helping defeat the Rothschilds in the American Civil War. (Russia sent its warfleet demonstratively to San Francisco and New York to warn England against intervening on the side of the South.) The entire Civil War as cooked up so 1) the bravest white men, North and South, would slaughter each other (750,000 perished!), leaving behind the weak and the cowards to breed, and 2) Rothschild would take over America. Lincoln had to die because he opposed the grand strategy of Rothschild and printed federal money, not borrowing funds from Rothschild as did all other Western leaders.) Also, his plan was to send the liberated black slaves to Africa or to a homeland in the New World. (This was later the Marcus Garvey plan.). But the J-Team wanted race conflict, segregation, lynchings, Klan, race riots on both sides, they railroaded Marcus Garvey, and finally, after a long civil rights battle run by the Jewish-founded and Jewish-financed NAACP, massive race mixing — that is, what we see now. (None of this means I am a Lincoln fan, btw. I abhor his dictatorship and his atrocities against Southern civilians, Sherman’s criminal March to the Sea, the burning of Atlanta, etc..)



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    • John D. Nugent But everything we are told is a lie, except it takes money to pay bills.
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    • Francisco Miguel López Jimenez totally true, there´s plenty of bored people around internet that just post nonsense
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    • John D. Nugent Bored people, ignorant people, and trolls — either trolls by nature or paid trolls who work for the Enemy for high salaries at the NSA, FBI, CIA or IDF in Tel Aviv.
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    • John D. Nugent Pix from “Gone with the Wind” of the TERRORISTIC burning of Atlanta by federal troops: https://www.google.com/search…

    • John D. Nugent 750,000 white men died in the Civil War, and accomplished exactly NOTHING. 🙁
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    • John D. Nugent The Blacks were not slaves any more but became rootless workers up north with no economic security whatsoever and faced massive rejection, or ended up lynched down south.

      I am recording an audiobook today in German and in English for money: https://archive.org/details/DerBolschewismusVonMosesBisLenin in German and http://www.jrbooksonline.com/…/bolshevism_from_moses_to_len…

      Bolshevism from Moses to Lenin – A Dialogue with Hitler and Me
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      • John D. Nugent (German summary) Adolf und Eckart zerreißen das Alte Testament und erklären die jüdische Pöbelvolkstrategie
      • John D. Nugent AH and Dietrich Eckart shred the Old Testament and explain the ancient strategy, recently called “bolshevism,” of agitating and LEADING the scum of society with messages of hate, murder, theft and envy.
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      • John D. Nugent As a French print newsletter (by revisionist René-Louis Berclaz) points out, the Left for 30 years now has done NOTHING for the working class. The ENTIRE focus of the Left now is “fighting homophobia, antisemitism, male chauvinist pigs, and racism.” PERIOD. The working class can go sell their bodies on the streetcorner as male or female prostitutes, work at McDonald’s, sell heroin, or (like many here in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan) join the military and (after getting 16 vaccinations, which will make them sterile or cause them to have autistic kids) go off and kill other innocent working-class people in the Middle East.
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        If you can offer your help by donating 10$ to 50$ a month to organisations or people that need it online. I will try to donate 30$ every month from now. At t…
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