If anyone can help, I am facing an electricity shutoff t-o-d-a-y and need $241.70. (A comrade in Australia sent $200 just now on the total $441.70 bill.)

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Stripe is a great, safe way to donate:


–5 July 2016 50 Euros ($55) via PayPal from C in Germany to mhuffstickler@outlook.com

–5 July 2017 donation via PayPal from J in Australia (to mhuffstickler@outlook.com)

I and Margi Huffstickler


–3 July 2017 check from G in Nevada

–1 July 2017 check and letter from a brave, intelligent comrade and author in San Francisco, California with possible cancer

Also cash from P in Florida and a birthday card! 🙂

Also, a Stripe donation from J in Pennsylvania


–30 June 2017 check from J in Maryland

–29 June 2017  PayPal from L in Australia

–28 June 2017 book on national socialism from C. von Kanwetzburg


–27 June 2017 PayPal from J in England, P in Connecticut,  B in New York, and P in Maryland,

and a check from J in Utah

–15 June 2017 cash from M in Oregon

–10 June 2017 donation by check from G in New Swabia

–5 June 2017 cash in foil, letter and nice card from S in Germany

May 26, ’17

Dear Mr de Nugent,

The thought of your going hungry for lack of funds nearly breaks my heart.

[] You could wring the neck of the oldest hen and cook the old girl, but that heartless idea did occur to you too, I should think. 😉

It is sad and also telling that a man of your calibre and education and culture has to live the life of an outcast.

But such is life in Weimarica, courtesy of jews  (I do not capitalize this word, any more than I capitalize the word “criminal”) and white race traitors, who are worse than the aforementioned.

If a mighty wizard were to use his magic wand and say: “jews be gone!” what would you hear next?

A deafening roar, a stampede of filthy white race traitors running to fill the empty shoes and take the place of the jews.

And I am sure of it.

Interesting times indeed.

A brave new world where poverty is the price you pay for integrity and the worst sort of low-life is always on top. Duh!

On this sombre note I bid you adieu for now for now.


–1 June 2017 via PayPal from S in Germany




  1. This is not for you but for your readers:

    As an old man who can’t afford medicines, I can understand Mr. de Nugent’s plight.

    If you look at the images of himself being glad to have just received a banknote asdonation, you can be sure that THIS MAN IS POOR.

    So if it’s in your ability to help him, please do so.

    This is not for myself, but thank you.


  2. Hey John,

    denk mal ueber die Option der PaySafe Card nach. Kein juedisches PayPal. Es wird dir einfach nur eine Nummer zugesendet. Entweder per Email oder in einem Kommentar (den du nicht freischaltest, da die Nummer Geld wert ist)


    Die PaySafeCard (PSC) ist ein anonymes Zahlungsmittel als Guthabenkarte in Form einer 16stelligen PIN-Nummer, welche auf einen Kassenzettel aufgedruckt wird und gegen Bargeld an Tankstellen, in Drogeriemärkten oder bei anderen Verkaufsstellen[1] erworben werden kann. In Zeiten von Bargeldverbot und Überwachung sämtlicher Finanzströme zur angeblichen Terrorbekämpfung ist sie ein Hilfsmittel für jedermann, um den Behörden ein Stück weit die Finanzkontrolle zu entziehen.

    PIN-Nummern von erworbenen PaySafeCards können in einer Anwendung für Android[2] und iPhone/iPad[3] gespeichert werden, wovon aus Gründen der Überwachbarkeit jedoch abzuraten ist. Nationale Weltnetzseiten wie der Weltnetztagebuch-Anbieter Logr akzeptieren PaySafeCards zum Sammeln von Spenden und zur Bezahlung von Diensten.

    Das umgeht das Problem, dass Postsendungen nicht ankommen. Wenn du die Option nicht schlecht findest, kannst du sie ja anderen vorstellen.

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