I urgently need two video clips from Norman Cantor on the Jews and the fall of Rome — and the Jews and the white slave trade

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Who can take a segment out of this video — 14:06 to 14:40 — by esteemed Jewish historian Norman Cantor and make a separate little mp4 videofile of it and send it to me here or at john_denugent@yahoo.com? It is about Jews and the white slave trade.




I also need this segment — 5:14 to 11:08 — where Cantor hints that Jews destroyed the Roman Empire because it had become Christian and was restricting them.

From “Round about 500 AD” to “the Jews of western and central Europe.”



 “Norman Frank Cantor (November 19, 1929 – September 18, 2004)[1] was a Canadian-American historian who specialized in the medieval period. Known for his accessible writing and engaging narrative style, Cantor’s books were among the most widely read treatments of medieval history in English. His textbook The Civilization of the Middle Ages, first published in 1963, remains an all-time bestseller in the field.”





  1. In that past, I think anyone who owned ships and engaged in commerce trafficked slaves (I’m sure White Christians fell into that category) Not to justify it, but if your business is international trade, then you take the most profitable cargo. Romans owned slaves, Turks had slaves, and the Barbary pirates used to raid coastal villages and take slaves. So what’s so special about Jews taking slaves, aside from the fact that most people don’t learn it in school? Or is that the point?….https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sack_of_Baltimore

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