I reply to a skeptic on aliens

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…..comrade who is a UFO skeptic wrote me:

He commented:

I used to think that there was something to aliens visiting Earth but eventually I found out some of the best evidence and best presentation of the evidence came from the disclosure group. Run by a Jew. I saw Wernher von Braun’s secretary say that Von Baun told her it was all a ruse to bring all countries together for world government. I don’t believe a word of the UFO business. Eventually they will land some anti-gravity ship with GMO humans to trap us. All lies.

If aliens were visiting don’t you think they could hide and not be shot down in Roswell? If they were studying us wouldn’t they try not interfere? It would ruin their observations to be public. If they wanted to be public then why hide? The whole thing makes no sense and combined with the vast distances in space to be covered it’s extremely unlikely. If they are extradimensional then why haven’t we seen verifiable evidence that something like this exist and why hasn’t there been some scientific hints that there may be a way to control this. UFO’s totally fail the common sense test and the whole field is covered from top to bottom with Jews. The rest are probably blackmailed as usual.

Just another Jew psychopath gas light plan.

By the way I do believe in anti-gravity drives or I think more properly inertia drives. I don’t think they create gravity I think they just use the combined inertia of the Universe to push against. There are several examples of low power equipment that appears to be inertia type devices. I’m assuming that higher power devices are already in the Air Force inventory. Here’s some devices that are based on surge or very high accelerations. To clarify. The key in all of these is “accelerated accelerate of mass” or “surge” as Davis called it from Davis mechanics.


I heard about Davis Mechanics from G.Harry Stine of Analog Science Fiction Science Fact. Here’s a page where they say it’s all nonsense but they show the counter weights.


Here’s a page with a description of how it works.


Similar to Professor Laithwaites gyroscopes. Accelerating an accelerating/rotating object. Look at this guys video. The spinning wheel is pushing against something. He can’t hold it up and the torque explanation doesn’t work because it should push his hand. I don’t agree with his explanation because look at where he just lifts the wheel with no offset how he strains.

Here’s a video of Professor Laithwaites gyroscopes.

Here’s a new one I found. Lagiewka Bumper. Look at this extraordinary video. If that’s not a inertia control device I would be extraordinarily surprised.

It works on the same principle as all the others. It has a straight “rack” gear linked to a flywheel that when the front hits something the gears spin the flywheel very fast. He says it’s redirecting the force but what it’s really doing is the flywheel is giving out “Inertia????” waves. That this sort of strong force is shown with such a low frequency is a good sign that it can be controlled. He also has lots of other videos. One he runs a Fiat into a wall with his bumper on it and it doesn’t hurt the driver at all. Here’s a link to more info from the magnificent Rex Research.


Now this device has been stolen by formula one race car drivers. They’re making a shock absorber out of it. If you could use inertia to bleed away shock instead of heat think of the advantages to a race car that wants to save every ounce. They call it an inerter or J-Damper. It’s directly stolen from lagiewka as he missed something on his patents.


Another oddity with large acceleration. Rail guns. They don’t seem to have an actual recoil force opposite the round firing that’s equivalent.


…. I replied:

Thanks for the second part of your comment. 😉

But it is interesting how you refuse to ponder very plain facts that refute you, and then talk about “common sense.”

Wernher von Braun did NOT say there are no aliens. He said aliens would be misused as an excuse to demand a world government.

The man at the blackboard, NASA scientist Clark McClelland of Pittsburgh, has given many interviews on aliens, now that he is long retired,  and he clearly hints that the malevolent ones are working with the Jews. McClelland’s claim in many interviews is that extraterrestrial races are living among us on Earth. The belief is widely held in the UFO and alien conspiracy theory community. “Aliens are here on Earth; they walk among us. They may have been implanted into our various Earth governments.”



In fact, both he and Hermann Oberth said there were aliens, and that they discreetly guided the Third Reich to the extent they felt it was prudent and useful. (Other forces could have intervened to overtly aid the Allies, had the nordic aliens openly taken sides for the Germans.)

I suggest you read my main essay.

UFOs, the Third Reich after 1945, and the Pleiadians

I saw a huge UFO myself in 1989, I took two years to write it — I have a science degree from Georgetown, graduating magna cum laude — and it is filled with hard facts by NASA scientists, astronauts and Air Force officers, some of them men with PhDs from MIT.

Most ”aliens” are humans, comrade, not “little green men,” though, yes, some of them do exist, and some gray species, also some very evolved reptilians (mostly vicious, truly dangerous beings), and there are other non-human species.

I even could be an alien (though I am not), or you — an alien human, one not born on earth, just as some people walking down the street in Chicago may be here now in the USA but were not born here at all, but instead were born and raised in Sweden and they came here as adults.


In other words, there are planets full of people, very advanced people, like “Swedes.” Some of them have been coming here for thousands of years. Some became “the Greek gods.”

Some landed, or crashed, or fled here, around 7,000 BC, when it seems, from the Human Genome Project and other sources, that there was an very sudden eruption of nordic genes into the Baltic region.





So read the essay, or IMO you are in stubborn denial, for all your reading and erudition in other,less threatening areas.

It is your moral choice to say “I do not want to read this.” 🙂

But denial means saying Dr. Wernher von Braun (whom my grandfather knew, and I know his son by a mistress, David Scott von Braun) was a nut, and you are right. 😉

Apollo astronaut and MIT PhD Edgar Mitchell is a nut, and you are right. 😉Edgar_Mitchell_nasa-portrait-1971

Prof. Alan Hynek is a nut, and you are right. 😉

Jacques Vallée, PhD and onetime NASA scientist, is a nut, and you are right. 😉

Btw, it is irrelevant that some UFO truthers are Jews. If Stalin and Trotsky used toilet paper, does that mean we should avoid using toilet paper and instead go for pine cones? 😉

When Gilad Atzmon denounces the Jews, is he lying because culturally he is an (ex-)Jew?

Whe Mordechai Vanunu denounces the Jews, and he did 11 years in solitary in an Israeli prison, is he a liar solely because he was a Jew?

Was he lying about the Israeli atomic bomb project at Dimona because he was a Jew?

Saying an argument is false because the person is a Jew is understandable in general but a non sequitur, as is claiming that if Jews infiltrate a truth movement, ipso facto that entire truth movement is hogwash. 😉

(I concede, of course, and mostly readily, that Jews infiltrate ufology, as they infiltrateeverything else.)

Most UFO truthers, btw, are very, very, very antisemitic, though they may, instead of naming the Jew, to avoid persecution or prosecution, merely mutter obliquely about “the Rothschilds” or “the globalists” — as Alex Jones does.

Btw, what is your proof (or what are your indicators at least) that Steven Greer, MD, leader of the Disclosure Project, a man whom I find both off-putting and very useful, is Jewish?


He has indeed stated that his wife is Jewish, and he claims that he has lived for three years in Israel. Let me tell you, Jewish girls suck a lot of dick if they meet a young student at medical school. You can see the dollar signs light up in their eyes. 🙂 But how does that make Greer himself a Jew? Or even if he is, just myabe, a part-Jew, how on earth does that disprove what he says?  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0rX3j4OeEc

And how does any of that explain away the massive event depicted in this woodcut from Nuremberg, Germany in the year 1561?

Did Jews cause this aerial battle to happen over this city in 1561, a shocking conflict which hundreds of thousands of Germans saw and which the newspapers discussed? (Yes, there were newspapers back then.)

The truth will set you free if you have courage to face it.

NOT JUST truth about race and the Jews, but about the fact that we are not alone, and earth is one battlefield of a war going on in this whole galaxy where the Jews are mere slaves of a vile, reptilian race out to destroy humans.





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