I PRAY FOR GOD TO SAVE THE LIFE OF DONALD TRUMP, WHOM THE JEWS INTEND TO ASSASSINATE; I congratulate the Jews and my dear goyim on the 128-day hack of johndenugent.com

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Will Trump be assassinated on inauguration day, this Friday, to end his presidency and anti-NWO mission, and trigger a race war?

Dear Lord, Protect, we implore you, your imperfect servant Donald John Trump so he can begin the process of saving our nation and civilization from certain doom. He is not a hypocrite; he does not pretend to be a godly man; he is no goody two-shoes, just a brave and sincere warrior, a man gifted to lead and inspire others.

Please keep him alive so he can at least start the rebirth of our freedoms and hopes, and we will continue the work.  

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

I just called the Chicago office of the Secret Service at (414) 297-3587.

I denounced the recent, assassination-advocating SNL skit (more on that below), and I lodged with them my most strenuous urging to go out there and vigilantly protect the life of Donald Trump.

I said

“We are angry vets up here in the UP — 24 vets commit suicide every day in this country that we served — and we ‘Yoopers’ landslided here for Trump and not for any Mike Pence, a country-club Republican Establishment type if there ever was one. Pence won’t ever ‘make America great again’!

I remember when President John Kennedy was killed in 1963, how we school kids were sent home in shock by the principal on the loudspeaker, and how his voice was shaking.

This horrible murder took the wind right out of the sails of this country, and it has never been the same since. That was the day the old America died.

John-John Kennedy cries (n another occasion; he did every time his presidential father flew off from Washington to give a speech; the jews would murder him too in 1999 after he became an investigative journalism publisher and Manhattan assistant district attorney.) 

Seconds before the murder in Dallas, a Secret Service agent is ordered by his superior to get off the back of the presidential limousine in Dallas and raises his arms in shocked protest.

Reenacted photo with Jackie (who had just seen her husband’s head shatter before her) clambering up on the trunk to grab a chunk of her husband’s bleeding head. (John Kennedy wore a back brace for his constant back pain, and this kept him stiff and propped up as an ideal target even after the first shot hit his throat. Anyone else would have slumped forward quickly.)

Freeze-frame from the Abraham Zapruder film; ghoulishly, LBJ used this limo afterward. I saw him standing up in Providence, RI in 1964 in this very car.

If it turns out a

black, hispanic, gay, or muslim

kills Trump,

there just might be a race war in America.

Painting of almost neckless blacks massacring pleading whites — by sicko leftist painter Cleon Peterson

And it will start [I said to the agent in Chicago] with the Secret Service failing to protect Trump just as it failed to protect Reagan [shot], Kennedy [killed], Teddy Roosevelt [shot], McKinley [killed], and Garfield [killed].” [The Pinkertons were actually the bodyguards of President Lincoln. He was completely unprotected by them at Ford’s Theater.] 

My article warning Trump the Jews could order a hit on him is what triggered the Russia-1 news story showing my site, two Alex Jones videos, and the 128-day hack of this website.

PUTIN uses MY site to WARN TRUMP to AVOID ASSASSINATION by JEWS — Alex Jones, Russia 1 and Putin friend Kiselyov show my website and article

Last night I was walking the usual half mile in the snow to the grocery store (no, I cannot afford car insurance), and was pondering the almost overt death threat against Donald Trump found here on “Saturday Night Live” along with the vile and hollow defamations about some fictitious Trump sex scandal involving perverted urine sex, the exact kind of raw mental filth that Jews themselves do, and that Jews themselves dream of. It is what is called by my friend Hervé Ryssen of Paris une inversion accusatoire.

Ryssen, a Sorbonne graduate in history, is now facing five months in prison.

“The Billions of Israel: Jewish Crooks and International Financiers” 

Always accuse the goyim of your own crimes, the exact things you do, and thus stay on the attack at all times.



Note especially the time segment near the beginning, 0:22-31

“On January 20th, I, Donald J. Trump, will become the 45th President of the United States, and then, two months later, [Vice President] Mike Pence will become number 46.”


……Glenn Greenwald (Edward Snowden ally): the CIA is out to get Trump

(Yes, Greenwald is a gay, Jewish liberal, but against the neo-cons, and his facts are almost all accurate.)


 …..SNL showers Donald Trump with a toilet humor-themed press conference




Why can I not afford car insurance and am walking in January at age 62 in sometimes zero degree weather and high winds? (Actually, people often give me lifts when they spot me along the road.)

“Congratulations” go for that to the jews for 128 days of hacking my site, causing an 80% drop in readership, and to the 99.99% of my readers for ignoring a good 25 appeals for funds, not donating one red cent for getting new anti-hack software and a new server.

So I am now a non-person in our cause thanks to both the jews and to the cattle-like goyim WNs.

A young comrade in college wrote me:

So sad though, that as these WN people have to deal with the whole thing going on here with the TRS guy [Mike Enoch] having a Jew wife and cutting himself off from the movement after getting doxxed: http://bbs.dailystormer.com/t/heres-the-thing/77519/764 Literally nobody seems to know who you are, John, or if they do, they don’t mention you. 

I replied:

Hi, M. Well it has been a seven-year, massive defamation campaign against me by Duke, Black, Holappa (now an open traitor and race mixer), Porter and other regime agents — vilely denouncing me with zero proof as a homo, pedo, wife-beater, dog torturer, con man, mentally ill, fake Marine, etc. And it has really worked, that is, it has worked on the lower-chakra zombie army of WNs.

They love trash talk anyway. Their interest is in railing against someone, such as Jews’n’blacks (the Rockwell era stuff), and now add to that hoary mix the “wimmin” bashing.

The same defamations happened in the 1920s to Adolf Hitler, hence he had to create this document in 1932, after 12 years of struggle, because the masses love to read slander, drink beer, talk pointless sports, and dismiss with a smirk all those irritating men trying to get them to fight and do their duty: 


Plus my ideas about reincarnation, aliens among us, and about myself and Trump (the Hitler-Patton connection) are way, way too advanced.

I am, so to speak, talking on a FM radio frequency, on a classical music station, and they are chewing gum and slurping Coke while texting and half-listening to an AM sports talk radio.

Or better, I am blowing on a dog whistle and they, being a different species, cannot hear it at all. Recall in this regard how Jesus said to the Jews: “You cannot hear my words.” Puzzling…

John 8:47“He who is of God hears the words of God; for this reason you do not hear them, because you are not of God.”

Of course they could “hear” him, and they foamed at the mouth in rage over His denunciations such as John 8:44: “You are from your father, THE DEVIL.” 

What Jesus meant was that the militant Jews were so base, so wicked and so utterly primitive — a giant crime family and murder cult based on hate, on envy, on sexual lust, on greed for money and power, on lies, on vengeance and most of all, on “Chosen People” self-worship — that His words just bounced off them.  

They literally found nothing remotely interesting in His teachings.

I read once a thread somewhere online, and some guy complained about me after reading my site:

“I literally have no idea what he [JdN] is talking about.” 

I could have jumped on this thread and suggested: “Well, try taking your mouse and, with a supreme effort of your mighty index-finger muscle, actually clicking on the links I carefully provide, and reading the articles I wrote — in days or months of research — that offer massive evidence for my teachings, and then expand your little mind.”

But that would get them off their WN ego trip, not unlike that of the jews actually, about being superior, yes, oh so superior to these niggers’n’kikes’n’beaners’n’fags.

“Hear ye, hear ye, read all about it. The blacks are apes!” Well, maybe, but at least they are fighting apes.


The WNs are not superior in deed at all, because these racial and minority groups whom they belittle actually fight for their interests, and the WN keyboard commandos do not. Cuz no, posting cute fantasy memes to other WNs on DS is not ‘fighting.'” 

A comrade wrote me:

I did read that article about the coin. I disagree with the mint’s choice to make that coin, but the depiction is well done, and she would be a beautiful woman of African descent.
This undated handout image provided by the U.S. Mint shows the design for the 2017 American Liberty 225th Anniversary Gold Coin. The coin is worth $100. (U.S. Mint via AP)
Not my thing, but calling the image ape-like is not noble in any way, shape or form.
I replied:
I know.. and Anglin praising Roof and Breivik…. I am getting a bad feeling.


So, I must say that the Jews deserve full congratulations.

By a non-stop hack they have paralyzed my ability to start my religion and even to survive. This is exactly what Captain Ramsay described in The Nameless War as a key jewish measure: paralyze a regime or person so they cannot act or react at the decisive moment. Tie them down.

In fact, with my site slow or down  perpetually since September 11, I cannot, ironically, promote this very project, though now completed.

JdN on the Andrew Carrington Hitchcock show on Captain Ramsay’s incisive revolutionary how-to book “The Nameless War,” and on Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump

Introduction by John de Nugent to ”The Nameless War” by Captain Archibald Maule Ramsay

The Nameless War, by Captain Archibald Maule Ramsay (1 of 4)

For an example of this undesired paralysis:

In the French Revolution of 1789 in Paris (on my birthday, btw, July 14),  an elite royal regiment just down the street from the Bastille (a huge prison and armory full of guns and gunpowder) did not even leave their barracks during the day-long siege by a leftist, scum-of-the-earth mob! Clearly, the commander had been bribed or blackmailed in advance into doing nada.


When the commander and his men surrendered at 5 pm, they were savagely beaten and decapitated. This had never happened before in French history….because the jews were behind it, urging the mob on to savage and ISIS-like atrocities.

During the March 1917 leftist-mob uprising in Russia against the tsar (which was the predecessor of the much more dangerous bolshevik uprising of November 1917), the elite Preobrazhensky regiment in Saint Petersburg marched out to the main square and for four hours just stood there!


In the 18th and 19th centuries, membership was reserved to young Russian aristocrats and was considered a proof of loyalty to the government and the tsar. Among its membership was the Russian composer Modest Mussorgsky.[1] 

So why on EARTH did they, of all people, these aristocrats, take no action against the leftist, proletarian mob? And why no action during a time of war… during WWI… when any uprising in the capital could lead to Russia losing the war! (And Russia did lise it, ceding vast areas to Germany in the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk.)

Btw, Vladimir Putin resurrected the Preobrazhenskys in 2013. Notice how  “diverse”…. 😉

The regimes of both the mighty French king and the powerful Russian tsar were paralyzed into inaction at the decisive moment by the cunning agents of the jews. They did not, and could not, strike back. The troops’ orders were to do nothing.

Why? Key officers had been “turned” in advance by bribes and blackmail.  It takes MONEY and TIME to study key people and learn their weaknesses, such as money, power, drugs, sex, vanity, cars, etc., and use these weaknesses to get them dependent on the agent.

Now, I have been neither bribed nor blackmailed. My bank account proves no bribes, and I air my own dirty laundry so no one can blackmail me.

But due to the 80% drop in my readership due to the three-month jew hack of my site, I have reluctantly had to stop work again on my religion and go back to the time-devouring recording of audiobooks for funds. But even that proved impossible yesterday.

I spent three hours just getting the site unhacked — with a webmaster who was sick with the flu and sometimes vomiting, yet he got out of bed to help me.

So I did not recording or add any work to my online version of Dietrich Eckart and Adolf Hitler and their one book together “Bolshevism from Moses to Lenin.”

Adolf Hitler and his mentor, Dietrich Eckart: Bolshevism from Moses to Lenin

A comrade told me, No one has any idea who you are.


It is just too funny, especially at the Hitler-worshiping Daily Stormer. But, then again, their spiritual forebears did not vote for the weirdo Hitler in May 1928 either, BEFORE the Great Depression, when he got a measily 2.6 percent of the vote despite being a household word for his speeches, his stormtroopers, his blood-red swastika flag, and his sensational putsch attempt in Munich and subsequent trial and imprisonment for treason.

He, like I, was viewed as a WEIRDO — by people who thought voting again for the parties that caused their problems was the best solution. 😉


For those of you who wonder why the White House threatens me, and the FBI calls, and Russian television uses my articles, and I get hacked for three months straight…. with Wikipedia actually deleting its article on me, despite 4 million search results on Google, and the media has given me the total silent treatment since January 2010….

It is because  I am back to create an Aryan warrior religion this time. 

A comrade wrote me praising an “excellent article” regarding a prominent WN who turns out to have a Jewish wife (no, not Jared Taylor 😉 ) : http://www.therightstuff.biz/2017/01/16/the-dark-age/

I wrote back:

Yes, excellent BUT, hmmmm, “You didn’t choose to be born into this. You didn’t pick your family, your tribe, your race.” #

Wrong…. *;) winking Soooo wrong.

In the incredible James Leininger story, the soul seeking to reincarnate, the boy who had been US Navy pilot James Huston and was shot down in 1945, most definitely did choose his parents and situation, observing them as they ate dinner in Hawaii, and the angels concurred with his choice.
Physically, we are all 30-year-old adults on the other side, not children, and we absolutely DO choose our parents, race, country, time, path and challenges too.
There is a ton of free will there, as here, for what merit is there in any good deed if forced? 
So I chose to be here and to live now. The election of Trump shows miracles are still possible. 

But if and when the Jews murder him, someone must fill his shoes.

Little white boy tears up at Beethoven’s ”Moonlight Sonata” (4.8 mio views), another likely indication of reincarnation; WHO REALLY THEN IS “JOHN DE NUGENT”? & Trump, the thin reed


….Bickering WNs


Still going through that thread on DS [Daily Stormer]. After reading to where I am now [post #737],  it’s clear Enoch should have been honest from the get-go, or not become an on-air personality.
As you probably remember, I’m not really too fond of the guy’s stance on 9/11 [believes the official story, like Duke], nor was I a fan of many of his opinions on esoteric subjects [typical skeptic].
However, his skills at putting a website together were good, and he should have just kept it at that level.
What’s done is done, right?
But the infighting this has sparked is amazing.  How on Earth can a “movement” be a movement when the slightest bump in the road causes disaster?  We really need to work on some basics, and one of them is to not bicker amongst ourselves.
The antifa, [and how much of a total loser do you have to be to make it your life’s work to “stamp out fascism”?]  are having a grand old time with this.
This should be the biggest week in this movement.  We all helped elect Trump, and now people have to deal with this letdown.
Anyway, I’ve already wasted too much time today on this.
I replied:
Well, I am doing a blog on this guy, John Lovell of Georgia, and his self-defense videos, and in this one he says love should be the basis of our struggle, not hate or rage.
This now IS a hate movement, sorry, and it is the jews who have made it into one by infiltrating and spreading poison.
All I can say about Enoch is I had a chance to marry a rich jewess in N[], Massachusetts who looked nordic and really, really loved me, and I turned it down after the date when I realized she was jewish. 
I never told her the real reason.I bet some day she will be simply appalled. *;) winking Nice gal…. special-ed teacher, was in the Peace Corps in [] and got raped by a Samoan there whom she had helped, and then her Dominican Republic black lover ripped her off for $200,000.  She was as naive as her eyes were blue and her hair blonde…. not a trace of guile.
But she was a liberal too, so it was doomed.

……Contact and support (by someone else, of course!)


Who, me, donate? Kek will save us! 

Contact/Supporting VIRTUS

–12 January 2017 Cash from C in Arizona
–11 January 2017 donation via Paypal to mhuffstickler@outlook.com from M in Florida
–10 January 2017 book from S in Idaho
 photo timothy-good-earth-alien-enterprise-ufo_zpsh5rsm3zx.jpg
–5 January 2017 Presents for New Year from France
 photo french-gifts-to-jdn-christmas-2017_zpsq805rlhb.jpg
–3 January 2017 $20 in cash from M and a check for $20 from K, both in California


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