I confront by email ultra-evil Harvard chemtrail guru — “Are you a Jew?” Kiketrolls fire back

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….”Hey, Harvard chemtrails peddlar, are you a Jew?” 

[Intro: David Keith (Scottish name) at Harvard (a physics professor) is one of these top geoengineering /chemtrailing advocates….a cynical elitist joker who is both overtly advocating we need chemtrails “to stop global warming,” AND denying any major chemtrailing is going on yet at all. In other words, Keith is a bald-faced, psychopathic liar.  Below, I ask the guy directly if he is a Jew.  Judge for yourself.]

More intro first on “David Keith”:
Here is some of his smooth, gold-plated horseshit, from a puff piece in Harvard Magazine (http://harvardmagazine.com/2013/07/buffering-the-sun):

This guy is apparently paid to act goofy and friendly and just folks, shucks, and nice, and almost oblivious, around ordinary citizens:David Keith – Chemtrail / Geo-engineering Discussion with “Truthers”

At Stanford this nerd struts his stuff more professionally, but always lies how harmless chemtrails would be if we ever started any such program.


David Keith Presents Solar Geoengineering Lecture at Stanford U.

From David Keith’s website: (http://www.keith.seas.harvard.edu/chemtrails/)
And even as he endeavors to publicize the geoengineering debate, Keith has also  [added bold] sought to move the science itself beyond computer models, toward the possibility of small-scale field-testing. 
“It is by no means clear what the right answer is, or how much, if any, geoengineering we should use,” he says, “but the balance of evidence from the climate models used to date suggests that doing a little bit would reduce climate risks.”
Gee, do you think someday they might actually start some “small-scale field testing“??
It makes this Marine want to get in his face and ask him:
“Listen, asshole, do you think we are fucking idiots? All we need to do is look up at the sky! It is covered with your poisonous shit!”  
Or as Sofia Smallstorm says (see below)

“What about the sky?!”


Pix I took myself
2010 Sarver, Pennsylvania
2011 Harrison Township, Pennsylvania

2012 Apollo, Pennsylvania — (pic by Margi of me with a low-level chemtrail “X” directly over my head) “They” did a very low-altitude chemtrail “X” very precisely over my house 90 minutes after I blogged about them doing a chemtrail X over my house in 2010 in Sarver. 
I actually updated that blog with this photo. I will take their special visit as a compliment. The Jews actually began chemtrailing the town of Apollo and the extremely rural, rightwing and 98% white Armstrong County, well outside the city of Pittsburgh, only after I moved there and attempted to run for sheriff — for an open seat — and then for mayor of Apollo, pop. 1600, a town saturated with cancer-causing radiation from an Israeli-controlled nuclear-fuel plant called NUMEC: 1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZtYv7NI1HU and 2) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWGioizEme4
The house we rented in 2012-14 at 681 Canal Road, Apollo PA 15613 and which they X-ed with chemtrails to flaunt their raw power — the clout to be able to send up two jets to chemtrail me.  In the spring of 2014 the impoverished couple that rented us the house and desperately needed the rental income on time every month (she had a struggling bakery that was not doing well in a small and economically depressed town, and he ran a road crew) bizarrely ordered us out with 30 days notice — and yet months later, the house was still empty.
A donation in 2013 to that address:
When you read the below, I think you may agree with what Dr. Goebbels said:
“Dealing with the Jewish question is,
in the end, a question of
simple personal hygiene.” *;) winking
They are liars, they are moral filth, and when they open their mouths the stench of verbal sh– comes out. 
Talking to a Jew at this level, one who knows who you are, and you know who he is, is like a human talking literally to a devil in human form. 
It is like conversing with John Wayne Gacey or Ted Bundy. Afterward, you feel a need to be spiritually cleansed. You have in fact talked with an emissary of Satan.
1 of 3 ) From: John de Nugent [mailto:john_denugent@yahoo.com] 
Sent: Thursday, May 26, 2016 10:22 AM
To: Keith, David <david_keith@harvard.edu>
Subject: Are you part-Jewish ?
Dear Mr. Keith:
I am a notable white nationalist, high-honors graduate of Georgetown, former member of Marine Corps intelligence and an interrogator.
And I am a strong critic of chemtrails.
I wish to ask you one simple question. Are you part-Jewish?
Of course, you can be incredibly evil and not be Jewish. You can be physically assaulting and batterying the American people without their permission with aerososl toxins and be a Gentile.
Btw, I spent some interesting time in McMinnville, Oregon……………. Maybe you heard of that town, and of Evergreen. [Evergreen is/was a CIA-controlled aviation company that coordinated chemtrailing in the US and has since “gone out of business” — yeah, right.]
I hope some day that under due process of law you are arrested, tried, convicted and hanged for mass murder.
John de Nugent

2 of 3) From: “Keith, David” <david_keith@harvard.edu>

[I am publishing this email below that was sent back to me by David Keith because the outstanding young WN, attorney, and successful novelist (http://www.amazon.com/White-Apocalypse-Kyle-Bristow/dp/1453768475), Kyle Bristow, said it is legally permissible. If you need a lawyer in Michigan or Ohio, use Kyle. He is great, and on our side!]




Admitted to practice before SCOTUS!



Hi John,

A person can publish your emails unless copyright infringement or an invasion of privacy would occur.  
Copyright law may be applicable if you send a lengthy email, and privacy may be relevant if you are communicating with an expectation of privacy (i.e., with an attorney or with an employee about trade secrets).  
So always be careful what you send.

From: “Keith, David” <david_keith@harvard.edu>

Harvard Top of IPO Class

To: John de Nugent <john_denugent@yahoo.com> 
Sent: Friday, 27 May 2016, 16:59
Subject: RE: Are you part-Jewish ?



For my part, I hope you find a way past hate and lies. They accomplish little and are unlikely to bring you much happiness.


3 of 3) —– Forwarded Message —–
From: John de Nugent <john_denugent@yahoo.com>
To: “Keith, David” <david_keith@harvard.edu>
Sent: Friday, 27 May 2016, 18:02
Subject: Re: Are you part-Jewish ?
Dear Mr. Keith:
(Sorry, but we are certainly not on a first-name basis, and I reject the patronizing insinuation your use of my first name implies — even coming from a high-and-mighty Hahvahd man. My hard-earned Georgetown magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa —  top ten percent of the class — usually triggers respect in normal people.)
I was an interrogator in the USMC, sir, and you just dodged my simple, clear and direct question if you are part-Jewish. But silence, under English common law, indicates assent and consent. *:) happy
[I say, based on the long, narrow head, he is part-sephardic (Mediterranean Jew). And as a conscience-free, highly paid liar who promotes mass murder, and is Ivy League to boot, putting it all together, almost definitely he is on the the J-Team.]

You, sir, are a key player in spewing aluminum (nano-threads), barium, strontium and other toxic ingredients without permission into the blood, lungs and other organs of innocent people in the western world. Your goal is to kill off or sterilize much of the planet. For you to accuse me of hate is rich indeed.
Why is it that I can ask if someone is German,Polish or Japanese, and it is not considered an insult — but if I ask them if they are part-Jewish they dodge my question?
Clearly with over 90 Nobel Prizes, Jews should be proud of who they are, n’est-ce pas?
John de Nugent

….Sofia Smallstorm’s scariest-ever chemtrail videos (the equivalent of the documentary “Hellstorm” for chemtrails)

From Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life: The Dark Agenda of Synthetic Biology


From Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life: Living in the Manhattan Project


……Support the one Aryan leader the Jews most fear

Two Bushes and Obama against JdN


Contact/Supporting VIRTUS


Thanks go to a comrade who sent $40 cash the other day, wrapped in aluminum foil so if the envelope is held up to the light no money can be seen. 😉





  1. So what are you saying John? That Jews are conspiring to poison the Goys? If that’s the case they’d be poisoning themselves too. I haven’t seen many Jews are walking around with their own portable oxygen supply, and definitely not on Shabbos. I think you watched Borat a few too many times.

    • One, the Big Jews do not care what happens to the Little Jews. Two, the Big Jews go to special doctors.

      Both these expressions, Big and Little Jews, are common in the Jewish community and reveal a real bitterness by the latter toward the former. I read an entire book, Jewish Renewal, by Rabbi Michael Lerner, and met this rabbi also. The problem is very real.


      The entire rise of Adolf Hitler to power was partly a case of the Big Jews WANTING it to happen, and why?

      Because they knew correctly he would keep his promise to throw the German Jews, the Little Jews, out of Germany, in which case many of them, not rich but highly skilled and educated due to the German school system, would emigrate to Palestine — which was a Zionist goal.

      1936 first-class letter stamp in Germany featuring the head of state, Adolf Hitler

      I have a Jewish friend named Sid who is now a very active WN. He told me about the day his father, a Little Jew, decided he was through with Judaism. At the synagogue each family had its assigned parking spot. One day the rabbi said he had to give his up and take a parking spot way down at the end of the lot because some Big Jew, a multimillionaire, wanted it. Sid’s father, already dissatisfied over several things, retorted, “Well, you can have both spots, because I quit!”

      I have a friend who is a white former cop in South Africa, and he designed this website of mine in 2009. He has told me how bad things are down there now for all whites under black rule. I asked him: “Well, what about Jewish women? For the blacks they probably just look like whites who have dark hair. Are they getting raped too?”

      He answered: “Sure. The blacks make no distinctions. Jewish women get raped too, SA being the top nation on earth for rape, AIDS and murder. Unless you are rich and live in a gated community with private security guards, all white women will be raped, including the Jewish women.”

      The Leo Frank case is a perfect illustration, btw, how the Big Jews go to bat for each other but the Little Jews get hanged without a murmur. In the infamous Rosenthal murder case in 1912 in New York City a bunch of Jewish gangsters and a crooked gentile cop who committed murder were all sent to the electric chair.

      ‘Wikipedia: Rosenthal murder case of 1912

      Jewish hitmen Louis Rosenberg and Harry Horowitz seated before the cops (in the second row) who captured them for murdering Abraham Rosenthal. Not a peep from the ADL when they were all electrocuted in 1914 at Sing-Sing prison.

      In the 1913 Leo Frank murder trial case, Frank was the Big Jew who raped and murdered a 13-year-old girl, Mary Phagan, one of his employees in an Atlanta pencil factory, after she refused his repeated sexual advances.


      Frank was the head of B’nai B’rith of Atlanta and an Ivy League engineer. The Big Jews are still fighting to exonerate this proven rapist-murderer scumbag 101 years later and whining about antisemitism – because Leo Frank was a BIG Jew. When Jonathan Greenblatt took over in 2015 from Abraham Foxman as director of the ADL, he said the Leo Frank case was very important to his organization.

      http://forward.com/series/salary-survey/2015/jonathan-greenblatt/anti-defamation-league/ (ADL director Foxman got over $600,000 a year in salary.)

      See my many articles on this case of the Big Jews caring for one of their own: https://www.johndenugent.com/?s=“Leo+Frank”

      • Well, I guess I’m one of the “little one’s” then. I’ll be walking around in Mopp level 4 when I see those things in the sky.

        • Heh-heh https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MOPP

          Well then, Little Jew 🙂 , maybe there is a real mensch inside you like Benjamin Freedman, Brother Nathanael, Jack Bernstein, and several of my fervent supporters, one of whose mother’s maiden name was Cohen.

          George Lincoln Rockwell knew all about the Jews. His father, “Doc Rockwell,” was a top performer in the vaudeville age. Jack Benny and George Burns were present for his christening as a baby!

          As he said in his famous interview in Playboy, as a general sacrifices soldiers to achieve an objective, the Big Jews sacrifice the Little Jews.

          But beyond all that, when you die, what will you say to God?

          • You know how I discovered your blog? It might surprise you. I was researching the Solutrean Hypothesis several years ago when I came across your site. The Injuns just walked over the land bridge, but we all had to swim. I’m still not sure who got here first.

          • Interesting.

            Well, we have found nothing from the proto-Mongoloids out west before 10,000 BC and lots in the east from the Solutreans before then.

            I hope you saw this: https://www.johndenugent.com/english/more-proof-of-the-solutreans/

            It is also in the nature of whites to explore. The Star Trek phrase “to boldly go where no man has gone before” (spoken by William Shatner, a very Aryan-gened Ashkenazi 😉 ) is specifically a white dream.

            The book Sweet Dreams and Terror Cells by Frank Raymond goes into white traits from the perspective of an East Indian who has lived for decades in England and Canada and is very interesting.

            East Indian in Vancouver, Canada on Red Ice praises dying-out Whites, wants them to awake up!

            There is no better karma than for a born Jew to help the Aryans, who are good for everyone. 🙂

  2. I know you’re not a shill, so watch out. Every time I broach the chemtrail subject, I get paid trolls all over me.

    • I got’em, sure enough! Thanks, brother.

      Here is one now:

      Malek White MAY 28, 2016 AT 2:19 AM
      You should perhaps consider a therapist rather than waste time on this delusional blog

      John de Nugent MAY 28, 2016 AT 8:48 AM
      Thanks, Kiketroll, for showing how worried you are by my work. The therapy recommendation exposed you as a classic Jew, always with the amateur psychiatry. 😉

  3. The way I see things, Americans were just too stupid to understand that they were populating themselves into a state of total dependency, and now? They are just helpless hapless fools. They supported Jews out of their own lust+greed for systems of Usury, priding themselves in being a “superpower”, all the while, too dumb to realize that the prison construction was for themselves.

    There’s no way out: usury demands increasing populations to pay on increasing debts, which results in increasing hierarchial authorities and landless dependents; and this has been taken to the point where America is now 100% communist (corporations are created+controlled by govt; therefore, it can be said that all of America are now “govt employees”, ie, working for the State). Furthermore, civilization destroys human intelligence (recessive genetics), which can only be maintained + furthered by natural selection. Civilization does the reverse: it enables poor genetics to reproduce, while turning those with intelligence into wage-slaves that are so busy supporting the non-working baby-makers, that they don’t breed themselves.

    In the end, it’s all a big recipe for a major human disaster in the coming future. The only way out of “usury-based technological life-support” is mass death or gun-to-the-head type enslavement/forced-labor.

  4. Interestingly, the Indians came from the Altai Mountains in Siberia, and they’re related to the Turks. Even their languages share some common words. But even if they did arrive first, they were living a stone age existence as hunter gatherers, probably with a 30 or 40 year life span. Would they really prefer going back to the good old “Pre-Columbian” days? I doubt it. So if that’s the case, then who arrived first is a moot point…http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2092258/Native-Americans-actually-came-tiny-mountain-region-Russia-DNA-research-reveals.html

    • Hi Heinz, which Turks? The hairy ones, or the slanting eyed ones? You see, when most Westerners hear the word “Turk” they tend to imagine some guy of Mid-Eastern/Mediterranean appearance working in a Kebab shop, without realizing that the original Turks were actually from Mongolia, and therefore, as one would expect them to be, of East Asian “Mongoloid” racial stock. In fact, most Turkic speaking peoples even today, with the notable exception of the “Turks” of Turkey, are still predominately of Mongoloid race, as one can clearly see by googling pics of the Turkic speaking Kirghiz, Kazakh, Uighur, Nogay, and Chuvash tribes of Central Asia/Siberia. The land that is now called “Turkey” has only been Turkic speaking for 1000 years, since its conquest by the Muslim Seljuq Turks, who took the land from the Orthodox Christian Byzantine Greeks, but the population has remained largely the same racially since ancient times, being a mixture of various Caucasoid types, with the “Mediterranean” and “Armenoid” sub-races predominating. The first Turks entered history in the historical records of China, were they are viewed as a threat called the Tujue.

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