Humility for Dummies

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Angry new wife writes tech support:


…..A close friend of conspiracy expert and author Victor Thorn, who DID really kill himself and in fact wrote a book advocating suicide, sent me this video:


I wrote this friend:

Well, at least the film footage 6:5 -7:15 regarding the murder by plane crash of Bill Clinton’s Commerce Secretary and of Slick Willie doing fake tears at his Ron Brown funeral was amazing… I will use that.

First, laughing and joking as he walks to the church


spots photog, goes into crying mode



Regarding Victor…. It comes down to two things:

1) it would totally fit the proven pattern if the Clintons HAD killed Victor


2) Morally and intellectually uneducated people with zero training in ethics, logic or the scientific method, as you have said, form a preconceived notion, cherry-pick facts to support it, and ignore opposing evidence.

This is why only my coming religion, Virtus, can save us.

Just today, some guy told me James Bond and Ian Fleming were Jewish…. You can tell this is some average-type high-school grad by his writing style.

I wrote him back: Sorry, but I am tired of uneducated people with no critical thinking skills going online and telling people with a science degree from Georgetown and 38 years of experience and study of the Jews their unfounded, unresearched and often defamatory notions regarding someone they have never seriously met or seriously studied.

The Norman Conquest gives England to Jews – John de Nugent (halfway down at “Ian Fleming, antisemite”)

And especially I am tried of theories that Putin is a Jew, or Hitler was, or even myself.

Hitler not a Jew or Rothschild, or a British agent, Illuminatus or Wall Street puppet

Ultimately, we need a book “Humility for Dummies.” *;) winking

Ignorant people, stop posting! and why donations are important

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