How the whole anti-Confederate hysteria began — the FAKE Charleston church shooting using crisis actor John Graas

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Every facial feature on the right is the SAME, just age-advanced. The “killer” is an ACTOR.

 (This blog is a major update of my June 2015 blog.)
It is called “accusatory inversion.”

……”MR. CONFEDERATE MAN,” a song by the band “Rebel Son.”


I was just a little boy in elementary school
English and Math and Science class
Learning the golden rule
I learned how to add and how to subtract
How to multiply and divide
I learned about bugs and I learned about plants
And I learned how to read and write
But my most favorite class of all was my last class of the day
When my history teacher would tell us tales of old times long gone away
I was amazed at the way she knew all the people and their names and the places and the dates
Cuz when I first learned about General Lee and his 13 rebel states.

One day she came to school with a big brown grocery bag
She opened it up we all helped her hold her up
This great big X-shaped flag
She said “Class, now only a fool would tell you this flag is a symbol of hate
It represents the men who fought and died with pride for our Confederate states
Your assignment tonight, I want you to write, I want you to pretend
That one of these brave men came back to life,
What would you say to him.

Well, the school bell rang, and I thought and I thought as the bus carried me across town
I got out my pencil and my notebook pad and this is what I wrote down

I wrote

Mr. Confederate man,
I’d like to shake your hand
For giving your life for Dixieland
Mr. Confederate man.

The next day in history class, I put my paper on the teacher’s desk
Then she called me up in front of everyone, because she said she liked mine the best
As I walked up to the head of the class, my teacher smiled and she nodded at me
Then I saw a tear roll down her cheek as I began to read.

I read

Mr. Confederate man,
I’d like to shake your hand
For giving your life for Dixieland
Mr. Confederate man.

I was at home reading through the news, just the other day
When I ran across my old teacher’s name and I saw that she had passed away
With a bitter-sweet smile I looked up at my wall, a wrinkled paper and an old wood frame
Where underneath penciled words almost faded away, she had marked a great big red A

Mr. Confederate man,
I’d like to shake your hand
For giving your life for Dixieland
Mr. Confederate man.

I wrote




…..Margi Huffstickler sleuths some photos and hits “Charleston shooting” pay dirt! 


Kid ACTOR John Christian Graas on Star Trek & “Charleston church massacre” ACTOR “Dylann Storm Roof,” the SUPPOSEDLY violent white Southern male WN who supposedly gunned down nine black folks at their Charleston, South Carolina church on June 17, 2015….

….so we are supposed to have bans on the Confederate flag, our Constitutional right to guns, and on free speech because of a massacre that, like Sandy Hook, never happened!







An informed source told me:

“Sandy Hook is so Jewish a neighborhood it might as well be called ‘Sandy Hooknose and Newtown, Connecticut (the larger town around it) is so Jewish it should be calledJewtown.’

Sandy Hooker Gene Rosen, all grieving... 😉 Give this ham actor a very rotten tomato.

Gene Rosen

Sandy Hook “parent” Robbie Parker with classic Ashkenazi features

Connecticut School Shooting-Parent

—just hours after his daughter was supposedly killed, hesmiles before going on camera to tear up and choke up …. Guess he was still in shock…. in smile-shock for the bucks he was being paid….


Fake tears on dry cheeks of Neil Heslin, Jew, with a framed pic of his not-dead daughter who was NOT shot at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December 2012, as he lies under oath to the US Senate Judiciary Committee on February 23, 2013.


Note that, as per the below, the photos released by the “jew-thorities” on the one-year anniversary of the fake crime at Jewtown show NO evidence of ANY crime! It was all one big “OP” to promote the agenda that “We aren’t trying to violate the Second Amendment, BUT anyone with mental-health issues should not have guns.”

Angry? No guns!

Combat vet of WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq or Afghsanistan? No guns!

Broke up with your girlfriend? No guns!

Taking anti-depressants? No guns!

Look at these Jewtown, Connecticut photos released in December 2013, which once again prove exactly N-O-T-H-I-N-G!

This proves “nix.”

Connecticut School Shootings

This proves the FBI can lay an AR-15 on the floor.�A gun that was found at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown

The Adam Lanza bedroom — proves FBI can tape garbage bags to windows to suggest Lanza was a paranoid nut.

A room in the Adam Lanza's house is pictured in this evidence photo released by the Connecticut State Police

This proves Lanza lived in a big house. (but then again, the name “Lanza” IS usually Italian-JEWISH.)

Connecticut School Shooting

This proves some FBI marksman shot at paper targets and then went to a gun shop.

APTOPIX Connecticut School ShootingGuns and bullets that were found at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown

But where, WHERE is the body of even ONE dead child?

When Saddam Hussein’s two sons were killed, the Fedzog gov’t sure showed THEIR bodies!


In every legal proceeding, under U.S. LAW, the body must be shown AND IDENTIFIED BY RELATIVES!

But now, after Sofia Smallstorm punched them in their Sandy Hooknose, what did the Googlejews do? They subtly sabotaged the sound synch on the new version of the video! On the brand-new super-version! Here is the  video (and it is WELL WORTH WATCHING!):



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  1. I think challenging false flags is huge because it goes to the source of the Jewish rule problem, leading through misdirection. Also, consider that these stories are supposed to provoke certain dialogues such as Confederate memorials or guns. We stay on the fact that the story makes no sense. Of course, political operatives who feel they need the MSM simply can’t do that and why we need statesmen like leaders to set the proper example. Sad to say, I don’t believe any of these car-crowd massacres have been anything more than intelligence capers and should be treated as such as long as they keep telling us to trust them
    The fact the alt-right doesn’t even mention the possibility of a staged or false flag at Charleston clearly implies they are playing ball with the NWO, IMO.
    Congrats to Margi!

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