How the HELL (which is what they are in now) did South African whites — with a huge, victorious military and even nukes — end up turning power over to their Stone-Age black enemies?

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Stockholm Syndrome and White Genocide

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Colin Liddell

Stockholm Syndrome is the psychological phenomenon whereby captives bond with their captors even to the point of sympathizing with and defending them. It is thought to have its roots in our hunter-gatherer past, where the experience of being forcibly co-opted into a new band of hunter-gatherers was a not uncommon occurrence.

Usually it is viewed as an individual psychological condition, affecting those individuals who are kidnapped or held hostage, such as the hostages in the 1973 botched robbery in Stockholm that gave the phenomenon its name, but there is no reason why it can’t be extended to much larger groups if they appear to demonstrate the behavior specified by the condition.

The phenomenon is thought to be more common among women than men, for obvious reasons, but it is unclear whether it has a racial aspect, although this seems likely. To date the most famous examples ‘ Patty Hearst, Jaycee Lee Dugard, etc. ”have typically been young White women.

There is a certain rationale to Stockholm Syndrome. If a person is captured or abused in some way, and if he or she is essentially powerless to prevent this, then, the act of bonding with the captor or abuser will help to make an unbearable situation more psychologically bearable. It may also encourage the captor or abuser to be more sympathetic to the captive or abusee. The Stockholm Syndrome also has its opposite, called the Lima Syndrome, in which the captors over-empathize with the captives. The most famous case involved the mainly Japanese hostages at the Japanese embassy in Lima, Peru, which was taken over in 1997 by the Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement. Under an impulse of sympathy the captors soon started to release most of the hostages, including the most valuable ones.

If we view South Africa’s Whites as de facto hostages or captives of the Black majority, to whom they foolishly gave away all their political power in the early 1990s, then it is clear that South Africa is not undergoing a Lima situation. Genocidal attacks on Whites continue, while the President and his political cronies continue to chant ‘Kill the Boer‘ at public gatherings. Racist employment and redistributionist policies continue to proliferate; even where Whites try to peacefully form their own communities, or just naturally cluster together, they are threatened.

Recently, the ludicrously-named Tokyo Sexwale, the Human Settlements Minister ;-), who is in the process of dumping his White wife of 20 years for a younger Indian model, stated that predominantly White suburbs should be ‘deracialized‘ by granting Blacks’ special loans to buy property there.

Every day it becomes clearer that White South Africans are living under an increasingly abusive system that aims ultimately at their extinction as a unique people and organic community. So, how are they reacting? Are they organizing? Are they developing solidarity? Are they fighting back?

On the available evidence, and with a few small exceptions, the answers are no, no, and no.

What makes this more remarkable is that we are talking here not about a historically slavish demographic, but about some of the toughest White people on the planet.

There is no doubt that if South African Whites had the will they could seize control of the country tomorrow. So, what has happened to the proud Boers and even to the Anglophone Whites, who were always lukewarm supporters of Apartheid but who clearly don’t want to suffer the indignities that the Marxist-racist state has in store for them?

The only explanation is that Whites in South Africans are undergoing a collective Stockholm Syndrome, identifying with their abusers, sympathizing with their oppressors, in an attempt to make an unbearable situation slightly more bearable. (It might well be worth exploring in what strain of South Africa’s diverse European population this collective Stockholm Syndrome first appeared, as it may well have roots stretching back to earlier times and different places. In this context, the experience of South Africa’s Jews would be of particular interest.)

But whether Jew or non-Jew, in modern day South Africa, all Whites are viewed the same by Blacks, and their shared experience is one of gradually increasing humiliation. The other day the Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, Ms. Maite Nkoana-Mashabane expressed deep concern over ethnically motivated killings in South Africa. Of course, she was not talking about Whites, who are being butchered and mutilated in their thousands, despite living lives dominated by security precautions. She was instead referring to a few Somalis who had been lynched by mobs of South African Blacks with their usual brutality.

Such humiliations are a direct threat to the ego of every White South African. Against such an attack there are a number of possible responses: (1) a silent resolve to resist and fight back, (2) a decision to flee, (3) pure and simple denial, and (4) an urge to identify with the powers that be, and to latch on to any crumbs of comfort. In the case of Nkoana-Mashabane’s statement these crumbs are not even being dispensed to Whites, but to another race regarded by the majority as outsiders.

This urge to identify and latch on to crumbs of comfort is how the ‘useful idiots’ in the White community, who are still allowed some prominence in the media, greet such statements. But, as if to slap them in the face again, Nkoana-Mashabane made sure her statement included a reference to Apartheid and pan-African unity:

We recall the support and solidarity accorded to us during our fight against apartheid by -African people, including Somalis, and wish to express our sincere gratitude. As South Africa, we value our close relations with our neighbours and the rest of the African Continent.

As I said above, there is a certain rationale to the Stockholm Syndrome. In our micro-political prehistoric past, when individuals were captured, enslaved or subdued, it was almost always by groups of similar racial and even ethnic backgrounds. Under such circumstances, showing a certain amount of empathy to the powerful would, given time, elicit a degree of sympathy or forbearance in return, leading ultimately to a more normalized relationship. But hoping for something similar in South Africa is an obvious absurdity as Black Africans show little tendency towards anything even resembling a Lima Syndrome as demonstrated by their brutality even towards other Africans.

As long as Whites are White they will be hated. Only by breeding into the greater population ‘ by which is largely meant White women breeding with African males like the soon-to-be ex-Mrs. Sexwale ‘ and by becoming a tiny unrecognizable strain in the Black races of South Africa will the hatred of Whites stop.

If White South Africans are to survive they will have to break the spell of the collective Stockholm Syndrome they have been living under for the last twenty years and find some way to resist.


Angry reaction by a former South African cop:

This article is a load of rubbish. Colin Liddell regurgitates clich’ after clich’ and comes to what I would call “a dumb Westerner’s hypothesis…” I could hack this man’s immature and ill-researched diatribe to shreds but will leave you with these thoughts: the reasons for the downfall of apartheid were way more complex than Colin Liddell’s insulting postulations. Apartheid’s collapse was inevitable, it had to happen, it was simply no longer viable or implementable as political system, period. Demographics is destiny and that is the sober truth.

My reply:

I think the piece is painful but only half-true. I have read enough complaints by Afrikaners themselves on how their Dutch Reformed Churches have been preaching that the black takeover was God’s Will, and Christianity does lend itself to (that is, it can be twisted into) passive surrender, love-thy-enemy, guilt trips and worst of all, judeophilia. The Afrikaners have ALWAYS identified with the Old Testament Jews, just as did our own Calvinists (Puritans) in colonial America.

The other reason South Africa surrendered was threats by US president Bill Clinton to use the US Navy, floating off the coast in 1994, to thwart any overthrow of the traitor De Klerk by the South African Defense Forces, because many of its personnel were ready and eager to do so.

Furthermore, massive, US-financed infiltration of the Afrikaner power structure took place in the 1980s, especially of the semi-secret Broderbond (a kind of masonic-type lodge that all key Afrikaners belonged to, and which once had engineered a new Afrikaner unity and then the Afrikaner political takeover in the 1940s and after that the introduction of apartheid).

Also there were bribes of key officials, such as F. W. De Klerk. Famously, the mid-1980s president of RSA, PW Botha, confronted De Klerk, the traitor president of the late 1980s and early 1990s, and basically accused him of taking millions in bribes and being offered the Noble Peace Prize if he sold out his people…… De Klerk retorted: “How do YOU know I was offered such things!?” Botha replied acidly: “Because they offered them to ME before you!”.

Forgetting for a moment the blacks, Jews, Clinton, the Dutch Reformed Church wusses, and the rest, I wonder if karma will catch up with F.W. De Klerk and if he some day will know himself, exactly and precisely, what it is like to be gang-raped as a white man by prison blacks and to set on fire with gasoline and a match like hundreds of white South Africans whom he consigned, by his despicable treason, to a horrible death. May divine justice prevail. May we all WORK for it, SACRIFICE for it, and labor daily for a righteous Aryan rebirth!

The cop replied:

Free market capitalism has no sympathy for any group of people. Land, labour, capital, the market and its captains dictate, ordinary people like us don’t… F.W (yes, I dislike him intensely) and his ilk kowtowed to this, as virtually all politicians still do today.

I responded:

Well, yes indeed. For me the crux of it all is this: IF someone offers a narcissist (most politicos 😉 ) a million dollars, and he does not believe there is any divine retribution for this secret transaction (no God SAW it) then the average Joe WILL take the money, and the Jew understands this very, very well. I remember taking a course on Plato’s “Republic” at Georgetown and the professor said that three things keep a society in line: 1) fear of cops and prison, 2) fear of disgrace, shunning and contempt for you by your peers 3) fear of a wrathful God who will GET you, in this life or the next. If you have all three cudgels, then you have a lot less treason….a lot of people who FEAR to do wrong. And humanimals do need to fear. A higher human does the right thing out of love and a sense of duty, but most of us need FEAR when we are being severely tempted…

Another South African, who fought in South Africa’s border wars against communist blacks,

and finally decided it was more prudent to escape to Europe a few years ago, wrote me the following:

I wish I was in a position for a face-to-face conversation with you about this matter, Mr. de Nugent, for it is impossible to put everything on paper in a few cryptic sentences. It was not so a simple matter as some white outsiders conclude.

From the face value of it from someone who was not in the country at the time, yes, it seemed like an easy handover. But for us National Service men [ = South African military draftees] , and for quite few officer in the middle management, it was treason. We were maneuvered’ into a position where we could not defend ourselves.

For instance I have an ex-manager of mine (I was his 2IC manager), and way back he was a senior NCO [ = non-commissioned officer, either sergeant or above that, but not an officer] in the Infantry as a national serviceman, and he was also a participant in many an operational action in the border war. He saw lots of action in what some U.S. Vietnam veterans called “the valley of death,” and I still have regular contact with him.

He told me, and that was the attitude of many of us, that he had his duffel bag packed (kit bag with our clothes and equipment, which we kept at home, for the purpose of our annual call-ups for military camps, for which we were obliged ten years after our two years of national service) at the ready, awaiting the call-up of the very popular leading from the front General Constand Viljoen, in order to participate in an armed revolt against the De Klerk government. This call-up never came.

Just before this all the senior officers still worth their salt were fired, fired by a traitorous general loyaI to the government of the day.
It still is in the realm of speculation what really happened so that the generals, many of them having front-line experience in the operational area, i.e. battle-generals, did not revolt but just submitted to the new order. Perhaps that was the problem – they were by and large not political generals, perhaps only loyal civil servants. For General’ Viljoen there are speculations that he was bribed , though I never saw any hard proof of this. Maybe it is bitterness on the side of the accusers.

Going by the book of Peter Stiff, Warfare by Other Means , General Georg Meiring [head of the entire SADF!]

POS general who turned his own people over to murderous kaffirs; his treacherous eyes tell it all.


….threatened General Viljoen that he will mobilize the army against the troops of General Viljoen, should he dare an insurrection. Somewhere I read the speculation that genl. Voljoen was convinced by someone not to start a civil war, for it is unchristian (the SADF was very religious) and white blood is scarce (with reference to the Anglo-Boer War) in the country. During the border war it was policy to spare the blood of white soldiers.

Before I left for overseas, I gave my duffel bag, minus some memories of my time in the defense force, to [] I exchanged a few words with him at a cafeteria. He mentioned [] fought on the German side inside South Africa during WWII and received an Iron Cross for it. He also mentioned that he spoke to several generals, asking them why did they capitulate so easily. After all, they knew what communism was inside out, after nearly 30 years of conflict.
He never received an answer, he told me. Maybe there is an answer, and a rational one, but it seems that this will go down the grave with them. I once had General Geldenhuis sign my copy of his book At The Front for my part of the operations (he can speak a few words of German) but never was in a position to ask questions of a more personal matter, for he is in the constant companionship of a French secretary, a secretary being the benefit of someone of his rank after retirement. One would never know on whose side this secretary might be, or perhaps where ultimately his loyalties would lie. Still, he lost a son in this war (in an accident, got in the way of a Hercules plain propeller).
After 1994 of course the enemy received full control of the might of the defense force. All “disloyal” [pro-white] officers were long ago thrown out, the rest worried….. because as a former enemy [ = as apartheid South Africans] they never would get a job anywhere in the world anymore. And they were not trained for anything else.

I knew a colonel (once working for 32-batallion, and who was responsible for the technical side of all the signaling units in the SADF. The brigadier-general in charge of the signalers corps, and by the way, he was my co-student in my matric class! (Matric is the equivalent of your USA high school diploma.)

He had 1000 people under him. He later resigned from the SADF, but so ingrained was his sense of orderliness, that he left his area of responsibility in a perfect condition. He started with an PC repair business, which was successful, after he was swindled by an private sector Afrikaner (ja, Boertjie! [ = a Boer]) out of nearly R 1 million [one milllion Rands = $80,000], his whole pension, in a business scheme. He told me that he was suckered, for in the old SADF it was comradeship and everyone trusted the other person, so this [predatory] private sector attitude was totally foreign to him.

He told me still 2 years after he resigned, the SADF kept tabs on him in order to ensure he did not have adventurous ambitions (insurrection). He was about my age (just a few years younger than you, John).

Afterward he got frustrated by the PC business, told me it was boring, and he needs bigger challenges. He then invested some capital of his business into another business, an investor out of the USA. The branch of this business he was working with was under the management of an Afrikaner (ja, Boertjie! [ = Boer]) with a doctorate. This doctor defrauded the whole operation, today rots away in jail, and the swine left my acquaintance nearly penniless.

There are times where I truly battle not to become cynical about these things. Never would I have imagined that the whites will throw in the towel so easily. But yes, one has to calculate in the tremendous propaganda at work. Even in my old motherland, South Africa. Have seen this transformation before my very eyes, even with sensible well-educated friends of my generation, who should have known better!

1. ”Some of this leadership elements are currently rotting away in prisons, as an example for others who get similar adventurous ideas”. Example Clive Derby Lewis, and the Boeremag (google the term; this was a Boer militant group that wanted a white revolution), now exposed as a government setup by one of the policemen who now came to the fore after a divorce, having kept quite in the past about it in order to keep his marriage stable, by white members of our erstwhile security forces! Our security forces were of the very best in the world. Never could I have imagined this treason.

2. ”There is no political allegiance when it is about bread-and-butter questions.” Might explain the attitude of (1), but I know of plenty policemen who left the forces and started their own businesses, even if it was garden refuse-removal services (had one at my home, ex police station commander, and I salute them!). Or my one colonel acquaintance, in charge of 1000 soldiers and the total technical side of the South Africa Signals regiment. Also resigned, and then was shafted by two private sector Afrikaaners (yes, the Boertjies, one with a doctoral degree now in goal) of all his pension, so he now struggles to survive.

3. ”You have to experience the level of brainwashing in schools in order to believe it”. Started with my child, in primary school (Afrikaans, 90% white, one of the still functioning schools).

On Mandela’s birthday, all the white school children had to assemble at the sports field, and sing songs praising him!

A black delegate of the Department of Education showed up and kept a watchful eye on the proceedings. If that isn’t communism I don’t know what communism is. (My mother was an East-German escapee, before the Wall went up. She sees the same parallels to her days, when everyone had to join the FDJ [ = communist youth organization] and wave flags around. I asked here if they believed in what they did? No, but you had to, otherwise…).

My kids’s school books? All from the Oxford press out of the UK. Math books full of multiculti drawings of people, and guess who was the clever one? Sipho the black.

At a barbeque for parents I asked another parent in my age group, also of the Border-War generation, what he makes out of this. He was a farmer. He told me, strange, his farm boys have the same books, but in them it is exactly the other way around (?!?!). My headmaster told me that if I had the chance, I must take out my child to another country, all in all it will be more equal there than in South Africa. I think this headmaster must have been under a tremendous pressure to tell me this. He knows what’s going on, but has to manage his personnel so that there is not a complete collapse of morals, and a consequent shock to the majority of the little ones — who are not able to escape, and whose parents do not have a second passport [= Britain, Holland, Germany, etc.] by birth.

4. ”They were stupid about communism”. Duing my national service (2 years), in the last month or so (the ‘forty days’ feeling), there was the first attempt to explain to us in a series of lectures (I was a Eland armoured car gunner in 1 SSB, google the terms) about the historic side of communism. Most slept during the lectures during the summer heat. A lance corporal headed the lectures, but the person in charge was a major. The bloody major should have done the lectures, and then perhaps people would have been a little bit more awake.

We were never told about the danger which actually came out of the West, perhaps as an appeasement to the West, this appeasement which sold out everything at the end. But the Government of the day knew about this. Why? Because early in my career I started off in the civil service, and advanced to a thing could a supervisory position (junior management), and had to attend a week long course on how to lead people, and this lecture was done so professional I never experienced the equal in my whole working life later on. On the last day we had to cover the topic ‘negotiation skills’. Our lecturer told us that day that we will not cover that topic.

The State President, P.W. Botha, had given instructions that we had to be informed on the political situation in South Africa. I still have these lecture notes. There the total onslaught against the Republic of South Africa was told to us, and the parties acting against South Africa was explained to us (USA, United Nations, Organization of African Unity, and some eastern countries). All this came from a masters-degree fellow covering this subject. The real players were not covered [ = THE JEWS], most probably that it would have gone down very badly in the hyper-religious Christian-Nationalism society of that day, and secondly we had an alliance born out of desperation with that Middle-Eastern country, which then was supplying us with weapons and training (and in return THEIR national servicemen in our service received good training by us, immediately applied in their country with success.



Here is an article in from very long ago about pilots who were locally trained, and flew back over to their home country in a time of need.). Later in the civil service we were sent on an awareness lecture with a movie, about the limpet-mine threat.

I remember the time when all paper bins were removed in Pretoria, due to the mine threats by the organization whose near rigor mortis leader [ = Mandela] is now being sold as the “national hero” of the country. I recall how we entered shops and were scanned before entering. Today people are being scanned when leaving the shops… I wonder why… 😉

I read the other day, with a picture, in one of the Afrikaans online papers, of the sad case of a sergeant major rotting away in a small corrugated iron shack, in the African heat.

5.”The Border War generation (Angolan war) — many of them are now mercenaries in the US army ..”. I once read a Youtube accusation “What the hell are they doing in the USA, fighting America’s wars?”

Reply of a veteran: “Well, what would you do in my situation? I don’t agree with everything, but here I have a job, whereas back in my own country I may not have a job anymore.”

But some, like Eeben Barlow of Executive Outcomes, was so disappointed and sour after all the treason, that he decided to change sides in order not to miss out on his old-age pension.

6. All the rats, which were kept under lid in the olden days, now jump up left right and centre and have the big say, names like Max du Preez (USSALEP exchange scholar), and here and there some dumb young idiot with plenty of college degrees who gets promoted ahead of his age in a senior position in one of our brain-spool Afrikaans Sunday papers, most probably thinking that he got there on his merits, but he will have to deliver according his master’s voice, or never get a job again in his profession.

Had a neighbour of my mother once, good decent down-to-earth Afrikaner, a bit older than me. Their son studied journalism up to a masters degree, and they told me about his exciting career at, the main Afrikaans propaganda channel, who in the 1980’s cooked the whites brains toward surrender. Back in my days such persons would land before the court, and if necessary, be kicked out of the country. Today these rats have become the big shots.

7. ”There is a lack of resources, no money, to build up a strong conservative party”. Have contact with an ex-military man working for the FF+ (he knows what we know), he told me so.

”The media is all controlled by a party which has access to the South African tax base”. Haven’t got the link anymore, but it was in the press just the other day.

The [black] government has bought a large percentage of shares in the English mainstream media using the government pension fund, the louts.

8. ”It was by no means so that the blacks used to close ranks against the whites in my days”.

Dr. Anthea Jeffery, Peoples War , or (ANC and PAC – Pan African Congress- opening a second front inside South Africa, while the Cubans were attacking us on the border).

Some old memories for you, John:


I replied:

Thanks for these insights from a man who was there!

It was the organized judeopsychopathocracy that is mostly responsible for creating a white slave mentality.

The Protocols state that a major goal of jewry must be to create a dumb, docile slave population they can work to death and genocide.

Other Jews on this topic:

‘We Jews regard our race as superior to all humanity, and look forward, not to its ultimate union with other races, but to its triumph over them.’

Goldwin Smith, Jewish Professor of Modern History at Oxford University, October, 1981
Why are Gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap; and we will sit like an effendi [‘rich slave owner’] and eat. That is why Gentiles were created.’
Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, October 18, 2010, spiritual mentor of the religious fundamentalist party, Shas, in Israel, and a former Chief Rabbi of Israel. He is seen here with the PRIME MINISTER of Israel (1999-2001), EHUD BARAK, now the Defense Minister and Deputy Prime Minister. Yosef is a major religious leader with hundreds of thousands of followers, and is a chief coalition partner in the current Israeli government.

‘When the Messiah comes every Jew will have 2,800 slaves.’ ‘ Simeon Haddarsen, Talmud, folio 56-D (photo of the Talmud below)

Unless people understand psychopaths, they just do not grasp how prevalent conspiracies are, and especially Jewish ones.
–Interesting that the minumum IQ must be 105 for progress… Hitler’s eugenics would have solved this entire problem of the dumb breeding faster than the intelligent…

“At present, in all industrialized countries, even in the newly industrialized and the developing countries, women with middle and higher education have far fewer children than uneducated women ‘ e.g. in China it is only half the number.”


I have noticed an extreme drop in blue eyes leads to lower IQ:,2933,293777,00.html

Volkmar Weiss, a German scientist who says the best whites are not having kids

–“A population with a destroyed hierarchy as a whole is becoming more and more incompetent and unable to act, and the individuals are fighting each other. ….. A
full cycle requires the complete destruction of social hierarchy and a total disorientation of the female individuals — ? i.e., their diversion away from the successful reproduction and rearing of offspring.”

“Withdrawal from the church is ‘ like the denial of the ancient Romans of their old gods ‘ a further unfailing characteristic that a society is beyond its apex and the phase of equalizing descent has began.”

–Ludicrous reductionism by Weiss, leaving out the Jewish conspiracy behind the rise of communism:

“During the upswing, there is a phase in all states with a very young population, with numerous young men ‘ third?born, fourth?born, fifth?born sons ‘ searching for a purpose in their lives . As numerous statistics have confirmed, from such a structure of population nearly inevitably follows an expansive and belligerent policy. When in Europe this failed and did not let off sufficient steam by overseas emigration, egalitarian ideology blazed the trail for communism and social democracy . It culminated in the revolutions of 1917 and 1919 in Russia and Germany.”

–“There does not seem to be any foundation that will make the necessary financial means available to fund a search for the genetics of high intelligence.”

No, not as long as Jews can help it.

We need to bring back the Adolf Hitler Schools and the NAPOLAs…to educate a true elite of both IQ and character.

My religion will proclaim HIERARCHY. We must proclaim human inequality!




Thanks to a Facebook post by WN activist SCott Roberts, I learned about this’ vile Montreal, Canada Jew who gloats in the most satanic manner possible what the real jew agenda is:


Give me back my broken night
my mirrored room, my secret life
it’s lonely here,
there’s no one left to torture
Give me absolute control
over every living soul
And lie beside me, baby,
that’s an order!
Give me crack and anal sex
Take the only tree that’s left
and stuff it up the hole
in your culture
Give me back the Berlin Wall
give me Stalin and St Paul
I’ve seen the future, brother:
it is murder.

Things are going to slide, slide in all directions
Won’t be nothing
Nothing you can measure anymore
The blizzard, the blizzard of the world
has crossed the threshold
and it has overturned
the order of the soul
When they said REPENT REPENT
I wonder what they meant
When they said REPENT REPENT
I wonder what they meant
When they said REPENT REPENT
I wonder what they meant

You don’t know me from the wind
you never will, you never did
I’m the little jew
who wrote the Bible
I’ve seen the nations rise and fall
I’ve heard their stories, heard them all
but love’s the only engine of survival [what hypocrisy after what he sang before!]
Your servant here, he has been told
to say it clear, to say it cold:
It’s over, it ain’t going
any further
And now the wheels of heaven stop
you feel the devil’s riding crop
Get ready for the future:
it is murder

Things are going to slide …

There’ll be the breaking of the ancient
western code
Your private life will suddenly explode
There’ll be phantoms
There’ll be fires on the road
and the white man dancing
You’ll see your woman
hanging upside down
her features covered by her fallen gown
and all the lousy little poets
coming round
tryin’ to sound like Charlie Manson
and the white man dancin’

Give me back the Berlin Wall
Give me Stalin and St Paul
Give me Christ
or give me Hiroshima
Destroy another fetus now
We don’t like children anyhow
I’ve seen the future, baby:
it is murder

Things are going to slide …

When they said REPENT REPENT …

…..Support the leader the white world needs!


I think we ALL have come at one juncture or another to the absolute, eerie conviction that, somehow, some way, the Jews are literally demons. And when I re-read the whole chapter 8 of the Gospel of John, that is exactly what Jesus said.


I also have given even David Icke another look concerning his seemingly ludicrous “reptilian” thing. It is starting to make a little bit of sense. The Jews are just beyond even the word evil, like another life form.

Scott Roberts wrote me once on FB:

IF there was a “god” or some “supernatural being” watching over us, then I would only curse him for having allowed HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of innocent people to suffer the Jews, over the centuries, in countless wars, famines, and mass executions.‘ With that being said, I would not be the least bit surprised if I were to find out tomorrow that the Jews were from outer space or straight out of hell. I won’t rule anything out AND it would only make sense, being that the Jews apparently have no ties to this world whatsoever (no connection to their fellow man, mother nature or anything else).

I replied:

I dig you, Scott, esp. because what is called now Christianity has been promoting wussy girlymen who love their enemies., worship the Jews as God’s Chosen People, and wallow in guilt. Nietzsche (son and grandson of Lutheran preachers) ripped this kind of Christinsanity a new hole in some magnificent books

A comrade, Steven Smith interjected:

Jews ARE the Reptilian, Serpent people! David Icke has it half-right. He just won’t call the Reptilians Jews!

I responded:

Well, Icke, I think, is hinting the Jews ARE reptiles, but he means literally reptiles who shape-shift. Wow…

MY god is a stern father who demands ACTION, and gives courage to the determined, and my goddess one who expects women to rally to their warrior men, as Queen Gorgo backed up King Leonidas to the hilt.

I always say that reincarnation (indisputably an Aryan belief, held by Kelts, Greeks, Vikings, and the Aryan warriors who conquered India in 1200 BC, and also by such famous antisemites as General George Patton and industrialist Henry Ford) explains just about everything and so here I go ;-): NONE OF THESE WHITES WHO HAVE BEEN SLAUGHTERED WAS EVER TOTALLY INNOCENT.

You and I both know as activists — and Hitler wrote of this bitterly in 1928 in his unpublished but available “Second Book” — that the vast majority of whites are COWARDS who flee the truth and their duty! They have ALWAYS been cowards, and that includes previous lives. Without the Arminiuses, Robert E. Lees, and Hitlers, they would do JACK.

(Before you laugh about reincarnation, you might really take an hour and check out my static webpage on reincarnation — — and my God videos:

The fact is this, IMO, that for two hundred generations the average white fool has wished nothing more than that SOMEONE ELSE would take on the Jews for them. Read sometime the rage of Martin Luther in the 1500s at German princes for not dealing with the Jews as they deserved, because they wanted someone to borrow money from (for wars, building a better castle, buying jewelry for their queen and their mistresses, etc.!)

Luther said explicitly in his “Against the Jews and Their Lies” that the Jews should be (best choice) 1) exterminated, 2) forced to do hard, honest field labor under supervision, or 3) expelled. And nothing WHATSOEVER was done, though Luther was very famous and admired — and so was his book. Going further back, Roman general Titus – the very one who conquered and burned down Jerusalem and its famous Temple in 70 AD, had a Jewish mistress and she got him to spare the Jews from their final punishment though that rebellion, once crushed, would have been the perfect opportunity to get them all! In summary: Yes, under a few great leaders Whites have gotten their act together and energetically faced the Jewish issue, but for hundreds of generations the Whites now alive, in 90% of their previous lives, scratched their butt, took another swig of their beer, wine, ale, vodka or whiskey, and hoped SOMEONE ELSE would “deal with the Jews.” (“I ain’t no hero” I have heard white trash people say to my face.) And this is why it is vital to identify and support a true leader! No leader, no action!


Back in 2013 I was blogging this way:


I need to decide if I will continue my race for sheriff as well as my creation of, yes, a new Aryan world faith. We have an off-year election for sheriff here and an open seat in a 98% white county that landslided against Obama.

But you know what?
When I see them a week after’ giving them my JdN for Sheriff buisness card. which leads to a toned-down special website (no race, no jews, just gun rights and Constitution) ….

Every single ball-less wonder says:
“Oh, sorry man, I been real busy and I ain’t gotten to it yet.”
We are swimming in a sea full of cowards.. who all have an excuse.

These are ALL people with whom I spent a half hour or more and who agreed with me and who like and admire me!

We know we got the facts, and they know it too, which to me is the hardest pill to swallow.

Jews will be jews.. but when jew-wise people cower down like that.. man.. it’s frustrating

And after Edward Snowden, who can now possibly sing “I’m proud to be an American, cuz at least I know I’m free!”???
….when the f–g gov’t is reading every email and listening to every phone call!

How are we not a communist country right now!?
And this black prez is not even a skilled president, but a failure at everything.
We have ten percent we can work with
We must quickly move on once a person demonstrates his uselessness. You can see it in their eyes. You make a good-faith effort, then move on.
Jesus: “Cast not your pearls before swine.”

To be frank, I cannot continue this sheriff race without funds.

And either way, I will found a new Aryan religion, because we can do nothing with cowards.



A comrade on Facebook, Stephen Smith, wrote:

I’m not afraid to speak truth to power, but I can’t make hardly any headway, being only one of a very few lone voices in the wilderness. I think that’s where many of us are right now. We make a few tenuous connections with like-minded people here and elsewhere on the Net, but for the most part, most of us feel very ALONE in this struggle, and frankly feel overwhelmed by the strength of the forces opposing us. We don’t have anything resembling a Golden Dawn here in America, where there is a true sense of camaraderie and cohesiveness, where we can drive a few miles and meet up with like-minded people and just speak freely. The vast majority of Americans simply don’t seem to care what’s going on, much less who is behind it all. The simple mention of the “Jew” word drives most people instantly away from you. Not sure exactly why this is, but this sure seems to be the case. With virtually no sense of solidarity with our neighbors (most of us can’t even get our immediate families to agree with us), it’s a struggle not to feel hopeless at times. I think it is this sense of ISOLATION that is keeping us from making any meaningful progress in America. I don’t know what it’s going to take to overcome this, but overcome it we must.

I replied:

This is why God Himself has called me to create a new Aryan religion. We are stuck as the Great Horror approaches.

Will we lose to the Jews?


A very powerful video about South Africa and about us ALL! If this does not transform you you are DEAD.


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