How many MORE atrocities?

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The face of ultimate hypocrisy and absolute evil, closet Jewess Angela Merkel (with Berlin mayor Michael Mueller)


  1. Trump has already disclaimed his “Drain the swamp” slogan – what a surprise:

    Like I said in an earlier email, Trump’s cabinet appointees have already proven that he’s nothing but a Zionist con-man. His administration will be the G.W. Bush administration on steroids, complete with another Israeli-orchestrated 9/11-style attack. I’m already regretting that I voted for him – not that Killary would have been any better. Even Steve Bannon, Trump’s top advisor and supposedly an “alt-right” person, has expressed admiration for Dick Cheney, one of the key 9/11 criminals, so it sounds like he knows what’s coming:–dick-cheney-darth-vader-satan-thats-power

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