How I felt about joining the Marines; low-T whites the greatest crisis we face; truck driving –high-paying jobs for WNs

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…..Trucking today — great for unemployed or underemployed WNs

It’s CDL (Trucking) School for free. It’s $5,000 tuition normally but free if you stay with them for a year. This is a great deal because it’s free. I know for a fact from two close friends that are hard-core anti-NWO types (and cannot get or keep a job with corporate Jewmerica) that you can make $700-1,000 a week and have very little in the way of expenses by sleeping in your truck.


Thanks for your interest in the training that Quality Drivers offer! Apply today to become a student truck driver at Celadon Trucking. If you would like to…
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John D. Nugent

John D. Nugent A huge company, Schneider, has a program to be on the road for two weeks and off two weeks (good if you have a wife and kids).

John D. Nugent

John D. Nugent Every company needs drivers; it’s a rough shortage. Schneider is giving a $7,500 sign on bonus. This offer of free trucking school certainly proves there must be a shortage, at least of good, reliable drivers.

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John D. Nugent

John D. Nugent A new driver right out of CDL School gets $5,000; no joke, it’s crazy.

A friend wrote me:

Trucking companies are in bad need and passing out crazy money just to drive. I got a $10,000 offer last week on Tuesday, no joke, no kidding.

As you can see, $7,500 ain’t no joke for a sign-on bonus. That’s a good little chunk of change.

Free CDL School crazy sign on bonus tells the story. They are desperate for drivers. Money is great now because more loads than drivers. Simple supply and demand. It’s a good time to be a trucker.
White folks that are broke, right now is the time to get to a better place.

Get your financial house in order.

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John D. Nugent

John D. Nugent “Get ready now for more difficult times ahead, because it’s gonna get worse.” is how he ended it.


……so-called National Policy Institute bans Christian WN because he is against homosexuality

I am proud that this crew of queer lovers has never invited me,  nor would I attend. Who the hell is this Spencer and who is backing him with money?
So Scientology gets 501(c)(3) status, Mark Weber and his post-Carto Holocaust-supporting IHR get this status, and the NPI gets it. Interesting.
The NPI website says they have tax-free status, right on the homepage of their very-expensive-looking website:
Here the queer WN Greg Johnson interviews pretty-boy Richard Spencer:  You can hear his voice here.


According to Wiki, he is 37 and I see nothing about any wife:

Richard Bertrand Spencer (born May 11, 1978) is an American writer, publisher, and activist known for promoting white supremacist views.[1][2] He is president of The National Policy Institute, a white nationalist think-tank, and Washington Summit Publishers, an independent publishing firm. Both inst…
John D. Nugent
John D. Nugent He is certainly good-looking, well-educated and is getting money in. Why is he single? (Or is he shacked up with some woman?)
Brian Avran

Brian Avran John you think Spencer is a plant/mole/agent?

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John D. Nugent
John D. Nugent All I know at this stage is I see many red flags.
Also, OnePeoplesProject and their leader, the fat black homo Darryl Lamont Jenkins, disrupt meetings of other WNs. Why not THIS meeting at the National Press Club in the heart of Washington?  Would the NPC accept a meeting I, Andrew Anglin, Mike Delaney or other NS would hold? 

John D. Nugent
John D. Nugent I was very disturbed by this report. At least one of the people at that head table is widely suspected of being a homosexual, and is never seen around women. I have known the man (admittedly, a dedicated WN) for decades.

In June 2014, Spencer introduced an open homosexual (Jack Donovan) as an “example of masculinity” (Spencer’s words),


Then on November 26, 2014, somewhere over the Rainbow, Spencer appeared on homosexual Robert Stark’s Radio Show ( The Stark Truth), on that Show Spencer said, “we should not obsess about homosexuality, homosexuality has been part of European and World Culture for a millennia and we should not view gays as enemies”,

This all makes the most recent incident at his most recent “Spencer-Fest” held in Washington D.C on February 27th very entertaining. Here is how is is described by none other than Dr. Greg Johnson, another homosexual who attended the “Spencer-Fest”, Dr. Johnson writes as follows on his Counter-Currents web site, which other flaming Fags also writes as well.

“A question and answer session followed Richard Spencer’s speech. People raised their hands and Richard called on them. The second person to be called upon was the woman named Martha or Margaret. She said she had a question for the entire audience and he said that’s fine. Then she walked to the front and stood right next to Richard facing the audience. She said something like, “So it seems like you guys don’t like sex very much.” “That’s not true,” said Richard, interrupting her. He went on to say that nobody here had spoken about sex and part of the point of his own speech was implying that conservative views about sexuality need to be abandoned by our movement.”


I wrote to Jack Donovan on Facebook private message to ask if it was true that he was gay — and even chose to be gay. He responded:

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John D. Nugent

John D. Nugent “Explain to me how explaining my sexuality to a stranger is a relevant to my work or a good use of my time.

There’s this theory apparently that I have to justify my existence to everyone who identifies as “alt right” or “WN” as if I am desperate to belong or need their approval. The reality is that while I feel like racial tribalism is consistent with my message and I decided to acknowledge that instead of being a pussy about it, the majority of my audience is made up of gun, knife, self-defense, military and ex-military guys who actually don’t care who I have sex with because I said the things they already believe about masculinity. I have sent thousands of those men to far-right tribal and nationalist web sites. That is probably why people invite me to speak at WN conferences. Right now I have a capable and intelligent readership and I have great respect for many of my readers. I know there is some big debate about whether I should be “allowed to represent the alt right or WNs” as if that is some kind of prestigious position, but it’s not and no one cares but the autistic nerds playing political Dungeons and Dragons online under various

Please feel free to repost that intact to any of your friends who need an answer to the most pressing question white people faced last week. “

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John D. Nugent

John D. Nugent I replied:

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John D. Nugent

John D. Nugent “Thank you, Mr. Donovan. That was a frank and forthright answer, and that I do admire. As a fmr NCO in the Marines, I have known homosexuals who were good Marines, and as I have written on my blog and on FB, I have known five outstanding, prominent WN writers who definitely or probably were “gay,” but “in the closet.” My mother was in the theater and ballet, so I knew gay men there too. A friend who was “in the closet” and who died 25 years ago was close to Colonel Charles Lindbergh, Jr., and booked him into the Hollywood Bowl so he could speak out and  oppose FDR and US entry into WWII.”

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John D. Nugent

John D. Nugent I continued: “As for Richard Spencer, is he (as I have read, and to the best of your knowledge) exclusively straight, married and with kids? My concern is not with individual gays, but with 1) the overall feminization of white males (both “fem” gays and soft heteros), and 2) the entire neurochemical assault on us, and the depopulation agenda, and good whites not reproducing.”

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John D. Nugent
John D. Nugent He replied: [I added italics]

I’m friends with Richard Spencer and as far as I know he is straight.”

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John D. Nugent

John D. Nugent I responded: “Thank you for that answer, which I will relay. JdN”

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I will not let MY WN movement be hijacked by a bunch of queers!

In 1978, I protested homosexuality on my own campus at Georgetown University, right under the window of my professors and fellow students





Georgetown Hoya Feb 15 1979 Nazi

Phi Beta Kappa is the top ten percent of the class at elite universities.

Phi Beta Kappa


Let’s just invite Bruce/Kaitlin Jenner to join! 😉



….On Facebook: Why did I join the Marines?

After reading my blog here — —  a British comrade asked:
Matt Molineux I love your work John and how you’re trying to make people aware, not just Europeans. In an ideal, fair world you would be US president. Did it hurt doing all those years of service as a Marine only to find out you were working for evil?

John D. Nugent Thanks for the encouraging words, Matt Molineux. I knew the US government was evil before I joined, but I loved my nation (my ancestors came to America in 1635 from England), and I felt the Marines were the best way to build masculine character in an intellectual like myself. 🙂

(For the same reason, young Brits join the Royal Marines or SAS, or young Germans joined the Waffen-SS instead of the regular German army. I chose the Marines because it was the hardest service.)

And, well, it also immensely gratified my father to see his son follow in his footsteps.


Finally, it would help me connect and bond with American military men and veterans — at some future date — when white Americans would be ripe for revolution against the Zionist dictatorship. In America, if you served in the Marines, it triggers respect. They do not sit at desks in the rear and count condoms. 😉

They really go into combat and fight. And they have never broken and run in 240 years.

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Watch Marine Corps Drill Instructors KILL Recruits!!!
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John D. Nugent Even though the Marines lack the racial idealism of the Waffen-SS, they teach you to focus, put the group above yourself, stop whining and making excuses, never freak out under stress, and, most of all, be masculine. I think the greatest threat right now to our race is LOW-T. Men who are pussies. And AH said “courage is the most essential virtue of our times.”

Marine Boot Camp RAW Footage

Matt Molineux One of those Hitler youth lads was worth more than a hundred men today.

John D. Nugent We are the same stock and same blood. So the greatness can return!



If there is any way you could swing a donation, comrades, my webmaster Russ really needs it, he does great work, is homeschooling five kids with his wife, and taking risks to keep my site up, and the EKP one up too:

Pls write me ( and I will give you the details for PayPal.

To help him is to help me. The J-Team blocked a 300-euro donation last week (the bank “cannot locate” the wire) to ME, and now things are tight for him as a result.

I wish I could help him. 🙂 You can make it happen!


…..NPR (Nat’l Public Radio) makes me sick

First a pro-Israel story interviewing a Jew on how the US must put troops into Syria to stop ISIS; then on black football players all outraged over racism and on strike at Univ. of Missouri; finally (when I turned it off) we learn all about a transgender male who decided (sooo “courageously”) not to get testosterone shots to enhance his masculinity — but instead, what the hell, get female shots and go all-female. Five minutes of his faggoty voice made my skin crawl.

Missouri football players to boycott until president Tim Wolfe resigns

Tim Wolfe’s response to a series of racist incidents has been considered inadequate.

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John D. Nugent I really wish there was one good radio show I could listen to while doing the dishes, shaving, etc. and not cultural marxism 24/7. The only time I like it now is when they shut the f— up and put on Beethoven. ;-)  (who was of course black ;-) )

I love it when they have a 23-year-old liberal female interviewing an admiral on what we should do about ISIS. 😉


The ONLY fairly truthful major media is RT (which is still soft on Jews and racial issues).

RT in German is now one year old and very good:

Very cute anchor too;-) Jasmin Kosubek:


Russell Straight There are a lot of good shows on the Internet to stream or download? The Realist Report, Red Ice Radio, Radio3fourteen, David Duke podcast, the Right Voice, The Daily Shoah, Fash the Nation and a few more I think… Hope that helps!

John D. Nugent Yes, true…. I just do not have a computer w/speakers in the kitchen or bathroom 😉

Here’s me actually on Red Ice Creations Radio — got very good reviews:…/english-red-ice…/

ENGLISH Red Ice Creations interviews me on Solutreans and extraterrestrials;…

Russell Straight Actually I listened to that on my phone at work… It’s been a while. Was a great show!

Paul DiBenedetto Football fans are morons.
John D. Nugent

John D. Nugent Nowadays, yes. Football, baseball and basketball were great sports whites invented — and which enhanced masculinity and health. The Third Reich, and even its military training, were sports, sports, sports, as was ancient Greek culture.
John D. Nugent

John D. Nugent I just finished a great book by a French volunteer to the Waffen-SS, André Bayle, and the German path to blitzkrieg victories was superb physical training via sports, FUN team sports, not, as in the US military, just grinding, boring calisthenics (jumping jacks, push-ups, pull-ups, etc.)



Russell Straight Well my team gets screwed by the corrupt officials in the NFL constantly, so I’ve just about lost all interest. I enjoy some good MMA – combat sports are the best!

Matthias Ã…kesson Red Ice is great. Henrik and Lana are doing a great job.


…..Feminine Russian women and masculine Russian men

Cute — attractive Russian women at a bus stop sing a folk song; in Ziomerica they would be singing rap 😉

Soviet-Russian military culture.


Starting in WWII, it got more Russian ever day and less marxist. Very masculine and patriotic –no gay or race-mixing.

The book (referred to above) by the French Waffen-SS volunteer André Bayle says Russia is the hope of our race, and he said this despite his suffering in the communist gulag after the war!







Russian warships head past Turkey toward Syria



…..Huge increase in US gun sales


HUGE increase in gun sales:



 And it reports a new Harvard study says the more guns, the less crime. Duhh! 😉
John D. Nugent “One such recently publicized gun study, “Would Banning Firearms Reduce Murder and Suicide?” conducted by two criminologists and published in the Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy, found that there is “a negative correlation” between guns and violence. It found: “Where firearms are most dense violent crime rates are lowest, and where guns are least dense, violent crime rates are highest.”

This is however slightly misleading.

States with guns bans are all ultra-liberal, ultra-Democrat, and this is because they are full of minorities.
Ergo, gun ban states are full of non-whites.

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