Horrors of the Somme 100 years ago; Pierce reads what Herzl said in 1897 predicting WWI

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I strongly recommend first you view this video made from a radio address by the late Dr. William Pierce, for whom I worked 1981-84: “Racial Suicide of the West”




Theodor Herzl, the modern founder of Talmudic Zionism, sought a “homeland” for the Jews as a military, legal and economic base for Jewish world conquest, not as merely a “safe haven from persecution.”


He “predicted” the outbreak of global war, which can imply he “knew” as a Jew that, and why, the war was coming.

One of the original Zionists, Litman Rosenthal, wrote in his diary of 15 December 1914 his recollection of a conversation with Herzl from 1897.  Herzl allegedly said,

It may be that Turkey will refuse or be unable to understand us.  This will not discourage us.  We will seek other means to accomplish our end.  The Orient question is now the question of the day.  Sooner or later it will bring about a conflict among the nations.  A European war is imminent…

The great European war must come.  With my watch in hand do I await this terrible moment.  After the great European war is ended the Peace Conference will assemble.  We must be ready for that time.  We will assuredly be called to this great conference of the nations and we must prove to them the urgent importance of a Zionist solution to the Jewish Question. 

[Taken from the excellent article http://inconvenienthistory.com/archive/2013/volume_5/number_2/the_jewish_hand_in_the_world_wars.php]

Then read this….

I replied:

My Yorkshire grandfather came to America at around age seven, in 1910, and was just eleven or so when the war began in Europe and was 14 when the US got in.

So he was too young for WWI and too old for WWII (aged 38 in 1941). (I guess God wanted me to be born ? 😉 )

John Thomas Coldwell of Goole, later Colwell, and my grandmother

John Thomas Colwell Elizabeth Angell Colwell

It made me just hate the Jew leaders even more after this Daily Mail picture article to see so many fine British lads suffering so atrociously — and for nothing at all — and then to die, and rot in the mud, and turn black and have big, brown rats eat your body up…

….and usually dying childless too, not even passing their genes on first. How many Brits today, after WWI and WWII, still look as Saxon as a WWI private named Henry Tandey?

He won the Victoria Cross, the highest British medal for valour,  for mowing down 17 “Gerrys” on one day in Marcoing, France —  but chivalrously refused to shoot an unarmed German corporal named Adolf Hitler, staggering from a concussion, and spared his life.

Hitler never forgot the gesture and I think he let the Brits go at Dunkirk in 1940 partly for that reason. One chivalrous gesture might just lead to another —  though as we know, it did not, certainly not from the half-Jewish closet homosexual, Winston Churchill, who bankrupted the British Empire by fighting Germany, and in the end gave half of Europe to the marxist monster, Joseph Stalin.

And proud Britain became an economic basket case by the 1960s, and a military colony — ah yes, good old NATO, commanded by an American general — of its own former colony, the United States!

Churchill yet another upper-class homosexual?

But I might say this —  in sparing your great-grandfather’s life, comrade, God maybe had a purpose for you, and for us all, those engaged in this sacred cause.

Hitler’s love for the British people












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  1. DR. PIERCE´S VIDEO: “Racial Suicide of the West”
    The problem with the Jewish conspiracy wiew of history is that nobody agrees when it really started. Dr. Pierce here says it was around 1900. Others say it was with the French Revolution. Others say it was with the bankers` takeover of Holland and England in the 17th century. Yet others say it was during the Rennaissance with growing capitalist financial system. Yet others say it happened already in the Middle Ages with jewish financiers being the true rulers behind european monarchs. Others say it happened in the Roman Empire. Or in Ancient Egypt. You, John, say it goes even further back to the first civilizations and Babylon times (Habiru). M. Bradley says it started already in prehistoric times (Neandertals vs. Cromagnons).
    Now who is right?
    Now let´s see Dr. Pierce´s theory that the jews started WWI to get the state of Israel. Now such a large, powerful group would need a war to get a tiny piece of land?? Why – they were financially and politically powerful to start Russian Revolution for example yet they needed a war for Israel? They could have simply buy the land or bribe the british politicians and world (nominal) leaders.
    And if they already ruled Europe and America through finance, media and politics, why would they want to start a 4-year war and destroy everything – destroy their own property, infrastructure, factories? What kind of gain would it bring them? So much for the “Financing of the wars for profit theory”.
    Now for the theory “Jews always destroy civilizations” and destroyed the Roman Empire, for example. Why would they do that? With the breakdown of civilized life they suffered, too, they lost riches and commodities and technologies they and their children would otherwise enjoy.
    Or let´s say they want to destroy the Western Civilization now. Why? They, too, would lose comforts of new technological developments. And why let the West develop to this point? If they wanted to destroy goyim they could have done it way back in the WWI or WWII. Why let Germany renew itself? To destroy everything now? Makes no sense.
    Otherwise it would mean that the most powerful group in the world who is smart enough and capable of organizing such huge schemes and ruling the world secretly is unaware of the results of their actions? It doesn´t seem logical to me.
    It seems more plausible that different groups fight for power throughout history and destroy many things in the process than a single, centralized group controlling the world processes. I don´t see it, there are way too many contradicting events going on.
    Looking forward to your comments.

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