Homeland Security breaks promise, detains, interrogates, and sends young German back; moochers and nobility, brain-dead US Army off to fight Russkies

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…..Homeland Security strikes again

It just detained, interrogated for hours, and SENT BACK on a plane to Germany a young German who flew yesterday to visit with me — after hours of brutal “questioning” at O’Hare Airport, Chicago!

(He had already been electronically APPROVED to enter the US. They just wanted to waste his time and money!!)




Even controversial activists like Paul Fromm of Canada fly constantly into the US; this young German, 22, is not an activist, and has had zero involvement with any groups, the German police, with protests, or anything. It was entirely to spite and harm ME that they basically lured him into the States with an approved visa waiver, listing me as a person whom he might visit. AFTER paying his 20 euros for the visa waiver that listed me as a person he would visit, then only did he book the flight (for $600!), travel the length of Germany by train, fly eight hours across the Atlantic…  Then the thugs detained him and sent him back after a five-hour interrogation about nothing.
(They went through his cellphone, accessed his Facebook, and found out – how horrible — he likes an American girl!)
And over and over it was: “How do you know John de Nugent? What did you plan to do, and where did you plan to go, with John de Nugent?”…..
Quite an experience for a 22-year old with zero experience with cops, but an Arab, a black and a white traitor put him through the ringer. Now he is back in Germany: no job, no apartment and no money.
I guess I can be proud that DHS seems to fear me that much. Even high-profile WNs fly back and forth to Europe without problem.
I can only assume it is the skyrocketing views of my website and my Aryan religion that scare them. Good. They ain’t seen nothing yet.
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Why is it that cosmetic-surgery magician David Duke (MK-ULTRA), Jared Taylor (Jewish wife) and Mark Weber (revisionist who now says the Holocaust DID happen — and just took in a million-dollars) can fly around with no problem, but when young guys in their twenties want to even visit me (never questioned, never arrested, never any overt WN activity AT ALL), they are interrogated, or as in the Finn, Henrik Holappa case, arrested (three squad cars) and put in solitary for 87 days, then expelled back to Finland?

A white traitor, a black and an Arab grilled him.

“America is a land of immigrants” if you are a homosexual, a Somali gang rapist, or an Israeli, but not if you love the white race!

They asked him: “Under oath, Mr, B[….], Are you going to see John de Nugent?”

He said “Yes, of course, and I said so on the application, and you approved it! That is why I flew here and paid $600! Because you approved my entry into the United States. I am here to see John de Nugent as a tourist!”

“Then we are denying you entry into the United States!”

Now, look at this story….  ILLEGAL ALIENS RAPE 500 KIDS IN JANUARY JUST IN NORTH CAROLINA! Please note that this is North Carolina ALONE, January ALONE! What about other states–then multiply that by all the years the government has been looking the other way instead of enforcing our borders. And this is not just sexual assault, it is CHILD sexual assault!


…..Radio show interviewing me on the arrest-expulsion by DHS, ancient Aryans in America


(2 hrs)

…..Saluting heroes, blasting the moochers

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…..Stupid, obedient goys of US Army in huge column of troop carriers, trucks and Abrams tanks roll through Estonian town, heading for Russian border



“Yeah, man, we gonna kick some Russian ass! This will be even easier than ‘Nam, Iraq or Afghanistan wuz! A pushover! You’ll see them Roosskies a-runnin’ soon!” 😉

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  • John D. Nugent A German antiwar website published a report of huge air traffic into and out of Ramstein US Air Base in Germany….
  • John D. Nugent All this is yet more proof democracy is criminal insanity. The masses have zero logic, zero courage, zero common sense. Once again off the goys march to die for their snickering, obscenely rich neo-con masters!
    19 hrs · Edited · Like · 1
  • John D. Nugent The only thing we learn from history is that humans never learn from history.
    19 hrs · Like · 1
  • Don Land Ramstien..the portal ..that’s where Velcro patches get changed to black ops….a listed unit goes in..and a new born comes out
    18 hrs · Edited · Unlike · 1
  • Keith Mc Farlane The Russians are a Hard disciplined People, and the Yankees mostly soft and degenerate, and half the army are Negro’s and Hispanics? The Russians would wipe the floor with them? I hope I live to see it!
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