Hitler’s “Madagascar Plan” for the Jews — the real Final Solution; his mad program to annex Russia and colonize it with Germans

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Available here: http://barnesreview.org/product/final-solution-germanys-madagascar-resettlement-plan/

Madagascar belonged to the vast French colonial empire. 

When France without provocation declared war on Germany in 1939, then lost and was occupied in 1940, and the antisemitic Marshal Philippe Pétain became the leader of France, Hitler’s Madagascar Plan — putting the European Jews on this vast island, where they could not cause any more trouble for the world, and have internal self-rule — suddenly became doable!

The idea and initial research for this four-part series (much of it undertaken at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. and at the FDR Library in J Hyde Park, New York) was carried out by my late friend, Ralph Grandinetti, an old fighter with George Lincoln Rockwell, and a feisty, smart, courageous Italian-American from Brooklyn, New York.

Ralph is front and center, the Italian-looking comrade

Main Reading Room of the Library of Congress, designed by an Austrian

FDR Library at his mansion, “Springwood” in Hyde Park, N.Y.


I loved the concept, because it showed the Third Reich Germans, especially Herman Goering, spent years trying to sincerely negotiate a mutually acceptable solution with world Jewry — especially with obnoxious, obstreperous American Jewish leaders — so as to solve permanentlythe problem of the Jews in Germany.

Germany wanted them all OUT, yes.  But it was not about permit them to leave with all their VAST ill-gotten gains, BILLIONS of dollars worth (plus precious German artwork hanging in their sumptuous mansions), a loss which would have bankrupted a Germany struggling and recovering during the Great Depression and being economically boycotted by world Jewry.

The Zionists also wanted the German Jews out, but only if the highly educated and skilled German Jews, who also were clean, neat and hygenic , unlike the Polish ghetto  Jews,  who smelled like goats, went straight to Palestine.


One of the many antisemitic remarks made in 1945 by war hero General George Patton and which cost him his life. (See below for Patton reincarnated…)

In the end, because the Jews and their minion Winston Churchill would not agree to Hitler’s offers, many of them went to labor/concentration camps — after the war broke out which their coreligionists had incited.

For Ralph Grandinetti’s project I did extensive additional research myself, much of it at the vast Boston Public Library (five million volumes) and then I wrote the whole four-part article series which you can read below by clicking on the link “Madagascar Plan.”

Boston Public Library

Grand entrance staircase 


The  BPL reading room; I found the World Jewish Encyclopedia here in the reference section, and its entry on the “Madagascar Plan” stated baldly that Hitler’s offer to put the Jews on Madagascar was a serious offer and made repeatedly. (Hitler offered it in the 1930s to the Jews and to neighboring France, which controlled Madagascar as a colony, and then renewed the offer to Jewry after France was German-occupied in the wake of 1940.)

The series appeared originally in the Barnes Review magazine (http://www.barnesreview.org) in four 1998 issues of the magazine: May-June, July-August, September-October and November-December.

I put Ralph’s name on as the author of the series to honor him for all his sacrifices since the Rockwell days, because his health seemed to be failing and I wanted him to have some deserved glory and recognition. For all his native intelligence, Ralph was a blue-collar guy who had run towing and moped businesses, and was unable even to type. He gave me twenty pages of handwritten notes, excellent material actually, to start the project. Ralph, God rest his soul, finally passed on seven years later, in 2005 in Easton, Pennsylvania, at age 68.

After reading this book you can come, as I and Ralph did, to two shocking conclusions:

1) the Big Jews at the top really want persecution and disaster for the Little Jews as part of their overall, long-range goal of ruling the world from Jerusalem reason;

2) it is pointless to negotiate with Jews, because they are megalomanic psychopaths, incapable of gratitude or even reason.

They hacked my psychopaths-in-power article — here it is again!

As Hitler said, you simply present them with the choice of either-or:  do X, and stop doing Y, or we will punish you with Z.

…….Patton has reincarnated as Trump 


Patton was an impulsive, pugnacious but excellent officer who shot off his mouth constantly and loved war, conflict and victory.

He came to hate the Jews and see the Germans during the war as brave warriors and as very decent people after he became the governor of Occupied Bavaria.


Patton was murdered in December 1945, and Trump was born in June 1946.

Reincarnation Evidence


I  spoke with him between lives myself and he was still an arrogant war dog, conceding, yes, that the Jews were no good but not that I and the Third Reich had been right all along that they were the core problem of the world, exactly as HenryFord had said.

He would not agree that they intended to conquer, enslave and genocide the gentile world.

And thus that he and his Third Army had soaked the earth with the blood of 250,000 of my Germans who were trying to save the West, and thus his America as well, FROM these horrific Jews.


It was a cold and unproductive conversation with a headstrong man who would not admit that the whole war by America on Germany and on me was wrong.

June 9, 1945: Gen. George S. Patton Jr., tips his helmet to crowd during welcome home parade on Broadway in Los Angeles. This photo was published in the June 10, 1945 LA Times.



As for me, I spent nine years wisely, thinking about my serious mistakes in Russia, and I came back, not perfect, but wiser in 1954, and most of all, determined to examine the problem of the human ego — as it had shown itself in me and in all of humankind.

Mussolini’s idiotic attack on Greece, never discussed with me, his ally, was undertaken out of pure envy at my successful conquests. It retarded the planned invasion of Russia by six weeks — and was a key to us losing the war.  

I had to divert our elite tank and infantry units to rescuing the Italian army.

Once Britain entered Greece at the invitation of its previously neutral government, it began setting up airfields to bomb our giant and vital oil refinery in Ploiesti, Romania.

Thus Germany had to commit fully to the pointless Greek war — on the eve of our invasion of the vast and dangerous Russia, which had defeated the Mongols, the Swedes — and the great Napoleon!

As the Buddha said, a blue-eyed Aryan:





SEVENTH UPDATE Suicide on the eve of deliverance; on my birthday a special joy; a comrade asks about me and AH; why they hate me

……My one truly disastrous, moral and strategic error, from Mein Kampf on through 1944, regarding the people of Russia, who could have been our ally against the Jews 

Hitler’s great mistake in Russia

……..A few pictures from Moscow’s 2017 Victory Day Parade.  Look at the delightful “diversity”!!!!  😉

If Russia had a Second Amendment, it would be very tempting for all of us to move there and help ensure the existence of our people, and a future for white children.

……Contact and support

Piero Thymiopoulos Which books do you suggest reading? I’m going to be hitting some hard times and because of it, will have some free time on my hand to read a few books. I have the Stalag version of Mein Kampf to complete and a few others, but I’m always looking to broaden my knowledge.
John de Nugent There is no point whatsoever in reading any more race, Jew and Hitler books. We have had more than enough facts to have acted years ago. I am preparing a spiritual book, because reading is now an excuse for not doing.

……The Catastrophic Error

I repent for the stubborn mistakes I made in Russia — the entire immoral and stupid policy of imperialistic conquest, instead of liberation — that lost Germany the divine aid it needed to win, that forfeited that precious Gott mit uns, “God with Us,” and thus lost the war in oceans of tears and blood.


Stop worshiping Hitler and do not worship — or demonize — me. In each life we are here humbly to improve in our service to the whole.

A Belarussian girl – if these Slavs are not Aryan, who is?


Russian elementary-school kids in Kaliningrad, the former Königsberg, East Prussia


Spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry, Colonel Igor Konashenkov


Another spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry, Igor Klimov


Under President Vladimir Putin, WWII, called “the Great Patriotic War,” has become a very popular event. Russian civilians march, carrying photos of their relatives who fought.


With a photo of his father, who was a sailor, then soldier

To Adolf:

Waffen-SS takes prisoner the only survivor of his unit’s attack on a Russian tank.

The Western Ukrainians, often blond and blue-eyed from remnants of Ostrogothic blood, cheered the Germans at first as their liberators.

Franz Grasser, an Austrian or Bavarian Wehrmacht soldier, smiles on Scheveningen beach in Holland in 1942. Sent to the Eastern Front, he was captured by the Soviets in Ukraine, and perished in a POW camp in November 1944 in Novosossiysk.

Mongolian Red Army soldier in occupied Germany in 1945

I am sure this is how the average Russian, and Putin, see the NS Reich, as invading, occupying and burning their villages. And unfortunately it is true.

Of course, if the truth were known, Stalin also burned “his own” villages and factories, and ruined roads, bridges and tracks as he retreated in 1941. The average Russian had no protection from either side. 


The founder and chairman of the leading private US think tank STRATFOR (abbreviation for “Stategic Forecasting Inc.”), George Friedman, a Jew, spoke in his lecture of 4 February 2015 before The Chicago Council on Global Affairs on the geopolitical background of the current Ukraine crisis and overall global situation. Wilfried Michalski from the German-language “Contra Magazin” wrote about this speech:

“Blunt, frank talk from America: “Be for our wars, or have a war with us!” This is not politically unambiguous speech, but one that goes directly to the heart of the matter without any diplomatic circumlocutions. […] It is perhaps a milestone in the history of the public discussion of global relations, that Mr Friedman states on the open stage, and bluntly, that the stabilization of the American empire comes about through targeted destabilization elsewhere.

This may not even be all that new in geopolitics, but if you hear Friedman say it in a psychologically remarkable mixture of arrogance and ultra-brutality, then this has a special quality. Especially regarding Europe, and focusing on Germany and Russia, it should be seen as of the greatest importance that the goal for over one hundred years has been to drive a wedge between Russia and Germany!”

A comrade wrote:

John, the analysis you provide in your latest post is, as usual, brilliant! At this point, it should be joyously obvious to every member of this forum, and to every White Nationalist world-wide, that we now have our long-awaited Leader.

Thank you. I feel my time has come. And I have awaited the full crisis to make my move.

The book to electrify the masses and recast our whole struggle in its spiritual dimensions — that is now the key. Do our souls live on if we perish fighting for liberty and our dignity as a race?

People will have to know these things before they face the awesome material power of ZOG. And the answer is in my book.

An Australian comrade wrote, having read my favorable review of the Tom Cruise movieValkyrie [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Valkyrie_%28film%29]:



I hope to do some interviews with the Russian community here, John, and I will keep you informed. One guy, a former member of Vlasov’s Russian Liberation Army has some interesting things to say. He tells of how they were 200,000 strong and keen to destroy Bolshevism, but Hitler would under no circumstances allow it. Even Goebbels was begging for them to be used, yet 180,000 half-Jews etc. were allowed to serve in the armies of Germany but not the Russians?

Hitlers Jewish Soldiers

…..I see Saddam Hussein and Adolph Hitler in EXACTLY the same light — both worked for British/Jewish interests, both went their own way, and spent their own people, and so BOTH had to go. If you have time, please send me your views.

You raise, as always, some thoughtful points, brother Brendon. I think that my record of loyalty to this great man’s values is unmatched, and he was NOT an agent of the British or Jewish network. But that does NOT mean I agree with all his decisions and choices.

The issue is this:

Did Hitler offer to liberate the Eastern Slavs or did he plan to subjugate them?

andrei-vlasov-soviet-general-uniformDid he several times reject Russian general Andrei Vlasov’s plan to set up a huge Russian National Liberation Army — until late 1944, when it was far, far too late?

Unfortunately, comrade, this Wikipedia article on Vlasov is accurate: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrey_Vlasov

If Hitler did not like Vlasov, why did he not then work with General Peter (Pyotr) Krasnov, a “White” general who actually became a member of the NSDAP in the early Munich years? (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pyotr_Krasnov)

“White” ( that is, anti-Red and anti-communist) generals Anton Denikin (left-center) and Pyotr (Peter) Krasnov (right-center)


Did he intend a free Russia that would be a partner of Germany postwar — or a slave colony where only certain individual blond Ukrainians and Russians would be taken as children to Germany and “germanized”?

Pregnant Russian married women expecting their next baby, a delightful picture.


“Twilight,” a scene from a Russian forest road, by Ivan Shishkin, 1832-1898

Did Hitler ever renounce his Lebensraum policy of seizing giant swaths of Russia and Ukraine for the Reich as agricultural bastions? I am amazed at those who have never read Mein Kampf –– as I have twice, in German and in English, and cover to cover — and yet claim to me Hitler never said this when he did!

In Mein Kampf, Hitler wrote (in the second-to-last chapter, XIV, “GERMANY’S POLICY IN EASTERN EUROPE”):

Without consideration of traditions and prejudices, Germany must find the courage to gather our people and their strength for an advance along the road that will lead this people from its present restricted living space to new land and soil, and hence also free it from the danger of vanishing from the earth or of serving others as a slave nation.

The National Socialist Movement must strive to eliminate the disproportion between our population and our area,viewing this latter as a source of food as well as a basis for power politics between our historical past and the hopelessness of our present impotence.[27]

The acquisition of new soil for the settlement of the excess population possesses an infinite number of advantages, particularly if we turn from the present to the future … It must be said that such a territorial policy cannot be fulfilled in theCameroons, but today almost exclusively in Europe.[63]

In an era when the earth is gradually being divided up among states, some of which embrace almost entire continents, we cannot speak of a world power in connection with a formation whose political mother country is limited to the absurd area of five hundred thousand square kilometers.[65] … Without consideration of traditions and prejudices, Germany must find the courage to gather our people and their strength for an advance along the road that will lead this people from its present restricted living space to new land and soil, and hence also free it from the danger of vanishing from the earth or of serving others as a slave nation.[66] … For it is not in colonial acquisitions that we must see the solution of this problem, but exclusively in the acquisition of a territory for settlement, which will enhance the area of the mother country, and hence not only keep the new settlers in the most intimate community with the land of their origin, but secure for the entire area those advantages which lie in its unified magnitude.[67]

Germany will either become a World Power or will not continue to exist at all. But in order to become a World Power it needs that territorial magnitude which gives it the necessary importance to-day and assures the existence of its citizens.

Therefore we National Socialists have purposely drawn a line through the line of conduct followed by pre-War Germany in foreign policy. We put an end to the perpetual Germanic march towards the South and West of Europe and turn our eyes towards the lands of the East. We finally put a stop to the colonial and trade policy of pre-War times and pass over to the territorial policy of the future.

But when we speak of new territory in Europe to-day we must principally think of Russia and the border States subject to her.

Destiny itself seems to wish to point out the way for us here. In delivering Russia over to Bolshevism, Fate robbed the Russian people of that intellectual class which had once created the Russian State and were the guarantee of its existence. For the Russian State was not organized by the constructive political talent of the Slav element in Russia, but was much more a marvellous exemplification of the capacity for State-building possessed by the Germanic element in a race of inferior worth.

Thus were many powerful Empires created all over the earth. More often than once inferior races with Germanic organizers and rulers as their leaders became formidable States and continued to exist as long as the racial nucleus remained which had originally created each respective State. For centuries Russia owed the source of its livelihood as a State to the Germanic nucleus of its governing class.

But this nucleus is now almost wholly broken up and abolished. The Jew has taken its place. Just as it is impossible for the Russian to shake off the Jewish yoke by exerting his own powers, so, too, it is impossible for the Jew to keep this formidable State in existence for any long period of time. He himself is by no means an organizing element, but rather a ferment of decomposition.

This colossal Empire in the East is ripe for dissolution. And the end of the Jewish domination in Russia will also be the end of Russia as a State. We are chosen by Destiny to be the witnesses of a catastrophe which will afford the strongest confirmation of the nationalist theory of race.

But it is our task, and it is the mission of the National Socialist Movement, to develop in our people that political mentality which will enable them to realize that the aim which they must set to themselves for the fulfilment of their future must not be some wildly enthusiastic adventure in the footsteps of Alexander the Great but industrious labour with the German plough, for which the German sword will provide the soil.


I have great regrets about this policy.

And that massive country next door to settle was Russia. Yes, Hitler did a preventive war to prevent Stalin’s own attack, as Russian scholars themselves have revealed in their discussions of the Soviet plan called “Operation Icebreaker” [http://www.amazon.com/Icebreaker-Who-Started-Second-World/dp/0241126223] Hitler did indeed hit Stalin in June 1941 — before Stalin could hit Hitler in July of that same year — but Mein Kampf came out in 1925, advocating that Germany take land from Russia 16 long years before “Icebreaker.”


A cartoon from 19239 when Stalin and Hitler signed their Non-Aggression Pact


A Russian tank commander in WWII –not blond enough? (from the movie “White Tiger”)


A Russian higher officer


an ad during Soviet times


Yes, Hitler and the Germans were right, some Slavs (Russians, Poles, Ukrainians, etc.) do lie, steal and get drunk. But as we see now, when the full effect of degenerate Jew TV, drugs, divorce, abuse and corruption are everywhere, Anglo-Saxon, Germanic and Keltic people do all these things as well, and this always happens when morality is destroyed by the Jews, when the family is broken up into feuding individuals, when the man is no longer the respected breadwinner and head of the family but instead becomes a ridiculed, irresponsible buffoon, and when total moral anarchy reigns!

And some, some Slavs have a bit of Mongol blood but western White people are mixed too with all kinds of genes! How many Americans have some Amerindian blood, which is also Mongolian?!

The fact is that the reason so many German officers turned against this great leader, who had been brilliant from 1933, when he came to power, until 1941, when he invaded Russia, was that he continued a policy of subjugating the Slavs even AFTER Stalingrad.

Hitler had been invincible until Russia, and had fully earned the indescribable gratitude of his German people. He had lifted them from defeat in WWI, political chaos and the Great Depression to wealth, power, honor, freedom and victory.



…..JUST A FUN VIDEO: GERMAN GIRLS after the staggering military victories of 1939-40


But come WWII, his own German officers who had fought on the eastern front understood how much the Slavs whom they were fighting also hated communism and the Jews — and could be their natural allies. But the most Hitler would do is let the Slavs work behind the lines — as farm or factory labor or as anti-partisan troops, not however as front-line infantry or tank forces directly fighting the Soviets. After a while, he let a relatively small Ukrainian SS arise. But he did not want to arm the Slavs because he intended that the Russians have no say in postwar affairs in their own country. If they did not fight for Germany, they could not have a seat at the table.

Vassili Grossman, Soviet Jewish writer and war reporter


What Hitler said to Leon Degrelle, a Belgian volunteer who wanted to hear pan-Europeanism, and what he did are two different things. Léon Degrelle asked him if he felt more German or more European. Hitler answered: “I am a Hellene.” This meant he identified with Ancient Greece and the highest expressions of European culture. But that did not include the Slavs.



Tragically, this entire page from our white brothers at VHO in Europe (affiliated with Germar Rudolf) is accurate, on the topic of

New Aspects of Andreij Vlassov
The Russian Army of Liberation (ROA)  Corrective Revision by Russian Historians

by the distinguished writer Wolfgang Strauss, and especially this quote:”The reasons for the delay [in setting up this Russian Liberation Army], he tells us, were the crassly differing and often diametrically opposed views of Third Reich leaders regarding their Eastern policy. Until the turning point in the Fall of 1944, the ROA [Russian National Army] consisted almost solely of individual Russian units in the Wehrmacht. It was not until the catastrophic military situation on the Eastern Front had become clear to everyone, that the decision was finally made to create a politically autonomous Russian central command and organize powerful Russian combat units under Russian commanders.”And this quote is also accurate:”Drobjasko describes the ROA’s heavy weapons in detail: heavy artillery, anti-aircraft artillery, as well as the training schools for officers and noncoms, the training camps, even press relations (there was no German censorship). Colonel Meandrow served as commander of the officers’ school. When he was captured in August of 1941, interrogating officer Herre of the German General Staff asked his opinion about whether Soviet resistance would soon collapse. Meandrow, Chief of Staff of an entire Soviet corps, replied:
“I have the highest regard for the Wehrmacht. Nevertheless the German army will not be able to defeat the Soviet Union unless they are able to mobilize the Russian people against Stalin.”

Mobilize the Russians against Stalin! At the end of 1944 it was already too late.”

I, and resolute national socialist such as Roy Armstrong, Manfred Roeder of Germany and others with decades of sacrifice, veterans of street battls and even prison, all acknowledge that Hitler was anti-Russian, anti-Slav and that he “blew” his one chance to defeat the Jews and Stalin by his overreaching goal of winning the war without arming the Russians — because he wanted their land.

The Russians are a white people. Hitler’s choice was morally wrong and strategically wrong.

One can, and I do, admire to the supreme level the genius, altruism and vision of Adolf Hitler in his social policies and pan-Aryan values.

But when he left the solid foundation of pan-Aryanism and retreated into narrow German nationalism, he lost the war.

I for one was disappointed in his Political Testament, because it spoke ONLY of ‘Germany this’ and ‘Germany that.’ What about the rest of us Whites, facing after 1945 a world that would be totally Jew-ruled?

I say all these things to you, comrade, with unspeakable sadness.


If a new Hitler arises for our race, he will learn from the mistakes of the past, and have the broadest possible pan-Aryan vision. And he will SEEK an alliance with the great white nation called Russia.

And so in answer to your question, Hitler was absolutely sincere, and never a tool of the Jews or Wall Street. But in the East he was very wrong. Nevertheless, who can match what he DID achieve against all odds? He was an incredible, brave, visionary Aryan genius. If there is any chance of “reincarnation,” then he will come back chastened.

As I wrote on Facebook:

It is sad to see this: “The Russian Lower House has approved a bill that provides up to five years in prison for denying the facts set out in the Nuremberg Trial, rehabilitation of Nazism and distributing false information about the actions of Russia and its allies during WWII.”http://rt.com/politics/154332-russia-nazi-rehabilitation-ban/

BUT as I have often written, this is the latest bitter fruit of Hitler’s slavophobia. Had heinvaded the USSR to liberate its peoples in 1941 from the Jews, Georgians and Bolsheviks….

Two Georgian Bolsheviks, Stalin and Beria (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lavrentiy_Beria), in 1936. They both used Jews as their main human weapon of mass murder to annihilate every Russian with any intelligence or backbone.


…..he would have gotten the support of 100 million suffering Slavs. Twice Hitler rejected the proposal of General Vlasov to create a 5-million-man “Russian National Liberation Army” — even after the disaster at Stalingrad. http://johndenugent.com/…/russian-women…

No one is more pro-Hitler than am I, and I have proved this in literally HUNDREDS of blogs, essays, and speeches. But Hitler went into Russia to conquer it for Germany, exactly and precisely as he stated in “Mein Kampf” 17 years before, to take “Lebensraum” for GERMANS from it — and not to liberate Russia and make this gigantic nation Germany’s ally.

So, to this very day, even very, very pro-German Russians like Putin do not like Hitler or his movement. And thus this legislation is being passed. I say today that the new national socialism must be for all races, white and non-white, and all peoples around the world that are threatened by Jewry. And this is the only way we can win, and this is how we WILL win! The whole world now hates the Eternal Wall Street, bloodsucking JEW!


Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere! No man is free if another is a slave!


  • Not just Hitler, but most Germans and even many Anglo-Saxons disliked Russians or saw them as brutal semi-barbarians, so Hitler was a creature of his times, his generation a nd the mindset of his era. Also, he feared the pan-Slavic movement, which was a real threat to Germany, and led the Russian tsar foolishly to end his alliance with Germany, which Bismarck had wisely created to the benefit of both countries, and the tsar allied his nation with France and Britain to seek war with Germany in WWI.
    The pan-Slav goal was to push the Germans behind the Elbe River, and reverse 1,000 years of German history of eastern expansion, that is, restricting them to western Europe. British and French intelligence funded this movement heavily as a means to pit Russia against Germany and Austria-Hungary.
    The goal of the last tsar was to push Germany back westward to the year 1000 and unite all the Slavs of Europe.
    So Hitler was not “crazy” as a German leader to fear pan-Slavism — it was a huge movement and fundamentally anti-German.
    But in the struggle against Bolshevism he should have changed course, because “the enemy (Slavs) of my enemy (the Jews) is my friend.” As we know, the outcome of the war was not Germans in Moscow but Russians in Berlin.
    Russian soldier raises Soviet flag over the Reichstag in Berlin in 1945
    German woman wanders about devastated after being raped by Soviet troops; two million German women suffered this horrific fate.
  • John D. Nugent And as the Americans showed after 1945, via NATO, a “liberating” superpower can bind the countries it has liberated to it, and not even with open brutality. Germany could have liberated Russia and yet 1) installed a pro-German elite atop the new Russia and 2) integrated the German and Russian economies and 3) cultures so that Russia would never turn anti-German again.
    Russians admire Germans anyway for their hard work and brilliant organization, and not only that — there would have also been tremendous gratitude by Russians toward Germany for ending the genocidal nightmare of Bolshevism.
    I translated for The Barnes Review magazine almost the entirety of this 55-page monograph by German historian Udo Walendy on Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s 700-page book of suffering, Two Hundred Years Together, volume two, which was on how the Jews treated the Russians under Bolshevism. Every Russian family suffered disappeared relatives; Solzhenitsyn says 60 million were murdered.

    Russia and the Jews (I translated 90% of the main article.)

    Here Solzhenitsyn is greeted by President Putin at his home. Putin awarded him in 2007 thehighest medal of Russia. This was the second visit by Putin to Solzhenitsyn’s dacha(country home) outside Moscow.
    So a liberated Russia would have been a pro-German Russia.
    My view of Putin: not an angel, not a devil, nor a great visionary or world leader, but a noble gangster, a clever man, who does the right thing when he can afford to, but does not want to openly confront the Jews, at least NOT YET, and end up as Hitler or Khaddafi did:http://johndenugent.com/?s=putin



  1. I read MK a couple of times also, as well as the shorter revised one 2nd edition. It is political-social genius page after page. But the comments about Slavs make me cringe. I think it is all based on his displeasure with the Hapsburg dual Monarchy he grew up under as an Austrian, and very early on developed beliefs of Slavs being threatening to German Interests, as they indeed were under the Hapsburg regime.

    Also, he is just obsessed with Germany, page after page. I suppose that is what it takes to achieve the miracles he achieved. Have we known such a fanatic in our lives? I believe that all great men are fanatics. It is the only energy that can attract people to follow them into so much danger. However this cosmic consciousness is a serious force that more and more people are achieving, and perhaps our present and future won’t need such dominant personalities if more people possess this…

    We should emulate his willpower and heed his vision and learn from his mistakes.

    About you, John de Nugent, you have my 100% support. I have turned away from the ugly ethnocentric WN like Daily Stormer that seem to be a lot of defective haters calling themselves superior because the Great Man rose up out of their race. Jews don’t fear people who have the same goals as them, a cruel ethnostate that would probably compromise with Israel to get their own type of Israel. Xtianiy and its chosen race doctrine as well as submission to external slavish morality is a big problem of this type of WN too. The first chapters of “Which Way Western Man” by Bill Simpson illustrate this well.

    How can I help?

  2. John,

    Brazil is not my country, but I am married to a a Brazilian. I am Estadodense or NorteAmericano, white male like you. I am a European mongrel. I consider all of us on this side of the Atlantic Americans and New Worlders. Anyway you are right about Brazil. Voce Fala Portugues? (Most)People down here have a wonderful live and live approach to life, and sense for personal dignity health and beauty. They have a sensual swagger that is unique, and there are beautiful people of all colors down here like you would not believe. I am sure you can imagine. Even the average looking women are still sexy just by the way they move and approach life. We are also blessed with an abundance of cheap nutritious food.

    The big problem with Brazil goes back to the colonial days, the 1st Europeans who came down here did so to steal not to live, and the Federal Govt today is the same. Commie-style corruption pandering to weakness. The following waves of Euros escaping Guillotines (the 1st bolshevik style slaughter), world wars and commies have contributed more positively and are strongest elements of culture. The biggest Japanese community outside of Japan is in Sao Paulo.

    The people just accept the Federal corruption, behave decently to each other and there is clandestine economy everywhere. I had a contract job over the summer-winter for you and it was heavy work and slavish wages. 6 days a week and they try to not pay for extra hours by mandating days off when the business slows down after the summer. I told my superiors that this is outright robbery because nobody tells me how to spend my wages, and these extra hours I worked are mine to do what I want with, and I will chose my days off. My strength of character on this issue got me paid for those hours, and contract closed… Now I am clandestine and much freer, teaching English and getting more waves and sunshine…

    I already saw your video about Hitler then and the reality now in German. Really impressed. You will reach a lot of people. The problem with WN is that they are not living in the present. This in not 1925 Europe. This is 2015 the world. We are a dying race and can’t do this alone. This is reality. What Hitler did in Germany was truly courageous and against all odds. Can you imagine facing a mob of commies who want to “crack your skull!” His explanation of the kind of rabble that would throw an elderly nationalist down the stairs perfectly explain his need of SA street thugs… He converted millions of Reds to Nationalists simply by exposing the lie of equality and harnessing the power of personality and in the end gave them the utopia that Marx promised. Truly amazing. Hitler the Revolutionary and Statesman will forever be legend. His Achilles heel was his Hapsburg era anti-Slav prejudice that ultimately cost him everything he created. So sad and tragic, and the world needs to know the consequences of letting the Beastial mass slaughtering Jews get the upper hand in a conflict.

    Even after Hitler was gone, Churchill still had a trace of sanity and Patton knew the truth. It is another crime that he and Churchill never had a “cup of tea” over Operation: Unthinkable.

    Never Again. “Where Jews go, genocide follows”-Banjews.com. Check them out, they have the right approach.

    I really like the Solutrean mysticism. I’ll look into it. There is a lot on this site. This world is so fantastic and this cosmic consciousness reality that God is within us, it just takes knowledge and discipline to follow your highest instincts because there is a perpetual conflict of energies. Mysticism is useful because there are no absolutes, our perception is our reality. I am reading William Simpson and he is quite profound “A man must stay in motion, otherwise one hand will war with the other and the mind will rationalize away the heart.”

    I have also learned the power of forgiveness and responsibility. It releases the hate. It is like the moment you arrive at your campsite after carrying a 40lb pack all day long uphill. Lightness. Clarity. Imagination. Better to look at as conflicting energies, and the one that wants you to evolve is hard to follow. Therefore there is no equality. We are just as responsible for the 20th century disasters for being materialistic and gullible. But the fact remains that these monsters kill our best individuals. They know as well as we do that it is the individual who changes the world. The mass-man is where the power is, but he mass as a collective doesn’t create. The stampede has to be guided. Star Wars makes more sense all the time, especially where Obi Wan lets Vader strike him down in anger and dishonor only to become more powerful.

    Alright that is enough for now I see the sun shining and need o get out there. “Keep your face always towards the sunshine and the shadows will fall behind you”- Walt Whitman

    Yours in Service,
    Phil is my name

  3. Excellent article. Now I fully understood why many in the so called WN “movement” are thumbing their noses when I mention your name. What I really dislike is their arrogance when it comes to “other” white people, in my case being eastern European. Hitler did not wanted any real nationalist movement in eastern Europe. He agreed to the elimination of Corneliu Codreanu in Romania and ordered German troops to back general Antonescu in his coup against The Iron Guard government when he faced a mutiny in the Romanian Army. All the Iron Guard members who escaped to Germany and seeked asylum in 1941 were interned in camps like Buchenwald, treated well however, but they were not allowed to fight in the German Wehrmacht or Waffen SS until August 23rd 1944 when they started a Waffen SS regiment and a Romanian division under the command of Gen. Platon Chirnoagă. I see that these WN that I’m encountering now, are not true WN but are mostly anglo-saxon supremacists that dislike any kind of religious ideas, basically being neo-marxists profoundly materialsts. This is why there is so much support for the Azov type brigades in Ukraine that in fact are doing the deeds of NWO. Than you Mr. John de Nugent, you’re doing great work.

  4. Yes.. Mr Nugent .. BUT .. remember the whole scenario and Options were a SET UP
    Just as WW 1 was a SET UP

    A ZIONIST SET UP .. from which it was almost impossible to extract oneself

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    And I am sure of it.

    Interesting times indeed.

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    1. Even though I do criticize you, I am more deserving of being recommended than many on your recommended list and I am willing to work with anyone who truly understands who and what the true enemy is and willing to keep the focus there.
      Take Charlottesville. We now know there was a driver swap and a car swap but you won’t even hear the alt-right go there for it might imply the MSM lies


      Click on pic to enlarge for leading once opened.

      • Okay, I read it all.

        So Brennan is a fed…. Okay, the NYT also took his name out of the article…. definitely interesting.

        What is the proof of a driver swap?

        Now, what about all this be used both legitimately and effectively? Lots of people have their smartphones on and are filming during violent demonstrations…. And Gilmore is a bona fide Virginia guy and leftie, and this “Unite the Right event was a big deal in his own area, so of course he was there,and his filming proves little. Is HE the one, Joe, who filmed this famous video?

        Second one down: http://www.tmz.com/2017/08/14/charlottesville-car-attack-drone-video/

        I don’t see a smoking gun yet.

        Now if we can determine that Field’s mother’s maiden name is Jewish, given her current post-divorce name of Bloom, then that is maybe something. It has been said he is on meds for psychosis, and the Daily Mail reported he closed his apartment and “gave his cat to his mother,” so he was planning a one-way trip to destiny…


        Good interview about Charlottesville, Virginia with three Klan people by a pretty friendly black tv reporter (down in Charlotte, North Carolina): http://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/local/article167439682.html

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