ENGLISH Hitler the Irishman; Sai Baba, negroidal guru-path; the finger of God

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A comrade wrote me:

* * *
You may know me from Facebook (Clay S…) and YouTube (TeutonicBeubonic). The http://johndenugent.com/russia_and_jews.pdf link is not functional.

I loved it — and thought it was hilarious — how you started off this post (http://johndenugent.com/jdn/2010/02/10/stan-ridgway-song-camouflage-the-marine-angel-airport-scanner-nude-passenger-photos-passed-around/):

“For the first time ever, the New Orleans Saints won the Superbowl, and they did it under the fleur-de-lys……and the leadership of Nordic white quarterback Drew Brees from next-door Texas.”

It is so true. Black quarterbacks are flukes.

* * *

I replied:

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Thanks, Clay. I do normally check all links, and the link to the “Russia and the Jews” pdf does work for me. Try it again and allow some time; it is a huge four-megabyte download! The reason why the pdf is so large is that it represents an entire 60-page magazine issue!

The Barnes Review normally has many different articles, but this was a special issue and 90% of it was on the topic of what the Khazars did to the innocent Slavic people of Russia. (I and comrade Roy Armstrong-Godenau translated thisi German summary of Solzhenitsyn’s 2002 book Two Hundred Years Together.)

Never, ever, EVER confuse the Russian people with communism, of which the Russian nation was the VICTIM. The Russian narod fought for years against the bolshevik “revolution,” which was NOT a “revolution” by the PEOPLE — but instead a juish coup d’état by about 40,000 psychopaths in the city of St. Petersburg and elsewhere, financed by the New York ju Jacob Schiff and led by the part-ju, part-Asian Kalmuck, Lenin, and by the all-ju Lev Bronstein, who repackaged himself by the Russian-sounding name Trotsky. (Various neanderthalic georgians, and also Latvians, likewise supported the bolshevik seizure of power.)

Thanks for your support, brother Clay.

You know, I really did think that God would make the fleur-de-lys team win, and they did…..When they started the second half with an onside kick I knew the Fleur-de-lys team was serious about W-I-N-N-I-N-G.

I also see the hand of God in this snow falling now even in Texas! It is one more nail in the coffin of Obongo’s reputation with his global-warming nonsense. People here in Pennsylvania just snort and smirk when I bring up either Obama or his global-warming theory.

I had some dealings back in 2002 with a juish show business agent with the William Morris Agency, and he said something interesting to me. The would-be ‘star’ in question kept being plagued by bad luck, and this ju said: “Bad luck is a bad sign in our business.”

Well, Obongo has bad luck. If Vice President  Joe Biden were not a national laughing-stock, I think the juze would have had him murdered already. Obongo is NOT advancing the juze’ agenda of Big Government, censoring the Internet, carbon taxes, swine flu scares, go-vernment bailouts of BANKS, not whe families, or pacifying rightwing whites in any way.

He is now at 46% approval in the polls, which, since he got only 32% of the white vote in 2008, means his approval among whites is about 23%. And most of the military officers and police officers whom this negro would need for implementing martial law are WHITE MALE CONSERVATIVES who watch FOX News and loathe Obama. (As I posted earlier, a tavern owner in my area told him that he ha s many military come in  and they say to him: “Obama is NOT our president.”)

I also see the hand of God in the fact that Russia had the worst winter in over a century when Hitler attacked in 1941. Had he gone in there to liberate those white Slavic brothers and sisters, he could have and WOULD hav won the war in eight weeks.

And together, the Russians and the Germans would have formed an invincible Aryan superpower agians the juze and the future threat, CHINA. the great German chancellor Otto von Bismarck worked veyr hard to build a Russian-German alliance, which the foolish Wilhelm II discarded in favor of an alliance with Italy and the multi-ethnic Austrian Habsburgs!

Between German discipline and Russian brains, mass and resources, no one could stop a Berlin-Moscow white con-dominium.

Hitler Youth boys in Germany
The pride of Russia today -- its white soldiers. Same race, same face!!! All Aryans, UNITE! Together, and with God, STOP the murderous, conniving ju, the violent, fast-breeding muslim and the beehive superpower of China -- from exterminating our race!

So by sheer coincidence (NOT) the worst winter in 100 years fell when Hitler started Operation Barbarossa. It was not God’s will that the Russian people be pushed off their own land for German lebensraum.

If Russia is completely purged of the psychopaths in its society, and regains true national pride based on hard work, honesty and the intelligent use of Slavic brainpower, Russia will have a grand destiny.

The Eternal Solutreans, to use a Russian phrase, will “snatch the stars from the skies.” We will plan for our dream of a world Aryan Ryk, and work that plan.

The Solutrean Ryk that will unite all Aryans

* * *

A Russian wrote me:

Thank you, Sir, for your posts on Russia.

But this — “The [Rus] were Swedish Vikings who founded the modern Russian state, giving Russia its name. They also crushed the Khazars, a mongolo-turkish tribe that had converted en masse to judaism” — is incorrect.

Rurik was a western Slav from the territory of Poland, and he spoke a Slavic language. His name can be translate from the Slavic as “Falcon.” We have a word that in the English language mean the same: “varyag” and “viking”. Both words in English can mean viking. But in the Russian language “varyags” is also a caste of soldiers of fortune in the Baltic Sea region. So and Goths [Scandinavians], Slavs and Germans could ALL be varyags. “Viking” is a pirate from the Scandinavian Peninsula, a Scandinavian caste of soldiers.

In the tenth century there were only five cities on the Scandinavian peninsula. The people there called the Eastern Slavic lands Gardarika – “the land of cities.” At that time we hade more then 200 cities in our lands. Could the Scandinavians handle management of  such a huge land? 😉 No.

Rurik was a Slaviс varyag [mercenary]. He wasn’t a Viking; that is a historical fiction. It is the “Normannic theory” of th origin of Russia.  It is the fairy tale told by the first Freemasons in Russia in the eighteenth century, because in 1727 a non-Russian woman became empress.

* * *

I replied:

* * *

Dear comrade,

Thank you for this viewpoint. Well, a mere 40,000 bolsheviks (juze, latvians and georgians) took over Russia in 1917, a tiny number of violent and determined men.

Only 7,000 men stayed alongside George Washington at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, out of three million Americans……….

As Hitler said, history is made not by majorities of warm bodies but by minoritiEs with the MAJORITY OF THE WILLPOWER.

The Normans even conquered the Anglo-Saxons when no one else could.  They STILL rule it now, and created a gigantic empire, even bigger than Russia– but intermarried with juze and the juze made them give up their Empire after 1945, just as the juze destroyed the Russian Empire in 1917 and the Soviet (Russian) Empire again in 1991…..

I think Russia has always received many foreign aristocrats… Catherine the Great, for example. Many Russian aristocrats were even “von” this or “von” that. Tsar Nicholas II’s wife was German. He himself was German-English via Queen Victoria, as well as Russian.

Now, Arab explorers said the Rus were Vikings….. Vikings went everywhere at that time — Normandy, Sicily, Constantinople, even Canada (Erik the Red). My ancestors were Normans. According to Jacques de Mahieu, Vikings established the pre-Inca culture of the Viracocha….

Here is an astounding picture. It is of Count Laval Nugent of Westmeath (Wikipedia article here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laval_Nugent), an Irish Norman — and natural warrior — who as a Catholic had to leave British-ruled Ireland to become successful, and rose to be a field marshal of Austria, and received a beautiful castle in Austrian-ruled Croatia. (Obviously he learned German, the greatest achievement possible for an English-speaker… ;-)) I look very, very, very similar to this man…………………………as three of my Slavic Croatian supporters have pointed out. (Yes, to that one supporter, please contact me to begin translating my blog or other webpages into Croatian. I am very serious  about the Slavic outreach — to Serbs also, and Russians, Poles, Ukrainians — to all the Slavs.)

Here is that picture of that Norman who moved to another country to become a conqueror:

Laval Graf ("Count") Nugent, field marshal of Austria. "Count" (originally a civilian rank under Charlemagne ) or "duke" (a military rank) is the second-highest level below king.
Photo Sept 2008 by Henrik Holappa. The Goden in Germany believe that duty, affection and traits draw us back to our own nation, bloodlines and even direct family as we reincarnate. This would also explain why Germans today, or Frenchmen, or Russians, act as they did in AD 1000 or 1500. They keep coming back to their nation, as they are, whether to help or hinder it. I was amused once to read of a German bishop in the Alsace-Lorraine area (on the German-French border) around AD 1200, writing to another clergyman his complaint. The German boys would cross over a little bridge at night and head for the neighboring French village, and there dance the night away... et cetera. Then they would be too tired the next day, said the "bischoff," for ORDERLY WORK .....:-0 What has changed in 700 years? 😉 When I first arrived in Austria in 1975, I felt an exhilaration that I never felt in america, as much as I love my country. I felt over there: THANK GOD, I AM HOME. When I heard zither music in a restaurant in the Ellmau area, near the Wild Kaiser mountains near Kufstein, Tyrol, in Austria, I was close to tears of joy. How do I explain that? I know what I felt.

The main thing is to see we are of one blood and one common fate — and bury our narrowest nationalist resentments, which is what caused the disaster of Hitler’s “Operation Barbarossa,” the invasion of Russia. Because the entire Occident faces extinction,  Russia cannot survive without Western Aryans and Western Aryans cannot survive without Russia. In every white country, juze are destroying our economy and our culture, and as a result the birth rate is suicidally low. Yet even in this terrible economic time for the white world under juish control we know that the economy of our gigantic enemy, China, is growing by 8% per year!

Everything in modern China is taken from the West. The military uniforms were designed by a Frenchman, Yves Saint-Laurent. The communist ideology is from the German ju Marx, combined now with German national socialism to create a guided, yet profit-oriented economy. The form of government is "presidential-prime minister," based on the German Weimar Republic. The cities look Western and the men dress in British business suits. The atomic weapons came from Israel, and the aircraft carriers come from Russia. The high-speed trains come from Germany and the money from America. It is exactly as Hitler said: the Aryan invents, the Negro destroys, and the Asian copies.

I am convinced that the juze have a direct technological and economic alliance with China, and they wish to return Russia — and the whole white world — to the misery of the Boris Yeltsin conditions, when juish oligarchs became the total masters, and crime, mafias, hunger, poverty and alcoholism were the only life the common white man had.

I will post our correspondence, minus your affiliation. Unity against the enemy is my only commandment, and a confederation of free white peoples my only goal.



A French comrade sent me this:

* * *

Le célèbre, et héroïque, révisionniste germano-canadien Ernst Zündel sera libéré le 1er mars prochain au matin, après 7 années d’incarcération.
Nous comptions observer au sujet de cette libération un silence total afin de ne pas cristalliser l’attention de nos adversaires sur cette libération… à laquelle nous avons toujours eu du mal à croire. Mais nous nous voyons contraints de l’annoncer puisque le bruit court partout sur la Toile et il n’y a pas de raison que nos correspondants ne soient pas au courant quand E. Zündel lui-même a plusieurs fois insisté dans ses courriers pour dire que ses amis français étaient parmi les plus actifs, les plus dynamiques et les plus chaleureux.
Dans une lettre du 7 février il nous signalait qu’il a enfin obtenu une carte d’identité – mais non un passeport! – ce qui lui permettra, à sa sortie de prison, de s’installer pour un temps dans sa “maison ancestrale” dont il fournit l’adresse: Richard Wagner Str. 64, D-75323 BAD WILDBAD, dans le Bade-Wurtemberg.
Ce que nous souhaitons, nous, ici, c’est que les révisionnistes dans le monde comprennent que cet homme ne pourra pas reprendre le combat formidable qu’il a mené avant son incarcération. Rappelons, en effet, que, sans lui:

– la plaque de 4 millions de morts d’Auschwitz-Birkenau serait encore en place; ce n’est qu’à la suite d’une colossale campagne dans le monde entier que cette plaque a été retirée; le chiffre officiel est maintenant de 1,5
million… mais le total de 6 millions est resté immuable…

– il n’y aurait pas eu de Rapport Leuchter, puisque c’est lui qui a permis que soit réalisé le voeu du Pr Faurisson qui insistait pour qu’un spécialiste des chambres à gaz d’exécution américaines (la peine de mort existe encore dans certains Etats) se rende sur place pour confirmer qu’il avait raison en affirmant, le premier entre tous, que les chambres à gaz homicides des camps allemands étaient tout simplement une impossibilité physique;
– il n’y aurait pas eu de Rapport Rudolf puisque l’ingénieur-chimiste allemand Germar Rudolf, alerté par le Rapport Leuchter, a voulu à son tour vérifier les conclusions de Fred Leuchter et a abouti aux mêmes conclusions.

Aujourd’hui il faut comprendre que Ernst Zündel a “déjà donné” et mérite qu’on le laisse TRANQUILLE. Il a bien conscience qu’à la moindre alerte on le remettra en prison: dans une lettre récente à sa femme Ingrid il écrivait
qu’il abordait désormais la phase la plus dangereuse de sa vie et que les “restrictions” qui lui seraient imposées seraient “draconiennes”. Moralité: on peut lui écrire et, pour l’instant, en rester là.


The famous and heroic German and Canadian revisionist Ernst Zundel will be released on March first, in the morning, after SEVEN YEARS  OF INCARCERATION [in the USA, Canada and Germany].

Gifted artist, publicist, organizer and jufighter, abducted by US federal immigration authorites, as with Germar Rudolf and my own friend, the Finnish opponent of muslim gang rapists Henrik Holappa, on TOTALY BOGUS charges of immigration violations. (However, in Henrik's chase, I and other friends got Henrik released....)

We expected to observe  complete silence about this release so  as not to crystallize the attention of our opponents on his liberation … which we have always had trouble believing would ever happen. But we are forced to announce it because the rumor ias going all around the Web and now there is no reason that our correspondents can be unaware  of it,.

E. Zundel himself has repeatedly insisted in his letters on saying  that his French friends were among the most active, fastest growing and most welcome.

In a letter dated February 7 we reported that he has finally gotten a German ID card – but not a passport! Thus, if he is indeed released from Mannheim prison, he will be settling for a time in his “ancestral home” and he provides this address:

Ernst Zuendel

Richard Wagner Str. 64 [JdN: I love it!]

D-75323 Bad Wildbad, Baden-Wurttemberg GERMANY

What we want now is for revisionists around the world to understand that this man will not be engaging again in the formidable fight for revisionism which he led before his incarceration.

Recall, though, that without his struggle of many decades:

– The plaque claiming four million deaths at Auschwitz-Birkenau would still be in place; it was only after a massive worldwide campaign that this plaque was replaced; the official figure is now down to 1.5 million … [yet the total figure of SIX million remains!!]

– There would have been no Leuchter Report, since it was Ernst Zundel who realized the wish of Professor Robert Faurisson, who had insisted that someone who was a specialist in gas chambers (the U.S. still has the death penalty  in some states) actually go to Auschwitz to confirm that the homicidal “gas chambers” of the German camps were simply a physical impossibility;
– There would have been no Rudolf Report, since the German chemican engineer Germar Rudolf, alerted by the Leuchter Report, wanted to check the findings made by gas-chamber expert Fred Leuchter — and he reached similar conclusions.

* * *


Exterior southwest wall of the Zyklon B disinfestation wing of BW 5b in the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp, with Prussian-blue Zyklon-B seeping very visibly through the walls. (More information: http://www.vho.org/GB/Books/trr/6.html) Auschwitz was a farm plantation and industrial city complex of 100,000 workers, and many Polish Jews working there wore louse-ridden clothing that needed gassing. The fearless scientist-chemist Germar Rudolf, shown above, a six-foot-five giant, who just finished a two-and-one-half year prison sentence in Germany for exposing the truth, was once a scientific employee of the prestigious Max Planck Institute in Germany (the German equivalent in stature of MIT). Federal forces arrested Rudolf in Chicago and expelled him to Germany — although he was and is married to an American and had an American child; he had applied for political asylum here and had a perfect case of strictly political persecution; and he had and has committed no crimes under US law. (Fedzilla lies outrageously that the punctilious (and typically German) Rudolf skipped his own immigration hearing!)

* * *

Today we must understand that Ernst Zundel has “already given” –and should be left alone [for his own freedom frim imprisonment to last]. He is well aware that at the slightest warning [that he has recommenced his revisionist struggle] it will summon him BACK to prison.

In a recent letter to his wife Ingrid he wrote that he was now approaching the most dangerous phase of his life and that the “restrictions” imposed on him would be “draconian.

The moral: you can write to him and, for now, leave it at that.

* * *

My comment:  Ernst has done more for our Cause and our Race than almost any other living man on earth except Robert Faurisson. It is WE, the younger ones, who must now pick up the torch of freedom and truth and carry it farther.


Racially, Hitler was not Germanic but instead a west-coast Irishman and Kelt — with a gift for oratory and drama, dark hair, blue eyes, a fairly fleshy face, not bony and square like many Germans, a spiky nose and an ever-readiness to fight. (He punched out a fellow soldier in the trenches in WWI who was talking like a defeatist.)

Hitler’s part of Austria was originally settled by Kelts, who also created the Austro-Keltic “Hallstatt Culture.” I have already stated my conviction (http://johndenugent.com/jdn/2010/01/17/numbing-down-my-dialogue-with-obama) that Adolf Hitler was in some ways both psychologically and racially a poetic, artistic, dark-haired/blue-eyed Kelt much more than a Prussian or a German. This also makes perfect sense since Austria was settled by Kelts (who set up the famous Hallstatt culture — http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hallstatt_culture) long before the Romans or Germans came.

The Hallstatt culture (also named La Tène after a French site) was a huge Keltic civilization. The artistic Kelts ruled much of Europe and even got as far as what is now Turkey and even China, but were less efficient and organized than the Romans and the Germanic peoples. From the 1600s to 1920 there was not one free Keltic country on earth; they had all been conquered by other Aryans. But the northern Italians, Austrians, southern Germans, Dutch, Belgians, French, Irish, Scotch-Irish and the common English people are heavily Keltic in genes, gifts and behavior. The genetic "substrate" of Western Europe and of America, Australia and New Zealand -- underneath the Roman and Germanic/Saxon/Norman layers -- is KELTIC.


Hitler was an Irish folk music fan

Adolf Hitler, the Irish folk music fan
Irish Central Thursday, 28 January 2010

DUBLIN — Newly released historical photographs reveal that famous Irish musician Sean Dempsey
played for Adolf Hitler in 1936, and the Nazi dictator loved his music.

Dempsey, an uileann piper, was invited to play for Hitler and propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels during a visit to Berlin in 1936 after being told that Hitler was an Irish folk music fan.

When he arrived to play however, there was no room for him to sit, which he needed to do to play, and it looked like it would be canceled.

However, Hitler jumped up and demanded that an SS member get down on his hands and knees and that Dempsey sit astride him while he played.

Dempsey played what was described as a “haunting air” as Hitler listened with rapt attention. After he performed, Hitler presented him with a gold fountain pen while Goebbels clapped wildly.

The bizarre scene was revealed for the first time in a new exhibition of Irish photographs from that era called “Ceol na Cathra.” The exhibition opened in Dublin and was collected by legendary fiddle player Mick O’Connor.

Also in the exhibit are rare photographs from the early days of The Chieftains and Sean O’Riada, the father of modern Irish folk music.


Continuing the fight for a better world —

Dept E
PO Box 270486
Milwaukee WI 53227

* * *

Singer Aubrey O’Day tells Sean Hannity she’s a fan of Hitler

P. Diddy protege impressed by murderer’s ‘brilliance’


IrishCentral.com Staff Writer
Published Thursday, September 10, 2009, 12:34 PM
Updated Thursday, September 10, 2009, 1:34 PM

Aubrey O'Day

Aubrey O’Day

Aubrey O’Day, a former member of the popular girl group Danity Kane, went on “The Sean Hannity Show” and told millions of viewers that she thinks both Hitler and Fidel Castro are geniuses.

The P. Diddy protégé and Playboy model, who along with Hannity is an Irish American, said of Castro:

“As someone who’s met him and worked with him when I was in Cuba, I’m not defending his behavior in many instances, but I do have to say I will 100 percent agree that he is an incredibly brilliant man.”

O’Day, who appeared on the show as part of the Great American Panel alongside Hannity, was responding to a comment from U.S. Representative Diane Watson, who said that Castro is a “brilliant leader” during a health care debate.

The blonde celeb was then reminded that Castro is a murderer, and Hannity asked if she thought Hitler was brilliant.

“I’m sure many murderers are brilliant,” O’Day said. “Listen I don’t condone Hitler one ounce, but yes, he was a brilliant man.”

“Save me,” Hannity then told journalist Greta Van Susteren.


* * *

My comment:

Sean, NO ONE CAN SAVE YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE A RACE TRAITOR. If you were not such a traitor to everything Irish and everything white, you would know that in World War I the Irish sang: “Ireland shall ne’er be free/unless set free by Germany.” Ireland was the ONLY country that was so unafraid of the juslave Churchill that it sent official and also deeply heartfelt condolences to the German Reich’s ambassador in Dublin  on the radio news on May 1, 1945 of the death of Adolf Hitler…. who was a true, softhearted, overly liberal Celtic German.


One of my researchers into spirituality, Nelson1805, a New Zealander, sent me this:

* * *

Dear John,
Here is an amazing story here of a psychopath:
I think this documentary so well displays the need for us Aryans to integrate this into our lives:
Only trust what you have learned through direct experience.-Buddha
That’s the best way to identify psychopaths IMO. Before having dealings with a potential creep, judge someone by their energy and face – don’t wait for their bitter fruits!
Before seeing this documentary I’d only ever heard the name Sai Baba, but what struck me upon the very first glance at Baba’s picture – I could tell he was evil.
Many people in the world foolishly worship Sai Baba in a desensitised stupour — no reliance on their own minds.
* * *
I replied:
* * *

Dear Nelson,

Wikipedia has this Sai Baba saying: “My glory will go on increasing day by day.” Sheesh. What a revealing statement……

There is no doubt that with demonic help various miracles can be performed. But a swollen ego shows what this creature is, just as you say, a megalomanic psychopath.

I do like one of his sayings, though:

“Use the innernet, not the Internet.”


* * *
Nelson responded:
* * *
The BBC documentary on Sai Baba shows a convincing pattern that he was a pedophile rapist, cheap conjurer, accessory to murder and extortionist – and his biggest supporter is a certain ‘Goldstein’ in the USA... What’s also astounding is the number and position of Baba’s followers — including within the highest levels of the Indian government (prime minister Singh and the former one included) and even the founder and owner of the Hard Rock cafe chain — an ‘Isaac’ someone-or-other, and this ‘Isaac’ says that it it doesn’t matter for his personal development if Baba is a pedophile or not; what matters is his relationship to Baba!!
People shouldn’t wait to judge someone by their fruits; they should make an initial judgement based on the person’s face and energy. The person might be in a bad mood and a prejudice can form, but that can always be amended – being a victim of a psychopath’s malevolence  cannot.

* * *

I wrote back:

* * *

Thanks for that info. I did go through the Sai Baba BBC documentary, albeit briefly due to the press of other work.

One of the nice things for others about a person who is aging is the habitual expression on one’s face stays permanently imprinted in the wrinkles and the muscular development of the face. They become easier to read than a young person.

Abraham Lincoln, not my hero but very astute, once rejected a man for a government job during the “Civil War” [the War of Federal Aggression] based on his face.   His backer protested at this snap judgment, and Lincoln retorted:

“No man is responsible for his face at 20, but every man is responsible for his face at 40.”

I have no hesitation showing my face, as I did in yesterday’s post: idealistic but not born yesterday, and so scarred by what the ju has done to us all that I will never act rashly, no matter what I am feeling. I know we have ONE LAST CHANCE.


The amazing thing for me is how this negroidal, woolly-haired creature Sai Baba could arise in India, which does not have that much negroidal blood. He is the exact oposite of a brahmin Aryan.

I am interested in your research on psychic things, as long as it gives us good karma. No black magic. This is a moral struggle as it was the last time, and we must know that Aryans fight best when they fight for honor and truth. Goebbels and Hitler once discussed propaganda during the war, and Goebbels pointed out how effective the lies of British propaganda were. Hitler retorted that a German soldier fights best for honor and truth.

I was just looking at a good German DVD about Allied war crimes, and it had the Spanish historian Alfred de Zayas on, saying that the Wehrmachtsuntersuchungsstelle [= “Werhmacht Investigations Office”] not only was scrupulously truthful about the Allied crimes it was investigating, never exaggerating or inventing them, but also prosecuted Germans for war crimes against the Allies.

And so, to this day, we know that we — as national socialists then or as social nationists today — can hold our heads high. We will never be like the sorcerer’s apprentice, in Goethe’s tale.

The outreach to the Slavs, and to the highly antisemitic American blacks, the use of the World Wide Web as OUR mass media, my highly popular oppo0sition to Islam, and the creation of a fervent new, but undogmatic and thus antisemitic Aryan religious faith, will be the new elements that will ensure our survival. We are bringing NEW cards to the table. And this time, the mighty America will no longer be a Jewish head on a Germanic slave body.

I’m going to make a post out of certain parts of our exchange about Sai Baba.

* * *

Nelson1805 gets the last word in this post:

* * *

Synchronicities occur so often in our correspondence. I’ve been thinking about all the things you’ve written, and I want to add this: in terms of the psychology of our situation – and particularly for our young people who are suffering the full brunt of the NWO:
In order for our youth to remain effective despite a toxic, dying order (especially in the education system), they can immunize themselves through book-learning, yes, but above all through spiritual training and reading the energy of a person or situation. In this way our young people can stay in the light, and with no curses or other black magic, for tha is indeed never our way.
If only those poor fools seeing the fiend Sai Baba had relied on their own perception instead of listening to that slick propagandist.
Finally, for our people who are currently forced to make some sort of a way through the system in order to survive, our situation is similar in important ways to Hermann’s 2000 years ago:
–a psychopathic enemy
–with pale-face mercenaries and
–corrupt and corrupting money power.
Hermann the Cherusker can teach us, with a natural sense of uprightness and justice as our goals, the lessons of cunning, patience and planning that are necessary against such a psychopathic juggernaut of an enemy.
* * *
Thank you, Nelson, for this.
* * *
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arminius The Wikipedia article is quite interesting, also for its relevance to the personal and family struggles of white nationalists today.
The Hermann Monument in the Teutoburg Forest. (Actually, this is a beautiful miniature model of the site, done with German perfectionism.)

Herman (or perhaps the name was really Siegfried, and his Latin name from his Roman legion days was  Armenius, that is, “Vivid Blue Eyes”) had a brother, Flavus (in Latin “Blond”) who sold out and worked and fought for Rome against his own brother and nation!

Vivid Blue Eyes’ own father-in-law hated his guts traitors always hate patriots — and may have been part of his death.
Still, Armenius would have died anyways. He would be a pretty old man if he were still alive two thousand years later. 😉 The issue is this: while he existed in that incarnation back then,
he really LIVED,
as a MAN,
as a HERO.
And he saved all of Northern Europe — and its precious flavian, armenian gene pool as well — the gold, white and blue — from the multiracial chaos of the slaves and the semites crawling around the Roman Empire.
Hail the Cherusker! Whatever others did, he chose duty. This was the message of the Aryan Indians of the Bhagavad Gita, and the message of the Aryan German philospher Kant, and our Solutrean message today:
“If all become disloyal, yet we remain still true.”
CLICK HERE:  http://www.youtube.com/JohndeNugent#p/a/u/0/MO9jgB_qisk

O Stars, You Are Our Witnesses

By Nelson and JdN, with Margaret and Laughton

28th of March, 2009

I. Should all become disloyal, yet we remain still true,
Thus always on this earth a banner stands for you.
Companions of our youth, recalling better times,
You stand for ancient truth, and sacrifice divine.

Companions of our youth, recalling better times,
You stand for ancient truth, and sacrifice divine.

II. Within the Aryan spirit there dwells a sacred shrine,
Steady as Nordic oaks, and moon and warm sun’s shine.
Again it shall be clear, in every brothers mind,
They come in rue and love homeward to our kind.

Again it shall be clear, in every brothers mind,
They come in rue and love homeward to our kind.

III. They struck and fought and bled, the heroes of olden days,
Our victory was near, but devils had dark ways.
However life unfoldeth, abiding mystery,
You never shall grow old, oh dream of majesty!

However life unfoldeth, abiding mystery,
You never shall grow old, oh dream of majesty!

IV. O Stars, you are our witness, silently looking down,
While the folk kneels in the darkness, applauding the evil clown.
Our tribe will never lie, betray our soul or die,
One aim directs our sparkling eyes: Solutrea, ARISE!

Our Folk will never lie, betray our soul or die,
A martyr’s pride defeat defies: Solutrea, hail – ARISE!

* * *

I need translators to work with me for Croatian/Serbian, Spanish, Russian, Afrikaans, Swedish/Danish/Norwegian and for creating a full orchestral version of the Solutrean Anthem.


  1. Britain, France and the US would never allow a powerful union with Russia and Germany.

    After the fall of the USSR Lyndon LaRouche proposed such a union integrating Western economies with the East with a new unified Germany there was even a senior banker who was the director of a major bank in Germany who proposed and was ready to create a development for this very idea who I forget who he was and what bank it was but Britain and the US opposed this.

    He was killed in a sophisticated IED armour piercing road side bomb assassination attack triggered by a laser trigger that pierced his armour plated car (either by British intelligence or German BND or both) and under President Bush Sr LaRouche was charged and imprisoned in the US under bogus charges.
    Then we got George Soros going across the former Soviet states implementing free market reforms on behalf of Lord Rothschild which we know what a disaster that turned out to be.

    If the LaRouche plan was successful then we probably would not be in the financial crisis we are in today.

    @Singer Aubrey O’Day tells Sean Hannity she’s a fan of Hitler

    “The blonde celeb was then reminded that Castro is a murderer, and Hannity asked if she thought Hitler was brilliant.”

    Compared to our leaders like warlord Tony Blair and Brown and the current and past US presidents Castro and Hitler are angels.

    The fact is since Castro took power from Batista who was a murderer and torturer aligned with organised crime and the CIA the US has been supporting terrorism against Cuba and an illegal trade embargo.

  2. Thanks Mr. de Nugeent. The link is now working, it was saying “file could not be found” around the time I posted that last comment. I can’t wait to read the article when I get a chance to do some recreational reading outside of my studies. The very little I get, I have been reading “The Holocaust Industry” by Norman Finkelstein – a very courageous Jew I might add to challenge the Jewish swindlers who exploit “THE Holocaust” and “antisemitism” for reparations, foreign aid for Israel, and money elsewhere. Of course, he is persecuted because he is a threat to that industry!

    He debated the subject recently on the “65th Anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz” on Russia Today with Israel Charny – the executive director of “The Institute on the Holocaust and Genocide” (of course, the Holocaust cannot be lumped in with the other genocides that he studies…)
    Here is a link if you would like to watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TCKTKMFTprM

    You are exactly right about “fleur-de-lys team” winning for that reason. Indeed, they showed their main strength at the beginning of the second half by risking good field position for the first possession of the second half, and that strength is not the caliber of the athletes’ talent but the WILL to win. Something that causes many upsets in college football. Navy showed it when they played Notre Dame this year. They went on 4th & 1 twice in the first quarter in order to get the upper hand, and they won because of it! It was unfortunate because ND is a fleur-de-lys team with a great Nordic white QB, but went into the game all cocky thinking it was going to be an easy win.

    Similar to what happened in the Russian Civil War, the Jewish Bolshevik Red Army had the will to win with their strong hatred of the Tsar and Gentile culture. Whereas the White Army was not as passionate and comprised of Russian serfs who were struggling, but did not see the merit in keeping the system that was doing them down during the Tsar’s reign. Same with Vietnam. Same with the Mujahideen victory over Soviet military power. Six-Day War in Israel where Arabs outnumbered them greatly in troops, tanks, and aircraft. The American Revolution is another great example considering that George Washington was not that great or experienced to lead the Continental Army. It was only because he had war experience from the Seven Years’ War, and the highest-ranking official from the British officer corps the Continental Army had access to (he was the equivalent to an O-5 in today’s ranking). But they had the will to win. The list goes on.

    That is why I believe White European-Americans (it is a shame that we have to hyphenate ourselves now) and our brothers and sisters in Europe and elsewhere can defeat multiculturalism, the NWO, and Zionist mental enslavement if they have the will to do so. The stronger our hearts and minds are, the more that the victory margin will widen for us. That is why I embrace the motto of the Teutonic Knights: “Helfen, Wehren, Heilen” (“Help, Defend, Heal”)

    HELP – Awaken fellow potential comrades about the struggle and let he or she know that they have a moral obligation to protect our history and to strengthen the integrity of our people. Going door-to-door, writing on a blog, making YouTube videos, handing out brochures and being a street activist, and any other way education through propagation can be achieved. Also helping teach fellow comrades that do not know how to shoot, store, assemble, the importance or be safe with firearms how to do so.

    DEFEND/FIGHT – Simply be mentally and physically prepared to defend our people against both outside and inside (self-hating and/or degenerate Whites) against verbal attacks, violence, political discrimination, collective demonization (I guess you would call that “racism”), our women and children against sexual assault and exploitation (this includes pornography), humiliation, narcotics, alcohol/drug abuse, fraud, usurers. This also means being supportive of fellow comrades and organizations verbally and financially. Be nonviolent by going to protests or conferences and writing/calling representatives and senators. Offer, donate, or discount your professions to active organizations and individuals to help save funds; especially those who specialize in law, medical, financial advice, campaign organization, printing etc. Risk your life when necessary. We will not allow others to kill us, and react by burying our dead. Run for office and campaign for those that act in our interests.

    HEAL – When our goals are achieved, healing can then be done. Treat those in need if any. Restore traditional Western morals and integrity of our people. Destroy any vice that remains such as narcotics, prostitution, destructive ideologies, pornography, and anyone involved with vice like that. Construct an education curriculum that will teach our children who they are and promote dignity and self-respect throughout the nation through extensive history, languages, culture, reading and writing, and physical and health education so children aka the future generation know the importance of being physically and mentally fit. When the integrity of our people is restored, this phase is complete.

    Of course, more can be added to fulfill the meaning of that motto. That is just a good start without getting the Feds to eye your blog more closely.

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