Hitler: A Keltic genius with Hallstatt blood

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An Irish-American lass friended me on Facebook and this conversation ensued:


Hi, Sinead! All the best in 2015! My ancestors were from County Westmeath…. http://johndenugent.com/wn-biography-of-jdn/ Actually we were Normans, and the name Delaney as in “Mike Delaney” (of Trutube.tv and 911MissingLinks.com) is Norman too…


Mike Delaney (right), me (left) and a comrade named Helms (German heritage) in front of Lake Superior in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan


You might be interest also in my essay on this beautiful and heroic Irish-American girl, Mary Phagan: http://johndenugent.com/glory-to-mary-phagan-and-the-white-men-who-avenged-her-2/



….and in my blog on a “ginger”: http://johndenugent.com/english/beautiful-red-head-gifted-cellist-bullied-death-wrong-white-people/
–(Sinead) Thanks John!
Oh, heck, while I am at it….
http://johndenugent.com/english/english-hitler-was-not-part-jewish-and-not-part-rothschild/ This is a major blog on how Adolf Hitler was VERY Keltic in personality and genes.


The Hallstatt culture was Keltic and the first culture of Austria, before the Romans and then the Germans came.

Map of the Hallstatt culture in 500 BC; the epicenter was in Austria


Hallstatt today


And pls do see the video I did, and published at this comment: http://johndenugent.com/english/english-hitler-was-not-part-jewish-and-not-part-rothschild/#comment-129936

–(Sinead) Very cool thank you!

Cliffs of Moher, western Ireland


An Irish-Australian who dreams of Aryan freedom


Castle Nugent or Delvin, County Westmeath


When will we fulfill our glorious destiny?


–Heck, I even liked the singing of Sinead O’Connor, and her anti-Catholic outbursts have sort of been vidicated by the exposes of the massive pedophilia scandals in the Irish church.

She actually acts, to me, as if she was abused herself as a kid…

–(Sinead)Yes! I’ve always thought that.
–And I was abused myself, so sometimes I have “radar” about that…. She has a kind of subsurface rage….
–(Sinead) I think you’re spot on. Shaving her head to look less attractive, maybe?
–That comes maybe from a stolen childhood, robbed innocence
–(Sinead) Right!
–“Men, do not look at me!”
–(Sinead) Yes

–But as for the other topic, Hitler was really both an orderly, vigorous German, but also very, very esthetic and into poetry, oratory, music and charm….



…..and I lived near the part of Austria where he was born and raised, and you see a lot of keltic-looking people: black hair and blue eyes, red hair and green eyes….


…..Enya’s “Aniron”

I dream of doing a video where I ask viewers to relax while I instantly correct every politically correct myth and lie they have in their heads, and that it is best that they just relax and let me take the filth out, rather than a process of painful years of adjustment. I know many have friends and loved ones still resisting the truth, and I remember how the whole thing about Hitler was such a huge adjustment even for me. I understood about the Jews, but the idea that Hitler was evil-evil-evil was deep-rooted and painful to overcome.
But the problem is this — it is indeed almost physically painful to be deprogrammed. I am wondering if music is part, one part, of doing this a lot faster.
My goal is to accelerate the deprogramming and the liberation.

…..Three great red-headed Kelts of the American Revolution and future Presidents!

George Washington had light golden-red hair under his then-fashionable white, powerded whig 😉 and brilliant blue eyes. He led the US military to victory and independence, then chaired the convention that produced the US Constitution, and was elected and relected as the first president of the United States.george-washington-57-forensic-reconstruction
Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, became governor of Virginia, and served as third US president, doubling the size of the US in the Louisiana Purchase.
Andrew Jackson fought as a boy in the American Revolution, saw his mother and brothers perish in the struggle, beat the British Empire at the Battle of New Orleans in 1812, stood up for the working class, fought and won many duels, and abolished the first “Federal Reserve” (called the “Bank of the United States”), waging successful war on banksters in two terms as US President 1829-37

….My Keltess 😉

Margi Huffstickler has a master’s in music, and sings, translates and writes to serve our people. We have been an item since 2005. This blog honors her:

ENGLISH Happy Birthday, Margi! and her GREAT show on Marvelous Music in the Third Reich

by John de Nugent on November 3, 2014[edit]


Margi singing a beautiful Irish song — last three minutes (starting at 12:12)


…..Thank you to good-karma responders to my 12/18 emergency appeal!

We are NOT “out of the woods” yet, but getting there with your help!


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50 Euros from northern Germany50-euros-aluminum-germany

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