Hillbilly Elegy — shocking insider book about white Appalachian dysfunction; Hitler’s greatness as a keltic German

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First, many thanks for the Hillbilly Elegy book, which was so grounded and credible and a real eye-opener. I am going to write the author, who speaks openly of how childhood trauma affected him and affects millions of white hillbilly kids.
The reviewer ends, in agreement with the author, J.D.Vance, this way, and I refute it below:

Inspiring as his own story is, Vance leaves us wondering about the people whose lives are so badly broken and about whom he writes with affection, pity, and candor. What, if anything, can be done?

If J. D. Vance’s people are to be saved, they will need to do it themselves. As they knew in the hollows, and know in their bones, you cannot depend on outsiders.

Btw, Margi, setting aside her master’s degree and off-the-chart IQ (99th percentile on the GSAT, the Graduate School Admissions Test), is basically of hillbilly stock herself, Appalachian Scotch-Irish and German, and like Vance escaped the dysfunction.
Her article on her fellow Kelt, Joan of Arc:



German federal police computer reconstruction of her appearance


Margi’s master’s degree


Here is Margi singing an Irish art song, “I Know My Love,” right here in Michigan (sorry for the tinny audio, but IMO it is still very enjoyable) –  the last three minutes, 12:25-14:52.
I am indeed very fortunate to have a loyal, truthful, convinced, brilliant and highly cultured WN woman in my life, aside from all her fine qualities as a woman, lover and amazing cook.
Like many a Kelt, she has a great gift with words, and her father, Albert Huffstickler, was an outstanding poet. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albert_Huffstickler)
It strikes me, thinking about her and about my dealings with two neighbors who are half-Irish and half-German, that the fun-loving, fighting-and-drinking, wild-bunch Kelts (think of the movie “Braveheart” about the Scots) on the one hand, and the orderly Teutons on the other, the Anglo-Saxons, Germans, Dutch, Scandinavians, etc., really are very, very different.
The one group is a barrel of fun and the ones you would invite to a party, but anarchistic and rowdy by nature, and the other is quiet, a bit boring, and very steady, “making the trains run on time.”  *;) winking
DNA haplogroups — R1b corresponds to the fun-loving, freedom-loving Kelts
Red hair also goes with Kelts; the original European population was brunets, possibly with light eyes
Zia the Solutrean (20,000 BC) in “Ice Age Columbus”, with brown hair and light eyes like author J.D. Vance; the basic European population has always had dark hair. Much later, the Indo-Europeans (Aryans) appeared, tall from eating huge amounts of protein from drinking milk and slaughtering cattle for beef, they conquered the brunets, and added their blond hair to he mix, especially to the ruling class. Over 80% of US senators and presidents, almost all wealthy men, have had blue eyes.
Famous freedom-loving redheads: Thomas Jefferson….
Andrew Jackson, who as a teen fought in the Revolution and lost his mother and brothers
George Washington was, as his friends reported, a redhead under the wig… He had fought for the British Empire in the Seven Years (French and Indian) War and was a loyal British subject who hated anarchy and had a low opinion of the masses — but he became outraged at arrogant behavior by British officials toward himself, a very proud man, and the scoffing by London at the complaints of other Americans. He once vowed that if the British Army conquered the whole American east coast, he would retreat to the hills and fight forever with his Scotch-Irishmen. The British recognized gradually that this was very possible; in the 13 British-American colonies in 1776, many English-Americans had remained loyal to the Crown, but the large populations of Irish, Scotch-Irish, Welsh and Scots, Kelts all, hated English rule, exactly as British officials and spies reported back to London. After the French-aided victory at Yorktown, Virginia in 1781, the British ruling class gave up and the Empire lost its best colony by far.
The author of Hillbilly Elegy, J.D. Vance, basically says that a considerable percentage of Appalachians, especially nowadays, are (to be blunt) what others call “white trash” — living on welfare, lazy, ignorant, uncouth, uncooperative, foul-mouthed, spouting Jesus but not attending any church (surprising; I thought hillbillies went to church a lot but he says the stats show the exact opposite, the lowest church attendance of any ethnic group in the country), very violent both in the home and with others, and thus in trouble with the law constantly.
In fact, he says that everything in a sociological study he read about American ghetto blacks applied to his group!
What he says also is that the steady love of his grandparents, however flawed, saved him from utter disaster as a kid, and then joining the Marines effected the actual turnaround.
The-gunny-di-usmc-major -malfunction
I am going to write this guy and say, Well, wake the f— up that what Adolf Hitler did for Germany was to Marine Corps-ize it as the only way to save a nation that after 13 years of Jew-Weimar had fallen to pieces in every way possible.
Furthermore, Hitler genetically was a half-Kelt, half-Teuton himself and this explains his dark hair and blue eyes, and his multi-talented greatness — both a fiery orator and visionary, from the keltic side, and an organizer from his Germanic side.

Was Adolf Hitler an Irishman?

Admit it, J.D., that the Marines are a dictatorship, you joined a well-designed dictatorial system to be saved and IT WORKED.
As Germany was saved by a frank and open dictatorship, which overtly controlled the media and at the very beginning set up a Propaganda Ministry to reeducate the nation to better values, it was the (well-designed) Marine Corps totalitarian dictatorship that controlled you 24/7 at bootcamp — I went to Parris Island too, and my dad before me in 1943 — and which saved you from drugs, crime, disease, prison and death.
My 2010 Brackenridge, Pennsylvania video on how Hitler saved the white working class from utter financial and moral destruction, including alcoholism. https://www.sonnenrad.tv/channel/video/Adolf-Hitler-true-friend-of-white-workers/7bf05ed6b07d5328d7160cf7750bc6fc/3
A German family in 1943, with a masculine paterfamilias, a feminine, motherly wife, and a well-turned out child; it took the whole world six years to beat one country, Hitler Germany.
And, furthermore, we Americans do not live in now, nor since 1776 have we ever lived in, a democracy, not did the Founding Fathers want one at all. The word is in neither the Declaration of Independence nor in the Constitution. The key Federalist Papers denounce the very idea.

…….Hillarys sheeplike supporters sign clipboard so “Karl Marx” can be her vice-presidential running mate


Marx as a Satan worshipper: 1/3rd down here:

The noble life and sad fate of William Dudley Pelley — proof that the masses, the liberals, Pauline Christians — and the whole delusion called “democracy” — are literally insane


…..The answer for White America is a new form of national socialism, social nationism.

America was the rule by an Anglo-Saxon elite 1776-1912, but it has been a judeo-klepto-plutocracy since 1913, when the Federal Reserve was enacted.

As J.D. Vance concedes, the whole system is beyond f—d up, it is unfixable with all solutions now on the table or tried in the past — FDR, LBJ, etc — and only individual suffering cases can be somewhat lessened. As Vance says, resources are poured into Appalachia way too late in the process — Child Protective Services, drug rehab and prison for teenagers who are already derailed.

It is in early childhood that these Appalachian, keltic white kids learn the utter, searing horrors of white-trash existence, of ACEs (“Adverse Childhood Events”) and are deformed usually forever by the traumas.

The German-Canadian Eckart Tolle’s brilliant, five-million-selling book



…says it best.

We shlep around a “pain body” of childhood trauma, fear and anger.


Because the ego is a toxic thing that wants to suffer and can live only via trauma, fear and anger. Peace comes to those who shed this toxic ego, this “I am my pain and my scars.”

I had a childhood that was designed scientifically by the US deep state to be incredibly traumatic.

My personal triumph of the will over the secret, federal MK-ULTRA and Manchurian Candidate programs for the kids of the “elite”


It was only the shedding of this pain body, this ego, this “I am a bundle of childhood pain stuck in 1959,” which enabled me to begin to achieve what God wants for this fellow, this “John de Nugent” guy, to do in his current life.



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  1. Comment via email from a comrade and supporter:

    Hi, John, great write-up on this one.

    Yet another book I have to add to the stack. 😉

    This taps into something that I’ve been thinking about for a long time. How do you get the “country bumpkin” to wake up? They need to realize that 1. They are worth way more than what they think they are worth, and 2. They came to this Earth to do more than just work [if they have work] or collect SSI/food stamps, etc.., do nothing but watch TV and pump out kids they can’t afford, drink, do drugs, etc….

    I have a lot of thoughts on this, but not enough time today to compose them into a clearly written paragraph or two. 😉


  2. Thanks for your feedback.

    Yeah, as to writing something cogent, Mark Twain once wrote a friend:


    Sorry this letter got so long. If I had had more time, it would have been shorter. 😉 😉


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