Hillary and Trump both toxic and jew-controlled; I must announce for president and this is how

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I wrote a supporter today:
Hope you are well.
Look at this:
Micah Johnson, here in his US Army Reserve uniform, shot 12 cops because they were white (or light-skinned hispanic)
Having a white mother, Delphene, did not stop his rage at whites.
It is vital to show, as I do in this blog and in a detailed 2011video, that Jefferson, perhaps our greatest Founding Father, said the races must be separated, or there would be A GENOCIDAL WAR.
I did a detailed video also in 2011 on how Benjamin Franklin, in his famous 1750 essay “American, the Land of Opportunity,”  wanted ONLY white immigration and in fact only from the northern countries of Europe. “Why should we bring in the tawny when we can have the rosy?” as he put it.
It is indeed time to dramatically demand NOW caucasian reserves!
Here is the other huge news:
I thought long and hard about this issue, and talked with Robert Morrow of Texas himself before publishing it.
As things stand, this is a very serious lawsuit — with two proven Epstein minor-female procurers testifying they SAW Trump raping girls. It has already come out that Epstein had 15 private phone numbers for Trump, because the police seized his “little black address book.”
And THIS is why Trump has not “gone there” yet with the Epstein-Bill Clinton connection.

What all this means is that, with Hillary NOT being indicted over Emailgate, and getting the nomination, and then this November, ALL the minorities, homos and white liberals, and with Trump debilitated by the molestation lawsuit, Hillary will win, then crush us whites quickly by taking our guns and free speech.


Or the Jews LET Trump win and control him totally by his three kids married to Jews, and by pedophile blackmail, and then HE takes away the guns and free speech, and whites accept it more from him than from Hillary.


It does not matter that Trump clearly, secretly dislikes the Jews; so did Nixon (see below) — and yet he made Henry Kissinger his Secretary of State, and almost got us into WWIII to defend Israel in the Yom Kippur War!


See excerpt near the end of this blog.)

And as for Trump, three of his kids are married to Jews. Trump is using the support of WNs,  white paleo-conservatives, the white working-class and white rural voters to serve his own ego need to be “Mr. President.”


Nixon’s “southern strategy” was to “dogwhistle” phrases like “law and order” to get the white and especially the southern vote, whcih had been Democrat.
But HE was the one who ordered school busing for integration, smashing and destroying thousands of white neighborhoods and suburbs as whites fled the now-black public schools,  and NIXON established affirmative action, while privately he said blacks had lower IQs and were inferior!
He and the Reverend Billy Graham both also agreed the Jews were satanic, and yet Nixon did the opposite as president of what he felt and knew!
*** Republicans say and believe one thing, then do another

The Reverend Billy Graham, the most famous evangelist in the world for 30 years, said by phone to President Richard Nixon on February 23, 1973 (Photo on right of the two men at a prayer rally in North Carolina) (http://www.talk2action.org/story/2009/10/31/133853/93)

Well, you know, I told you one time that the Bible talks about two kinds of Jews. One is called `the synagogue of Satan.’ They’re the ones putting out the pornographic literature, they’re the ones putting out these obscene films…And the people [Bible-believing Christians] that have been the most pro-Israel are the ones that are being attacked now by the Jews.

(Nixon said in a later phone conversation with Reverend Graham that after he was re-elected in 1972 he wanted to “do something” about Jewish control of the US media.

But then came Watergate…. and the media hysteria against Nixon, and his resignation.

All Nixon’s betrayal of the whites to the Jews and blacks garnered him no love from his white liberal, black, homo, hispanic and jew enemies; it only ended his support among the betrayed whites!

In the end he had no friends at all!

If Trump got the presidency, it would be the same way.
He will have to sell his soul and prove by huge concessions every day how he is not an antisemite AND NOT A RACIST.
This is what I need to do. I need to do a video establishing that the current US government is illegitimate and has been since 1913, when the Jews set up the Fed, and bought the whole media and all the politicians, hence the government.
I need to hold a special election for the TRUE president of the United States, the President of the Americans, and run myself as the candidate.
….and say the white race is awakening, we are taking OUR country back as provided for by Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence, and we will create an America where non-whites have their own areas, supervised by us, and good jobs, good schools and safe streets.


The white man is in charge, and the minorities know we are the highest and also the kindest and most decent race.

For African-Americans: Part 1

Either this, or America becomes a half-Chinese, half-Mexican country where both whites ands blacks will be disarmed and exterminated!
This is the plan.
The way you can help now is as an advisor — the white reserve idea was brilliant –  and any donation you can make.
I actually had a similar racial-areas idea myself, and put out this map of a new North America of both the US and our brother country of Canada.
“Africamerica” is the Cotton Belt, already majority-black going way back to the cotton and tobacco plantations. This is a contiguous belt of majority-black counties from eastern Texas to southern Virginia. We WHITES will supervise and finance this area, with black employees, since the blacks do not trust each other and do not want black rule.
Here is a video I did for 2016, part one, introducing myself as a leader:

[iframe src=”https://www.sonnenrad.tv/media/embed?key=74062f6537d2dc60a77590c95b44995a&width=720&height=540&autoplay=false&autolightsoff=false&loop=false&chapters=false” width=”720″ height=”540″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen” allowtransparency=”true” scrolling=”no”]


Trutube is down again and has been down, hacked, for over a year! Why is Sonnenrad up? Partly because of ME! Because I sent it money!




I am cutting five lawns a week to make money for my website and Sonnenrad, and others sit on their wallet and still drool that Donald Trump will save them!
NO Republican will save us! Get that idea out of your head!
PS I am going to risk my life again and this time the public is ready.
 Both Hillary and Trump have the highest negatives in US history!


…..Jew-loathing Nixon and his Jew Kissinger threatened Russia with WWIII to save Israel!

Excerpt from the Wiki article on the Yom Kippur War:

Soviet threat of intervention

October 24. A UN-arranged meeting between IDF Lt. Gen. Haim Bar-Lev and Egyptian Brigadier General Bashir Sharif in Sinai.[321]

On October 9, the Soviet cultural center in Damascus was damaged during an Israeli airstrike, and two days later, the Soviet merchant ship Ilya Mechnikov was sunk by the Israeli Navy during a battle off Syria. The Soviets condemned Israeli actions, and there were calls within the government for military retaliation. The Soviets ultimately reacted by deploying two destroyers off the Syrian coast. Soviet warships in the Mediterranean were authorized to open fire on Israeli combatants approaching Soviet convoys and transports. There were several recorded instances of Soviet ships exchanging fire with Israeli forces. In particular, the Soviet minesweeper Rulevoi and the medium landing ship SDK-137, guarding Soviet transport ships at the Syrian port of Latakia, fired on approaching Israeli jets.[265]

During the cease-fire, Henry Kissinger mediated a series of exchanges with the Egyptians, Israelis and the Soviets. On October 24, Sadat publicly appealed for American and Soviet contingents to oversee the ceasefire; it was quickly rejected in a White House statement. Kissinger also met with Soviet Ambassador Dobrynin to discuss convening a peace conference with Geneva as the venue. Later in the evening (9:35 pm) of October 24–25, Brezhnev sent Nixon a “very urgent” letter. In that letter, Brezhnev began by noting that Israel was continuing to violate the ceasefire and it posed a challenge to both the U.S. and USSR. He stressed the need to “implement” the ceasefire resolution and “invited” the U.S. to join the Soviets “to compel observance of the cease-fire without delay”. He then threatened “I will say it straight that if you find it impossible to act jointly with us in this matter, we should be faced with the necessity urgently to consider taking appropriate steps unilaterally. We cannot allow arbitrariness on the part of Israel.”[322][323]The Soviets were threatening to militarily intervene in the war on Egypt’s side if they could not work together to enforce the ceasefire.

Kissinger immediately passed the message to White House Chief of StaffAlexander Haig, who met with Nixon for 20 minutes around 10:30 pm, and reportedly empowered Kissinger to take any necessary action.[322] Kissinger immediately called a meeting of senior officials, including Haig, Defense Secretary James Schlesinger, and CIA DirectorWilliam Colby. The Watergate scandal had reached its apex, and Nixon was so agitated and discomposed that they decided to handle the matter without him:

When Kissinger asked Haig whether [Nixon] should be wakened, the White House chief of staff replied firmly ‘No.’ Haig clearly shared Kissinger’s feelings that Nixon was in no shape to make weighty decisions.[324]

The meeting produced a conciliatory response, which was sent (in Nixon’s name) to Brezhnev. At the same time, it was decided to increase the Defense Condition (DEFCON) from four to three. Lastly, they approved a message to Sadat (again, in Nixon’s name) asking him to drop his request for Soviet assistance, and threatening that if the Soviets were to intervene, so would the United States.[324]

The Soviets placed seven airborne divisions on alert and airlift was marshaled to transport them to the Middle East. An airborne command post was set up in the southern Soviet Union, and several air force units were also alerted. “Reports also indicated that at least one of the divisions and a squadron of transport planes had been moved from the Soviet Union to an airbase in Yugoslavia“.[325] The Soviets also deployed seven amphibious warfare craft with some 40,000 naval infantry in the Mediterranean.

The Soviets quickly detected the increased American defense condition, and were astonished and bewildered at the response. “Who could have imagined the Americans would be so easily frightened,” said Nikolai Podgorny. “It is not reasonable to become engaged in a war with the United States because of Egypt and Syria,” said Premier Alexei Kosygin, while KGB chief Yuri Andropov added that “We shall not unleash the Third World War.”[326] The letter from the U.S. cabinet arrived during the meeting. Brezhnev decided that the Americans were too nervous, and that the best course of action would be to wait to reply.[327] The next morning, the Egyptians agreed to the American suggestion, and dropped their request for assistance from the Soviets, bringing the crisis to an end.






We need the inner will to fight and to make the supreme sacrifice.
For the vast majority, this comes only from a religion, an organized structure, not blogs about black s and jews.



“Protect us!”
michelle-18-cologne-groping-theft-victim-30-muslims-new year-2016






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  1. A comrade wrote me:

    [2:19:11 PM] P: Obama is basically priming the pump for Hillary, so when she gets in it will be liberal Supreme Court justices that will tip the balance. The Supreme Court will be a left-wing engine till the very end of this country.

    She will open the floodgates of illegals and muslim migrants, so that Democrats stay in power for the next hundred years.

    Wealthy Americans will move to one or multiple tax havens.

    And we will continue to watch the slow painful death of our freedoms, liberty and Constitution.

    [2:24:30 PM] John de Nugent: Exactly,…. pack the Supreme Court with even more leftists, minorities, gays and Jews.

  2. Trump is controlled opposition, if he gets in he’ll bankrupt the country. This is why I think the alt-right movement is so gullible. Sure he’ll say some stuff, but when it comes time to lead it’s going to be a disaster. I’m glad to see you’ve made the choice to enter the ring.

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