Hideous Hillary (and Obama) more dangerous than ever now; they cannot afford to let Trump win; Obama’s path to martial law (video); TRUMP IS PATTON; FBI agents were resigning because Hillary was not indicted this summer

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In a somber mood as I again display my .380 chromed pistol


This was done using Google Hangouts….Not sure why my image is so fuzzy … Perhaps more J-Team sabotage. I have an extremely high-speed connection  — 6 meg upload, 60 meg download — and a $100 webcamera…..

The image is much sharper for the host, the likable and sincere Brian Ruhe of Canada, who lost all his teaching jobs due to his WN stance, and was even locked up briefly for ten days this spring on suspicion of insanity!

I say IMO some very significant things in this video, and I urge people to not skip this over.


UFOs, the Third Reich after 1945, and the Pleiadians


….Pat Caddell, liberal Jimmy Carter pollster, says things are shifting to Trump (worth watching)


…Stock market pattern suggests Trump win

A bad market means the ruling party is thrown out.



…..FBI agents made clear to Comey they were disgusted, and many resigned, over his failure to get her indicted



…..Report that treacherous Hillary has dumped Huma Abedin as advisor


…..contact and support

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