Help me unhack the most (((feared))) site on the Internet; why they fear John de Nugent

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What I have to say and soon is so explosive I knew it would hurt Trump’s chances of being elected if I said it in 2015-16.  But now he is in, and he is also in deep trouble. Someone has to push the Overton Window beyond what he dares to do. Now I must stop blogging and do the religion.

For the permanent hacking of the most dangerous site on the Internet has resumed. YOUR DONATION WILL ENABLE ME TO STOP THIS WITH SPECIAL SOFTWARE.As Julian Assange has pointed out, the CIA, which has now its own NSA, and is totally out of control, is hacking and surveilling everyone, even turning on your switched-off TV to watch you nude coming out of the shower!

And it is again massively hacking ME.

I was hacked for three months straight March-May of last year, but it worsened immeasurably on September 11 on last year.

That was when RUSSIAN TELEVISION and the director of the network, RUSSIA ONE, showed and discussed MY article about Trump being assassinated by (((THEM.)))

DOES ANYONE UNDERSTAND I NEED FUNDS TO GO ON AND FULFILL MY RELIGIOUS MISSION? Now that Trump is in politically, our folk needs a new faith, a new understanding of the meaning of life and what happens to us when we die, so we get all the filthy Jew crud, avarice and cowardice out of our souls, and start to DO and FEEL as Aryans again!

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Or any day now we will wake up to the horrible news Trump has been assassinated — the neo-con zero Pence has taken over — and our last chance to survive and thrive will be OVER.

The Jewish-controlled Der Spiegel magazine in Germany depicts Putin and Trump as being in essence the same person, the “double ruler.”

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Now the massive hacking has resumed, after 4.5 straight months where I lost two thirds of my readership.

This is my mirror site, backed up in January, and how you can donate.

Contact/Supporting VIRTUS

Most of all, just use Stripe! Just enter your card details and send it off.

Or use PayPal to

Someone wrote me: Why you don´t you call the police?  – lol

True, legally, and I should call them also about being assaulted by poisonous chemtrails. If some dude walked up to me and sprayed from a bottle the contents of a chemtrail into my face, that would be aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.
Same with attacking my internet property, my site. It is wilful destruction of property.
But it is the out-of-control CIA doing it. To American citizens.

……Why do they fear John de Nugent?

One, the Jews, Muslims and Masons all have religions that unify and fanaticize them. I am creating a religion to do the same for us, and make our men FEARLESS, Virtus.

Two, who I am and was.

Little white boy tears up at Beethoven’s ”Moonlight Sonata” (4.8 mio views), another likely indication of reincarnation; WHO REALLY THEN IS “JOHN DE NUGENT”? & Trump, the thin reed

No one understands that the top Jews grasp reincarnation, and that they realize that their very worst enemies come back, again, and again, and again.

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…Please read this

Reincarnation Evidence

The fierce and flamboyant General George Patton

In his next life

…Now read this


My personal triumph of the will over the secret, federal MK-ULTRA and Manchurian Candidate programs for the kids of the “elite”


It has been non-stop crisis as the enemy seeks to finish me off for good. 4.5 months of hacking and now after a three-week respite it has resumed.
Sonnenrad,tv is also down, and has been for six months now, so with gone, despite my huge efforts, there is as we speak NO WN video platform left on this earth.
ALL my videos are on Sonnenrad. It will be impossible to speak to the masses about my religion if Youtube (shadow-banned), Vimeo (banned), Liveleak (banned) censor my videos.
I would ask you, comrades, yes, YOU, the one reading this 😉 , to please help, in a small or large way, and now.

Virtus chapter 2 — no Aryan religion is based on strategies, tricks, escapism, lies or worshiping our enemy’s god


……From a conversation with an experienced activist

[11:04:40] D: Sadly, people are no good. I dont expect much anymore
[11:06:02] John de Nugent: This planet consists of young souls, and that is the fact to face. And then never be disappointed. 😉 Otherwise, it is like signing up as a teacher at a really rough school and then expecting teacher’s pets at every desk. 😉
[11:06:57] John de Nugent: The further back I go in human history, all the great men and women of history have come to this exact same observation.
[11:07:14] John de Nugent: Most are just above the animal stage.
[11:07:25] John de Nugent: And this is why fascism is the most sensible.
[11:07:42] John de Nugent: Fascism is the realistic response to human reality.

[11:08:18] John de Nugent: Unless herded firmly, people don’t give a shit about anyone or anything.
[11:08:41] D: It is hard, though, not to grow despondent. Prblm is nationalism seems to find the worst people, who harbour so much hatred in their hearts, they go out of their way to harm.
[11:09:02] John de Nugent: Naah, the outside world is full of hatred too. 😉
[11:09:11] D: I read an interesting article how many fanatical leftists
[11:09:28] D: Joined Hitler’s storntroopers
[11:09:39] D: There was a joke by the old guard
[11:10:09] D: That the angry aggressive newcomers resembled beefsteaks
[11:10:33] D: Brown on the outside, but red at their core. 😉
[11:16:31] John de Nugent: Well, I say fighters are always welcome here in Wimp World 😉
[11:16:46] John de Nugent: in Badkarmia 😉
[11:16:54] D: 🙂 very few fighters left
[11:17:14] D: Just abusive keyboard commandos
[11:17:25] John de Nugent: They are very literally, physically, low-T-ing us
[11:18:12] John de Nugent: The reptiles have done this on other white planets. This is the execution once more of a successful game plan. They are transforming us gradually into literal worker drones, human bee drones, and incapable of further rebellion. The clock is ticking for our race on this planet.

Racist Israel seeks global holocaust and enslavement

UFOs, the Third Reich after 1945, and the Pleiadians


This new story is about a demonic cube that appeared over El Paso, Texas (near the vital facilities in New Mexico: Roswell, Alamogordo, White Sands, etc. Americans, including WNs, do not grasp that this is about much more than Jews versus Gentiles on this one planet.



…….White Marine fighting the Taliban, who won the Medal of Honor, jumped on a grenade to save his brothers – and he survived! (w/David Letterman)

[HD] Medal of Honor recipient Cpl. Kyle Carpenter describes the scene when his unit came under enemy…
John de Nugent
John de Nugent Corporal Carpenter, a brave southern boy from Mississippi, just 21 years old, describes jumping on the Taliban grenade as a very moved David Letterman almost chokes up…/usmc-cpl-kyle-carpenter…
Like · Reply · 1 · March 7 at 8:51pm · Edited

William Kyle Carpenter (born October 17, 1989) is a medically retired United States Marine who received the…
The point is that in creating the new religion Virtus, I know that, as Kyle Carpenter proved, tremendous bravery lies untapped in our race and needs only to be systematically trained, instilled, enhanced and brought forth, just as the Marine Corps has done for 230 years (and other elite units in America and throughout the ages).

…..Thank you to recent donors

–10 March 2017 Check from J in Utah

–9 March 2017 PayPal from P in Albania an

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