Hellstorm — the Dresden holocaust; the vector of victory is opposing the rape of women and children

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…..Hellstorm video documentary — the Dresden holocaust

 70 years ago today! 



I just finished watching this, the most powerful video I have ever seen.

That is my voice, btw, at 13:05 to 13:26, about a German male seeing the bodies of pregnant women, fried, with the fetuses bursting out from the heat….

My hatred for the unforgivable psychopaths who did this — and who are planning yet worse for us in the near future via World War Three — knows no bounds.

We can never quit. To quit would be the worst choice imaginable with a foe this vicious. What they did to Dresden is what they plan for all white people on this earth.


I wrote the  videographer, Kyle Hunt of Renegade Radio (http://www.renegadebroadcasting.com/)

Personally, Kyle, I meant exactly what I wrote above. I was shivering after your video with a whole new nausea and hatred of the Jew leaders who ultimately caused this Dresden atrocity. And I have been reading about Dresden, Kyle, since 1978, 36 years ago when I first became an open, public national socialist on my own campus, Georgetown.

My student newspaper in February 15, 1979 *;) winking
I wish at this time to state to you, Kyle, that whatever help you need that I can provide, just ask me.
This project of yours is very, very, VERY important, not because it uncovers new ground, which it does not (I have personally known David Irving since 1988, who wrote the first exposé on Dresden in 1964!).
I actually bought this paperback book sometime in the 1970s and it made me numb…. My brain could not accept (more specifically, my mind could not even process)  why we and Britain, the “good guys,” would do this.
This is why Hellstorm is so very vital:
1) the QUALITY — the stellar choice of content that you and Tom Goodrich have gathered and so effectively presented.
The book is here:
The website is here:
2) the potential Counter-effect on the Jewish Holofraud. I want this one project — the book and the video — to cause future whites to react with FURY at the Jews cranking out their fake Holocaust sob story, and scream right back in their hook-nosed faces: “It is you JEWS who commit REAL holocausts, and defame innocent gentiles who were nothing but victims, and whose only crime was trying to escape from your nightmarish world!”
I actually became in 2007 a kind of expert on the Russian-Slavic, TRUE holocaust by the Jews via translating 90% of this 55-page German essay into English on the bolshevik holocaust of 60 million Russians:
(link to pdf) Russia and the Jews
Since you have a radio show, Kyle, you might be interested to know I was interviewed by Alan Colmes of FOX TV and radio for an hour in 2009, and nailed his hide to the wall when he asked me if I “denied the Holocaust.”  
I replied: “I absolutely DO believe in the Holocaust; Jews killed 60 million white, Christian Russians and it was Nobel Laureate Alexander Solzhenitsyn who proved it in a 1,200-page, fact-packed book that came out in 2003 called Two Hundred Years Together. Jews ran eight of the twelve main death camps in the Soviet gulag system, and Solzhenitsyn lists the Jewish camp commandants by name!” 
Colmes was stunned by my response.  *;) winking He thought he would get me on the defensive, and instead a whole new can of Jew-worms opened up. *;) winking
This blog has the entire transcript printed out!
I heard also a German comrade’s voice at 11:03-54, and recognized it from when you interviewed him, a nice show btw, and different, more cultural…. plus you kept him at ease in his first radio interview, and in a foreign language for him. I wrote this comrade:
I hear you from 11:03 to 11:54, very well done…. understated, and just right…. The material certainly did not need extra emotion pumped in. *;) winking 
The Americans bombed women, children and evacuated hospital patients after dropping leaflets promising that those sticking to the banks of the Elbe river would not be harmed. This to me was perhaps the worst of all the atrocities, the hypocritical, we-are-the-good-guys lies of the All-Lies. In this painting, a crazed woman runs with her baby, which is on fire from white phosphorus (banned, but the US used it every night), and another child is just a torso. One witness said the screams of a mother whose baby was burning were like those of an animal, not even human.


Jew! We shall never forget!


In Polish:  Jews, the scourge of humanity 


…..the new vector of victory

My new vector is NOT 9/11, Holo, Jews, IQ, race, anything like that…. true though these issues are.

It is the RAPE of women and children.

This is the only vector to victory, and it puts us on the high group. What elevates unites.

East German woman after rape by Soviets https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LwAYgjG6SkM

I want women to look at their men and say

“If you are a real man, you will do something about these Jews!”



I need to get the white women to be egging the white men on instead of holding them back!

It is the best, most visceral way to attack the Jews, but also Islam, the Freemasons, the Illuminati (whoever they are), Satanists, Hollywood and the entire ZOG psychopathocracy.

Islam, as an offshoot of Judaism, is a rapist religion, as commanded by the Koran.

ENGLISH 1,400 white, native English children raped by Muslim immigrants in Rotherham, Yorkshire – police arrest frantic parents trying to rescue them


ENGLISH Britain First marches in Rotherham against pedophilic rulers and muslim rapists




Rotherham police threaten whistleblower they would give her home address to muslim rapists if she does not stop telling the truth about white kids being raped by local Pakistani muslim immigrants. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RMzH8_x_MfQ


No issue is more visceral than sex. Humans are the only species always in heat. Think about it. Humans ARE the only species always in heat.

The rape of women and children (as well as white male prisoners!) is the one issue we all, even the truth-ophobic liberals, can agree is loathsomely despicable.

And the regimes that rule us are in cahoots with the rapists and the molesters. We live in fact under a pedophilocracy.

The latest Jeffrey Epstein stories bear this out: Bill Clinton Alan Dershowitz, Prince Andrew, Kevin Spacey….



The real issue for me, as a victim of pedophiles as a child, is and always has been psychopaths….. However, I believe that Whites have the lowest percentage of psychopaths. Yet all races are ruled by their homegrown psychopathocracy, as my essay has discussed extensively:


As I said today to a comrade wondering how we can finally shake our people awake:

“The one thing I have seen grown men in the bars of small-town Pennsylvania or Michigan foam at the mouth about is pedophiles who go out and harm the souls and bodies of little kids….

When Jerry Sandusky was arrested and then went on trial, I saw men acting with the kind of body language that said they wanted to kill him.

And that is what I am looking for, Joe, that kind of energy!”

And this I say in response to the powerful new video “Why Are You Telling Me This?” This well-known Brit voice (actually a South African) is asking “When will we stop whining and take ‘direct action?'”

And I answer: When we have THE chakra-wrenching, brain-exploding trigger issue.

This is a very good video, http://youtu.be/oFFCaKtDzuA and I agree with it, though becoming informed and un-brainwashed has not been a waste of time. But now we all definitely are informed ENOUGH.

One can debate 9/11, Holo and many other things, but no on one except a sicko is in favor of impunity for our ruling pedophiles.

it is also the best way to get rid of the Jews, because they are the world leaders in incest and pedophilia, as I have often blogged, replete with reams of facts.

Half of Jewish families commit incest! This is not speculation…. A chines roving ambassador in tzhe 700s reported this back to China, that the wickedest people in the Middle East, the “Zim Zim,” as he called them, were a nation of hated nomads and dishonest traders who even, unlike other nations, practiced sex upon their own children.

herve-ryssenI have blogged extensively on how my friend Hervé Ryssen , graduate of the Sorbonne in Paris, has written ten books on the Jews, and in his key book, “Psychanalyse du Judaisme”,  he lays out the full, horrible facts as to how prevalent, how COMMONPLACE, the sicko crimes of incest (parents with their own kids) and molestation are in Jewish families, with references to top Jewish novelists and authors such as Elie Wiesel .

The latest horror is two blond little children in England, a brother and sister, reporting, in a series of videos, of their father and teachers being involved at a posh upper-class British school with all kinds of illegal, criminal, perverse kinds of sex and things I will not even mention….. except that it includes the murder and skinning of of babies.

ryssen-psychanalyse-du-judaismeThe most unbelievable videos I have ever, ever, EVER seen: two blond, upper-class English kids describe ritual pedophilia and murder: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0Byzy22cCtwpdOEM2bG00eXE2eTg&usp=sharing

Here is a key one:


I was an abuse victim as a child at this age, and it does not seem like a hoax to me — or if it is, it is very elaborate…. The fact the kids are very blond, blue-eyed and nordic would be typical of high-level abuse, as part of the war on not just goyim in general but blond Aryans in particular.

This 1981 documentary is about sexual abuse of children, mostly poor white kids, by the US money “elite”, esp, in Houston -Texas, home of the Bush family……………… : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6FKEwjPmHQ

Specifically, at 57:40 Dr Philpott says:

“Overwhelmingly, the kids who hit the streets are white.  …The men want white kids. They don’t want chicano kids, they don’t want black kids, They want white kids, fair kids, nordic-looking kids…. the ideal type.”

Myself at age 10, around he time I ran away FROM abuse, which then stopped instantly because my family was well known.


In the documentary above, the key person being interviewed, Dr Tom Philpott (a compassionate, nice-looking guy with dark hair, black shirt, and short sideburns) “committed suicide” in 1991….


Note how the Univ. Texas eulogy of Dr. Philpott notes absolutely nothing about “Boys For Sale”: http://www.utexas.edu/faculty/council/2000-2001/memorials/AMR/Philpott/philpott.html



Thomas Lee Philpott–associate professor of history, fiery Catholic moralist and polemical leftist, and charismatic and much-honored teacher–ended his life on October 9, 1991, in Austin, Texas, after a yearlong illness. He was 49.

Professor Philpott was born on January 21, 1942, in Chicago, Illinois, and attended St. Leo High School there. He received a bachelor’s degree in European history from Loyola University in 1963 and master’s and doctoral degrees in American history from the University of Chicago in 1963 and 1973.

Professor Philpott’s principal research interest was urban history. He knew the neighborhoods of his native Chicago well, first as a newsboy, then as a bus driver. When he joined the UT Austin faculty as an instructor in 1969, he wrote this on his biographical data sheet: “Bus driver, Chicago Transit Authority, summers of 1963 and 1964, experience that was vivid and informative to the student of the city.”

During his years in graduate school he was a Woodrow Wilson Fellow, National Institute of Mental Health Fellow, and Ford Foundation Fellow. His revised PhD dissertation was published in 1978 by Oxford University Press as The Slum and the Ghetto: Neighborhood Deterioration and Middle-Class Reform, Chicago, 1880-1930.

Colleagues said that from the time he joined the faculty, he “immediately established a reputation he never lost as a dynamic, controversial teacher, whose determination to inject himself and his commitments into the shape and substance of his courses won him a yearly following of–often adoring–undergraduate students.” Between 1974 and 1980 he received the Amoco Foundation Outstanding Teaching Award, College of Social and Behavioral Science Golden Apple Teaching Excellence Award, and Presidential Teaching Excellence Award.

He consistently championed civil rights and spoke against situations and conditions as diverse as the firing of a university president, the arrest of student protesters, pederasty [OH, WOW — ONE WORD!], and mindless patriotism.

When he realized in the spring of 1991 that he might never teach again, Professor Philpott, who had served in the U.S. Army, wrote his students a letter that said in part, referring to the Gulf War, “I pray that you students, joined eventually and finally by the faculty, will stop this war, make peace, and become the beloved community.”


John R. Durbin, Secretary
The General Faculty

Biographical sketch prepared by Nancy Richey and posted on the Faculty Council web site on December 4, 2000. Additional biographical sources can be found in the UT Office of Public Affairs, Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost, and Barker Texas History Center; Standish Meacham and Brian Levack, “Tom Philpott Remembered,” Texas Observer, December 13, 1991, pp. 21—22, and in the same issue, Scott Henson, “Thomas the Believer,” pp. 22-23.

Please see also my massive essay on Jerry Sandusky and the huge Jew connection at the foster-kids foundation “Second Mile” and at Penn State University, where the Jew president also organized in 2000 a “Cu–fest” with orgy tents right in public, on campus, to the bafflement and horror of the campus police.

At this link — http://johndenugent.com/racist-israel-seeks-to-genocide-whites-in-a-global-holocaust/ — please scroll down 1/5th to “Sandusky — the tip of a pedophile iceberg” and read the ten paragraphs there.

Then skip down to about 4/5th to “IX. More on Sandusky and his protectors” and read to the end of the subheading, where “X” begins.

What we have here is a rape-ocracy manned by Jews and their goy lackies.

It is extremely serious, because blackmail is used to control government officials, such as police chiefs, politicians, generals, colonels, admirals and captain.

So even if one of them in a high position of authority wants to break free, repents, and desires to expose the horrors he has seen or done, the Jews have as thick pedophile dirt file, with photos, videos and affidavits, on them and can or do take them down!

And no one wants to get sent to state prison as a convicted pedophile!

The next segment of this article dismays me very much as a proud former US Marine 1977-80, and as the son of a Marine NCO and the officer who fought in Borneo, the Philippines, Tinian, Saipan and Iwo Jima and later in the Korean War. I and millions of others have joined the US Marine Corps, since the days of 1775 and  Tun’s Tavern in old Philadelphia, to honorably serve our beloved country with our honor and our lives.


The Kay Griggs interviews (her husband was chief of staff of the Marine Corps, a Colonel Griggs, and when drunk he began confessing what is really going on), show that orgies involving mid-level military officers, drugs, minors, pedophilia and homosexuality are the norm now that any rising officer must participate in to enter the upper ranks of the U.S. Marine Corps and the U.S. Army, and doubtless the Navy and Air Force as well.  And select Marines are used as hitmen to rub out anyone the terror regime wants eliminated!

Entire Kay Griggs:  ” “They get rid of the good guys [in the U.S. military]. The Marine Corps are the assassins for the Mob. The military is run by the Mob. The military IS the Mob.” “He told me what they did. They nurture–they cultivate–the sons of prominent families. They’re called “rising stars.” They rope them in.Then they “turn” them.” 

The only thing I can object to in these interviews is that Kay Griggs, to save her life, and this is sort of Alex Jonesy, but pre-Alex Jones, keeps saying “German Nazis brought over these techniques.”  What she is referring to is German Jews who came to the U.S. in the 1930s, Frankfurt School and others. But this woman, for understandable reasons, most of the time is afraid to use the word “Jew.” (Very rarely, I hear from her the words “Rothschild” or “Zionist”, again, was with Alex Jones.)  German, yes they were, but German Jews, or descendants of German Jews in America, such as Sidney Weinberg, MD, who started the MK-ULTRA program!

For exhaustive info on Kay Griggs: http://educate-yourself.org/cn/lurkingevilwithin25jul05.shtml

Here are the four key videos, where Kay is interviewed by Pastor Rick Strawcutter of Michigan:


2) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-SEA9W6pmA

3) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9G4Qv3kgRQ

4) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A159Q9K8MlM

…..MK-ULTRA (Mind, “K” for kosher, Control, and Ultra- for ultra-severe methods)

The abuse of women and children has also beeen since the 1950s a scientific rape-torture-traumatization government program designed to create split personalities called MK-ULTRA. I am now 100% certain, having known and observed David Duke for 25 years,  that both Duke and I, sons of high-ranking military officers with high government connections, were forced into it as small children, and that Duke is STILL in this program. I escaped it by running away from home in 1964, and my parents at age ten. Then, mysteriously, our house was set on fire. http://johndenugent.com/english/english-strong-endorsement-for-my-leading-us-away-from-the-failed-white-nationalism-david-duke-and-mk-ultra-brad-griffin-and-his-judeophilia/


I knew that my father had high hopes for me…. and once found by accident in the coat closet, in a manila envelope, a confidential report about my IQ as measured by the Stanford-Binet-Wechsler test. It urged I be given a top education in view of the score and to avoid the boredom that would come from being around regular children.

Was my father then approached by some member of the military or CIA with the proposal that they take me away weekends for some “special, elite program”? I have no idea. I only know that I began having memories of my childhood after age ten, after I ran away from home. I ran eight miles without stopping, crossing from Rumford in East Providence, Rhode island through the city of Providence to North Providence, running along the highway 146. I was not fleeing my parents but something else, and having made my point, I stopped running and asked a nice lady to call home for me. I had made my point, I was taken out of the elite prep school, and we moved to another town. It was time for a change of scenery, and I think whatever was happening ended.

I ran for miles without stopping (being then, as now, in exceptional physical shape; I set a track record at my private school, Moses _Brown), from Rumford, Rhode Island (on the right) through downtown Providence to North Providence.


The house I ran from, 17 Huntington Drive, Rumford , Rhode Island. Shortly after, it was gutted by a mysterious fire.



I ran past my father’s skyscraper on the right, where he eventually leased the entire floor and had 70 employees.


I ran past the Rhode Island State House.


…and up Route 146 toward North Providence… turning left onto Mineral Spring Avenue, the route to my trusted grandparents’ house.


I only remember this, as stated above: my mother gave me once a blue pill and the whole world began swirling around my head. I ran outside and collapsed in the grass. then I saw that vicious old man with his boots, crushing those baby birds into mush before my eyes. And that is a classic MK-ULTRA technique.

The point is to engender such terror that the child’s personality splits, and then train him for some task his conscious mind is unaware of.

Was mine to be a puppet US senator, or a puppet president of the United States, under the control of MK-ULTRA? If so, they failed. I rebelled and left the program. Coming from a famous family, they decided perhaps that they could not just kill me.


I know it involved horrific sexual abuse, because I passed out four times when certain images surprised me, such as (twice) diagrams of male anatomy at Georgetown University, an infomercial on late-night tv on the healthy prostate, and finally during a routine medical exam to show I had no STDs (sexually transmitted diseases). The doctor touched me in a private area to get a swab sample and I passed out totally and instantly while standing, not even collapsing slowly. “Out like a light before I hit the floor,” as they say. I “came to” five minutes later as EMTs broke open the third packet of smelling salts. I will never forget the look on their faces, that of a pleasant fellow with dark sideburns and an attractive bottle blonde who looked quite concerned. I doubt they had ever been called to a doctor’s office for a patient fainting during a routine physical. I remember also that, as with my nightmares, I was literally bathed in sweat.

In 2002 I saw two movies dealing with adults who had been abused as kids, and both changed my life, the Robin Williams indie movie “One Hour Photo”


….and “‘Antwone Fisher” with Denzel Washington.


After each movie, I had an eerie feeling, as if something was moving down in the basement of my mind. Something wanted OUT.

But it was still in that lock box and it still is in there today. I can only say that I know generically what it must be. The clincher was when I read a Boston Globe newspaper article about a kid who hanged himself after being molested by the infamous Catholic priest John Geoghan, who had molested 130 boys in Boston.


This brave and noble prisoner, Joseph Druce, strangled him to death — for ruining the lives of 130 trusting Christian children — at the maximum-security prison in Shirley, Massachusetts in 2003. He should get a medal. I have corresponded with Druce, who was molested himself as a kid.


After reading the Globe article about the kid who had hanged himself (the Catholic church was attacking him and his family with vicious rumors and detectives going around, spreading around that the boy and his family were gold-diggers), I suddenly felt a gigantic urge to go for a walk on Winthrop Beach. (Photo: Boston in the background)


I am usually a very cheery guy and I shake off my problems, plus the Marines inculcate “you can handle anything.” So I walked along in the sunny, salty air, the breeze in my face, admiring the beauty of a sparkling Massachusetts Bay.

And with a big smile on my face — with God as my witness — I began to sob.

My second personality was saying “Enough! No happy talk! Now you listen to ME!” Never before had I seen this other part of me, but others had seen it when I got angry and my eyes got huge and wild like a hunted beast that turns and charges the hunter. I can only say to anyone who was in my boat, so to speak: “Get help.” Why did I wait 49 years? My nightmares ended instantly at least, though I still do not know what happened or who did it. Because my first therapist told me mine was the worst case she had ever seen — she did a relaxation hypnosis technique that totally failed to calm me as she tried to revisit any of the incidents, and I began screaming to blow the roof off the house — I assume it was a highly professional, expert CIA program of the most extreme abuse. Did I see children murdered? Was I forced to kill a kitten or puppy, or even a baby? Lord God Almighty, I hope not. But this is what these fiends in our government do — force children into evil, making them complicit. It is no different from guys in Iraq or Afghanistan who have ended up killing women and children. I had the same PTSD as men who have come back from combat.

The fact that I can recall nothing indicates I was not supposed to ever know. But what I do know certainly suffices, knowing that it was twisted and wrong, and I am proud I broke free. Maybe an angel was watching over me so I would never find out. The next form of therapy I took, cognitive behavioral therapy, does not wallow anyway in what happened back then, focussing only on the here and now.

And now on to David Duke.

In my close dealings with him 1989-90 and 2006-09, I sometimes found him strangely listless and “not all there.” The brain was working, but he seemed soulless. In the summer of 2006, I discussed him with a mutual friend name Bob Hoy, who had known Duke for 25 years and had actually gotten him to enter politics in 1988. Hoy listened pensively to my story of my own repressed memories, then said suddenly:

“Let me tell you a strange story.” It was related to his then mail-order bride business connecting American bachelors and single Russian girls. Hoy was in Moscow and so was Duke, on the prowl as usual for women. “Anyway, I went over to his hotel room to meet with him one morning, and … this is gonna sound strange … he had no idea who he was, or who I was, or that we were in Moscow.”

“Was he drinking?”

“Oh no! Duke is not much of a drinker and it was early morning anyway. No, he was just spaced out, like in another mode or being another person, bewildered, not aware of who he was, or me, or Moscow.”

I have concluded after 36 years in the WN cause that the rape of women and children is THE ONE “red-meat” issue that can unite more people in a holy rage than anything else!

Please contact me if you are interested, and especially if you were a victim as I was. (I did not get counseling until I was 49, it was that painful to recall.)

In fact, more than half the white women I have dated (over 25) and two of my three wives have told me they once were raped!

We live in rape world!

THIS is the issue!

…..On Mary Phagan

My major articles on the rape and murder of 13-year-old Mary Phagan by the high Jewish official Leo Frank and the white men who found their courage — despite national media abuse and a hurricane of pro-Jewish lies — and went out with a rope and avenged her:



My video on this: https://trutube.tv/video/12255/Mary-Phagan








I have been committed to this special Mary Phagan-Leo Frank project and the website www.leofrank.org for four years now!


Here is my most recent blog on this WITH MY FIRST AUDIOBOOK:



[UPDATED!] 100 years ago Tom Watson blasted Leo Frank and his Hebrew homeys



I have now recorded an audiobook of the powerful article below about this case….



E. Michael Jones’ massive and brilliant book The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit ….

….goes in detail into how VERY judeophilic many Southerners had been until the Frank case.

They felt the Jews had been “on their side” in the Civil War, and this was partly true!


The British Rothschilds did want a Confederate victory so the USA would break up, and be reabsorbed right back into their British Empire!


Since Judah P. Benjamin (photo & see further below, in the article) was the Treasurer of said Confederacy, that meant to many Confederates whose heads were afflicted with wishful thinking that the Jews were their friends or at least trusty allies with them, the honor-based, chivalry-avowing Southern boys.


Well, all Southern and Northern Christian Zionists who are ready and willing to hear the truth need to know is this:

1) Leo Frank, the PRESIDENT OF B’NAI B’RITH OF GEORGIA, an Ivy League graduate, and married into a top Georgia Jewish family (not some lowlife escapee from the Polish ghetto), raped and murdered a virtuous, young, white teenage girl who was raised a farm girl and was earning an honest living in the pencil factory he managed:


2) He then sought to frame an innocent man, the black janitor, who certainly would have been lynched in that heyday of lynching


3) NY Jews and their Pinkerton type came to down to bribe and threaten witnesses

4) the northern Jew press bashed the South ferociously and Georgia in particular during the trial and thereafter

The other states (depicted by shocked women, and driven by the diver, Uncle Sam) watch the bigoted Georgians grabbing hold of innocent Leo


5) they corrupted the previously revered Governor of the State of Georgia


6) Frank was never exonerated, just “pardoned” and merely because he supposedly had not exhausted all his appeals when lynched (but he had, unless he could introduce major new evidence)

7) It was not the South that was antisemitic; it was Jewish arrogance that turned a Jew-admiring South over night into antisemites

8) John 8:44 “You are from your father, the Devil” — Jesus said that, yes, to the Pharisee leaders, but as Brother Kapner has pointed out, the Pharisees were no mere sect of that time, but became THE Talmudic scholars and now are the official judaism of today.



Caiaphas, the high priest




Israeli comedy show shows Jesus as a monkey whom a mocking Jewish girl in a bikini nails to a cross, calling  Him a “Nazi” who should stop whining because a few nails don’t hurt (link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jtRj5iYurM)


9) Jews lie, lie, lie, lie, lie. They murder, rape, frame, swear false oaths, bribe, defame innocent Southern jurors as antisemites when they were the opposite, initially…..

10) It was their own STUPIDITY that inflamed antisemitism. They should have just disavowed Frank as a renegade scumbag who was not representative of their community, called him a black sheep, expelled him, and the ENTIRETY of Jewry in Atlanta should have, and could have just condemned him. Italian-Americans did not rally to Albert De Salvo, the Boston Strangler, just because he was Italian!

11) but instead, because Jews are a satanic tribe of organized criminals, a CRIME FAMILY, they stood up for their black sheep because they ALL are black sheep. Leo just got sloppy and got caught!

But now the crime family has to show it defends its own!

I am going to use Frank as a battering ram to open the can of worms of the Southern Christian Zionism subject, which is of critical importance in deprogramming enough basically good Southerners back into true Southern values. There are about 50 million of these types nowadays…..

.Born-Again Christian-Zionist Israel worshipers, who are the most dangerous enemies in America of white rebirth. You criticize Israhell and they become hate-filled maniacs. The nastiest look I ever got was from a Southern gal who loved her Jews.

I had a Christian Zionist woman at a local church call the sheriff on me in Ontonagon. She asked what I did. I said, I write on conspiracies, and I think the country has been taken over. She asked: “By whom?” I did not say, but merely showing her the back of the one-dollar bill!




She got deathly silent, as if I were Satan himself 😉  and later her friend, a writer, called the sheriff!

Basically, Leo Frank was a child molester, murderer, liar, defamer, briber, adulterer and sex fiend. Only the Jews could rally behind such a man.



To change the South and the 50 MILLION Christian Zionists, who otherwise tend toward us, this case must go viral now!



January 1915


Tom Watson blasts Leo Frank



& the J-Team of newspapers and lawyers trying to get the murdering fiend off!


(Five Articles About Leo Frank Case Published in Watson’s Magazine, Jan, March, August, Sept, & Oct, 1915)


….the first time Jews openly threw their weight aggressively around in the mainstream newspaper media, not even pretending to be “just good Americans,” but trying to get a rapist-pedophile, a notorious sexually-harassing boss, and top Jew official in B’nai B’rith off BECAUSE HE WAS ONE OF THEIRS! This is Jewish Supremacism and this is the birth of the Jewish genetic racewar against European-Americans.

….while calling everyone else an antisemite, who doesn’t agree with their ethnocentric, received narrative!

It ended eight months after this article with The Day of the Rope for Leo Frank on August 17, 1915! Get ready for a racist Jewish Supremacist and neo-Zionist media explosion on the centennial of Frank’s hanging this August 17, 2015!

And now they are coming out this year with the FIFTH Frank-Was-Innocent movie!


Arm yourselves, White men and Women, with the facts from the Leo Frank Research website @ http://www.LeoFrank.org

It’s five years and tens of thousands of dollars in the making; it’s the largest Leo Frank research site and TRUTH site in the world!

(More at http://johndenugent.com/english/100-years-ago-tom-watson-blasted-leo-frank-hebrew-homeys/ and please scroll 1/10th down)




Someone objected to this image on Facebook and said pedophiles should receive help, not hate.


I replied:

Well, I am a survivor, but these people who harmed me as a defenseless kid were pure, heartless, sadistic evildoers — who knew, who showed high awareness, that it was wrong and illegal…. I would kill myself before I harmed a child, I would get help, or I would request chemical castration if I thought I might do such a thing. I have no more understanding, kindness, and no more forgiveness. Pedophiles harmed me via nightmares and memories for decades until I got counseling… and they must all be exterminated. Any pedophile who does seek help, counseling and a cure is forgiven and will be helped, or we put them all on an island.

The rest must be strung up in public on live tv, doused in gasoline and then set on fire. Why? because that is the kind of pain they cause kids, which can ruin their entire lives. Suicides, nightmares, depression, rage, crime, alcoholism, drugs, divorce, domestic violence — the swatch of soul destruction in the innocent victims is indescribable.




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I need your financial help to WRITE MY SACRED ARYAN SCRIPTURE FOR US AND OUR TIMES. Others have been making big sacrifices. How about you?

What is my religion based on?








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