HEARTWARMING: Miraculous, untrained 9-year-old Dutch opera girl genius a proof of reincarnation?

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Amira Willighagen

I am now creating despite penury a new religion that is not mind control, not an insult to your intelligence, not fairy tales and fables, not some offshoot of judaism and not a cult that will take over your life and put you under the control of a guru.

It is designed to make you strong without me, to make Whites strong, loving, loyal and resolute for generations and centuries of struggle to come, guided from inside by your own inner fire and certainty of the facts, and united and fanatic to defeat our enemies.

It is religion and community that unite and fanaticize the muslims, Jews, satanists and Masons.

Muslim Florida gay-killer Omar Mateen



A really shocking and evil little book; very pro-Jewish, and it even says Jerusalem will be the world capital.


We must face and defeat these fanatic, united religious enemies in our death struggle against Jewry and its various orc hordes!



Virtus is based on real experiences of real people, and hard scientific evidence from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, our era, so Aryans again have a living soul.


Contact/Supporting VIRTUS

Tom Metzger invited me recently back on his show after I start my religion. He is a crusty old guy now, a curmudgeon, who acts super-skeptical, but deep down he is still a true believer. *;) winking

I still get comments to this day about my 2013 interview with Metzger and my 2014 interview on Red Ice.

Tom Metzger Interview John de Nugent [Part I]

Tom Metzger Interview John de Nugent [Part II]

I was asked for pay to do another audiobook on the Leo Frank-Mary Phagan case. I wrote back:

Thanks very much for the offer.
But I would rather starve than not start my religion, and now. I and you, separately and together, have won the war of facts; we have done in fact all for Mary that any mortal can.
Now I need to create a white man who cares.
He replied:
Congrats and thanks for finishing the last and final and most important book in Watson’s 5-book series on it. I feel content we got everything done.
My highest hope now, John, is that you work 100% on your new religion. It will be the biggest project of your life. I can’t think of anything more important than that religion that will help men dream the biggest dreams possible..

The British media highlighted me as believing I was a reincarnated German when my vital financial support for then-UKIP candidate Jack Sen (now 39 million views on Google) was revealed.

Jack Sen, wife Natalie and daughter Alexa.jack-sen-natalie-alexa

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