He-man fmr Army sniper endorses Jack Sen and British Renaissance

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Russ Burnham, who fixed himself after three heart attacks, does “superman pushups,” flying right off the floor, at 49.




His website: http://heartattackrecoveryguide.com

His friend and mine, fun-loving, fearless Jack Sen, wife and child



33 million Google search results on Jack Sen


Jack is the head of British Renaissance: http://www.britishrenaissance.org 


Published on Aug 10, 2016

[Jack writes] Russ is a top friend of mine from my ‘days’ in the US. Russ has eight children, he home schools and trains with his wife on a rural homestead of some 400+acres. He was a former military marksman based in Central and Eastern Europe and one of my closest long time friends. Russ and I have been working closely for a long time. In all fairness most military men could not perform Russell’s fitness routine.

His little girl plays competitive American football with the fellas, and his boys can run the 100m dash in just over 12 seconds, only moments after they’ve scaled a 30 meter conifer. They’re also bright, well read, well mannered, naive to some of the ills our kids are exposed to and respectful. The fact they are able to defend their home from an ‘invasion’ doesn’t harm either. 😉

Healthy living and a healthy degenerate-free lifestyle is what it is all about! For more information on our upcoming survival camp visit www.britishrenaissance.org -where real men use real names, SHOW their faces from behind their pseudonyms and Mommas’ computers.

(If you prefer to train anonymously due to embarrassment or fear of who you are, the following men provide alternative programmes: Max Musson, Dave Yorkshire, Legion Camp , Matt Tait, Mjolnir Magazine, Larry Nunn.)

…..My greetings video for the December 2015 BR luncheon












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