He didn’t fly the flag on the Fourth because “it’s just not America anymore”

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July 6, 2015

Whatever this is, it’s not America anymore

By Michael Hoffman
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Thomas Jefferson, more than any single individual the man responsible for founding our Constitutional Republic, may have his name removed this week from a Democrat Party fundraiser in Connecticut because he was a white “racist.”
There is also a movement to remove the name of John C. Calhoun, Vice-President of the United States under John Quincy Adams, from a college at Yale University because he was a white “racist.”
A memorial to the Confederate dead in Helena, Montana may be removed as well because the soldiers were white “racists.”
These attempts to ban historical memory smack of Bolshevism and are largely a result of pressure from Big Business, the same corporate America that funds the “gay” revolution.
The Money Power has decided that respect for the Founders of our nation, or the Southern boys in gray who fought for states rights from 1861-1865, often with tremendous self-sacrifice and heroism, are bad for business!
The Money Bags can’t face up to convention boycotts and all of the other intolerant attack methods consisting of economic boycotts and culture-erasing bans undertaken by those who holler “tolerance,” so they cave in, as the pusillanimous former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates did recently when, as head of the Boy Scouts of America, he advised us that it was no use of any longer opposing the admission of homosexual Scout Masters.
Thomas Jefferson fought the Money Power and warned that a nation disconnected from agriculture and home enterprise would be captive to the banks and money men; in other words to the usurers that rule us.
I’m not interested in symptoms. If I have a middle name, this is it: “Not interested in symptoms Hoffman.” The root of our national rot is found in the fact that Conservatives and Liberals, Leftists and Rights are all ruled by leaders who are patriots only after they have made certain that their profits are secure. That’s not leadership; and since we are fighting a ruthless, revived Bolshevism that is engaged in a permanent revolution, “our Conservative” leaders ensure that We the People engage in retreat after retreat. These alleged “Conservative leaders” conserve very little. Actually, they fulfill a mandate of the Cryptocracy, to manage our nations’s decline, so that it will not be so rapid as to scare off the eternally skimmed taxpayers and military recruits, causing them to join, or work toward, the building of a militant, no-usury, truly Conservative, Third Party, with an independent media and private schools to cultivate and strengthen it.
Treason and betrayal within our own ranks are the signposts all about us. Meanwhile, “scientific” polls with self-advertised “plus or minus 3% margins of possible error” tell us what we think. Suddenly, in just 20 or 30 months, a “majority” of Americans now support sodomite rights; or they tell us that we support the historical amnesia that calls for banning America’s history so as to appease the unappeasable, eternally aggrieved and resentful racial “minorities,” and their intolerant, neo-Bolshevik white allies.
In a sense we deserve this state of affairs because the godly side in this battle consists mostly of double-talking wimps at one extreme or mind-controlled maniacs such as the Charleston shooter, at the other. The steadfast dedication of our sophisticated enemies, their no-compromise demands for change, coupled with their will-power and vision in working hard to occupy high posts in the media, academia, corporations and government, has left us out-gunned and on the run. We have God on our side and yet we continue to abandon Him and retreat to the “safety” of our bank accounts. In Mammon we Trust.
Speaking of the controlled media,the rabidly Zionist Wall Street Journal propaganda sheet, which publishes an anti-Putin editorial or “report” every three or four days, suppressed all news in today’s (July 6) edition of yesterday’s resupply of the International Space Station (with US astronauts aboard), by a Russian cargo ship.
The Wall Street rag has published editorials of late decrying Vladimir Putin’s alleged “Russian propaganda” machine, but the Journal doesn’t even have the fundamental ethics to give credit where credit is due in the pages of their fish wrapper. And by the way, should the US government be goading into war a Russian nation with the technological prowess to build and fly reliable space rocket engines? A feat which the U.S. has of late trouble accomplishing? But perhaps the U.S. corporate media regard an American war on the Russians as necessary, since they continue to dare to obey the God of the Bible and forbid the marriage of sodomites.
I didn’t fly Old Glory on the 4th of July as I usually do, because whatever this is, it’s not America anymore.
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The bisexual Obongo lit up the White House in rainbow colors to celebrate SCOTUS legalizing queer “marriage.”  A former Texas resident from North Carolina told me on Sunday he saw a gay pride parade in Dallas, and the queers were literally having anal sex and giving each other blow jobs on the street, in full public view.


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