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….One of my many supernatural experiences (and many of us have them and keep them to themselves)

So many of us do not disclose the fact that we have had “weird” experiences, which reflect fear of ridicule. I have had many, and going back to age one and a half, when I read the ingredients of an AI Steak Sauce bottle to my shocked parents from my high chair and they stopped chewing. 😉


This one, however, happened in 1998, standing at an ATM machine on the street protected by a glassed roof, at the front of a bank on glamorous Boylston Street in the Back Bay section of Boston, Massachusetts.


A cute little brunette was standing right in front of me in line to get some cash out, and just before it was her turn to use the machine, an old lady with a cane asked to cut through the LONG ATM line in order to get into the bank’s front door so as to do some transaction.

Boylston Street — class and history

Traffic moves down Boylston Street past the Boston Marathon finish line in Boston, Wednesday, April 24, 2013, for the first time since two bombs exploded at the site on April 15. (AP Photo/Michael Dwyer)

This brunette merely opened her mouth and said to the elderly lady, in a very friendly way, “Sure!”

As soon as that one word “surrrre” came out, something began fevering inside me.

This brunette then did her quick ATM transaction, then turned around, briefly facing me, and flashed her deep blue eyes right at me … perfectly lined with amazing mascara.


Something possessed me, and it just flew out of my mouth, leaping off my lips.

I TOLD her, impulsively, and in French (at which I minored in Georgetown):

“Vous etes de Lille!” (“You are from Lille!”)

(Lille is a once-great industrial city in northern France.)

A beautiful office building in Lille




I had never set eyes on her before (well, not in this life! 😉 )

She was stunned.

“Ah! Oui!… Yes…. You are French — you are from Lille?!”

 “Non, je suis Americain…”

Well, as conversation ensured, what a great gal she turned out to be, this Sophie Huissier. (I am revealing her name because it is common there, like Susy Johnson here… “Huissier” means “bailiff,” actually, and no one can trace her with this name.)

She is long since gone back to France, but she was just my type, a blue-eyed, pretty woman, nice chest 😉 , about 30…. She was working at a five-star hotel in the Back Bay, right at the front desk, where they only hired pretty women under 30, as she told me.

She loved literature, she thought about the world’s problems, and was so very French in every good way. 😉

I came to also really admire her as I got to know her, mostly for her overcoming of a miserable childhood, especially of a cruel father who always “put her down” and unbelievably lied to her that she somehow was ugly, fat and stupid.

(And she was not; he was just a psychopathic bastard. How can a father trash his own daughter??? I wanted to go put my Marine boot up his “derriere.”)

She had become an overeater as a result of believing her rotten father and feeling utterly unloved by him, and yet she took her life back, lost the 40 extra pounds she had put on, and finally fulfilled her life’s dream to come to America.

Sophie actually started me on the long path that led to my moving to France in 2004, and I was a help to her in dealing with the grief of having had an unloving father. How terrible that is for a girl!



Having loved my own daughters, Erika and Ingrid (photo), both very successful and well-married now, I had the right words for her.


So now how exactly did I somehow really “know” – and I just KNEW it the moment my mouth opened — that she was from that specific city of Lille,  after her just saying the one word “sure,” and in English??

You tell me!

I assure you while my French was/is very good, no, I could not determine her city by her accent, especially not from her saying ONE WORD in English!

Was she my lover in another life? I think she was, in World War One.

She was not my soul mate, and so it did not last long, nor did it the last time in 1916, but she was — and she again is — a very nice Frenchwoman. 🙂




The approximate front between the British-French Allies and the Germans 1914-18, with a circle around the city of Lille, which was behind the German lines.  The three battles of the Ypres salient brought Corporal Adolf Hitler near Lille: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Military_career_of_Adolf_Hitler




He was an infantryman in the 1st Company during the First Battle of Ypres (October 1914),


….which is remembered in Germany as the Kindermord bei Ypern (Massacre of the Innocents) because approximately 40,000 men (between a third and a half) of nine newly enlisted infantry divisions were killed in 20 days.

Hitler’s regiment entered the battle with 3,600 men and at its end mustered 611.[5] The regimental commander was killed and thereafter they were known as the Regiment List in his honor. By December Hitler’s own company of 250 was reduced to 42.


Biographer John Keegan claims that this experience drove Hitler to become aloof and withdrawn for the remaining years of war.[6]

Firearms license of Corporal Hitler right after the war; it was the Army that sent him to check out a “German Workers Party” (the DAP) in Munich as a way to persuade workers to not become communists.


Hitler loved brunettes with blue eyes, like his mother Klara, whom he utterly adored. (This parental painting hung at the Berghof.)



…..Most fun Beach Boys song ever




…..Tell me YOUR story of a weird experience where afterward you go “whoaahhhhh”

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I will not use your real or full name. But this is part of building my new religion, Virtus. We don’t need some book to tell us there is a god, an afterlife, reincarnation, and a higher world. Many of us have experienced something.






The white race here is part of the greater white race in the universe , of which we her are a relatively primitive and oppressed branch, under attack and needing help on a planet that is a major battlefield.



Unless you say all crop circles are hoaxes, how do you explain a giant SS-style black sun symbol on this English crop circle from 8-8 2015?



Here is some interesting speculation on this event by a fine young German friend and comrade.



…..My history for 38 years in White Nationalism

John Friend wrote me: “By far one of the best programs we’ve done!”


My 35 years of experiences with famous WNs of the past: Carto, Pierce, Duke, etc., the radical failure of a race-only, non-religion approach, and the reincarnation of the Reich in America.


  1. I’ve had several such experiences. Here’s one: Some years ago, I had decided to buy some new clothes at a department store in a nearby suburb. However, I kept being delayed, because things seemed to be “disappearing” each time I was headed out the door, which normally never happens. I forgot my wallet, then couldn’t find it, even though I always keep it in the same spot. Then, I couldn’t find my department store credit card. Then, I couldn’t locate my car keys, even though I always keep them in the same spot as well. Then it was my house keys, which I normally have on me. This strangeness went on for at least 10-15 minutes, to the point where it had gotten ridiculous. I remember that I even stopped and said half-jokingly to myself, “This is ridiculous! I guess someone doesn’t want me to leave the house today!” I finally found all my stuff, drove to the department store, bought my clothes, and while in there, noticed a black guy with his black girlfriend, looking nervously around as he walked toward the check-out counters. He acted very agitated and nervous, but I didn’t think much of it. I went to the check-out counters a few minutes later. I checked out, and exited the store to walk to my car in the parking lot. When I was about 30 feet from my car, I looked up and saw that same black guy, running down the same parking lane that I was parked in, towards me, with a silver .45 automatic in his hand. Only, thank God, he wasn’t even looking at me. He was looking at a Mexican family of three (father, mother, and small boy), who were getting into their car, which was parked in the same parking lane as mine, but on the other side of the lane, directly even with where my car was parked. Being unarmed, I quickly turned around and walked back to the store, looking back over my shoulder as I did so. The black guy grabbed the small Mexican boy at gunpoint, took their car, and drove off with the boy. As he did so, he fired shots out the car window at the security guards who had followed him outside, and at the store itself. In the store, people were panicking, running, and screaming as the shots hit the store windows. I was strangely calm throughout. As I learned later from the TV news report, he drove at high speed into the city, with cops chasing him, and eventually got out in front of a house in a ghetto area, holding the gun to the boy’s head. A black cop from a neighboring suburb had a rifle trained on him, and when the black guy refused to release the boy, the cop shot him in the head and killed him. The boy was unharmed. What had happened was, the black guy was an ex-convict who had just gotten out of prison, and tried to use a stolen credit card at the checkout counter. The security guards were called, and when they arrived, he pulled a gun on them and exited the store. The security guards followed him into the parking lot, and he began running through the parking lot, firing shots at them. This all happened before I had checked out, and I heard no noises from inside the well-insulated store, and no one informed me what was going on. So, I exited the store and almost walked right into the gunman, who was running down my parking lane. Had I been only a few minutes earlier, I would have been right at my car instead of 30 feet from it, and the gunman may have grabbed me as a hostage instead of the small Mexican boy. And things may not have turned out as well as they did. After it was over, I thought about how I had been strangely delayed multiple times while trying to leave the house, by things “disappearing” on me. I believe that God or someone was watching over me that day, and I’m very grateful for that.

  2. Thank you, comrade — very touching and it sounds authentic. It seems some guardian angel thinks you are a good person and wanted to protect you. 🙂

    Religion has deservedly a bad name, but all our ancestors and all peoples on earth have a religion. I have had many experiences of the supernatural and many other people have, and when I tell them one of my experiences people will open up and tell me a weird experience they had.

    This one night, I was on a speaking tour in Germany. I speak German and I was given speeches over there and Margi was singing. Oh. she did a wonderful job. She is a professional opera singer. We were in the Frankfurt, Germany train station and we were about 10 seconds late for our first train. The German trains just take off on the second. So we were 10 seconds late and it pulled out exactly on the second. I was so angry. American trains are not that punctual, you know. 😉

    So we had an hour to kill. It was a nice train station. It was not bombed in the war, thank God. It was a beautiful old, Kaiser Wilhelm architecture, a nice train station with a glass roof. There was a café/bar in there. You could both get alcoholic drinks or have some pastry and coffee. So I went in there and sat down at one of the little round marble tables and was sipping an expresso and enjoying myself and a woman came in, sort of an attractive woman.

    She was German, reddish blond hair, big blue eyes, nice figure, a little bit of an attractive woman, really, about maybe 50 years old. I had eye contact with her and she came over.

    There were not many chairs so she asked if she could sit at my table and I said sure. She had to sit somewhere and she seemed like a nice lady. Maybe I would get into a conversation with her and talk with her. I think she was a little bit interested in me, but I made it clear I was already involved with someone else.

    But the conversation then proceeded and took a very interesting turn at that point. This is what happened.

    She said she had just gotten off the plane from South Africa. Okay, of course, I know what has been happening to the white people in South Africa since the black majority takeover in 1994, mass murder; over 50,000 have been murdered. There are incredible numbers of rapes, white people being burned alive and chopped up in their isolated farmhouses out in the boonies. This is genocide going on of the white people of South Africa. The country is now only 7% white. Illegal aliens from other black countries are flooding in to really make the whites into a tiny minority in their own country that they built up. South Africa was the richest country in Africa, and today it is a shambles. It leads the world in rape, murder, and AIDs. South Africa leads the world in rape, murder, and AIDs, so it is simply going to hell. It is a hell for the blacks under the ANC and especially for the whites.

    Anyway, so she had said she had just come back from burying her daughter. So, I am thinking, wow, this is kind of interesting. I mean, because this woman was, like, 50, so maybe her daughter was 30 or 25. How did her young daughter die? We did get into that actually, but I thought it was sort of significant because I am a white civil rights activist and she is telling me that with regard to her white South African daughter, that she had just been to her funeral, so something happened for her to die that young. Maybe she was murdered; I do no know.

    But she was shaken up, of course. Something really had shaken her up about it.

    She said, you know, one year ago my husband died and she was looking at me like maybe I was a person who could say something to comfort her.

    She said, “Can I tell you what happened with my husband?” I said sure. She said he was diagnosed with cancer and they said it was spread all throughout his body and there was nothing to do. He was in the hospice system and they said he can go home. If you can take care of him, he can go home with you to die.

    So, he went home, and she said, but you know, the thing is you still have to go out and buy groceries now and then. You cannot be home all the time. So, she had gone to one of these big department stores, kind of like a Walmart type store that they have over in Germany. There is hardware, groceries, sofas, and TVs you can buy. It is one of these giant stores that has everything like the Super Walmart.

    She was in there and did a huge amount of shopping and she was preparing to head back to her husband and suddenly – now this is a complete stranger telling me this story, and she is one of the many people who have had a supernatural experience, so here is what happened – she had several bags in each hand.

    She is standing at the checkout counter to pay and suddenly she feels like this searing pain, like somebody had taken a magnifying glass and focused the rays of the sun on a hot dot right between her shoulder blades. She was like – whew— this tremendous burning feeling!

    It just shook her up completely. She was like, huh, what is that? She started thinking and it faded away a little bit and then the next thing that happened is she felt a huge punch right between her shoulder blades, like somebody had physically punched her from behind.

    She said, oh my God, it is about my husband!

    She had spent hours getting all the groceries and doing all the errands, and she just put those bags down — and she ran out of that store and she ran down the block and she ran up into the apartment building, went up 3 or 4 flights of stairs, and she fished out her key and she jammed it into the lock and got the door open, and her husband had just slumped over.

    He had written her a note saying how much he loved her and thanked her for the wonderful marriage they had together and she says “I ran over and I held him in my arms, and he looked at me as he died.”

    She says “So what do you think that was?” And I say “An angel was watching out for you and knowing how important it would be for you to be with your husband at his last moments.”

    She says, “Well, that is what I think too. I said, yeah, a lot of people have these experiences but they are afraid to tell someone else about it because they will seem kooky, but this is the pernicious effect, of “the Enlightenment.”

    We do not believe in anything supernatural. “Oh, you don’t believe in angels, do you? Do you really believe in a literal devil? Do you believe in Jesus? Do you believe Jesus could actually walk on water?”

    I say, I absolutely do.

    Yes, I believe in angels, I believe in devils, I believe in heaven, I believe in hell, I believe in the immortality of the soul, and I do not want some snotty fanatic about science and a materialist to tell me these things are not real because I have experienced things, and this woman experienced things.

    I mean, it is not everyday that you feel this sudden burning pain between your shoulder blades and a punch by an invisible man that forces you to run home so you can be with your husband in his last seconds of life. It is clearly a miracle, and it is not a miracle that means she will not grow old and die herself. She might get cancer herself. It is not freeing us from the challenges of life, but it gives us strength. I mean, a true angelic experience will give you strength to deal with the challenges of life.

  3. This is reality and these things happen constantly. I can almost always tell who is calling by the sound of the ring. Just yesterday an unmarked cruiser served as an omen as I sought to be able to have a cold one at this local tavern after having a couple of animated (political) disagreements with the owner. I was not served. I remember having premonitions about gains, losses and happenings that subsequently became real. The jews and freemasons ignore so many of the the things we have discovered about history, science and human nature and potential because our very knowledge of these things would expand our concept of what is possible, which would therefore translate into a changed the world – a greater, richer world. Veering from reality is a control mechanism. Before power comes the belief that you can have power. The guilty and uninspired and those otherwise having a truckload of perceived undesirable attributes do not deserve to benefit. The jews assault whites psychologically. They are a parasite that attacks using imagery and perception to control the emotions to control the mind to control outcomes.

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