Have keyboard, will post stuff — no proof Stalin or Eisenhower jewish

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50% of Internet posters are like this –spouting totally unverified opinions that reflect their hates.
Excerpt from an email about a troll attacking me:
Btw, this troll trots out the tired “Eisenhower was a Jew” thing and “so was Stalin.”
Is everybody evil a Jew? And how was “Ike a Kike” when he sent two million wetbacks back, and stood up to Israel in the 1957 Suez Crisis?
And this comes after quoting Carlos Porter against me, a maniac who “centers” his entire website, who wrote me “why do you like black cock?” — which quite surprised Margi *;) winking — and who can write the (in the UK) illegal epithet “nigger” or “koon” four times in one piece, and alone among patriots in the British Isles Porter is never arrested for it.

There is zero proof for either amateur accusation about Eisenhower or Stalin, online garbage that so typical of high school grads who can afford a keyboard.
Two of Eisenhower’s brothers ferociously opposed FDR and their brother, all were hard-core, old-style Republicans, and one disinherited his own son for even joining the US Army Medical Corps. Does that sounds like Jews?
No Jews were allowed at West Point (or the Naval Academy) when Ike was there. The “Swedish Jew” thing was clearly a typically jocular yearbook comment. Every grad has a snide remark or putdown after his name!
Stalin did three giant purges of Jews, in the 1930s, ’40s and ’50s, respectively the Old Bolshevik Trials, the Cosmopolitan Trials, and the Doctor Trials — we are talking hangings and firing squads here — and then was IMO murdered-poisoned by Jews. 
Stalin used the Jews, and they used him. 
Djugashvili, Stalin’s real name, does NOT mean “Jew.
While -shvili means “son” in Georgian, “Dzhuga” doesn’t mean “Jew”, because the Georgian word for jew is “Ebraeli” (from “Hebrew”). Many countries call Jews “Hebrews” or “Israelites,”  which is more accurate, since Judah (whence the word Jew) was just one of the ten tribes of Israel, and Judea merely the part of Israel where Jerusalem is located. Calling this people Jews is like calling all Americans Washingtonians.
You know, Internet 2.0 is nice, where everyone can post their uneducated and unverified diarrhea, but those over-aged high school kids who (not all are this way) secretly hate college grads — and loathe bloggers who can write grammatically, with correct punctuation, and actually think before they type — should not assert stuff that they lack any ability or willingness to understand, research or fact-check. 
Some turkey wrote me a year ago: “I can’t believe you don’t know that Hitler and Putin were both Jews.”
This is why the Founding Fathers were against democracy. *;) winking
The fact is that the white race also has plenty of its own narcisstists, psychopaths and monsters. Where would be the Jews be without their natural allies in OUR race?

The young Tony Blair



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