Has Daily Stormer gone over to the Dark Side? Duke/Black/Stormfront moderators at DS censor critics of convicted New Orleans swindler

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In fishing it is called catch-and-release.

….Troll writes


He says Duke never attacked me, and he has done so much.

My reply:

1) Actually, this weenie is the most cowardly of assassins; he never puts it online, slandering me since March 2009 via emails, phone calls, face-to-faces and by using pseudonyms and surrogates.


2) he has “done'”a lot because the jews control him asnd they allow him to do things  – and not me. They want him as top dog, becaude he is their trained dog, and will go with him until they get a younger tool.

When Duke was arrested in Prague for “denying the Holocaust” and released the next day, and arrested in Cologne and released the next day, that would tell any sophisticated observer, jew-wise and CIA-wise, that David Duke has a deal.

The quickie arrests were designed to give him “cred” with the gullible.

How come Duke got only 14 months prison for fraud and tax evasion when he was supposedly the big WN leader the jews feared?

Why didn’t the feds throw the book at him and give him five years on each charge, hmmmmmmm??????

Gee, how come Manfred Roeder (center; me left) got eight years? Would not cut a deal.


How come Horst Mahler (left of center) got twelve years, and Sylvia Stolz (far left) three? Neither would sell their soul.


How come Wolfgang Froehlich got twelve years? Refused to make a pact with the devil. 


Why were all charges dropped against Henrik Holappa, Duke’s minion? He agreed to attack me.



The sad thing, troll, is that I KNOW the guy: you don’t. You tell me he is cool and you never met him. 😉 And this Wikipedia paragraph is not false at all… No need to invent stuff against Duke,. he provides it.

Duke is a felon, having pleaded guilty to defrauding supporters by falsely claiming to be impoverished and in danger of losing his home in order to solicit emergency donations; at the time, Duke was financially secure, and used the donations for recreational gambling.[6]

They picked him up at McGarran Airport in Vegas in a special limo for high rollers. Your donations at work.


……Andrew Anglin permits Dukies to moderate his articles fawning over the convicted crook whom none of us “older” comrades accept 


Duke’s joined-at-the-hip, wife-swapping buddy, Don Black of Stormfart, deleted my thread, the most viewed thread written by one man in Stormfront history:

guess they took my criticism of psychopaths personally



……NSA and GCHQ hire and train trolls to blast true NWO opponents






The only opposition Jews tolerate is controlled opposition!

Snowden on how UK and US regimes defame true leaders online and divide dissidents

BBC and GCHQ attack female paedophile victim and her supporters; regime “accidentally” deletes entire paedophile database


…..Andrew Anglin, who just a few short years ago was praising Asian girls and blasting white nationalism….

……yet now considers himself its pope, which in some circles woud be denounced as chutzpah, has delegated the moderation of comments on his Duke-o-philia to the minions of Duke and Black, both ex-convicts with, IMO, “deals” (as in “controlled opposition”).

DS is a fun site and says a lot of truth in fresh, new and entertaining ways, and I have mentioned or praised it a number  of times:


Well, I just ran a factual criticism of Duke, a convicted swindler who did 14 months in 2003-04 and just in May 2016 got back his right to vote,


….. on this thread:


I posted, as always, factual and truthful material in my DS comment, which is found below, to wit:


David Duke — he is IMO the would-be Borg of the WN movement, and an MK-ULTRA.

1) I have known the man since 1989;


(2008: I am 2nd from left; the agent Holappa and Dukie is far left; Duke is hogging the mike for a vapid monologue in the center; Black is far right, next to his girly-haired son Derek)


2) and his ex-wive Chloe, who works for the Jew sugar billionaires called the Fanjuls (the SPLC brought a typical campaign to get her as an WN fired from working for the Fanjuls to a screeching halt….);

3) I know his current girlfriend, the Russian lawyer Maria;

4) I know his kids, and Black’s;

Derek, Black’s son by Duke’s ex-wife Chloe, left the WN cause in a letter to the SPLC



Chloe, Black’s wife and Duke’s ex, works for the Jewish Fanjul billionaires

Nico Fanjul


His beaten white wife, Tinsely Mortimer


5) and I know all too well Duke’s psychopathic, glowering partner in crime, Don Black.

6) I also dated for two years Duke’s ex-gf. {I did not include the next two photos and captions.]

Donna, a kind of Eva Braun person and very nice and dedicated, with Duke on victory night in Louisiana in 1989

With me in Tennessee in 1990

Going to the polling station with me on primary day, August 1990, as I ran for US Congress

7) I also spent a week with him and Maria at his Austrian ski villa at Zell am See, along with Margi.

This is how I see the man after personally knowing him as few do:

I lay it all out here:





My comment was factual and not trolling. If a respectful and thoughtful comment is banned, Anglin is making himself a dictator and the WN pope, just a few years after he was raving about chink chicks and blasting antisemites and white nationalism.




Instantly, a “Dukie” trolled me:

There is malware on your web site. [?] It seems to be as toxic as your message.

Move along now, ZOG troll. [LOL]

Nugent is a psychopathological braggart, liar and con artist.
For example, he spent most of 2013 soliciting funds to “run for sheriff” of Armstrong County, PA; but he never qualified as a candidate, never made the slightest effort to become a candidate, and never even filed his papers! Then, when he “dropped out of the race” (on Internet radio, so nobody would notice), he blamed his supporters for failing to send him enough money to buy a car!


Care to comment?


*** so I DID comment, as follows:

Me a troll? I was a WN and an activist — not, like you, a Keyboard Kommando — before you were born, kid.





Georgetown Hoya Feb 15 1979 Nazi


McAtee Nugent WSMV TV Nashville









holocaust-museum-city-paper-article 4-30-93-page-1-of-3









I see you are referencing the half-hispanic troll Carlos Porter


…..who, alone among EU citizens, gets to use the word “nigger” with impunity, while Joshua Bonehill in the UK recently got three years for hate speech,  because Porter’s get-out-of-jail card is that he libels me, and his partner, Jew-gle, obligingly puts it on page one.



“nigger,” “nigger,” “nigger,” “koon” and “nigger” — however does Señor Carlos get away with publishing that in a European Union country? 



Now he is in Ireland: forget his Italy residence claim, though racial epthets are illegal in Italy also: Porter is stateless, having foolishly renounced his US citizenship, putting him thus utterly at the mercy of the hate-speech-banning EU)


(In a second comment in the DS thread, I added)

Porter’s reference is Henrik Holappa, the purported WN who just abandoned his white wife and four daughters for a Chinese woman,


….and wrote a book attacking me, did jew-tv intervies in Norway and Sweden blasting our cause and calling Hitler a crimihnal, and betraying every detail he knew about the inner workings of the WN Nordic Resistance Movement to the cops and the genocidal khazar enemy behind them.





Gee, Charles, if we cannot trust the word of an overt traitor, whom can we trust?




Seconds later, someone on DS 1) while leaving the troll attack on me up, 2) deleted my two comments, and 3) suspended me from commenting until August 1st.

Young sir Andrew, just a few years ago you were repeating jew propaganda and lies to us who knew better.


Pride goeth before a fall — unless, of course, you have friends in high places. 😉


……Why Duke is “running” for US Senate


Duke is in it for the fame and money…. The State ( I lived there 1989-90) of Louisiana is 40% black and mex… He would have to literally landslide the white vote –get all the white liberals — in order to squeak by. When he last ran for the US Senate, and he was not yet viewed as a perennial candidate, a narcissist, a liar, a womanizer, and as a convicted and imprisoned swindler, he got 60% of the white vote….

….and lost.


(Instead, I moved away to Tennessee to run for Congress and not have a war with fellow WN Duke, a gesture that went unthanked and unrequited. See halfway down here: https://www.johndenugent.com/wn-biography-of-jdn/)

I saw Duke’s video announcement, even more listless than usual. Duke doesn’t exactly have that new-car smell any more. 

But good way to bring in $50,0000 for the next Vegas trip. 😉


We publish, you decide. 😉

Hostile but factually accurate article fro a jew-owned New Orleans newspaper: http://www.nola.com/politics/index.ssf/2016/07/david_duke_is_running_for_the.html




The first two things anyone would notice, even a liberal, or anyone in politics, is the soulless delivery, and hardly a smile or a twinkle in the eye.

Second, he probably can’t smile  because of so many facelifts, which donations by the trusting and gullible white supporters, most of them blue-collar, working-class types, paid for. I know whereof I speak.


In reality, the man is a radical narcissist, liar and MK-ULTRA. This is why he acts like a zombie, because he is one.

And he has orchestrated, without any provocati0n at all on my part, but because he is an agent, along with Stormfront tyrant  Don Black, a vast, surreptitious campaign to destroy me since 2009, which has failed.

I do regret that Andrew Anglin, now fawning over Duke, has not answered my last three personal emails. He knows very well who I am, and used to always write back.

Most do when the sender has four million hits on their name on Google:


Google on search term JdN -- 4.5 mio hits

Anglin is overtly collaborating with David Duke and Don Black, and is a 100% Trumpista. I do hope that this is merely for pragmatic reasons.

Jeff Rense used to link to my blogs also, but after he got in bed with Duke he stopped.




David Duke pre-nose job, chin-job, eye-job, cheek implants and hair coloring







His ski villa town (we visited with him there before he viciously turned on me); your donations at work


the train wreck kids



The liar, crook, womanizer, addicted gambler and swindler – every word in this book is true.

David Duke on Alex Jones; Duke and MK-ULTRA

Texe Marrs on the serpent people returning to Ukraine; the bizarre Duke lie that Ashkenazi Jews are not Khazars

David Duke minion Jamie Kelso and wife Linda Falla libel me as a homosexual

More revelations about Duke and Black — from the great Eustace Mullins and from a Don Black bodyguard

To a white man with an Asian wife and kids; why does Faceberg block my links but not Duke’s?

David Duke, Don Black, JdN-defamers, and the CIA-Mossad plot to overthrow Dominica

Top Israeli politician confirms Protocols; David Duke’s Jewish nose and voice

David Duke, Don Black connected to Fanjuls, a sephardic, Jewish sugarcane billionaire family; new crop circle near Bavarian Alps; alien voice breaks into British television



…..Contact and support someone who never slept with chinks or went to prison for swindles

Contact/Supporting VIRTUS


  1. You see? I tried to warn you about Anglin and the DS site, but you didn’t want to believe me. In my opinion, DS has been controlled opposition from its very beginning, and it was launched by a character from Incogman.net, a known ADL-run site. I’ve commented here in detail about Anglin’s highly suspicious “antifa” background and anti-White statements, so I won’t rehash all that, but it’s been obvious to me that the DS site itself is a professionally run, controlled opposition site. Anglin claims that DS is run by only himself and “Weev,” but anyone can see that there’s an entire team of full-time workers behind that site, including talented graphics artists, who are constantly creating new “memes” poking fun at Jews. The articles are continually being updated, and many of them are on obscure Jewish-related topics that only Jews would be interested in, or even know about. Yet, we’re supposed to believe that Anglin and “Weev” are doing it all. John, your site is very good and very informative, but it’s also obvious to me that you’re the only one creating the content, although you may have an IT guy or two to help with the website itself. With the DS site, it’s obvious that an organization and an entire team of people is behind it. So, the question becomes, what is that organization? Can you say ADL?

    Why would the ADL fund sites like Incogman.net and DailyStormer.com? Remember that the ADL’s entire existence is based on the supposed “vicious anti-Semitism” latent in all “goyim,” which can supposedly erupt at any time. When that anti-Semitism doesn’t actually exist in the “goyim,” they have to create it, by spray-painting swastikas on synagogues, etc., and by creating “vicious anti-Semitic” websites like Incogman.net and DailyStormer.com to spread “vicious anti-Semitism” far and wide. This gives the Jews the excuse to eventually shut down all Internet free speech, and round up all the “anti-Semites” who have taken their bait.

    There’s a huge Jewish PSYOP being played on us, and sites like Incogman and DailyStormer, and people like Donald Trump and David Duke are integral parts of it. The fact that David Duke has denied that Israel played any role in 9/11 marks him as a shill in my book. Anyone who has researched it knows that Israel’s fingerprints are all over 9/11. If Duke actually wins his Senate bid, it will be more proof that he is a Jewish-controlled agent, because as you pointed out, in 40% black/Latino Louisiana, he doesn’t have any realistic chance of winning.

    As for Trump, I think he’s a ZOG agent, too, which is why DS promotes him so heavily. I believe the Jewish plan is to hype up Trump nonstop, so that White people get their hopes up, and then dash those hopes with a Hillary presidency, through vote fraud or some other method. The result? White people will be totally demoralized, and will give up all hope for the future. And the Jews, blacks, and Latinos will be ecstatic. It’s not for nothing that so many Jews become psychologists and psychiatrists – they love playing PSYOPS on the “goyim,” demoralizing us, and screwing us over. So, I’m not going to get too excited about a Trump presidency, because I don’t think it will happen. It will just be Ron Paul all over again – build up the “goyim’s” hopes, then dash them on the rocks. I’m not taking the bait this time.

    Here’s the crazy bitch who will be our next president, acting very “presidential” as usual:



    While I don’t agree with the above Christian propaganda, since Jesus is a mythical, Jewish-created figure who never existed, I do think that Hillary is into witchcraft and black magic – one of Bill Clinton’s associates said that Hillary regularly traveled to witches meetings in California when Bill Clinton was president. More importantly, she’s obviously mentally unhinged, and is unfit to even run a hotdog stand, let alone the USA. But then, she’s just a puppet for the Jews who are pulling her strings. It’s fitting that she acted like a deranged puppet on a string in the above video, because that’s exactly what she is. What an indictment of our society that someone like Hillary is even a presidential candidate.

    • Wow, great comment. I just assumed Incogman was a racist but yeah, since most of the movement is controlled top-down, that makes sense.

      As far as Christianity goes, I am claiming the JWO began the day Paul, the prosecutor of Jewish Christians, changed into Paul, the psy-op creator of the [future Christianized] Roman Empire and underminer of the pagans.

      Christianity is to 400 AD what Lenin on a soap box at a Russian factory was to communism. Different times, slightly varying messages, but the same purpose, via the mind to undermine the non-Jews. Christianity signaled the Jews change in MO from overt to covert war. Recall they were overtly fighting Rome in the 66-70 AD revolt, and they lost big-time. It worked so well they been waging psy-war one way or another ever since.

    • DS was NOT this sophisticated in the beginning; one can see a learning curve with Anglin, just as in a real startup.

      If he started attacking people left and right who never attacked him, then I would say agent.

      He may be attracting volunteers because they admire him.

  2. I’m glad to see you finally came to your senses about Anglin, I didn’t want to say anything on your blog about him, but he’s struck me as controlled opposition from the moment I first heard about him. Same with Brendon O’Connell.

  3. No, I still like Anglin. And I hope for the best with him, a real innovator.

    Unless DS becomes another aircraft carrier for Duke & Black from which to launch attacks on me, Anglin and I are still okay.

  4. Interesting article, good information. To the commentators: Can some people not leave a comment without attacking Christ? Or is it their Jewish obsession that forces them to?

  5. Duke, Black, Fromm and Stormfront et alia are hyocrites.

    Duke in particular (I’ve got it on video) claims to support freedom of speech. However, he & his gang actively squelch good polite posts with information their fans might find useful… and I think they are squelching in order to keep the data to themselves for future use. I think they don’t want other people to develop a reputation for having a good idea… I think they fear being upstaged by better-quality contributors than themselves.

    The Duke gang are moreover happy to participate in blacklisting and cyberstalking, by the way, of people they’ve never met or spoken to, on the say-so of others; I know this personally.

    Why? Because [Paul] Fromm [of Canada], whom I’ve never met, is cyber-stalking me with some of his friends. He got a big surprise recently when he sent one of them after me, and she got herself a reply she wasn’t expecting, and neither was he. Pretty little German violinist for hire to follow Duke & Fromm’s targets!

    Also, the issue of being “white” is not the answer to people in western countries who are losing their homelands to mass immigration. Duke and the front never discuss constitutional law, which is the game rules that people must learn to protect their rights and their countries.

    For example, the fact you are white doesn’t give you any LEGAL rights in Canada. However, the fact you are a member of the “constituent peoples” (legal term) of Canada gives you major legal rights, which are enforceable. But Fromm and Duke et alia have ignored this for decades while promoting race wars and manipulating the race issue. It’s apparently flammable and profitable to push race, but if you really solved the problem with legal facts, Duke, Black and Fromm would be out of business fast. Goodbye to sucking millions out of the Stormfront fans.

  6. Thanks for your comment. Sorry to hear about the Paul Fromm stuff.

    He and I have never crossed swords.

    I, Margi, Fromm and a Michigan comrade

    I know for a fact that Duke has ghostwriters do his books and he never allows them any byline. He has a “DR. David Duke” cult going with the young and gullible, and his doctorate came from submitting his ghostwritten “Jewish Supremacy” book to a has-been, third-rate Ukrainian university.

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