Harvard prof gets it both barrels from me after blaming Great Recession on “declining productivity”

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Harvard illustrates both brilliance and utter cowardice. Whatever Jews want, Harvard teaches.

Dear Professor Porter:

I saw your interview with Yahoo News on the productivity drop, which I found shocking and very informative.

I am going to flash you some credentials of a sort first and then drop my bomb.

–4.5 mio search results on Google (https://www.google.com/search?q=john+de%20nugent)


–1981 high honors grad, Georgetown


–Military intelligence, USMC

–my website and article on Trump was just featured on Russia 1 (http://tinyurl.com/zqopqc8)


–My family co-founded Rhode Island in 1636



After this, now to my points:

1) The productivity drop is because of the racial browning of America; the country is only 50% white (yes) and the workforce is browning as well, and they have lower IQs (see “The Bell Curve” by your fellow Harvard prof. Richard Murray)

2) The Fed is deliberately prolonging the Recession so (OMG, here comes the taboo word) wealthy Jews can foreclose on more and more property, as in the Great Depression.


I expect nothing from you, Professor. This is just a karmic warning that you are peddling claptrap and bandaids to a wounded nation.

I have the facts. You have political correctness.


John de Nugent

……For four days now Stripe has been up after it was hacked nine months ago and still not one donation

Did I not teach you things you can read nowhere else? But ah, someone else, you figured, will send money. But …they thought …YOU would! 😉



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