Happy MENTAL Independence Day, comrades! First, free yourselves from Facebook!

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I want to congratulate today every comrade in America who has mentally freed himself from ZOG and had the courage to face ridicule, ostracism, job loss, threats and scorn because we truly believe in truth, justice and the American way.

The day is coming soon when that anger that swept Donald Trump into office will produce a real leader for this once great country.

1776 should have been the beginning of a Golden Age.

It still can be.

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…….First, stop getting Zucked!

The comrades in Germany, America, France, Canada, etc. all get so very angry about the “sheeple” (outside our ranks) but are they themselves, to be frank, not pitiful sheeple to stay stubbornly with the hostile Facebook,and then WHINE when they get “zucked” — suspended or deleted for the fifth time! What do they expect? 😉


If WE owned Facebook, would WE permit THEM to have accounts and publish non-stop their anti-white propaganda, race-mixing, homosexuality, open borders and pedophilia on OUR social medium? Hmmm? 


No, we would not. More and more comrades are now using vk.com,where the same people are found — and no libtard ever harasses and humiliates you for saying the truth!

A comrade wrote me:

  • hi john i just came here to vk.com from your website. How 1488 can i be?
    i won’t mention the holohoax or hitler – any other do-nots?
    good luck, mate!
  • Hi! Even the Holycost and Adolf are usually okay here, just not always. Putin’s older brother died of starvation during the German siege of Leningrad. :-( 😒


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  1. Dear John:

    Since many people, for diverse reasons, will find it impossible or at least inconvenient to leave Facebook, for them a the solution would be to ALSO use vk.com without abandoning Facebook.

    So they can use this alternative for topics that might get them “zucked” if they used Facebook.

    A Word of caution is not out of place here.

    In a similar way that Facebook cooperates with the US government, vk will and has to cooperate with the Russian government. So, vk can never completely meet our needs either.



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