Half of whites descend from ancient warlord

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Bronze-Age swords found in Scotland

….Excellent keeping-it-real video from Kai Murros about white martial talent

Whites have not always been liberal wusses!



……Half of western Europeans descend from one warlord in 2000 BC

I think many Americans, having grown up in a republic, and even before our independence we had very few lords and barons who had moved to this new land in North America, do not understand how the nobility arose.

It arose by war.

Thomas Paine wrote in the 1770s that the British nobility was just “William the Conqueror and his captains.”

I did a major essay on this Norman Invasion:  https://www.johndenugent.com/the-norman-conquest-gives-england-to-jews/  This problem with all this was the Jews of Rouen, Normandy had lent the money to finance this conquest. England was the first country the Jews ever took over, by financial means, and the Normans became the most ruthless, brutal aristocracy ever in Europe, feeling quite separate and distinct, as they indeed were, from the British Isles peoples (English, Irish, Scots, Welsh and Cornish).  This article also became a major cover story in The Barnes Review. (My own ancestry is Norman.)


The Normans used heavy cavalry (knights on armored horses) to crush the brave Anglo-Saxon foot-soldiers at the Battle of Hastings.

Norman knight mounted

Now comes this article , consistent with my view:


Being politically correct, they of course leave out immense amounts of material. The simple facts of white evolution are these.

In the Old Stone Age, which ended in a 20,000 year Ice Age, every man was a killer because every man had to be a hunter (and the women were gatherers, and child-rearers.) There was no agriculture because it was too cold and snowy.  If the hunt was unsuccessful, the clan starved to death. And no woman would marry a bad hunter. So the genes of the wusses, the lazy and the sloppy died out.

In “Ice Age Columbus,” Zia, daughter of the clan chieftain, tells a resentful loser off.



In both Pennsylvania and Michigan, there are not a few female hunters to this very day, usually taught by their fathers.

An Upper Peninsula of Michigan girl of Finnish ancestry with 80 pounds of future venison for the table.


A Pennsylvania girl, proud of her kill, and taught by her dad


Artemis (called Diana in Latin), the ancient Greek goddess of the hunt


Of course, hunting is basically a father-and-son skill, men having much higher levels of testosterone, the male hormone, which makes the brutal taking of life — especially for food — cost less of an inner struggle.


Women are ruled more by estrogen, the compassion and nurturing hormone which makes them good mothers and, most of all, patient with kids (and it explains “Black Lives Matter” female liberals 😉 … They will understand, forgive and put up with anything blacks do — a Jew-designed misuse of the maternal instinct.)


The New Stone Age, however, was the age of agriculture, and spreading, booming populations of farmers.  But these men and women were no longer killers. (Well, they killed the wheat. 😉 )



So wimps and wusses could breed successfully in the New Stone Age. The wheat and barley did not fight back, run away, or sink its fangs into you like a one-ton, Ice Age, short-muzzled cave bear.


So new technology (agriculture) changed us genetically into a softer race where the peaceful could breed.

But then our race invented bronze (tin plus copper), created new weapons and armor, then the wheel, then the war chariot, and it domesticated/tamed the horse to both pull a plow but also carry him into battle or pull that chariot.

The chariot’s platform meant you were throwing and shooting downward from above, and the horses gave you speed and the power to trample foes. (Physical combat is exhausting for foot-soldiers, and terrible thirst is the result in most battles.) Here are some Kelts around 700 BC, wearing their usual garb even then, plaid pants.  (It did not start with golf, you see.  😉 )


A bronze (or, later, iron) sword like this Spartan kopis could easily slash through a thin wooden shield (a heavy one would be too heavy to carry) and slice into leather body armor.



As populations expanded, but agriculture remained primitive (small yields per acre, bugs ate a lot of the crop, and the weather was unpredictable) there arose more and more hunger and thus competition for farmland. Then one tribe decided to TAKE farmland from another, or seize women (sometimes needed to rebuild a tribe via babies after a disaster).

Early Romans take Sabine women away (to be their wives, btw).


Specialization was also happening. Instead of everyone being either a hunter or a gatherer, some were farmers, others miners, others leatherworkers, and still others doctors (with herbs, etc.) Some made clothes or boots, some became professional midwives, and still others became full-time MAN-hunters — THAT IS, THE FIRST SOLDIERS.

And entire tribes of nordics — tall, blond-haired, blue-eyed Indo-Europeans — came in with their bronze swords, armor, shields, war chariots ands horses, and conquered all of Europe from the brunet (brown-haired and brown-eyed) original whites.

(IMO, nordics, redheads and brunets came originally in waves from different human-settled planets in our galaxy, either as refugees or colonists, just as the desirable North America has attracted both refugees and colonists, but this is a whole other topic:

UFOs, the Third Reich after 1945, and the Pleiadians


These nordics did not invent war, but they were very good at it.



The blond Roman Emperor Augustus


The Vikings (some of whom learned French and became “the Normans” — from the word “Northmen”)


So now we have a mixed white population, with most descending from the peaceful farmers and a few from professional warriors. In the Old Stone Age, every man was a killer, or he could not breed.

It struck me when I was flying down to Marine Corps boot camp at Parris island, South Carolina in 1976 that a kid was also flying on the same flight, but to an Army bootcamp. We got to talking and he asked me in wonderment:

“Why would you ever join the Marines? That is, like, so much harder!”

Zackly, bro. 😉



…… Conclusion

Only an elite is going to do what soon needs to be done. Most of us descend from the farmers.

The new religion Virtus will 1) create a new warrior class and 2) motivate the farmers and women to admire, appreciate and support them.

“The NSDAP protects the folk community”


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