Gun-grabber outrage on House floor; Black Crime Matters: debunking the racist cop image; WHITE RESERVATIONS – -AN IDEA WHOSE TIME HAS COME

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Gun grabbers outrage Congressional decorum by demonstrating and shouting on floor of US House of Representatives, 22 June 2016



….Black congressman & white liberals demand in effect that law-abiding whites should lose guns after an Afghani muslim kills gay hispanics — sounds like white genocide to me!


……Crime stats truth — blacks are actually



Disproportionate Justice Debunked: Whclarence-malcolm-piy Race Matters,

Proof Police Are NOT Biased

By Clarence Malcolm

Private Criminal Investigator (ret.)

June 23, 2016

The June 15th edition of C-Ville featured a story by freelance writer, Jordy Yager, “Searching for Solutions: Why are black kids arrested more often than white kids.”

The purpose of Yager’s story was, evidently, to probe the problem of so-called “Disproportionate Minority Contact” (“DMC”) and the allegation of “unconscious racial bias” in local law enforcement, prosecutors, probation offices and others persons working with juveniles.

This story complained about how police stop, frisk and arrest black children on the street 3 to 4 times as often as white kids, how they’re sent to court more often, how people call the cops on them more often, how they’re placed on probation more often, and how schools suspend them more often.

Of course, the big elephant in the living room-question no one interviewed could precisely answer is “why?”


*** Added material by me, JdN

White Massachusetts high school teacher, Colleen Ritzer, and her pupil, who raped and killed her when she stayed after school to tutor him, leaving a tree branch rammed up her vagina.  But white lives don’t matter.


Banner of the website “”


Charlottesville has a charming downtown.


Charlottesville,Virginia is a city of around 43,000 located southwest of Washington DC — and is 20% black, with, by sheerest coincidence,  an “above-average crime rate.”


Charlottesville is a college town (University of Virginia) that is full of brain-dead, estrogen-ruled liberals. For them, white cops who arrest blacks are racists, and if an Afghan Koran-reading muslim shoots 49 Hispanic gays, then it is time to take guns away from law-abiding white American Christians.


Charlottesville’s most famous citizen was this guy:



 His house near Charlottesville


Thomas Jefferson had an IQ estimated at around 200, spoke French, read every book ever written, studied the Talmud and ended up despising the Jews, and even made his own wine from a from local North American grape called Scuppernong. ( (It’s good. 😉 )


John Kennedy once said at a banquet here of illustrious guests that this event was the greatest assembly of talent in the house since the last time Jefferson dined here — alone. 😉


Jefferson also founded the University of Virginia here in Charlottesville, and designed its main buildings, which strongly resemble Monticello.


My daughter Erika graduated from his University of Virginia with a double major in nursing and art, and she is now married to a Johns Hopkins PhD.

Erika’s charcoal portrait of a little white boy


Part of a mural by Erika


Thomas Jefferson of said Charlottesville, Virginia had over 200 slaves, like other very wealthy Virginians of the 1770s.

He studied blacks very carefully both as workers and as people, and was extremely worried about an eventual race war in America.

He wrote once famously about black slavery: “We have a wolf by the ears. We cannot let go and we cannot hang on.”



The composer of the Declaration of Independence and third US president worried that, unless blacks got their own areas to live, back in Africa or in the New World, the huge anger between the two races would some day trigger “a war of extermination by one race of the other.”

Jefferson Memorial, Washington DC


Jefferson willed that his private library go to found the Library of Congress located in Washington DC. 


I have done extensive videos on what Founding Fathers Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin thought and wrote about both race and immigration.

Of course,  the Democratic Party, though founded by said Thomas Jefferson, would never allow dis’ racis’ any political career today at all. 😉




Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson debate the wording of the Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia, June, 1776



*** returning to Clarence Malcolm’s article



Although several propositions were presented, none provided a viable or clear-but solution to the purported DMC problem, but the story certainly pointed the finger of blame on police and other public officials by accusing them of bias toward blacks.

I present this article in defense of the police and I prove, via government statistics, the true fact that the police are merely doing their job, as best they can, and that alleged bias is actually negligible.


The past few years have seen unprecedented concern about racial bias in law enforcement. Deaths of young black men at the hands of the police led to serious rioting in Ferguson, Missouri, and in Baltimore. These and other deaths gave rise to the Black Lives Matter movement, which has carried out hundreds of demonstrations across the country and even in Canada. It is widely assumed that the police and the courts are strongly biased against blacks, Hispanics and other nonwhites. The truth, however, is that our public officials are not biased toward minorities.

This problem cannot be fully understood by concentrating on a few cases, no matter how disturbing they may first appear. There were an estimated 11,300,000 arrests in the United States in 2013, the overwhelming majority of which were carried out properly by law enforcement officers. It is only in a larger context that we can draw conclusions about systemic police bias or misbehavior. This larger context is characterized by two fundamental factors. The first is that different racial groups commit crime at strikingly different rates, and have done so for many years. The second is that crime, overall, has declined dramatically over the last 20 years. Only after considering these points is it possible to draw well-founded conclusions about alleged police bias.


I realize what I am about to write is extremely controversial…but, it is my firm conviction that DMC by law enforcement is justified and appropriate because of the true fact black juveniles and adults, alike, perpetrate a much higher rate of crime than other races!

Also, bear in mind, our highly trained police only stop and frisk “suspects” pursuant to the standard of “reasonable suspicion” to investigate crime or to ask questions pertaining to criminal activity, past or present.

The allegation that police are accosting and arresting black kids more than white kids because of overt or subconscious bias is preposterous. Law enforcement officers are well aware of the true fact blacks perpetrate crime far more often than whites, Hispanics and Asians, and this is why they are more frequently subjected to investigation and arrest.

Reading Jordy Yager’s story, however, may cause some people to think our public servants wake up each morning with intent to “bust” as many blacks as they possibly can that day. However, federal crime statistics prove this presumed bias by city police and other public officials is not occurring at all!


The definitive analysis of crime rates based on race, entitled ‘The Color of Crime,’ written by Economist and Researcher Edwin S. Rubinstein, M.A., New Century Foundation, provides the following findings concerning “race, crime and justice in America,” based on the best government statistics available…

  • The evidence suggests that if there is police racial bias in arrests it is negligible. Victim and witness surveys show that police arrest violent criminals in close proportion to the rates at which criminals of different races commit violent crimes.
  • There are dramatic race differences in crime rates. Asians have the lowest rates, followed by whites, and then Hispanics. Blacks have notably high crime rates. This pattern holds true for virtually all crime categories and for virtually all age groups.
  • In 2013, a black was six times more likely than a non-black to commit murder, and 12 times more likely to murder someone of another race than to be murdered by someone of another race.
  • In 2013, of the approximately 660,000 crimes of interracial violence that involved black and whites, blacks were the perpetrators 85 percent of the time. This meant a black person was 27 times more likely to attack a white person than vice versa. A Hispanic was eight times more likely to attack a white person than the other way around.
  • In 2014 in New York City, a black was 31 times more likely than a white to be arrested for murder, and a Hispanic was 12.4 times more likely. For the crime of “shooting” — defined as firing a bullet that hits someone — a black was 98.4 times more likely than a white to be arrested, and a Hispanic was 23.6 times more likely.
  • If New York City were all white, the murder rate would drop by 91 percent, the robbery rate by 81 percent, and the shootings rate by 97 percent.
  • In an all-white Chicago, murder would decline 90 percent, rape by 81 percent, and robbery by 90 percent.
  • In 2015, a black person was 2.45 times more likely than a white person to be shot and killed by police. A Hispanic person was 1.21 times more likely. These figures are well within what would be expected given race differences in crime rates and likelihood to resist arrest.
  • In 2015, police killings of blacks accounted for approximately 4 percent of homicides of blacks. Police killings of unarmed blacks accounted for approximately 0.6 percent of homicides of blacks. The overwhelming majority of black homicide victims (93 percent from 1980 to 2008) were killed by other blacks.
  • Both violent and non-violent crime had been declining in the United States since a high in 1993, but 2015 saw a disturbing rise in murder in major American cities that some observers associated with “de-policing” in response to intense media and public scrutiny of police activity.



Many people erroneously believe the only reason blacks are more likely to be arrested than whites is because of racist police. In fact, the evidence clearly suggests very strongly the police simply arrest people who commit crime; and people of different races commit crime at very different rates.

Our dutiful police are well aware of this fact. Many crimes have witnesses; robberies and rapes, for example. The victim usually gets a good look at the perpetrator so as to easily discern his race. If 70% of the people who are mugged tell the police the mugger was black and if 70% of the people arrested for mugging are black, then the police are obviously doing their job.

The following graph is a comparison of many types of crimes showing the percentage of perpetrators witnesses identified as black and the percentage of blacks who were arrested for these same crimes.

The dark blue lines are witness reports for black offenders and the lighter blue lines represent the black persons arrested for these same crimes. Notice the tallest line represents robberies, which include muggings, wherein witnesses stated more than 70% of muggers were black. But, as you can see from the shorter light blue line next to it, not even 60% of the people arrested for mugging are black. The same phenomenon occurs with assaults, the far left dark blue line, where witnesses reported nearly 40% of the offenders to be black, yet just over 30% of arrestees were black.

Notice the same thing occurs for kidnappings, sex offenses, arson, bribery, extortion, burglary, motor vehicle theft, weapon law offenses and prostitution offenses! A smaller percentage of blacks are arrested although witnesses identified a larger percentage of black perpetrators.

While the graph does show a few crimes where the percentage of blacks arrested is slightly higher than the percentage of blacks identified by witnesses, when you add up the percentage of crimes in all categories, the black arrest rate is 14% lower than the percentage of black identified by witnesses as perpetrators.

This data is compiled from more than 6,000 police departments nationwide and represents 29% of the U.S. population. This constitutes a huge representative sample.


Police arrest criminals! When police arrest more blacks than other races, it is because blacks commit more crimes.

The purpose of this article, however, is not to explain “why” blacks – more than other races – perpetrate the higher percentage of crimes…but, rather, to provide reputable statistics which prove police are doing their job absent bias toward blacks. It is ridiculous to believe police wake up each day with intent to go out and arrest as many Black as they possibly can. This is simply not occurring, as official data proves!

It is surprisingly difficult to arrive at a definitive picture of the races of offenders. The National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) categorizes crime victims by race and Hispanic ethnicity, but until recently, it did not consider Hispanics a separate offender category; it usually called them “white” or “other race.”

Furthermore, beginning in 2009, the year the Obama administration took office, the NCVS stopped publishing information on race of offender, even though it continued to gather the data.

In 2015, however, the Department of Justice finally released a partial set of offender-race information.

The Uniform Crime Reports program, which is the basis of the FBI’s national tabulation of arrests, includes Hispanics in the “white” category. Arrest and incarceration rates by race — to the extent they are even available — must often serve as imperfect indicators of actual offense rates by race.

As we will see in greater detail below, blacks are arrested at much higher rates than any other racial group. It is common to argue that these high rates are the result of racial bias, and that bias continues through every stage of criminal processing: indictment, plea bargain, trial, sentencing, parole, etc.
In 2008, then-senator Barack Obama asserted that blacks and whites “are arrested at very different rates, are convicted at very different rates, [and] receive very different sentences … for the same crime.”


This view is echoed by the media but is not supported by either the scholarly literature or by government statistics.

Police, in particular, are often accused of racial bias, but is it really plausible that they arrest blacks they know are innocent but ignore white criminals? A 2008 summary of earlier research compared the races of offenders as identified by victims to the races of perpetrators arrested by the police and found that “the odds of arrest for whites were 22 percent higher for robbery, 13 percent higher for aggravated assault, and 9 percent higher for simple assault than they were for blacks, whereas there were no differences for forcible rape.”

A 2015 study of American men based on the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health found that controlling for IQ and lifetime records of violence completely accounted for racial differences in arrest rates.

Fortunately, there is an excellent database that throws light directly on the question of racial bias in arrests: the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS). In 2013, 6,328 law enforcement agencies covering approximately 29 percent of the US population reported crime to the FBI using NIBRS categories, which include races of reported offenders as well as races of persons arrested. It is reasonable to assume that both the racial mix of this massive sample and the behavior of police officers are representative of the entire United States.

Unfortunately, NIBRS does not distinguish between whites and Hispanics, which means blacks are the only racial group for which we have consistent information. However, blacks are the group most frequently said to be victims of police bias, so if the police treat them fairly it is probably safe to conclude they treat other groups fairly.

How much more crime do blacks commit? Believe it or not, nobody knows; it is impossible to get national figures because the FBI lumps Hispanics in with whites. For example, here is Daniel Guzman, wanted by the FBI. The FBI classifies Guzman’s race as “white,” although he is clearly Hispanic.


Here is another Latino man, Napoleon Castro, whom the FBI classifies as “white.”


Many cities, however, do distinguish between black, Hispanics, whites and Asians in calculating crime statistics. For example, the New York City 2014 crime table below shows the rate at which different races are arrested for different crimes. As I stated before, arrest rates are an excellent indicator of who is committing crimes.

Look at the murder statistic for New York City and you will see the arrest rate for whites is set to “1.” You can also see blacks in New York City is 2014 had a murder arrest rate 30.9 times greater than whites. This is known as a “multiple of 30.9.” You will also notice the greater arrest rate for Hispanics and Asians over whites.

Now look at the arrest rates for shooting – this is when someone fires a bullet that hits a person – and you will see blacks were 98.4 more times arrested for this serious felony offense than whites, representing a multiple of nearly 100! The black arrow at the top of the line means it runs completely off the chart. Also, notice the pattern…for all these crimes, blacks are arrested far more than Hispanics…who are arrested at a higher rate than Asians.

The higher arrest rates for black, Hispanics and Asians over whites does not mean police are biased toward nonwhites more than whites. Rather, it means blacks, Hispanics and Asians are perpetrating more crime than whites.

These figures show a hugely disproportionate number of criminals in New York City or either black or Hispanic. This does not mean Police hate blacks and Hispanics but love whites and Asians!




Here’s a different way to think about it…  Imagine an all-white New York City…if the additional whites committed crimes at exactly the same rate as the whites who live there now then the crime rate would dramatically fall. Murder would drop by 91%, robbery by 81% and shootings would decline by 97%. You could lay off most of the police force. If other major American cities were all white, you’d get similar dramatic reductions in crime for all categories.

JdN: White female NYC school teachers in 2014 wearing t-shirts supporting the NYPD 





The next table shows arrest multiples for different versions of the same crime with the more serious versions above the less serious ones. Rape is more serious than groping someone. Felonious assault with a weapon is more serious than pushing someone, a misdemeanor assault. Petty larceny would be shoplifting an inexpensive item. Notice that in every case, the less serious offenses have lower arrest multiples for nonwhites than the more serious offenses.


This provides mores evidence that police are not biased! Why? Well, police have a lot of latitude in deciding whether to make arrests for less serious crimes. For example, if someone is laying on the sidewalk bleeding and a suspect with a knife in his hand is seen running from the crime scene, then the police are going to make an arrest. However, if police observes a person push another individual, they may decide not to make an arrest.

This is the critical point…if police were biased against blacks and other nonwhites then they would be inclined to arrest every suspect who pushed someone or shoplifted a loaf of bread…and look the other way when whites perpetrated the same minor offenses.

If this were the case, the multiples would be very high, but instead, they are lower. This clearly proves police arrests are not biased and they are merely doing their job! In many instances, police deliberately look the other way when dealing with many blacks who commit minor offenses. Police well know that arresting blacks for petty offenses may be more bother than it’s worth.

For example, if a white person affixed a gummy advertising sticker to public property, he is—more likely than not—to be cited or arrested for institutional vandalism. However, if a black perpetrated the same minor offense, the police would be reluctant to take any action because blacks would likely riot after they learned how a black person went to jail for affixing gummy advertising stickers on public property.

For this reason, police are much inclined to be more lenient with blacks than with whites when it comes to taking action pursuant to minor offenses. If police were biased toward blacks, they would cite or arrest blacks for every petty offense.

According to some studies, blacks are nine times more likely to resist arrest and this is another reason police are inclined to avoid arresting blacks for minor offenses.

So, since police are not biased, then the prosecutors and courts must be…right?

Wrong! The following graph shows the percentage of people arrested for various crimes who are black and the percentage of prisoners who are black. The dark blue bars on the left are arrests and the light blue bars on the right are prisoners. If the entire process, from arrest to trial, to prison, to release were biased towards nonwhites, we’d expect the light blue bars, which represent prisoners, to be a lot taller. Some are a little taller, some are shorter, but the total balances out just as we’d expect for a fair system. Hence, the true fact is that police, prosecutors, judges and probation officers are not biased toward blacks and other nonwhites. Criminals are in prison because they are “criminals” – not because of bias by police or other public officials.


Let’s examine a few other eye-opening true facts which are readily gleaned from ‘The Color of Crime’ report.…

  • Every year there are about 600,000 acts of interracial criminal violence involving blacks and whites. A black is the attacker and the white is the victim 85% of the time. This means a black is 27 times more likely to attack a white than the other way around.
  • Then there are police shootings – which we hear so much about. During 2015, nationwide, police shot and killed 990 people. Blacks were approximately 2.5 times more likely than whites to be killed by police; Hispanics were about 25% more likely. Only 93 of the 990 people killed by police were unarmed. For that very small number, blacks were 5.6 times more likely than whites to be shot. But as we can readily observe from the above official tables, blacks are involved in violent crime at much higher rates than whites…and, blacks were 4.5 times more likely—than people of other races—to kill a police officer!

Also, as I mentioned earlier, blacks are more likely to resist arrest and this is exactly the kind of outrageous behavior that leads to police shootings. Again, it is clear police are merely doing their job and not hunting down blacks, as Black Lives Matter folks would have you believe.


  • Murder is a huge problem for blacks. For decades murder has been the leading cause of death for black men between ages of 15 to 34. In fact, the U.S. Department of Justice reports 93% of blacks are killed by other blacks. Only about half a percent of blacks who are killed are unarmed blacks killed by police. A half a percent! It is this tiny percentage that Black Lives Matter cares about but they never complain about the 5,000 blacks every year who are murdered by other blacks.

This article only skims the surface of the bountiful information and statistics provided in ‘The Color of Crime’ report. There are sections in this report on immigrant crime rates, the effect of incarceration rates on crime, why it is wrong to believe drug arrests are racially biased and a lot more! A hard copy of ‘The Color of Crime’ report can be ordered at:



Clarence Malcolm – aka ”Justice Ranger”

Private Criminal Investigator (ret.)

Charlottesville, VA


…..Excellent book by a Bridgeport, Connecticut cop, James Lancia,who patrolled the toughest “project” in the whole US




Donald Trump has hired an Establishment Republican, Paul Manafort, as his new campaign manager, and he has come out for Diane Feinstein’s gun control proposal (if a fed bureaucrat puts you on the no-fly or terrorist watch list, you can’t buy a gun).

Trump, what are you smoking on gun control ?!?!?!

Now he is giving speeches by teleprompter.

Is Trump going RINO?
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