Guest blog: Rebel of Oz on “Those old stories from the War” of 1939-45

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About the Significance of “Old Stories”


Or he threatens Puerto-Ricans on his many trips to New York.


The article below is the Rebel’s second heartfelt editorial about the earth-shaking new documentary by Kyle Hunt and the powerful and courageous author Thomas Goodrich on Hellstorm, the documentary film on the true genocide — that of the Germans, 1944-47.


It is now at 96,618 views on YouTube.


Here it is on Mike Delaney’s jew-free TruTube:

Kyle Hunt interviews Thomas Goodrich in a passionate discussion of the film, the progress of the truth, and the issues we must face: 


I am proud that my voice is on there three times and Margi’s also thrice. I also worked behind the scenes to help Kyle in getting a wrongful character attack on him removed off the Internet and ending a flame war between comrades.

Now we have this masterpiece — but will you watch it?

I will confess that I was tearing up against last night, four days after I forced myself to watch HS, and EVERYONE who sees it actually has the same reaction. I am doing a short video and a blog on my personal take on this masterpiece of a film. I will just say in short:

Even if you only watch it once, you have to watch it once.

Now, here is the second moving blog in English by a real German — on Hellstorm.





This has been a highly emotional week for me. I wrote about my experience of watching the “Hellstorm” documentary before. ( I showed my highly personal description to a number of friends and family who I suspected of having problems with my outspoken views and was appalled by their response.Most people I showed the article said something along the lines of “I know — war is terrible.” They obviously didn’t grasp the significance of the film respectively the book the film is based on. World War II is not just another “terrible war” like all the others. It was unique in its cruelty and mercilessness.Germans, I guess, are used to “terrible wars”. During the 30-Years War from 1618 – 1648, 90% of the German population got killed, which is certainly “terrible” by anybody’s standards. However what made World War II even worse was that in the latter most of the fatalities were deliberately caused by combatants on order of their superiors, whereas during the 30-Year-War most of the deaths, especially amongst civilians, were inadvertently caused by hunger and plague.30 year warThat’s a fundamental difference. It’s one thing to conduct a “regular” war in which – as an unintended side-effect – diseases and hunger kill large portions of the civilian population. That’s “only” criminal negligence. And another to deliberately kill millions of defenceless people, mostly civilians, by bombing their cities, machine-gunning and bombing their refugee treks and Red Cross ships, gang-raping every single female from 8 to 80, brutalise or even kill them by the hundreds of thousands if they don’t willingly spread their legs, and to intentionally starve, thirst and freeze to death 1.5 millions of POW each, both on the American and the Soviet side.Why else do you think would have desperate German civilians killed  themselves on an unprecedented scale? On 1 May 1945, in the German town of Demmin alone, as many as 2000 Germans committed mass suicide for fear of the advancing “Asian hordes”.

It was the biggest mass suicide ever in known human history.


Revealed: How thousands of Germans committed mass suicide as Allies approached in the final days of WWII

  • Up to 2,000 killed themselves in German town in final days of Nazi rule 
  • Manfred Schuster witnessed the mass suicide in Demmin at 10-years-old
  • 70 years on recalls horror of seeing mothers kill themselves and children
  • Nazi Germany surrendered to the Allies just days after the tragedy 

By Sam Matthew for MailOnline

At just 10-years-old Manfred Schuster stumbled upon the biggest mass suicide in modern European history.

Seventy years on he has never forgotten the

‘bloodcurdling’ screams as a group of around 50 women killed themselves and their children right in front of him.

The date was May 1, 1945, and he was in the German town of Demmin in the final days of the Third Reich.

Up to 2,000 residents killed themselves after the arrival of the Soviet Army sparked widespread panic. [JdN: The article despicably implies the panic was unreasonable.]

‘I shall never forget the cries of ‘Mum, Mum,” Mr Schuster reportedly told the Times.

Mr Schuster and his family had only arrived in the town from Stettin, now Szcsecin, Poland, a few weeks earlier.

He told how he was returning from the shops along the banks of the river Peene with his friend when they heard the screams.

The boys saw around

50 women, weighed down with stones, jump to their deaths in the murky water with their children tethered to them.

‘The most horrible part was when a couple of the children broke free and made it back to the bank, from where they just looked on helplessly, screaming back at the water where their mothers and siblings had drowned.’

The mass suicides were triggered by the arrival of the Soviet Army the previous day, who were responsible for sacking the town.

Angered by the shooting of three Soviet negotiators, the unit carried out a number of revenge killings and rapes before reducing Demmin to ash.

Mr Schuster said for days after the mass suicide he saw the bodies of the women and their children being dragged from the water and buried in mass graves.

Others in the town killed themselves by hanging, cutting their wrists and poisoning, the newspaper reported.

Around one in 17 people from the town died in total.

The mass suicide took place in the German town of Demmin on May 1, 1945. Pictured: Demmin

The mass suicide came just eight days before German General Jodl signed the unconditional surrender document in Reims, France, which formally ended the Second World War in Europe.

Author Florian Huber revealed how terror and fear had forced the townsfolk to take their own lives in his book, ‘Child, promise me that you will shoot yourself’.

‘What happened in Demmin happened in many other places across Germany. It was the greatest mass suicide in all our history,’ he said.

'What happened in Demmin happened in many other places across Germany,' said author Florian Huber

‘What happened in Demmin happened in many other places across Germany,’ said author Florian Huber.



The reason why this matters is not that it is yet another reminder that “war is terrible” –as if anyone needed a reminder of that platitude. The real significance of what really happened is that the people responsible for the suffering got away with it and have been “sold” to us ever since as heroes and “the good guys”.greatest-generation-brokawThat’s exactly the reason why they keep doing it. Just look at what “they” did to Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and – if they had their way – would also do to Iran. That’s just their victims in the 21st century. Before that there were dozens of other just as sorry cases.

Every time our ruling parasites get away with one of their psychopathic mass murders, next time around they get even more reckless.

The Nuremberg Trials, we are taught at school, were supposed to teach “evil governments” that they can’t get away with mass murder, tyranny and genocide. It was an Orwellian case of up-side-down Newspeak, where the victims of the real genocide were accused by the perpetrators of having committed worse crimes.

If you want to rid humanity of this kind of evil, the first thing you need to do is fearlessly establish the truth. Laws and taboos that forbid doing so and systematically and rabidly destroy anyone who ignores them, can only have one purpose alone and that’s indemnity for the genocidal psychopaths who have committed those monstrous crimes.

An Australian-born German, the Rebel of Oz is the webmaster of Australian-based Rebel Site.





I am going to do a video to go with my personal edito on the film. As I stated in my intro aboe to the Rebel’s editorial, I found myself crying again, four days after seeing the film.

In reality, delving into the collective unconscious, I think the film engenders a crisis: What kind of a hell planet do we live on? Where the good die and the devils win?  

This is what I seek to address soon. I think many are vaguely aware that there have been other, lesser hellstorms in history…. The Hunt-Goodrich film reignites the question: Why go on living?

The one that Hamlet asks.

My video goes into this:  John de Nugent: The God Videos Part 1 Is this planet, as Aldous Huxley once asked, maybe the hell of another planet? If so, how do we de-hell it?


[From “Are God and the soul real?” on my videos page:]

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