Guess I don't hate blacks enough…..

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A comment ( on my “Webpage For African-Americans”

January 5th, 2010 at 11:32 pm

You mystify me Mr. de Nugent. Did you really feel so compelled to write that long essay [] in response to that niggers rant against you? Niggers are the classic psychopathic race-at least as psychopathic as jews. They only see things in terms of dominance and submission and interpret civility as a weakness to be exploited. Theyre narcissists who look for weakness, especially in white women, so they can manipulate for their own gratification. Niggers have 0 conscience and would hate whites no matter how much you may try to reason with them. Metzgers been trying it for years and has given up on the idea. In fact, blacks dont hate us so much for slavery, which is a convenient excuse, but rather for our good qualities which put them in the shade and excite a hatred born of resentment and envy.
And what was with the crack about blacks being sexier? Are you well in the head?

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John de Nugent
January 6th, 2010 at 12:08 am Edit | Delete | Spam

Dear Sir,

I did not feel compelled at all, and the word compelled is out of place, if not an attempt at an innuendo. That essay was planned for years. The rant by a seeming psychopath who is apparently black (he could be an Israeli sitting in Tel Aviv for all I know) was simply a welcome opportunity to make an important strategic declaration to the black majority that is NOT psychopathic.

Did you by any chance read my post today?

Did you read my post YESTERDAY?

I agree 100% with you about dominance and submission; that is why blacks like Hitler (they perceive him as a Shaka Zulu); and that is why I wrote what I did.

Hatred however understandable given the atrocities blacks have committed against so many of us is not what guides my political and ethical decisions, but only the victory and survival of my race. Blacks are the potential enemy of my enemy. My beloved fiance Margaret was raped twice by Blacks in Washington, DC (she has spoken of this on radio)..

and I have been a victim of black crime as well, and of abusive, racist black cops (and definitely because I was white; they surely had no idea who I was; one black Georgia cop was later arrrested for harassing many white motorists and convicted).

I have written dozens of posts condemning black crime and pointing out the differences in brain structure, which I assume you actually read above. If you enter the search term John de Nugent and blacks you will find fifty-nine thousand hits.

I commissioned the webpage on the tragedy of South Africa — — with hideous atrocity photos of what blacks have done to my sisters and brothers there, I hired a gifted white South African WN to design this beautiful website, and just a few days ago I wrote the post on three new South African songs dealing with the destruction of the white Afrikaners (

Beyond that, I have risked my life, health, education and finances since 1978, for 31 years, for this Cause in what year did you become a public WN activist? and I am out here with my real name, address and phone number. I have suffered murder attempts divorces, ostracism and military sanctions that ended my promising Marine Corps officer ambitions in 1980.

I think my record speaks for itself, and I will definitely not continue on the path of the usual white-power this and white-rights that, for none of that approach has worked. And I am very well aware that Tom Metzger has tried outreach with blacks and found it nearly pointless in the end. I am not Tom and my approach is not his.

Please be assured that I have not gone soft on the black issue; if you could see the obscene emails blacks are sending me, you would not doubt that the real psychopaths among the blacks and jews fear my honest, upfront, reasonable strategy, which I will continue. I was called a pink mutant, c-r, faggot, pale mutant, dying old white man, failure, loser, poser every type of abuse possible which tells me that I am on the correct path. 😉

Were I not doing something right, the Discovery Channel would not be coming Thursday with a six-man crew to film me on the Solutreans, then and now.

And the Jews would not be complaining:

What the Jew worries about is that I am politically ready to build working alliances, and not repeat the catastrophic mistake of Hitler, who refused General Vlassov’s two offers to create a multi-million-man Russian National Liberation Army to fight alongside the Germans.

Losing World War Two was a mega-catastrophe.

We cannot screw up again by refusing to ally with those who have muscle. Those Slavs hated the Jews and were ready to FIGHT.

As Saga appealed in her song I just featured:

Don’t let it end this way,
Don’t let it end this way,
Don’t let it end this way, I can’t bear to witness . .

But I thank you for your message, white brother, because I understand your concerns, and your anger at blacks, but I have not gone soft. I will also not do a vainglorious Picketts Charge, Stalingrad or Charge of the Light Brigade. I am interested in practical steps to white victory. And that means 90% building our own power up, not relying at all on what blacks say or do.

I am inspired by what Hitler stated in his first speech as chancellor: WE DID EVERYTHING OURSELVES! Never can we depend on any outside power!

I will also wager this, comrade, that between my years teaching public school, my Marine years, my Army National Guard years, and my Jehovahs Witness years back in the 1970s, I have known as many blacks as you, or more. And the white life which my approach may save may be, not mine, but yours, brother.

John de Nugent

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  1. JdN’s article about Mel Gibson’s APOCALYPTO once garnered over 16,000 views as I recall. It was THAT good. I don’t know of anyone who hasn’t had someone they know or themselves violated by black crime. Not to say that other “minorities” don’t also engage in horrific acts of violence against Whites.

    JdN is a fair man, a just man, an honest man who is doing a very important work for White survival.
    He is comforted in all of this by an exceptionally beautiful and talented woman.
    Whenever I become of a pessimistic mindset I always, by serendipity, come across something by JdN, I immediately realize that tomorrow belongs to us.

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