“Greatest scandal in British history”: explosive Australian Television (ABC) documentary on British ruling-class pedophiles, child rape and murder; Associated Press contacts LeoFrank.org

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…..Australian “Sixty Minutes” documentary on ruling-class pedophiles in Britain

Jew after Jew after Jew after Jew, and not a word about THAT!  I am of pure British ancestry in the US, grew up in an all-British  New England family, but I went to exclusive private schools full of the children of rich Jews. It is crystal-clear by their facial features who most (not all) of these men are by their exotic, non-British faces.


Btw, the phrase “High Commissioner” refers to the ambassador.  Australia’s embassies to other Commonwealth countries (such as the UK, Canada or New Zealand) are called “high commissions.”


…..Associated Press contacts Leofrank.org 

From its website (http://ap.org/company/about-us):

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From: Adam Geller <ageller@ap.org>
Subject: Reporter w/questionMessage Body:
I’m a reporter for the Associated Press and would appreciate speaking with one of the managers of the leofrank.org site, for a story on the upcoming 100th anniversary of the lynching of Leo Frank. I can be reached at the email address above. Thank you in advance for your time and assistance.–
This mail is sent via contact form on The Leo M. Frank Research Library http://leofrank.org


—– Forwarded Message —–
From: John de Nugent <john_denugent@yahoo.com>
To: “ageller@ap.org” <ageller@ap.org>
Sent: Tuesday, 21 July 2015, 9:37
Subject: curator of Leofrank.org


Dear Mr. Geller:
I was forwarded your email regarding the leofrank.org website and the upcoming 100th anniversary of the carrying out of the orders of five court levels and three juries (coroner’s jury, grand jury and petit jury) to investigate, try, convict and punish the child molester, strangler and defamer Leo Frank, president of B’nai B’rith of Atlanta.
I am one of the curators of the website, and would be happy to answer your questions.
You might be interested in this video of mine, which starts off on the Frank case and segués into the current issues of VIP pedophiles, and the illustrious friends of the convicted and imprisoned Palm Beach, Florida pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, such as President Bill Clinton, Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz, Prince Andrew, Judge Ken Starr, Oscar-winning actor Kevin Spacey, etc.  
It has had 30,000 views so far on all platforms. (Since your coreligionists, Mr. Geller, have illegally hacked the main video site, here it is on TruTube.tv, and you may find the yiddish accent amusing:)
Since I was molested as a child by VIP pedophiles, I bring a very special passion to the work of telling the truth about Leo Frank and the goal of hanging all child molesters, rich or poor, on live television.
As trial lawyer and publisher Thomas Watson wrote, the Jewish newspapers had no objection to the execution of Jewish gangsters, but Frank was a member of the Jewish elite, the twice-elected president of B’nai B’rith Atlanta, and superintendent of a major factory,  and his victim a “mere” Gentile factory girl.
The result of the rallying by the Jewish elite to Frank was an explosion of antisemitism in all ranks of Georgia society in an area of the country that had been strongly philosemitic.
Are you aware that the major Jewish leftist newspaper Forward conceded on August 21, 2013, between the lines, that Frank probably was guilty?
ABC Australia documentary on the top “Sixty Minutes” show on elite pedophiles in the British ruling class and Cabinet: SPECIAL INVESTIGATION: SPIES, LORDS AND PREDATORS (FULL EPISODE) HD
As I commented below this video on Youtube:
Jew after Jew after Jew after Jew, and not a word about THAT!  I am of pure British ancestry in the US, grew up in an all-British New England family, but I went to exclusive private schools full of the children of rich Jews. It is crystal-clear by their facial features who most of these men are — by their exotic, non-British faces.
The Leo Frank case, Mr. Geller, is not just about the foolish decision by the leaders of American Jewry to defend to the hilt a disgustng and patently guilty criminal who should have been cast out of the Jewish community. 
It is about the workings of our inner government, our deep state: a totally blackmailed, controlled pedophilocracy of both Jews and Gentiles.
Alan Dershowitz, top Jewish activist, lawyer and author, and frequent visitor to Epstein’s child-rape island in the Caribbean
John de Nugent
PS  Report by Seymour Hersh on anal rape by US troops of Iraqi boys on front of their own mothers: 
How interesting that this was Abu Ghraib prison policy under a US government in what Yuri Slezkine called:
I wonder if George Washington’s troops anally raped the children of Tories in front of their mothers? But the 1700s were not


PPS Mr, Geller, did you also know:

1) The Original Trial Transcript: 3,647 Pages

The original seven-volume Leo M. Frank murder trial transcript stenographed on 3,647 pages of legal cap paper was stolen from the Georgia State Archives in the 1960s and is still missing today, presumed gone forever after fifty years.

Why was this massive public document, the property of the people of Georgia, stolen?

2) Frank’s own detectives decided he was guilty. 

The renowned (and Jewish) historian Albert Lindemann, http://johndenugent.com/images/albert-s-lindemann-prof-u-history-ucsb-leo-frank.jpg,

with a Harvard PhD in history and a full professor of history at the University of California/Santa Barbara, admits in his book The Jew Accused (http://johndenugent.com/images/the-jew-accused-albert-s-lindemann-book-dreyfus-frank-beilis.jpg

on page 249 that both teams of detectives hired by Leo Frank and his dream team of top Atlanta lawyers to gather proof of his innocence came to the conclusion that Leo Frank was guilty of the murder “beyond any doubt.”

I am recording today an audiobook of the August 1915 issue of Watson’s Magazine, with the main article that triggered the justified lynching

“The Celebrated Case of the State of Georgia versus Leo Frank”

3) Did you know that in commuting Leo Frank’s death sentence, Governor John Slaton was a partner in the law firm that defended Frank, and that he illegally retried the case himself in a long document, and claimed that the blood on Mary’s dress in the crotch area was from her period?


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