Google scrubs my VIP Pedophile video; what does Trump himself understand about Pizzagate and the top pedophiles and what does he intend?

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Henry Kissinger, Providence mayor Buddy Cianci, and my father



……Good old Jewgle….

Google deletes almost all listings for my biggest video (54,000 views) “VIP Pedophiles — Kill Them All”.

A comrade wrote: “I saw one of your videos last night and I thought it was really good, the one about Epstein and all the powerful people going to his Pedophilia Island.”

Google has scrubbed almost all links to it; only the search engine Bing carries it.


……Trump’s awareness of Pizzagate

Has anyone already posted this? (Full disclosure: I was in the Manchurian program until I ran away from home at age ten). This is a thread purportedly by a WH insider on Trump’s awarenes of Pizzagate



John de Nugent

John de Nugent My father, Lt Colonel USMCR James Nugent, right, with Henry Kissinger, left (…/kissinger-buddy-cianci…), who according to ex-MK Kathleen Sullivan (…/2003%20%20Sullivan-%20Unshackled…) is a key person in MK-ULTRA and in the satanic Golden Dawn and the Lucis Trust in the Wash DC area.



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Vennie Kocsis
Vennie Kocsis Wow your story is incredible. I’d love ot talk to you more.


John de Nugent
John de Nugent I would be very happy to talk, Vennie Kocsis. I myself was in Marine Corps intelligence — but remember Kay Griggs and the “cherry Marines”…. They are everywhere now.
John de Nugent
John de Nugent I ran away from home at age ten… and my family was far too prominent for me to then just “disappear.”
John de Nugent

John de Nugent My father with President Ford:…/president-gerald-ford…



Linda Smith Harvey
Linda Smith Harvey Kissinger was / is a monster!
Brandon Heitholt
Brandon Heitholt These occultic and pedophilic secret societies have existed for literally thousands of years.
Aneth Olofsson
Aneth Olofsson Do you have a page with your story?
John de Nugent

John de Nugent Hi, Aneth. My website goes into both my Manchurian experience and other extremely, very, VERY taboo topics. If you go to www. and enter in the internal search window on the right “MK-ULTRA” you can find a lot.

Michael Jürgens
Michael Jürgens link to source?
Jorge Palencia
Jorge Palencia Source is in the image.
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Stephani Taylor
Stephani Taylor Unless the president or his friends say it, it’s not true. Fuck off.
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Stephani Taylor
Stephani Taylor It has nothing to do with religion. I just can’t understand the mentality that allows people to be blind to the assaults on our Constitution and the hateful rhetoric and bullying that has surrounded him since he began his campaign. Obama could do nothing right when most people that hated him couldn’t even explain fact-based specifics (I was not a fan of Obama either) but now Trump can do no wrong with the same lack of evidence based facts leading to that position. To seriously say “unless it comes from the President it’s not true” is assinine. He lies through his teeth anytime he’s speaking to the public, as do his advisors and press secretary, but we are supposed to only believe what he says?
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John de Nugent
John de Nugent The final red pill is to realize who the money is behind this hideous pedophilia worldwide network — a rich, international people who fund lawyers, bribe judges, run the regular media, and there is a strict taboo against naming them.
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