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Doctor casts new light on cat that can predict death

By Belinda GoldsmithTue Feb 2, 12:00 pm ET

Tue Feb 2, 8:02 PM ET

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A therapy cat named Oscar sits with Doctor David Dosa at the Steere House Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Providence, Rhode Island, in this undated handout picture. Dosa, who broke the news of Oscar’s ability to sense when someone was going to die, in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2007, said he never intended to make Oscar sound creepy or his arrival at a bedside to be viewed negatively.

SYDNEY (Reuters) – When doctors and staff realized that a cat living in a U.S. nursing home could sense when someone was going to die, the feline, Oscar, was portrayed as a furry grim reaper or four-legged angel of death.

But Dr. David Dosa, who broke the news of Oscar’s abilities in a paper in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2007, said he never intended to make Oscar sound creepy or his arrival at a bedside to be viewed negatively.

Dosa said he hopes his newly released book, Making Rounds With Oscar: The Extraordinary Gift of an Ordinary Cat will put the cat in a more favorable light as well as providing a book to help people whose loved ones are terminally ill.

“After the New England Journal article you got the feeling that if Oscar is in your bed then you are dead, but you did not really see what is going on for these family members,” said Dosa, an assistant professor of medicine at Brown University.

“I wanted to write a book that would go beyond Oscar’s peculiarities, to tell why he is important to family members and caregivers who have been with him at the end of a life.”

Dosa said Oscar’s story is fascinating on many levels.

Oscar was adopted as a kitten from an animal shelter to be raised as a therapy cat at the Steere House Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Providence, Rhode Island, which cares for people with severe dementia and in the final stages of various illnesses.


When Oscar was about six months old the staff noticed that he would curl up to sleep with patients who were about to die.

So far he has accurately predicted about 50 deaths.

Dosa recounts one instance when staff were convinced of the imminent death of one patient but Oscar refused to sit with that person, choosing instead to be on the bed of another patient down the hallway. Oscar proved to be right. The person he sat with died first, taking staff on the ward by surprise.

Dosa said there is no scientific evidence to explain Oscar’s abilities, but he thinks the cat might be responding to a pheromone or smell that humans simply don’t recognize.

Dosa said his main interest was not to delve further into Oscar’s abilities but to use Oscar as a vehicle to tell about terminal illness, which is his main area of work.

“There is a lot to tell about what Oscar does, but there is a lot to tell on the human level of what family members go through at the end of life when they are dealing with a loved one in a nursing home or with advanced dementia,” he said.

“Perhaps the book is a little more approachable because there is a cat in it. We really know so little about nursing homes, and this tries to get rid of this myth that they are horrid factories where people go to die.”

Dosa said the story of Oscar, who is now nearly five years old, initially had sparked a bit more interest in families wanting to send their loved ones to Steere House.

Oscar has even been thanked by families in obituaries for providing some comfort in the final hours of life.

But he said Oscar remains unchanged by the attention, spending most of his days staring out of a window, although he has become a bit friendlier.

“The first time I met Oscar he bit me. We have warmed over the years. We have moved into a better place,” said Dosa.

“I don’t think Oscar is that unique, but he is in a unique environment. Animals are remarkable in their ability to see things we don’t, be it the dog that sniffs out cancer or the fish that predicts earthquakes. Animals know when they are needed.”

(Editing by Miral Fahmy)



Here is an example of a man of genuine faith who has surmounted the fear other black people have to stand up to Barack Hussein Obama. Speaking from his church in Harlem in New York City to Russia Today, Reverend Manning once again  shows a courage that many white people could use.


College student questions about Jesus

College man: You know, even my ultra liberal friends are beginning to admit that Obama is a joke. The right time is coming.

College man: and note that these are the typical ultra liberal college kiddies 😉

JdN: btw, I am adding a lot to my webpage “For African-Americans”

College man: how has the reception to that been

JdN: many links to relevant posts and the latest video from Pastor James Manning, the one who calls Obama “the long-legged d mackdaddy” (silk-pajama pimp): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=al2LWoeZkY

JdN: well, just today a black guy asked to be my friend on Facebook…

JdN: named Jackson….

JdN: from New Orleans

College man: interesting

JdN: Blax deep-down KNOW their IQ level is definitely not as high as it could be.

JdN: You can tell it by watching them talk among themselves and when they call each other n—-

JdN: and by watching all-black comedies

JdN: Blax, like any group, are well-aware of their shortcomings.

JdN: including not having many rocket scientists 😉

College man: haha

JdN: (btw, that expression does date me, but after WWII Americans were very impressed with German rocket scientists brought over for our space program, and they were DURING WWII too 😉 when the V-2s and jets took off

College man: mmm true.

College man: Why are so many WN circles so anti-Jesus?

College man: I mean I used to be an atheist myself but they are alienating a LOT of good people that way..

College man: I’m glad you figured that out at least. The Solutrean movement really is going to be something extraordinary.

JdN: Well, there are several reasons why people are anti-Christian.

JdN: 1) as the great Harvard professor, MD and psychologist William James proved clearly in his The Varieties of Religious Experience around 1, some people are really BORN atheists.

JdN: Their temperament is strictly logical and they think everything is superstitious that cannot be measured.

College man: Yes, I have a friend like that actually

JdN: No matter what you say, and these folks are NOT necessarily evil, they are born skeptics. It’s just their wiring.

JdN: 2) You have overly yang WNs who see Jesus as a JEW preaching “Love thy enemy”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JdN: …and they take that in the worst possible sense:

JdN: love the ju and let him stomp us

College man: Would you argue they are wrong in interpreting it that way?

David Lane b. 1938, died in prison 2007

College man: That is actually what David Lane had to say about Jesus.

JdN: Well, I have the greatest respect for David Lane,

JdN: …the very greatest

JdN: However, for both my own sincere views and for political reasons I agree with Hitler and Chamberlain.

College man: …..who said what?

JdN: I 100% see Jesus as an avatar.

College man: not too familiar with Chamberlain

JdN: Houston Stewart Chamberlain was a great British thinker who moved to Germany, married a daughter of Richard Wagner and wrote The Myth of the 1th Century.

College man: oooh…

JdN: …and as a very old man met Hitler and decided he was the guy we had been waiting for.

JdN: He was certain that Jesus was at least racially half-Aryan.

JdN: and felt this way for many reasons I have discussed in several posts.

College man: The Talmud itself declares that Jesus’ father was Roman

JdN: right

JdN: a Roman OFFICER, a centurion! [like a captain today of an infantry company]

JdN: The Talmud NEVER says Jesus never existed.

JdN: and it says he DID perform miracles!!!

JdN: Why would the Talmud say that positive stuff about their enemy if it were not true?…..

College man: Christian Identity is very interesting.. While I would say I am a Roman Catholic, I do appreciate some of their theories about the Israelites’ identity

College man: …but some is a bit too far out there.

College man: Obviously

JdN: Well, I as a Solutrean go much further

JdN: CI for me is way too, well, jewish really….

College man: How so?

JdN: full of hate and Old Testament stuff and all other races are just beasts..

JdN: Bishop Marcion in the first century got it right, IMO [in my opinion]

JdN: ….that Jesus came as a religious revolutionary to found a totally new religion opposed to juish supremacism, and their hatred, greed, lies and murder.

JdN: …and Marcion said the juze literally worship, in their god  Yahweh, Satan himself.

College man: Very interesting.

JdN: He wanted a total break with judaism/talmudism in every connection.

JdN: Eventually he lost out to the Saul-Paul faction

JdN: who in the Book of Romans said the juze were STILL God’s chosen people

Savitri Devi in Normany, France in 1970. She was convinced that Hitler too was an avatar.

JdN: I agree with Hitler and Chamberlain that Saul, an open Sanhedrin agent before he claimed he met Jesus in a vision on the road to Damascus,….

JdN: …was sent in to rejudaize this dangerous new faith..

JdN: as much as he could

JdN: after all, it’s rpetty hard to make a religion judeophilic afte the Juze murderd its founder!

JdN: but Saul did his best….

JdN: and the Book of Romans is one long tract to claim “We juze are STILL God;s chosen people even after what we did.”

College man: that is a good theory. The words of Jesus in the gospels do at times contradict what Paul had to say

JdN: It’s just like Freemasonry, as I was explaining to Margi today

JdN: the juze see a trend they cannot stop, some human yearning for hope, change and a better life

JdN: and they immediately rush to the head of it and take it over

JdN: so as the juish show-biz agents would say, Saul saw that Christianity had “legs”

JdN: legs*

JdN: that it was going places

JdN: that it would become a WORLD RELIGION

JdN: and decided this was not “good for the jews”

:JdN: because they had slow-tortured and murdered this divine emissary!

JdN: in the Catholic Church the juze were viewed as deicides, God-killers.

JdN: the worst sin possible is to kill God when He comes to you in human form

JdN: and that is what the Hindus mean by an avatar, an incarnation of GOD

JdN: which is what Hitler was too, IMO

College man: yes that is another reason i do feel that being anti-christian is a bit strange for a WN- Christianity was a MAJOR source of anti-antisemitism in the middle ages…

JdN: Hitler was both a man and somehow much more.

JdN: right, it was

JdN: in my view, both Buddhism and true early Christianity arose as antidotes to the untrammeled psychopathy and misery of life in the Iron Age cultures under the Roman boot

JdN: and in India….

JdN: war, slaves, killings,

JdN: Christianity and Buddhism both said “try a little love and compassion for others, try to lose some ego and think of your fellow man.”

JdN: and they caught on for two reasons:

January 1982: Regular-guy Lenny Skutnik becomes a hero around the world, plunging into the ice-chunk-filled Potomac River and reaching stewardess Kelly Duncan after her Air Florida jetliner crashed, and just as she was giving up the fight. President Reagan saluted him during his State of the Union speech.

JdN: 1) altruism is the basis of society and a deeply human instinct

JdN: (Thomas Jefferson wrote a lot about this “moral sense,’ as he put it)

JdN: 2) love feels good.

JdN: love releases pheromones and endorphins in the brain.

JdN: love creates happiness in the person expressing it.

JdN: not just receiving it!

College man: mm true

JdN: it’s a real quiet inner satisfaction to do something noble, and after you respect and like yourself more.

JdN: so all great movements are based on two things:

JdN: 1) genuine idealism

JdN: 2) self-interest

JdN: put those two together and you have a movement

Congress on its feet, and his wife and Nancy Reagan salute Polish-American Leonard Skutnick.

College man: I see, interesting

JdN: and there is nothing wrong with self-interest; we are in fact responsible to survive and feed ourselves and make it through life, not anyone else.

JdN: You have to ask yourself this, when those Christians were facing the lions in the Colosseum….

JdN: What exactly makes you stick to your faith at such a moment?

College man: the thought that you will be rewarded, I suppose?

JdN: both 1) and 2)

JdN: 1) the belief that love is the answer

JdN: “God is love”

JdN: and 2) the sense of your own heroism and nobility and loyalty to God

JdN: the HUGE boost in self-esteem that comes from not being a craven coward

College man: ahh yes

JdN: after all, those early Christians would have died anyway

JdN: the question is for what reason a person dies…

JdN: old age?

JdN: car wreck?

JdN: or while taking a stand for a better world?

JdN: ….and of course they reasoned that if Jesus could stand his ground, they could too

JdN: and this is WHY you have that very amazing Bible verse

JdN: “Eli, eli, lama sabakhthani”

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_3D4uW44cDSw/SxMKk9k7IMI/AAAAAAAAFe8/qSaxi7Nd2R0/s400/Passion+Of+The+Christ.jpgJdN: where Jesus is hanging there on the cross, dying in agony

JdN: and he cries out to God “My God, my God, WHY have You forsaken me?”

JdN: and THIS is an extremely important verse in the New Testament

JdN: because it shows Jesus was a HUMAN afraid to die

JdN: and who did not like pain

JdN: or his enemies jeering at him

JdN: …but then Jesus catches himself and says “Into Your hands I confide my soul.”

JdN: and then He passes on.

JdN: so a really downtrodden person could identify with this idea that a god would come down and really see and feel and experience what OUR lives are like, how they suck…

JdN: how psychopaths rule the roost

JdN: and nice people take it in the neck

JdN: an the evil seem to win

JdN: and so this ju Saul sees that this religion is going to take off….

JdN: and decided to co-opt it

JdN: steer it back into the juish fold

JdN: which he only half-succeeded in doing

JdN: because after all no ju, no mater how fast-talking, could explain away the Crucifixion and all the hatred the juze had spewed toward Jesus

College man: very true. btw i do like your use of “ju” and “juish” 😉

JdN: and all the persecution the juze did to early Christians after that


JdN: Yeah

JdN: time to not see these juze as ten feet tall

JdN: time to see them as the things they are, because a psychopath is not really and entirely a normal human in its makeup

JdN: its neurological wiring is not human

JdN: its hormonal setup is not human

JdN: it does not enjoy what WE enjoy

JdN: it loves what we find disgusting

JdN: it loves to cause suffering

JdN: so I lower-case these people and use a plural form that sounds like “ooze” 😉

JdN: or floozy

JdN: or woozy

College man: Would you say someone with the following traits is a psychopath? — has used people in the past, has absolutely no social inhibitions, and generally is unable to care about feelings other than his/her own?

College man: I ask because I know a person like this and the signs seem quite clear

:JdN: Well, let me tell you….

JdN: Many people who read my article about psychopaths thought they saw signs of psychopathy in themselves 😉

JdN: but they missed the main point….

JdN: We ALL do selfish things

JdN: but either we ourselves realize the harm we have caused…

JdN: or a friend pulls us up short….

JdN: and then we feel absolutely rotten about what we have done

JdN: we are capable of feeling SHAME

College man: while a psychopath does not.

JdN: …and no psychopath can feel shame or real sorrow

College man: unless they are caught right?

JdN: unless he is caught and it affects him

College man: yes

JdN: oh yeah, they cry for their own sorry asses

One of Hitler's two Iron Crosses for heroism oin WWI

JdN: now you take Adolf

JdN: and this is why I say he was an avatar

JdN: he, like Jesus, was truly a human being, a dude like you and me

JdN: and if even Jesus could fear death and humiliation and pain, so did Adolf

Clara Petacci

JdN: recently some of Mussolini’s letters to his mistress came out

JdN: to Clara Petain

JdN: a nice gal, btw

JdN: pretty Italian girl

JdN: anyway, Mussolini was confiding in her how sentimental Hitler was

JdN: how he got these tears of affection for Mussolini in his eyes every time they met

JdN: and if you look at the final pix of Adolf…

JdN: he was really suffering.

College man: You are right

JdN: he aged about ten years in 1944-45

JdN: in fact, Bormann used to carefully plot the motorcade from the Berlin airport back to the Reich Chancellery to take Adolf only through the least bombed-out streets

JdN: because Hitler would feel terrible if he saw too much misery

College man: right. 🙁

JdN: and Bormann complained he could not get decisions out of Hitler when he was in a funk.

College man: Well, I need to step out for now. Very nice talking, as always

JdN: Yes, same here, my friend 🙂

College man: Take care, and continue to keep us all updated with your emails 😉

JdN: I will.

JdN: I appreciate you and the whole inner circle of volunteers. 🙂

College man: Sure. Bye for now.


Because I see Jesus as a revolutionary, and by no means as a “wuss,” I have no problem adding what Guillaume Faye wrote here:

* * *

Ten Untimely Ideas

A people or a civilization that abandons its will to power inevitably perishes.

Here, freely translated from Guillaume Faye’s Pourquoi nous combattons (2001), are ten ideas I think relevant to this struggle.

*EUROPE is at war, but doesn’t know it…It is occupied and colonized by peoples from the South and economically, strategically, and culturally subjugated by America’s New World Order…It is the sick man of the world. [page 9]

*ARCHEOFUTURISM: The spirit which realizes that the future arises from a resurgence of ancestral values and that notions of modernity and traditionalism need to be dialectically overcome [59]…To confront the future, especially today, dictates a recourse to an archaic mentality that is premodern, inegalitarian, and non-humanistic, to a mentality that restores ancestral values and those of social order…The future thus is neither the negation of tradition nor of a people’s historical memory, but rather its metamorphosis and ultimately its growth and regeneration. [From Archéofuturisme 11, 72]

*IDENTITY: Characteristic of humanity is the diversity and singularity of its peoples and cultures. Every homogenization is synonymous with death and sclerosis…Ethnic identity and cultural identity form a block, but biological identity is primary, for without it culture and civilization are impossible to sustain…Identity is never frozen. It remains itself only in evolving, reconciling being and becoming. [146-48]

*BIOPOLITICS: A political project responsive to a people’s biological and demographic imperatives…Biopolitics is guided by the principle that a people’s biological quality is essential to its survival and well-being. [63-64]

*SELECTION: The collective process, based on competition, that minimizes or eliminates the weak and selects out the strong and capable. Selection entails both the natural evolution of a species and the historical development of a culture and civilization…Contemporary society prevents a just selection and instead imposes a savage, unjust one based on the law of the jungle. [212-13]

*INTERREGNUM: The period between the end of one civilization and the possible birth of another. We are currently living through an interregnum, a tragic historical moment when everything is in flames and when everything, like a Phoenix, might rise reborn from its ashes. [153]

*ETHNIC CIVIL WAR: Only the outbreak of such a war will resolve the problems created by the current colonization, Africanization, and Islamization of Europe…Only with their backs to the wall is a people spurred to come up with solutions that in other times would be unthinkable. [130]

*REVOLUTION: The violent reversal of a political situation that follows a profound crisis and is the work of an “active minority”…A true revolution is a metamorphosis, that is, a radical reversal of all values. The sole revolutionary of the modern era is Nietzsche…and not Marx, who sought simply another form of bourgeois society…We have long passed the point of no return, where it is possible to arrest the prevailing decay with moderate political reforms. [210-11]

*ARISTOCRACY: A true aristocracy embodies its people’s essence, which it serves with courage, disinterest, modesty, taste, simplicity, and stature…To recreate a new aristocracy is the eternal task of every rrevolutionary project…The creation of such an aristocracy is possible only through war, which is the most merciless of selective forces. [60-61]

*WILL TO POWER: The tendency of all life to perpetuate itself, to ensure its survival, and to enhance its domination, its superiority, and its creative capacities…The will to power accepts that life is struggle, an eternal struggle for supremacy, the endless struggle to improve and perfect oneself, the absolute refusal of nihilism, the opposite of contemporary relativism…It is the force of life and of history. It is not simply the organic imperative for domination, but for survival and continuity…A people or a civilization that abandons its will to power inevitably perishes.

* * *

A white comrade sent this out:

* * *


Like scarfing up stray cats.  “Mom, we gotta get that one–he doesn’t have a home!”

Some not even orphans?  Shouldn’t at least extended families have first dibs on even real orphans? Shouldn’t orphaned kids stay as much as they can within their own cultures?? Does not this church group have any sense of the importance of social identity as a basic human right??–the least of which the kid’s families of origins. Or even some racial integrity/mirroring while it’s available. (I know I’m not the only one noticing that.)

Catholic Charities has been doing the same thing for years–so what the hell. Just go grab some kid in a foreign country wandering without a parent and call it an orphan and give it a new name. “Your country sucks. I know what’s good for you. My way of life is better for you.I feel good about myself saving you.”
Some serious arrogance. Hope they do time.

A comrade wrote me in reaction:
Look at what I wrote about white liberals.

Those white liberals who snatch black kids (or any kid from some poor 3rd world country) are the real white supremacists! Their actions are in effect making them white supremacists since their attitude is as you put it ” “Your country sucks. I know what’s good for you. My way of life is better for you.” A pure “my-white-country-is-supreme” attitude!
* * *

I told the comrade who sent this:* * *I’ll put this in my post tomorrow!. And you are so right — the premise behind abducting these Haitian kids is that going to a white country is heaven on earth.
Whitopia! In fact, there is now a book by a black ju, which I have, by that very title:


A comrade wrote me:

* * *

A friend read your ‘conversation’ with a college student about religion, etc. and wrote me:

* * *

Though a very interesting conversation, and though I agree in spirit with much of it, JdN got one of the most important facts wrong. He stated:

“Bishop Marcion in the first century got it right, that Jesus came as a religious revolutionary to found a totally new religion — opposed to juish supremacism, and their hatred, greed, lies and murder. Marcion said the juze literally worship, in their Yahweh god, Satan himself. He wanted a total break with judaism/talmudism in every connection. Eventually he lost out to the Saul-Paul faction.”

But according to the book I have at home, “Lost Christianities“, and to Wikipedia (which cites the Encyclopedia Britannica), Marcion

“propounded a Christianity free from Jewish doctrines with Paul as the reliable source of authentic doctrine. Paul was, according to Marcion, the only apostle who had rightly understood the new message of salvation as delivered by Christ.”

So which is it? Did Paul mess everything up, as JdN says, or was Paul sent to correct the jewish disciples who didn’t understand Jesus’s intent, as Marcion taught?

And why does JdN speak authoritatively if he’s wrong about what Marcion says? Or are Lost Christianities and Wikipedia wrong? And if so, where can I find the corrected information?

* * *

I replied:

* * *

Dear comrade:

You can send your friend my answer:

* * *

I am aware that Bishop Marcion, a good-hearted and courageous man but with an illogical side, did indeed contradict himself by both embracing Saul — for his writings on the topic of Jesus’ death and how it bought us forgiveness of our sins — and at the same time rejecting Saul’s key judeophilic message in the Book of Romans.

The problem for Marcion is that Saul wrote half the New Testament! Marcion could not bring himself to give the smooth-writing Saul, and a major Christian missionary,  the heave-ho.

Christianity has always been a religion based on feelings. And who cannot love that passage where Saul/Paul says” “If I speak with the tongues of angels but have not love, I am nothing……The greatest of all these [virtues] is love.

Wow. It’s great…..that is, JESUS’s concept of unselfish love, agapé. It was and is great, and Saul wrote an eloquent restatement of JESUS’ core concept. Or as Jesus says in John: “God IS LOVE.” (Tough love, to be sure.)

In reality, Christianity could have been started with just the four Gospels, and no Saul/Paul at all. And that would have been better, for the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) clearly show that Jesus himself said the juze were THROUGH as God’s people if they murdered Him.

Please see again my post above concerning the three extensive parables of Jesus in Matthew.

Marcion was just not consistent. You cannot love Saul and yet reject his core mission — to co-opt Christianity and keep this dynamic new religion juish.

But Marcion did — both embrace Saul and yet reject his main teaching on the juze. It’s like a fan who loves a rock star despite all his scandals and flaws.

Who said people are logical? 😉 The juze certainly weren’t. In fact, they ADMIT in their Talmud Jesus performed miracles! They admit he was a descendant via Mary of King David! And yet they gloat in His excruciating death — and claim he is boiling in semen (or in liquid feces). (So how do they account for his prophecy of the Temple’s destruction coming true? Easy — Jesus slammed a trunk lid on his mother’s breasts so she would reveal some black magic…..Sigh. )

Our race will never survive while worshipping the satanic god Yahweh of our enemies, and kissing the feet and the ground they walk on.

We must embrace what JESUS said in John 8:44 to the leaders of the juze:

You are from your father, the DEVIL.

Marcion was a good guy. Love is the answer, but tough love.

John de Nugent

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