German sixteen-year-old girl BEGS and PLEADS German men to protect her; horrific video — screaming woman carried away by muslim rape mob; muslims demand Germans give up beer!

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…… Teenage German girl pleads for protection and an end to the violent muslim rapefugees.

Angela Merkel and her government deserve to be executed for high treason!


+Drinko76 Yes, but technically she is not a traitor. She is a loyal Jewess — maiden name Kasner. Look up any Kasner — all jews. She is loyally carrying out her assigment to genocide the German people on the orders of her Jewmerican bosses.

How much longer will Europe put up with this and not join Russia in a new alliance?



……Male muslim mob carries away screaming woman (Cairo, Egypt, 2011 –oh yes, muslim men  rape devout muslim women, too!)



But it is all karma, is it not? If an Arab, then maybe she abused women in another life as a man.


Were this in Germany,  I would say she might be one of the silly geese,  before this “teachable moment,” who would “never” have voted for the pro-white NPD party in Germany or even for the “moderate” AfD (Alternative für Deutschland) party.
She probably would hate “the Neo-Nazis,” too, and as a leftie woman she might well be a SPD or Green, or one of those females only interested in shopping, gossip, shoes and clothes, vacations, facelifts, etc.
White Rhode Island female college student flips for Obama in 2008
The NPD could have handed her a hundred brochures over the last 25 years about muslims raping German women – and she did not care because it did not happen to HER.
And she fervently believed Hitler was a demon, and her grandparents were evil cowards for following that horrible man and not “joining the resistance”…..
German leftists in Dresden carry this unbelievable slogan, advocating that the Allies again bomb Germany because it is still too racist. They literally NEED to be raped by a muslim or black. This is the tough love of karma and reincarnation.  “If you won’t listen you must feel.”
So this rape would be God’s little way of waking her up,  because for some people there is literally no other way to awaken them to the IMPORTANCE OF TRUTH.

……The sad truth is that most women (and yes, many men) are young souls.  


The characteristic of a young soul (male or female) is they do not care if something is true or not, only if they like it. Because many women are young souls, they become liberals — and no fact can dissuade them from their folly, ONLY DISASTER.


This German girl fantasizes of moving to New York, having a “black husband” and a “caramel-colored son.” .  Everywhere in the world, women are far more favorable than men to left-wing parties, they vote far more for these, and they engage far more in race-mixing.  When you see a mixed-race couple it is usually white-woman & non-white man.

This is true in every race, culture and country.


On the other hand, there are women who are actually old souls, like Ursula Haverbeck, and maybe this German girl is at least a medium-old soul too.  When she says she wants to be back in WWII, I think she is avoiding prosecution which she might get for saying “I want to live under the Third Reich.” No one would want to live in Germany during the war itself — with the deaths of millions of brave soldiers and the bombing death of at least a million civilians. What she really means and dares not say is “I want to live under Adolf Hitler.”



Young souls just came out of the animal stage, and look — and still have the nature of — those animals that they were. They are humanimals!

Humanimals are, however, the majority! So democracy has never worked — and never will work! As Hitler said in Mein Kampf, the majority are morally mediocre, intellectually mediocre, or both!

They are the definition of ignorance and apathy: they don’t know, and they don’t care! 😉


Until lightning strikes!


FACT: as the book Hellstorm by Thomas Goodrich shows, liberal German women were in denial about Red Army rape until it happened. One Berlin woman confessed ruefully “We were anti-Nazi, and thought all this was just Dr. Goebbels propaganda to make us keep fighting! 







“Jesus loves us.” Great, Mr Bible-thumping Pastor Blackburn, but how, in the way that YOU understand God, did He then let a negro rape and kill your pregnant wife Amanda in your home?” Maybe somebody was a young soul and had some stuff coming to them too.  The surviving widower says now he is “baffled.”Two men charged with murder of Indiana pastor’s pregnant wife during home invasion, could face death penalty


Anyone who is presented tactfully and gradually

with the facts about race and the Jews

and still rejects it (we all know lots of examples)


It’s karma, baby.

Life is not a f—g joke!

Truth matters.


“Regular” Christianity (which is NOT what Jesus taught!) is an infantilizing religion that worsens the trait of young souls to flee from reality.

Get a grip!




The whole message of Adolf Hitler was:

Get basic! 1) Men, man-up! 2) Women, stop being a silly liberal goose — and support your protectors! FIND A WARRIOR AND LOVE HIM!




The world is full of psychopaths that can only be stopped and destroyed!

Psychopaths in Power

The 16-year-old girl in the first video keeps saying “I just do not understands why Mrs. Merkel does nothing.”!



Why not? Because she is a Jewish psychopath!! She HATES you!! She wants to exterminate you!!!

Because Angela is a JEWESS!


The young Tony Blair



Now, some young souls are very kind, trusting, loyal beings, like sheep or dogs, and others are aggressive and predatory like wolves, bears, etc.

But they need to expand their talents and abilities beyond the animal stage they were last at.











Eric Holder, US Attorney General under Obama  2009-2014


NATO puppet German foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier


Jewish media baron Sy Nyhouse


Abraham Foxman, director of the ADL 1987-2015


A weasel


Jewish billionaires and Google owners Larry Page (with the weasel face) and Sergei Brin


Two elite US military with huge chins and jaws: 1) Army Ranger Pat Tillman (infamously murdered in 2004 after reporting US troops in Afghanistan were protecting opium producers)


2) A US Marine Corps drill instructor



Christine Lagarde, director of the International Monetary fund


A Frenchwoman marches for “the rights of man” and the “refugees” in Paris in October 2015 



Legendary US Marine general  Chesty Puller (most decorated in Marine history)

Go here to 26:00 to 28:14 (link:

(summary of this whole video)

White girls in the West taught interracial sex while Israel makes it illegal for Jews.
Religion the most practical way to straighten out a nation.
Shameless behavior is the proof of actual atheism.
Religion provides structure; Christianity not really believed in by most Western males.
Beauty reminds us of a higher, spiritual world; angels are no myth; life as challenges and tests.
Vedanta the original white religion; young souls that rose recently from the animal stage, look animal-like and are oblivious to anything higher.
Why some experience God, and others not; old souls; four key God topics.
We are eternal spiritual beings, deliberately taking challenging human journeys.


…..Muslims to Germans: Give up beer if you don’t want us to rape your women

….This why we need the new religion VIRTUS

One hundred years ago white men did not tolerate rape!

Glory to Mary Phagan and the White men who avenged her Honor


What Virtus means


Contact/Supporting VIRTUS


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