German Jew admits he defiles German women to get vengeance on Hitler

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Fat, pudgy, and effeminate little weasel schemer — and his German GF keeps on giggling… Why many women should not have the vote. 😉 (The Founding Fathers did not grant them the vote; they only got it in 1920 under the Jew puppet Woodrow Wilson. France did not give women the vote until 1945, in an emergency, to stop the communists, and parts of Switzerland only gave them the vote in the 1970s.)

This vile kike looks so much like Leo Frank:


Leo Frank, who in 1913 in Atlanta beat, anally raped, and strangled Mary Ann Phagan, then with a Dream Team of top lawyers tried in vain to blame two of his black employees (in the heyday of Southern lynching) for his crimes.

My latest, best Leo Frank article: Rich Jews try out their media war machine by indicting a whole state


The look is neanderthal because the Jews (and ARABS!!)) ARE neanderthals, out for vengeance on the Cro Magnons, the Aryans, who defeated them and drove them out of most of Europe.


Neanderthals & Semites

Homo neanderthalensis


Another model of homo neanderthalensis — receding forehead, prominent mouth, and everted (shovel-like) lower lip



An Arab and a Jew today – same race, same face, same anti-white religious hatred and desire to defile Aryan women, whether muslim or Jewish


Chicago “philanthropist” Leo Frank

Leo Frank_chicago-jew-neanderthal-donor-northwestern-memorial-hospital

Sergei Brin, co-owner of Google


Half-Jewess paternally Hillary Rodham (Clinton) 



Hillary and her father (on far left) Hugh Rodham, who was buried in a secret ceremony, because the funeral was Jewish


Hillary’s brother, a crooked lawyer, named Hugh like the late father


More homo neanderthalensis



Armenian neanderthal “Cher (Armenians are the most neanderthalic of all Middle Eastern peoples; Jews are mixed with Old Mediterraneans, with Turks and with Slavs)


French Jew


Holocaust-inventing Treblinka researcher Caroline Sturdy Colls, a “British anthropologist” who never admits she is Jewish throughout the film and refuses to dig into the ground for any actual supposed bodies of 900,000 dead Jews lying there — because a rabbi said it would desecrate the dead.



Traitorous Mark Weber, IHR director and John de Nugent-defamer, who says since January 2009 the Holocaust did happen (Dr. William Pierce always told me Weber was a closet Jew)


Mark Weber cooordinated with his friends and allies Don Black and David Duke, and Homeland Security under President Obama, on the attempted March 2009 takedown of John de Nugent. I was taken down because the Jews like their relative, Mark Weber, who discredits Holocaust truth,  and I wanted to replace this traitor and do-little as the head of the IHR. Among other things, I had the largest thread by any one author in the history of Stormfront: “Apocalypse of the Psychopaths”


Mark Weber, Holocaust traitor — and the defamation of John de Nugent

The dean of Holocaust revisionism, Professor Robert Faurisson, on the traitor Mark Weber (photo):

Robert Faurisson on the coward, liar and anti-revisionist Mark Weber

Clearly sloping neanderthalic forehead and of course the black hair and dark-brown eyes (which do not prove Jewish blood, but most Jews are this way)

 photo mark-weber-sloping-forehead.jpg

John de Nugent-defaming Jared Taylor’s Jewish concubine Evelyn Rich

Jared Taylor’s concubine exposing the horrid Nazis on Frontline (PBS series) in 1992; SPLC covers the case



Now you can see how much the enemy hates me. They don’t want a real Aryan to lead humanity out of darkness. They want “white nationalists” who are either part-Jews themselves or controlled by them.

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When whites are as cowardly and selfish as now, no flourishing political movement at all is possible.
I am creating an Aryan religion because the whites of today are too pathetic and narcissistic to do anything — but criticize and defame any activist who sticks his neck out.
I speak from 38 years experience.

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