German government railroad hires Turk guards to beat Germans

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…..Turks (swarthy features) hired by the (Judeo-)German Railroad as “security” mercilessly BEAT A GERMAN, then another German who merely verbally protests the beating!…/

Ein unglaublicher Vorfall hat sich in der Nacht auf Samstag (4. April 2015) auf dem Vorplatz des Dortmunder Hauptbahnhofes ereignet: Ohne Anlass prügelten mehr als… [TRANSLATION: An unbelievable incident just happened Saturday night in the square in front of the Dortmund main train station. Without any provocation Turks in security guard uniforms hired by the German Railroad [“Deutsche Bahn”] system attacked a German.
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  • Kalman Beszteri Armes Deutschland …………………!!!!!!! Wir brauchen den Zusammenhalt !!!!!!!!!! Und müssen die Politiker und ihre Arschloch-Unterstützer verjagen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!  [ = We need solodarity and drive out these politicians and their a—hole supporters!]

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  • John D. Nugent This is what the German sheeple deserve. They hate those telling them the truth, and imagine the current level of bearable misery will not get worse. But it will… unimaginably worse. Now the German government is hiring Turks to beat Germans.
    And if there were a race war in Germany, the Bundeswehr [German military] would open its arsenals and hand out rifles to Turks to kill Germans.
    But the same is true of the American sheeple. If there were a race war in America, 100% the US Army would open its arsenals up and hand out rifles to Blacks and Mexicans to slaughter Whites.
     Why? The US military is at the top now full of homosexuals and satanists.
    The wife of a close friend tells how her father left the Army because he “would not suck dick” –literally. He was a warrant officer and was urged to become a full, regular officer, and he refused because you must engage in homosexual acts to make major or any higher rank, so as to prove you are a “team player.” I saw a claymation comedy about the Army and they actually depicted this: a young soldier wanted to be an elite commando, and one requirement was to “go down” on his prospective commanding officer.And he does, and the film depicts his face all beatific as he “comes” in (off-screen) the soldier’s mouth. I saw this and could not believe my eyes.
  • Christoph Messner Schlimm! Ugly! Let’s reinstitute decency and a code of honor!
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  • Oliver Tuch und das kommt ja noch schlimmer:…/dortmund-dorstfeld…/  [It gets worse — the police then raided the house of the activist who took the video!]

  • Christine Hellenic Turks are Jews asiatic savages
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…..My upcoming video

Script here:



  • The video should be ready in a few days, my most passionate ever.
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  • Alice Evans the title sounds just like the good old “Old Testament” to me. Yahweh Bless.
  • Alice Evans Just like my grandfather, who was a Spanish-American War Veteran, told me many years ago: Do not hate the individuals. Hate only their evil ways.
  • John D. Nugent Well, you said a mouthful, but the hatred of evil must be truly intense and lead to ACTION. Christianity as depicted by Saul is all about victimhood and noble suffering.
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  • John D. Nugent And going to heaven to be with Jesus while Satan rules the world….
  • John D. Nugent This mental construct is KILLING us.
    If these GIs taking a break in Normandy in 1944 after knocking out a German Panther tank only knew they were REALLY fighting for the New World Order: gay marriage, illegal aliens, a ban on anything Christian in public schools, vaccines that cause autism, VD, abortion, heavy metal and rap “music,” and the destruction of the family.
    • The “Greatest Generation” ignored what the “antisemites” were screaming at the top of their lungs.  The “Greatest Generation” ignored very LOUD voices denouncing FDR and the war. Henry Ford, Charles Lindbergh, Father Coughlin, William Pelley….
    • John D. Nugent The average guy simply does not care about whether something is true or not. As a kid I would hear the phrase “people believe what they WANNA believe” and it literally made no sense to me. ;-) Or if I said an unpleasant truth about “our government,” a cynic would snort.: “People don’t wanna hear THAT!” 😉
      So let them suffer and die. Their free will must be respected and their will is to reject the blatant truth.



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