UPDATED Gay black misfit, complaining of racism, guns down two white Virginia journalists on live tv

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[Skype conversation with Margaret Huffstickler, visiting relative in her native Asheville NC; edited for typoes and to take out extraneous personal info.]

Hi, Margi. Not one frigging word on NPR this morning on the shocking, live murder in Virginia, since the perp was a gay black man whining about racism at each of the five tv stations where his worthless black ass was fired, not one frigging word, nor from gay racist Obongo.

Did you see the video of the pretty young white reporter woman, Alison Parker, screaming as the negro gunned her down? (He killed the white cameraman too, and shot the white interviewee, a businesswoman, in the back.)

I think this is a very big deal that I can and will exploit. This is IMO a kind of Mary Phagan type case to use.

[09:48:04] margaret huffstickler: No, I didn’t see the video.

[09:48:56] margaret huffstickler: I shared a video this morning from the Realist Report [by John Friend] of a black woman [bravely] dissing “Black lives matter.”

[09:50:03 margaret huffstickler: A little black girl was killed in her room doing homework about the same time that a black thug with a gun was killed by the police–so who do they protest for?

[09:51:08] margaret huffstickler: [btw] Mike Walsh thanked me for letting them know that you did the videos “My Heart will go on” and for posting [your] “Kiss Me.”

[09:52:26] margaret huffstickler: Well, certainly the on-air murder [was triggered by the jewsmedia’s]“Volksverhetzung” [“riling the people up” in German; meaning the blacks were agitated over the purported Charleston church shooting], and that aspect needs to be brought out.

[09:53:42] John de Nugent: The link is on my blog. It is blood-curdling and this is no false flag or “crisis actor” thing. This faggot, negro, blame-whitey loser was a stick of dynamite and feared at every tv station where he had worked and ended up getting fired at every time because his white fellow employees felt afraid of him.

It is impossible to get her screams out of your head. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXDsY39k_7A

[09:53:53] margaret huffstickler: Wow.

[09:54:32 | Edited 09:55:25] John de Nugent: The fag negro actually posted a video on Facebook off his cell phone of him gunning the three whites down, but it it has natürlich been taken down, but screenshots from it exist. You can see the flame from the gun barrel at the exacxt second the first gunshot goes off, from the perp’s perspective, for example.

[09:55:03] margaret huffstickler: Maybe someone saved it b4 it was taken down.

[09:55:04] John de Nugent: And I had another mystical experience just 4 hours 15 minutes beforehand.

[09:55:19] margaret huffstickler: That’s right.

[09:56:37] John de Nugent: I was totally unaware of the crime when I told you about the experience, hearing pails or buckets and boxes being dropped on a pile of wood, those kinds of sounds.

[09:57:04] John de Nugent: I told you, and before that, I told Mike Delaney, at 4 am. [See below. I actually spoke via webcam chat with Mike about the mystical experience, but related the substance thereof to Margi; again, see below]

[09:57:20] margaret huffstickler: Yes, I’ve got it on here [Skype chat].

[09:58:33 | John de Nugent: Btw, my computer downstairs is still hacked and I cannot get online there.

[09:58:45] John de Nugent: running every antivirus I can.

  1. Skype chat yesterday am with Mike Delaney of www.prothink.org and the jew.hacked www.trutube.tv
  1. Skype chat with Margaret Huffsticler [visiting relatives in her native NC] [Edited only for typoes and removing extraneous personal stuff.]

Hi, Margi. I am up again. I had another mystical experience, and I interpret it as “get to your [religious] writing.” 😉


[2015-08-26 04:19:56] John de Nugent: I woke up at 2:31 hearing very clear sounds like someone was working in the house, like moving plastic pails and buckets around and putting stuff on top of other stuff, just mundane work sounds. But the cellar light was dark (I can see through the heating grate in the living room) and Jim [the landlord] was not there. It was not a scary sound, just one designed to awaken me. I am now “used” to these things happening, like the Holiday Station bottle of water standing in the right side of the kitchen sink. [I have not discussed this on my blog before.]

[2015-08-26 04:21:37] John de Nugent: It is as if the higher beings have used different ways to nudge me forward; the whirling object, the bottle, the household sounds….

[2015-08-26 04:22:36] John de Nugent: And of course there have been the other things, like the 2008 Natrona Heights post office incident with the [postal] clerk [bizarrely interrupting her boss, the postmaster, and ]handing me a lottery ticket numbered 8888.


[2015-08-26 05:51:31] John de Nugent: No, I am still up [for three hours] and was just talking to Mike Delaney.

[2015-08-26 05:51:54] John de Nugent: The Jews just crashed my computer suddenly as he and I were videochatting [about the hacking of his www.Trutube.tv and his revamped website prothink.org]

[2015-08-26 05:51:55] margaret huffstickler: Hi–I’m still up too. 😉

…..Angry, constantly fired, homosexual black TV anchor (CBS-Virginia) kills white reporter, white cameramn and shoot white businesswoman in the back, blames homophobia, white racism and Charleston shooting


Jeffrey A. Marks, the general manager of WDBJ in Virginia, talks about reporter Alison Parker and photographer Adam Ward, who were shot and killed on live TV.

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