Gandhi wanted racial purity

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My theme today is positive racism, that is, to love and preserve our own breed without hating other races, unless they are exterminating us!

I am well aware of the charges against the first author I use, Kevin Strom. I hope they are not true, or are grossly exaggerated. He was accused of viewing child porn by the government (which as we know never lies….)

I was corresponding with a fellow former Marine just the other day and he brought up Kevin Strom. I wrote back:

* * *

Yes, THAT Kevin Strom, whom I also knew way back in the early 1980s at Dr. William Pierce’s National Alliance. I am certain that his two wives (and our cause does NOT have enough good women to choose from) exaggerated whatever did happen — but I fear that some of the rumors might be partly true.

It certainly upset his supporters quite a bit, as you can imagine. Strom is a fine writer and has a great sense of white art (example:…but he is pretty well discredited now with many activists — a tragic development for them, him and the sacred white Cause he has long defended. I wish there were some way he could redeem himself and his reputation — because his fall is a real loss to us, and NONE of us are angels. We have not all had someone dig out our skeletons, but we ALL have them. Yes, each and every one of us, especially those raised in Jewmerica since the 1960s, when sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll took over. And most of us would cringe at having them spread over the front page of our local newspaper.

I can only say that we all grow up in a moral sewage tank, and even WNs are affected by living in Jew World. Self-destructiveness is a sign of our times. Strom’s father committed suicide when Kevin was around 25. I have my theory about that….. People never commit suicide for no reason.

Here is Strom’s website:

An incredibly beautiful Aryan art image from Strom’s website, a coin from the 1878 Paris World Exposition:

Paris Universal Exposition medal (1878; by Chaplain)

The purpose of the Eternal Solutreans is to create a new and healthy microcosm, a sane, Aryan society inside the doomed, aging, merely white-skinned society around us. There, not unlike Sikhs, Mormons, Mennonites, Amish or even Jews, we can live and survive EVEN AS A MINORITY by our own values, with a healthy birth rate again, marry and have nice children, and perpetuate our heritage — even as a minority — until the day comes when we liberate most of our homelands and create a worldwide Solutrean Ryk.

Gandhi and racial purity
by Kevin Alfred Strom

THIS WEEK Google replaced their normal search page graphic with one depicting Mohandas K. Gandhi, also known as Mahatma (Sanskrit for Great Soul) Gandhi, in recognition of his birthday, which is now celebrated as the International Day of Non-Violence. Gandhis movement of civil disobedience was a significant factor in Indias successful quest for self-determination and the ultimate withdrawal of Britain from the Indian subcontinent.
Barack Obama praised Gandhi on Friday, saying Gandhis teachings and ideals, shared with Martin Luther King Jr. on his 1959 pilgrimage to India, transformed American society through our civil rights movement. The America of today has its roots in the India of Mahatma Gandhi and the nonviolent social action movement for Indian independence which he led. We must renew our commitment to live his ideals and to celebrate the dignity of all human beings.
Many people, Obama included if hes sincere, see Gandhi and his movement in very simplistic and essentially mythological terms: Gandhis movement, they believe, was a struggle for equality within a multiracial paradigm. Actually it was the opposite of that.
Mohandas Gandhi wanted his people, the native people of the Indian subcontinent, to be free of the British Empire. He wanted his people to have their own country. He wanted them to have their own government, answerable to no other people. He wanted self-determination for his folk: their own territory, their own leaders. And he looked at this situation in explicitly racial terms.
Though there was much greatness in it to be sure, the British Empire outside the Anglo-Saxon dominions like Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, was a multiracialist empire which forced differing peoples together against their will, crushing their self-determination and freedom largely for crass economic reasons. Sound familiar?
What Gandhi was most emphatically not doing was seeking equality under the Empire. He was not saying We are all the same. Therefore give us equal incomes, equal schooling, equal housing and we will all live in harmony and brotherhood as one people. That is what representatives of the new world empire, like Obama, his handlers, and the billionaire moguls who long preceded them, wish he had said.
What Gandhi was saying was that his people were unique and worthy of survival and in order to secure their survival they must rule themselves and possess their own territory. Hence his two-word slogan for his movement his command to the British Empire Quit India. His was no M.L. King-like quest for a chimerical fairness enforced by central authority in an equally chimerical race-blind society. Quite the opposite! He said in essence that this land belongs to me and my people and you, your race, your bureaucracy, and your Empire should just get out. Ultimately, they did exactly that.
Gandhis parallels in the Black community are Robert Brock and Marcus Garvey and Sharity Ross-Petit not King.
Gandhi expressly stated his belief in maintaining the purity of not only his race, but all races, when he gently chided White nationalists who only cared about their own racial integrity and who crudely lumped all non-Whites together. He wrote in 1903:

We believe as much in the purity of race as we think they do, only we believe that they would best serve these interests, which are as dear to us as to them, by advocating the purity of all races, and not one alone.

Gandhi also stated in his Indian Opinion newspaper, referring to a then-current issue in multiracial South Africa :

The petition dwells upon the co-mingling of the colored and white races. May we inform the members of the Conference that so far as British Indians are concerned, such a thing is particularly unknown. If there is one thing which the Indian cherishes more than any other, it is the purity of type.

Greater India, even after the British left, was an artificial construct encompassing several peoples, and its not clear to me to what extent Gandhi recognized that further partitions would be necessary. But thats a subject for another day.
Empires from the ancient Assyrians in Palestine, to Titos Yugoslavia, to the Communist Chinese in Tibet invariably say that they force differing peoples under one rule their rule for their own good to bring peace to make everyone equal.
And they invariably condemn any person who wants his people to be free of the empires rule whether Gandhi or Jefferson or the Dalai Lama as a troublemaker, a hater, a terrorist, or the like:
How dare Gandhi advocate breaking the Kings laws! Were all subjects of the Crown, Indian and Briton, and Gandhi is a hooligan and criminal!
How dare the Dalai Lama insist that Tibetans should have their own territory and their own government, answerable only to Tibetans! How dare he call for an end to the mass importation of Chinese into Tibet! Thats anti-Chinese thats racist! (Of course, once you understand the Maxim of Self-Determination, you can easily see its nothing of the kind. The Maxim reads Every people which considers itself to be a people should, to the maximum extent possible, live under its own government.)
There is much to be learned from Gandhi and his efforts to gain self-determination for his folk. But we must see that struggle for what it was a distinct peoples fight for a separate, distinct nation before we can even begin to learn.


A half-Amerindian (and apparently half-White) wrote me in anger after seeing one of my videos on YouTube at

* * *

What is the message you are trying to get across to people? From what I have observed you argue that the problems of our great nation is the result of Jews, Blacks, Mexicans, etc…

I counter your arguement. The diversity and freedom of our nation is why America is so great. When diverse peoples are able to work together whether as a single nation, or as numerous allies, I consider this to be a good thing. It is uneconomical when one nation, or group of people, try to control and micromanage everyone else. The growth of this nation owes its existence and greatness to the dedication and servitude of not only white americans, but also non-white americans as well.

Well, anyway. I would like to hear your side of the arguement. You are an ex-marine, and I respect that. I have family who are ex-marines, and they would tell me that it didn’t matter what color you were in the marines, because they were all brothers.

* * *

I replied to him:

* * *

Dear A:

Well, let’s put this in perspective. The notion that racial diversity is good has only been mainstream for the last four decades, whereas the American nation, my nation, is almost 400 years old. (My ancestors arrived in 1635.) So for the first 90% of our history the idea that race mixing would make a stronger nation was considered, frankly, lunacy. In fact, Washington, Jefferson Lincoln and other leaders agreed with ALL MY racial views.

Every multiracial empire so far has broken up.

When I was a boy, we were what we had always been — 90% white. We were a safe, respected, prosperous country with mighty industries, intact families, and no horrendous rap or metal music, drugs, VD, illegitimacy, fairy men, etc.

For you, being young and knowing only today, what you see you perceive as “normal.” For me, this is like the end of the Roman Empire. And the Roman Empire DID end, and that led to the Dark Ages.

If multiracialism is the wave of the future, then I will hold my breath for China, Japan and Korea to adopt it. 😉 But they seem to be doing fine monoethnically while we fall apart.

And Goldman Sachs, Bernie Madoff, Lehman Brothers and Ben Bernanke have destroyed our economy. No, we were much better off before Jews and minorities overwhelmed our once invincible white American society.

However, the real enemy is the psychopaths in every society, and we Aryans have our psychopaths too. You may find my article here of interest:

Have you seen my YT channel? If not, you should, especially my 2007 speech, part 1 [where I say I worship the divine in all God’s children].

I like your channel, btw, and I am a big admirer of Buddhism and Vedanta. Of course, both the great Hindu leaders and Gautama (later called “the Buddha”) were Aryans, as you surely know. I believe that Aryans are a blessing to all peoples and it is in their interest that we win our battle for survival.

Or you can be ruled by the tender mercies of the Chinese and the Jews. 😉 Then you will probably miss us. 😉 Then you will know what real racism is.


John de Nugent

* * *
He replied:

* * *

Well, I kindly respect your opinions and views. That is the American way, is it not? We respect each other even though we share different views or beliefs. I, myself, am half American Indian. Out of all races of people in America, I should be the most hateful toward my country, but I am not. This is because I believe the collective majority of Americans are genuinely good people, but they are just to busy or distracted to see how much discrimination still exists in this country.

And I don’t think it would be so far fetched if I said that this country had its fair share of problems even before this idea of multiculturalism became popular. Just look at how much has been accomplished within the last century. I am talking about womens rights, child labor laws, civil rights, etc… During these times the country was ruled by monopolies. Today it seems like it is still the same because of how much influence big corporations have in our government.

It seems like you come from German ancestery. I have some German in me as well, but if you look back to the time of Benjamin Franklin, you’d find that Ben hated Germans. Around this time there was a large influx of German immigrants and Ben basically wanted to do much of what the US did to American Indians, and what the US is now trying to do to Mexican immigrants. He wanted to eradicate the German heritage and their language, and prevent it from becoming the national language. I guess that was the big fear during that time.

Pleasure chatting with you.

* * *

I responded:

* * *

Dear A,

Actually, I’m only 1/16th German, but I refuse to demonize Hitler and I think he did some good things in the peacetime years before WWII.

Since you are part-Amerindian, so am I, but probably much less, and so is my fiance, from the mountains of North Carolina.

You can see her reciting a very suprising poem at the beginning of this video:

Franklin wanted only very blond people in Pennsylvania, and the Germans coming in then, the Amish and Mennonites, were from dark-haired areas of southern Germany and the Rhineland, which had once been Roman. The Amish to this day are surprisingly dark-haired in view of the stereotype we have from Hollywood anti-Nazi films about the Germans.

The Eternal Solutreans’ goal is not unlike the Amerindian reservation system (but we want no corrupt Bureau of Indian Affairs!): we want White Heritage, Safety and US Constitution Zones, where those Whites who do not want to die out by low birth rate or assimilation can survive, unmolested by the federal tyranny — while any and all liberal Whites can vote to keep areas where they can continue intermarrying, having few or no kids, being “gay” or whatever they want. But in 50 years they will be gone by pursuing these paths of reproductive suicide.

I do believe that each branch of the human race has its unique traits, and should be preserved, and that we should respect each other and stop harming and molesting other races. And we should visit, learn and be friends with them, based on mutual respect and each group having self-determination. This is not the Hitler vision that Hollywood churns out of a white master race enslaving the world.

It is a combination of some of his ideas with Thomas Jefferson, and with my own vision. I have several non-white supporters, actually, who work hard as volunteers for me, because they agree that the Aryans have created Western civilization, our survival is good for all God’s children, and that the psychopaths in each and every race, our own included, THEY indeed are the true enemies of peace, prosperity, freedom and human dignity.

John Everett Millais - The Sweetest Eyes Were Ever Seen

by John Everett Millais – The Sweetest Eyes Were Ever Seen [source:—Swee.jpg.html]

Unfortunately, the Jewish people have very many (mis)leaders who fall into the category of psychopaths, and they are morally, culturally and economically destroying the whole world. This economic crisis is far from over, and their goal is to make us all beg for food and sign over everything we have to them.

And that is why their puppet, Obama, has bailed out the banks and not the people, Wall Street and not Main Street. He is just an articulate, coffee-colored Bush.

If you are interested in further dialogue, I am glad to stay in touch.

In the meantime, you may find this Amerindian gentleman interesting:

Best to you,

John de Nugent

PS You can write me at if you should so desire.


lol —

A funny and amazing video of winter-hardened Aryan Canadians, and they even say the Canadian “aboot” (“about”) at 1:06! 😉


  1. Dear Elvis,

    Sorry, but I am incredibly pressed for time and facing a critical deadline. But if you submit to me an article on the topic of the truth about Kosovo and it is of general interest (not just to Serbians, but to all Aryans), I will likely run it! And please analyse Milosevich’s YT video in it.


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