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It just so happens that some good yang energy is coming my way lately.

I got this email from a 95-year-old WWII vet!

It’s from John W. Willmott, who like myself has some Irish, Norman and New England (in his case, Vermont) heritage.

He wrote:

JWW to John De-Nugent: I read about you here —

John: This country needs us “johns” to flush out the crap! 😉

With that said, more on me by Google on jihad willmott and Google willmott roosevelt field and also Google John W. Willmott and Google willmott revenge and much more!

Now you know a bit about me, a 95-year-old veteran pilot of WWII and the Berlin Airlift, both of which we won — and vet pilot also of Korea and Vietnam, which we lost with the Commies still in charge, just as we will lose and are losing all three of the Bush/now Obama illegal and unnecessary wars of choice.


I bought Jim Goad’s Redneck Manifesto a while back at a regular Establishment bookstore and this guy Goad really goads liberals and White-bashers. Best of all, he points out the heroic struggle up from dire poverty and even white slavery by poor whites of English, Scottish, Welsh, Irish and Scotch-Irish stock in the New World, the downtrodden castoffs of His Majesty’s Britannic Empire in the 1600s and 1700s.

Then a friend over in Russia sent me yesterday this interesting link to a discussion forum on the very same Jim Goad’s website….on the phenomenon of white boxers reconquering the professional boxing championships from blacks.;action=display;num=1145750162

Vitali Klitschko, Ukrainian, KOs Gomez…

Undefeated Kelly “The Ghost” Pavlik (left) won a unanimous decision over Jermain “The Black One” Taylor.


I left you a telephone message earlier today -just to say hello and perhaps chat a bit if you had the time.

One thing I noticed here in the Miami-Lauderale area — every single outdoor holiday display had a menorah prominently centered and maybe a few lights in the background, but nothing really denoting “Christmas,” the “mass of Christ.” It was really kind of odd.

Suddenly, the Christmas season isn’t about Christ, or even the nordic Yule anymore…nope.It’s pretty certain who’s got the “lock” on the outdoor holidaydisplaysinSouth Florida -it’s the “J”-team. They’re like rust — it never sleeps. One day you wake up, and your traditions have been co-opted and taken over byone very vocal and energetic minority.

Today was not the greatest day for me.I allowed an impatient passenger ( co-worker ) in my truck to talk me into doing a U-turn which got me a ticket. — My fault, yes.

I remember what youhad written in the past about trusting your instincts. My instincts HAD said “don’t do it!” I verbalized it to him, but was swayed by strong reassurances from my passenger thatit was perfectly legal, and nothing would happen. Mistake. There is a time to be hard-headed..and that would have been the time.

This is a minor thing in the big scheme of things, but I try to get the lesson(s) out of it: Trust your instincts. Talk is cheap. People will sometimes speak as if they knew what they were talking about, very confidently, when they really haven’t any clue whatsoever. Trust your instincts.


John, I spent the better part of two years in Subic Bay, Philippines. It wasn’t a combat zone, but there were many situations that seemed to try my very soul there. I definitely came back a different person than the bright-eyed, idealistic security officer Iarrived as.


Semper Fi,


* * *

I replied:

* * *

Good to get your email, brother, and sorry I missed your call. What I like about you is that you are BOTH a Marine AND introspective. That’s the combination of yin and yang that puts us up and above many other WNs. (Actually, I feel sorry for ANY white man who has never had military training — Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or Coast Guard — which should be a requirement for any male who wants American citizenship.)

Last night was challenging for us too — some mysterious car electrical problem and the car shut down in the freezing weather. It took an hour 40 for AAA to come and tow us home. I have to be paranoid in my business, and still wonder why a pickup was running its engine in the dark next to my car when I returned from walking the dogs the other night, right after the Discovery Channel called me about sending up a film crew in January to talk on the subject of Solutreans, ancient and modern, and then the IRS came a-calling literally during my second phone call with the Discovery Channel people, unannounced and with no preceding paperwork whatsoever.

Here is the contract the Discovery Channel sent me, and before you say “John, the Jews read your blog [TRUE]; so don’t let the Jews on to the fact that the Discovery Channel is coming to film you!”

All I can say is LOL. (“Laughing Out Loud”)

My phone has been tapped since at least the spring of 2007, when the Jews busted up my connection to three Mississippi millionaires who via political consultant Rick Knox wanted to support me in a run for Congress. My emails are also read constantly. (Remember the Pentagon began and still runs the Internet, whatever they say.)

Frankly, I would rather have bragging rights that the Discovery Channel INTENDED to film me than hold back on the announcement until after the Jews cancel the filming and there is nothing to announce at all. What the Discovery Channel does — caving in or standing strong — is their business and their loss.

(And I warned the young producer that he had better run lots of Nuge-bashing interviews with Jews to denigrate me, and my views on the ancient Solutreans as well as the modern Eternal Solutrean movement, or his documentary will end up cancelled completely or at least my segment will end up, as they still say from the days of celluloid, “on the cutting-room floor.” I was burned twice this year, by FOX News Channel’s “Shepard Smith Report” and by the huge Japanese newspaper Nikkei (as in the “Nikkei Stock Exchange” in Tokyo), both of which did not use one single word of extensive interviews with me.

The IRS came just two days after my Discovery Channel contact and also this very important post here (see especially the end!!!):

If I were the Jooze, I would be worried about that final part too.

One possible purpose of my car suddenly dying is to keep the house empty and unguarded for an hour or more so my food can be poisoned so I, like so many others, suffer a “heart attack.”

Just for the record, I am in perfect health, with no heart disease, and have blood pressure of 125/83. I am not suicidal, or in any way in any more distress than usual — for a WN activist. 😉

I have to tell you: if there is any way for another donation, that would be great. I’ve got to determine first and foremost what is going on with my car.

A big day is coming for the Eternal Solutreans, Reg…… But the last time I announced anything big, the J-Team arrested Henrik Holappa the very next day, seizing also his ATM card which held a big donation for me, and then certain Stormfront leaders started a campaign that I was a homosexual, and that I should get no donations for his defense because I would pocket the money! (Yes, I’ve always been in it for the money…and what a gravy train it has been ;-))

I relish the fact I worry the Jews. That’s why my 2008 audio message said “the Marine has landed.” (, second audio message)

There’s (to be crude) an “oh-shit” feeling I want the top Jew psychopaths to feel at the very mention of my name. I remember that there was a Jew humorist-columnist in Vienna named Karl Kraus……

Karl Kraus wrote anti-patriotic satire for decades; during WWI, when the Germans and Austrians began using chlorine gas as a weapon, he referred to “our chlorious offensive.”

He made fun of everyone in politics, but when asked to write a funny column about Adolf Hitler, he replied:

Zu Hitler fllt mir nichts ein.” (“I can’t think of anything funny to say about Hitler.”

As for intuition, Reg, my experience has been this: an emotion is a very crude, endocrine, physical thing, a force trying to force you — but an intuition is like a feather landing on your shoulder. And it feels not just light but also clear and clean.

While you did not divulge any of your experiences in Subic Bay, the Philippines can be a spooky country. Btw, I had a friend who was in the Air Force during Vietnam, stationed in the Philippines, who had a sudden, overwhelming feeling that he must not enter a certain hut — not just an intuition but a screaming, thudding NO clanging all around him.

Well, he didn’t go into that hut, and that was actually the end of the story — whatever bad thing that was brewing just did not happen. But he told me this because I had told him about several times when I felt a higher power had intervened to preserve me from harm until I finish my mission and my own chosen day comes.

As for the J-Team in Florida, a fellow brother Marine lives inland in Vero Beach. He told me once that the way Indian River County tried to stay white, Republican and conservative is to have a ban on condos. The Jews love to live stacked up on top of each other on the beach in condo towers, whereas Aryans like single dwellings. By this sneaky ordinance, they limited the number of Democrat, liberal Jews moving in!

It’s time for someone to be much more overt, much more open and defiant, than THAT! — that genteel and typically American deviousness. The time is ripe to use the household word “Goldman Sachs” and fat-cat bonuses and run with all the anger building up.

(In the nearby borough of Leechburg, Pa., the headline is they are going to raise taxes by 60% — — because of the tax shortfall as so many white workers are laid off — but it’s nice that New York Jews are getting their bailout.)

Leechburg, Pa. You can always tell the German influence when you see towns ending in -burg. In purely British-settled areas you see towns ending in -ville and -ton.

Lloyd Blankfein, CEO since 2007 of Goldman Sachs, has recommended that key GS officials start carrying pistols for self-protection, although he was a donator to gun grabber Hillary Clinton’s campaign for president. GS is now a symbol of Jew greed, and of the Bush-Bama bailout of Wall Street — not Main Street — for Wall Street’s mega-crimes. He is the Gala Chairman of the Rockefeller family‘s Asia Society in New York.


In 2002-2004 I and my wife at the time, a Frenchwoman, were helping get financial support for a retired French army colonel, Michel Fournier, who was planning something incredible: to ascend to the limits of the atmosphere, to the blackness of space, and then skydive back to earth, shattering numerous world records for the longest jump and the greatest human velocity. Here is the website in English:

While I was living in France in 2004, I got to meet this intrepid Frenchman, and liked him immediately. But I do recall overhearing a conversation by two of his friends basically saying: “These career military guys, they have no idea about investing their money. They just obey orders and don’t think for themselves.” Well, that stayed in the back of my mind, although I had no idea about whom they were talking, and then just last night I was reading a few pages in comrade Herv Ryssen’s magnificent newest book (the latest of FIVE books), called La Mafia Juive.

Anyway, in it Ryssen tells how one Jew, Claude Lipsky, claiming he was a brilliant investor, stole the life savings and retirement money of five hundred French officers and non-commissioned officers, over twenty-seven millions dollars worth, and only in 2007, a decade later, did the ultra-slow, Jew-ridden French court system catch up to him. (The president of France himself is a crypto-Jew, Sarkozy.)

Claude Lipsky stole a lifetime of savings from France’s warriors. More here: The French version of Wikipedia has NO article on this guy, although all the French media called him “l’escroc du sicle” (‘the crook of the century”). The French Ministry of Defense classified his escroquerie (“crookery”) as a “military secret” in 2000 — to prevent an outbreak of antisemitism? But after all, what is a Lipsky compared to Bernie Madoff, who stole FIFTY BILLION!?


A comrade queried me why I had done few recent radio shows, and you can read my response:

Semper fidelis, Reg, or as the Waffen-SS, our German counterpart, would say: My honor is loyalty.


=====A MAGIC CHRISTMAS CARD========= (DO click on this link; you’ll be glad you did.)

Oh, the genius of our great musical composers; of our Aryan Internet; of our graphic artists!

No matter how religious or Christian you may be, the message of Christ is altruism, a profoundly Aryan value.

“Greater love hath no man than he who laith down his life for his friends.”


It amazes me that the Rothschilds are losing their ancient reticence and appearing more and more on the media under their own name, Big Mistake Number One; but this one Jewboy is actually openly promoting “Global Governance,” Big Mistake Number Two, and seems rather unhappy that (thanks to the Internet and American gun owners) “global governance” is still unattainable….

Good! And next year we will make the Rothschild children pout even more. And we will have much to celebrate by Christmas 2010.

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