From now on, no more Facebook, just Vk!

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I have made the decision to move my social media activity totally over to If YOU want Zuckerberg to keep on doing what comes naturally to him and his tribe and raping you, then you whine about it for the one hundredth time (“I got suspended for seven days again; I got zucked…”), that is your own pathetic, slave-mind decision, one which shows what kind of person you really are. You know why the Romans DESPISED SLAVES? Because they would not revolt — and they accepted their servitude. Here I am, on vk, and I will respond to you o-n-l-y over THERE. Victory or death!

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Constantin Von Hoffmeister That’s a bad idea. You should have both.



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John de Nugent It is unworthy of a leader to be on a site that humiliates him on a daily basis and where I must be “careful what I say.” Facebook is a lethal substitute for action anyway, and an openly CIA espionage operation. As a former member of Marine military intelligence, I find it literally insane to be GIVING THE ENEMY DAILY UPDATES ON EVERY DETAIL OF MY LIFE.

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Constantin Von Hoffmeister Don’t you think they can read it on VK as well?

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Chad Crowley Censorship on VK is already starting, slowly but surely.

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John de Nugent Chad Crowley Very little. I see Holo denial and pro-AH stuff every day there, but no one can possibly demand that the Russians love Hitler after his actions toward the Russian people:…/hitlers-great-mistake-in…/

Hitler’s great mistake in Russia Spread the…

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John de Nugent Constantin Von Hoffmeister The NSA and CIA can read everything on the Net, which is just the DARPANet’s civilian division and a pure Pentagon creation.

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John de Nugent The point is that I will not permit any hook to tell me what I can say.

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John de Nugent Interesting suspension this British comrade got.…/fb-suspension-pedo-gangs-uk… I got a 7-day susp. for using a barely derogatory word for “transvestite.” I use (, where there is almost never censorship. It is truly insane and SELF-degrading how we as WNs keep on using an enemy social medium that abuses us. As an American, having the First Amendment here (freedom of speech), I find the FB “community guidelines” merely a sinister new trick to GET AMERICANS USED TO “HATE-SPEECH” LAWS.

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