Four blacks burn 83-year-old white grandmother in Georgia, after breaking all her fingers; she dies after weeks of hospitalization; Jefferson wanted all blacks kept as slaves until expelled from America

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Look at the negro in the right smiling. Cortavious and Shanquavious are two of the three black males arrested so far in the torture/robbery/setting fire to Dorothy Dow, a white 83-year-old great-grandmother living on her farm.




I note that one commenter on this story on Daily Stormer said he was going to move to the all-white Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Anonymous said…It’s pieces of garbage such as these three, that this country is bending over backwards to protect. I’m seriously thinking of relocating to michigans upper peninsula. . .August 10, 2016 at 7:13 PM

They all SAY they are coming up here, but it is all talk.

But WHEN the race war breaks out after the Jews kill Trump, they will definitely call me and then beg me to wire them gas money. 😉

SUMMARY. Topics: Angry black people such as Obama; George Washington statue boxed off as MLK celebration held; Washington deserves our reverence as Father of Our Country; video from “Braveheart” of terrible British retribution against “traitors”; what is white manhood today?; privations and sufferings of white civil rights activists; “Invictus” poem about facing death with courage; “300” (Spartans) video clip; Ben Franklin advocated nordic immigration; American Revolution redheads Jefferson and Jackson; Jackson’s fierce spirit of freedom; Jefferson buys Louisiana; Jefferson on the black race and how it cannot live with whites; free them and send them away; America built as an offshoot of Greco-Roman and European civilization; 1924 immigration law strengthened white immigration; Jimmy Stewart movie (video clip) “It’s a Wonderful Life” shows decency in the old white America; police did not dress like soldiers then; Harvard study: half of whites feel discrimination due to being white; biggest discrimination is violent anti-white crime by blacks, and Patrick Buchanan column; blacks get preference in federal hiring.


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This Finn wrote me:

What makes me so sad, John, is that there is only the anti-White people parties. Whether it’s Michael Savage or Alex Jones or Trump — they are ALL avoiding being anti-Jewish.

But it is the Jews who hate white sovereignty (any/all people’s sovereignty really) so it makes no sense. There literally is no one left to defend us. You are the last flickering flame of a voice for people too stupid to even see they dwell inside of a psychological gulag.

There’s absolutely no one on our side.

As a Finn, I hear no end to how evil Putin is (yes, yes, the disappearing journalists, and hjow he is enriching jewish oligarchs & his human rights abuses, etc.), so even the last hope for a great white hero is shot down for me. We Finns are a tough race & brutally, brutally honest, and most of us do not like Putin.  But you say the western whites and Russia must combine forces.


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–1 September 2016 book Hillbilly Elegy from a comrade in Idaho



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