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(follow-up to my blogpost here:

A Finnish-American comrade sent me a link to an English-language webpage (below) of the “Jew York Times” of Occupied Finland, the newspaper Helsingin Sanomat, in the capital of Helsinki. This confirms what comrade Henrik Holappa wrote yesterday, but downplays the most shocking aspects of the new proposed additions to the law, such as four years imprisonment for visiting a pro-white website, which Finnish TV however confirms. In fact, it all sounds a bit innocuous in the toned-down article below for us foreigners to read — for, after all, suggests the manipulative, psychiatric-operating jew, who could be against “hate” and “violence”?

Helsingin Sanomat is the flagship newspaper of the Finnish Establishment, and like every anti-white prestige rag everywhere that agitates for hatred and violence against white people, it is owned by a khazar. In this case it is the hideous jew press baron Aatos Erkko.

(Erkko's biggest shtick is white self-hatred, and how does he inject this into the once-proud Fnns, who never oppresssed any minorities because they never had any? (The Sami, "Lapplanders," are a separate people in the far north with whom the Finns get along fine. The Swedes on the west coast were the masters of Finland for centuries, not an oppressed minority.) So Finland never conquered any other country and never had a colonial empire or slaves. How do you make them feel guilty? First, LIE to them that the "Nazis" killed "six milliion Jews" -- and then shriek that Finland, in WWII, was allied with the Nazis! (Of course, never mind that the sole purpose of this wartime alliance 1941-44 was to stop Stalin's Soviet Union from annihilating Finland.) Erkko is at the forefront of making Finns ashamed of all that should make them proud: being white, brave and racially pure.

Finnish caption: Ministeri Aatos Erkko seuraa kriittisesti suomalaista sotilasmusiikkia. Hn nkee kehittmistarpeita, mutta antaa mys tunnustusta. [Translation: “”Minister Aatos Erkko observes Finnish military music critically. He also sees needs for change, but gives it also some appreciation.”! Ah, how magnanimous, that the jew Erkko gives Finnish military music “some appreciation” — while promoting negro gang rapists that immigrate by the planeload from Somalia and Sudan into the once all-white Finland — to rape Finnish girls, and imprisons white Finnish men who object!! It is as Jesus thundered at the jewish leaders of His day: “You are from your father, the Devil.” (John 8:44)]

(As comrade Randulf Hansen of has helpfully informed me, before the socialist jew Kerensky's putsch in February 1917, and then the Bolshevik putsch, falsely called the "Russian Revolution," -- it was a coup d'etat by 40,000 bolshevik jews against the socialist jews under Kerensky, not any kind of popular uprising by the real Russian people -- Finland had no jewish problem, because Finland was then part of the Russian Empire, and jews fortunately were not allowed to move about freely, but instead were restricted to living in their "Pale of Settlement" near Poland.

A correspondent wrote me that Erkko claimed to be of Scottish, Swedish and German ancestry. I replied:

Aatos Erkko has to be a jew because, just as you cannot have a negro child unless al least one parent has negro genes, you cannot get a semitic, number-6-shaped nose unless you have semitic, eastern Mediterranean genes.
Erkko looks jewish, he is an international media billionaire (owning periodicals in Belgium and Russia also), and his every action is to advance the jew agenda and to ungratefully destroy his host country, Finland.

In addition, jews fled to Scotland en masse after the expulsion from England in 1290 by Edward I (“Longshanks”). Erkko says he has Swedish and German roots? Fine, the jews lived there also. great British actor Patrick McGooghan in Mel Gibson’s great film “Braveheart,” playing Edward I, “Longshanks.” (Shank means thigh; we know from his thighbones that Edward I was six foot, five inches tall, the same height as our towering leader George Washington.) A shame that Longshanks, unde rthe infouence of Saul, did not confine England’s criminal jews to a penal island, and instead expelled them to commit mischief elsewhere.

I have posted on how a jew himself not long ago outed the Baptist Rockefellers as jews. Since the time of the Spanish Inquisition, and on the advice of the jewish prince of Constantinople, the jews first in Spain and then elsewhere have been pretending to convert to Christianity and infiltrating white Christian society as the born subversives they are, so as to infiltrate all power centers of the host country and enslave it.

This tactic is now six hundred years old! E. Michael Jones’ brilliant The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit is a masterpiece that explains with mountains of hard facts the jewish strategy of worming their way into any and all white countries that are kind and foolish enough to let them in.

And this was possible only because of the myth that these hideous individuals were still God’s Chosen people. Wherever did this notion arise? It came from the Sanhedrin agent Saul of Tarsus, who himself infiltrated Christianity, claiming he had a “vision on the road to Damascus,” and then elbowed aside Jesus’ real disciples, who were just as Galilean as He was and not jews. It was this early infiltrator who turned Jesus’ faith into Saulianity, jew worship for Gentiles and the worst possible interpretation of “love your enemies.”

Saul wrote that Christians must believe that, in the end, the jews will be saved, literally all Israel will be saved. This is from Saul’s long pro-jewish letter to the Roman Christians chapter 11, verse 26 — who had gotten sick of the jews in their midst, jews who were then returning to Rome after Emperor Claudius had expelled them from the capital of the Roman Empire for being constantly, as he decreed, tumultuous. And thus the jews have never been removed once and for all by white Christendom’s rulers at any time to a far distant island such as Madagascar (which was Adolf Hitler’s intention) where they could no longer harm and leech off anyone.

Or tell the people of a country in indescribable arrogance that they have no right to even view a website.

Here now is the sinister law as described by the newspaper:

New legislation proposed for curbing hate crimes and online racism

Working group calls for tougher sentences

A working group for the Ministry of Justice is proposing legislative changes that would make it easier to react to racist agitation on the Internet. The working group submitted its proposal to Minister of Justice Tuija Brax (Green) on Tuesday.


[JdN: This is the strangely dark “Green” political creature Brax, who claims to protect Nature — but not the ENDANGERED WHITE SPECIES — and is a member of the Swedish minority in Finland. (She is not very Swedish-looking….) I have noticed a sinister pattern that everywhere in Europe WOMEN are the main legal attack-dogs persecuting male white nationalists. They are all being brainwashed in the ludicrous lie that “Nazis” in WWII were rapists, when the Germans were by far the least-raping army ever in human history! And women are told it was horrible that they were euthanizing in wartime the most extremely and severely handicapped! Yes, Germany needed tens of thousands of handicapped mental vegetables living in utter misery in insane asylums who could jot even wipe their own rear ends, and more every day, and insane people who chewed off their own fingers, rammed their heads into a wall, and ate their own feces….. And the same “merciful” liberals want OUR HEALTHY WHITE BABIES by the millions ABORTED!]

Under the proposals, linking to a racist website could be construed as incitement against a national group.
The ministry plans to consider whether or not the moderators of chat rooms and message boards should bear greater responsibility to remove racist messages.

Alongside incitement to racial hatred, the working group calls for clearer definition of other hate crimes. In addition to race and religion, hate crimes would be defined as acts motivated by the victims world view, origin, sexual orientation and disability., Spanish publisher Pedro Varela, a friend of mine, is arrested in Barcelona by a FEMALE police SWAT-team “ninja,” as if Pedro needed to be humiliated by a “nazi”-hating feminist. (Of course, he was strip-searched, dangerous PUBLISHER that he is.) Varela could take three men apart with his bare hands; just look at his face. But the point is to HUMILIATE THE WHITE MALE — WHO CAN FIGHT FOR HIS RACE. Where would this brainwashed woman be without her gun, arresting a man for his BOOKS? Arresting a man fighting AGAINST RAPE OF WHITE WOMEN BY IMMIGRANT NEGROES, ARABS, JEWS, MESTIZOS AND GYPSIES? Here you can see the international jew playing on female emotions to make white women hate white men, and in his Playboy magazines and Internet porn the same jewdevil teaches the white man to feel contempt and sexually predatory toward the white woman. Then the very same jew brings in muslim immigrants to complete the anti-woman scenario. Occupied Germany is now full of immigrant Turks who in their “honor killings” literally MURDER their own daughters if they date or marry a non-Turk and non-muslim! How can the jew claim to stand up for women if he brings in millions of muslim and African immigrants who spit on women’s rights?

The group also proposes a separate category of aggravated hate crime, which would involve incitement to genocide and other serious human rights violations, murder, or manslaughter with a terrorist aim.
The maximum punishment for incitement against a national group would be four years in prison. Currently the maximum penalty is two years.

The ministry also wants the courts to recognize racist and hate motives in crimes such as assault and slander as aggravating circumstances in determining a sentence.

Courts currently rarely consider hate motivation in sentencing. The working group would like to specify hate motives as a basis for harsher sentences.

Another proposal is to make legal entities such as associations and communities responsible for crimes of incitement or discrimination against national groups.

Such entities could be punished for public incitement to crime, illegal threats, and libel or slander, if the act is motivated by hate or racism.

============================two videos supporting me

A fellow former Marine and supporter in Missouri sent me these two videos which now appear on YouTube. I am gratified for his support. I urge you to listen especially to my words in the second video, for this is the approach that can and will save us from total enslavement and total genocide.


2) I would like a supporter to transcribe my carefully spoken words in this second video!

A supporter wrote me that Tuesday’s defeat of Obama’s candidate was a huge victory. I agreed! And I wrote back:

Yes, this was a historic victory. I think historians will write that from Tuesday on Obama provably lost the last of his once-magic hold on America. He’s just another smooth-talking negro b-s-er now; yet another slick politican without substance. The Black Mystery Messiah is finished, and thank God for the Internet which has ripped him open.

And even his vaunted “articulateness” and good command of English is now in steep decline, and that is serious, because talking good is all this man can do.

Here is an example from a speech on December 15, 2009 on his criminal, anti-constitutional attempt at federalizing and governmentalizing our health care:

“We are on the PRECIPICE of an achievement that’s eluded congresses and presidents for generations.”

Oxford English Dictionary:

Precipice, 1. a headlong fall or descent, esp. to a great depth.

The good thing about the economic decline is this: I now have many supporters who, while almost penniless due to losing their job, now have infinite time on their hands to help me in many different ways that do not involve money, such as website help, music, etc.

Later, with my training, they will go door-to-door for me, Jehovah’s Witness/canvassing style (a late benefit of my years in the 1970s as both a Jehovah’s Witness — and even as a Fuller Brush salesman! [They had good stuff.])

What brought a famous man to power in the 1930s was an army of jobless men who had lots of time on their hands and plenty of justified anger, ready to protest the system and with nothing to lose …. but their powerless defeatism, misery and despair.



==========OH WILL I EXPLOIT THIS!!!!!!!!

What a jew-world we live in, where the new airport bodyscanners amount to a warrantless strip search:

Now this from GOOGLE, owned by the jews Brin and Page, so let’s call it what it is, Jewgle, in an email. They sent this out when closing several YouTube videos by courageous revisionist scholar Michael Hoffmann:


Google Video Upload Program Policies

As set forth in the Terms & Conditions, Google Video is not required to host or display uploaded content. Google Video may refuse to host or allow links to content that violates its policies, including:

  • illegal content
  • invasions of personal privacy
  • pornography or obscenity
  • hate or incitement of violence [JdN: How is proving the Germans did NOT commit violence on millions of jews in WWII “hate”? This proves Joe Sbran’s definition of what “antisemite” means — “Anyone hated by jews and whom they want silenced.”]
  • graphic violence or other acts resulting in serious injury or death
  • inaccurate or irrelevant metadata (spam)
  • violations of copyright. Please see our Copyright Policy for more information.

* * *


The jews DELETED my John de Nugent Wikipedia article (the moderator “Hullabalo Horowitz” did it), my paid Photobucket account was deleted with no warning, an account containing two thousand four hundred photos, thus gutting one thousand JdN blogposts of their pictures,

…and the jews closed the entire seven-year-old “” discussion forum, where my thread “Apocalypse of the Psychopaths” had reached a record 86,000 views (thus annihilating hundreds of other threads!)

Then, just days after Henrik Holappa was arrested by the lesbian jewess Janet Winer Napolitano who runs Homeland Security, Stormfront, the largest WN website, banned me……and also froze my thread there, at 100,000 views (a thread also called “Apocalypse of the Psychopaths”).

What rank hypocrisy we see in the jews and their pale-face minions, such as Hillary Clinton, to criticize China for censorship — when that is what they do all day! And their billionaire press baron Erkko backs a law to put website visitors in prison for four years!

* * *

Today’s Washington Post:

Clinton calls for Internet freedoms, inquiry into cyber attack at Google

By Cecilia Kang
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, January 21, 2010; 12:39 PM

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton called Thursday for unfettered access to the Internet around the globe after several incidents of online censorship and cyber attacks have presented new questions for the role of technology in diplomacy.

And in recognizing the increasing threat of cyber attacks to censor citizens and disrupt U.S. business overseas, she called for a global response to such actions.

“Countries or individuals that engage in cyber attacks should face consequences and international condemnation,” she said. “By reinforcing that message, we can create norms of behavior among states and encourage respect for the global networked commons.”

Clinton’s sweeping but measured remarks were made in a speech at the Newseum in Washington and have been planned for weeks. The issue was highlighted after Google’s announcement last week that it might withdraw from China after an alleged cyber attack aimed at gathering information from the e-mail accounts of human rights activists.

“We need to create a world in which access to networks and information brings people closer together and expands our definition of community,” Clinton said.

She reiterated a call to the Chinese government to review the allegations made by Google.

“We look to Chinese authorities to conduct a thorough investigation of the cyber intrusions that led Google to make this announcement,” she said. “We also look for that investigation and its results to be transparent.”

Analysts and academics said Clinton’s speech sends the sign that the United States is taking the lead on issues of censorship and cybersecurity as countries such as Uzbekistan, Tunisia, Iran and China have worked to control their citizens’ access to the Web.

But critics will also point to a hypocrisy by the United States, academics say. The FBI has allegedly pressured phone companies for records on thousands of phone numbers, citing terrorism emergencies for the sensitive records. The U.S. trade representative has been engaged in closed-door meetings on a trade pact that includes discussions about how to deal with online piracy. According to leaked documents, a draft portion of the trade pact includes a proposal for Internet service providers to filter content for copyright material and hold those companies accountable for pirated material that flows over their networks.

“So one of big questions around the speech is, ‘To what degree are we willing to hold ourselves to these standards?’ ” said Clay Shirky, a new media professor at New York University.

Clinton also outlined principles of technology and diplomacy, asserting such U.S. values as freedom of speech, assembly, and worship. She said freedom of speech, over Twitter, Facebook and other applications, was vital for people to gather information and spread information, as seen on the ground in Iran after elections sparked demonstrations. She said the freedom to assemble translates to the ability of people to connect over the Web.

“The freedom to connect is like the freedom of assembly in cyber space,” she said. “It allows individuals to get online, come together and hopefully cooperate in the name of progress.”

Over the last year, the State Department has worked to facilitate communications in Iran and other nations. Last June, it asked popular microblogging site Twitter to delay a scheduled upgrade of its Web site so that posts by Iranian citizens who had worked around government censors wouldn’t be interrupted.

In her speech, called “Internet Freedom,” Clinton said the State Department and USAID would work with partners outside governments, such as academics and technologists, to work on technologies such as mobile phone applications to further goals such as rights for women and children and global health. The State Department is launching a $15 million program for such grass-roots efforts to “expand civic participation and increase the new media capabilities of civil society in the Middle East and North Africa.”

Clinton also called on corporations to stand up to governments that support censors and cyber attackers, a veiled reference to the tensions between Google and China.

“For companies, this issue is about more than claiming the moral high ground; it comes down to the trust between firms and their customers,” she said. “Consumers everywhere want to have confidence that the Internet companies they rely on will provide comprehensive search results and act as responsible stewards of their information.”


Here is a picture (below) which Margi and I enjoyed taking, of HH in August 2008, experimenting as every young man does with growing a mustache. It was snap-shot while we were visiting a nearby Pennsylvania farm with its statuesque chestnut horses.

(I think Henrik was daffy to cut his -stache back off. He looked kind of Clark-Gable-y with it! ;-))

I cannot tell you what it feels like to have someone you care about abducted by federal forces, placed ELABORATELY and OBSCENELY before your eyes in chest chains, ankle chains & wrist chains, clanking away, and then see him pushed into a squad car, lights flashing and driven off to parts unknown…. And your own taxes pay for it — to intimidate and terrorize you! Homeland Security terrorized us!

Henrik spent from March to June 2009, a whopping 86 days, in solitary confinement — with no magazines, no books, no newspapers, no television — just four walls to stare at.

Think about spending eight-point-six hours like that. Now think about 86 days in the void. Thanks to us and his other friends, and his own exemplary courage and his Finnish yet “all-American” charm (which was revealed especially in his MAGNIFICENT ten-minute speech at David Duke’s November 2008 EURO conference) Henrik got loads of letters. But imagine if that were you for 86 days in solitary, especially if you are a “reader.” Imagine if that were all of us. Imagine no letters, because all your friends were rounded up too.

We must support leaders who will risk their health, finances, freedom and even life — to GO NOW ON THE OFFENSIVE. Henrik tells me that the Finnish law could go into effect in March. I will fight it as I and fellow Marine William Bates Fox fought victoriously against the Henrik Holappa imprisonment…..

Former Marine Corps major and logistics expert William Fox, Harvard Business School graduate, Norwegian-German-American, and now publisher of

…and I will exploit this ATROCITY of a law to stop it in Finland — and its spread to America. I do not see how the white race can survive if the last thing we have left, the Internet, which is keeping our racial pride alive and on life support, is taken away. Once the Net is gone, then they will come for our guns, and then for us. AS HILLARY CLINTON (FOR ONCE) CORRECTLY SAID, THE INTERNET IS PART OF OUR RIGHT TO ASSEMBLE.

SO BE SURE TO LISTEN TO THE SECOND VIDEO ABOVE: These are the stages: 1) BOOK Solutrea, Arise 2) MOVEMENT Eternal Solutreans; 3) NEW ELECTIONS for a PRESIDENT OF THE AMERICANS to oppose the alien Obama; 4) WHITE SAFETY AND HERITAGE ZONES spread across a crumbling but martial-law-free America — in the name of our great and heroic founding genius, THOMAS JEFFERSON. (

Right on race, blacks, the “degraded and anti-social” jews, religion without fanaticism, states’ rights, guns, free speech, and the protection of small-town America, small business and the farmer who feeds us — from “a bloodthirsty race, as cruel and remorseless as the Being whom they represented.”

Holappa and de Nugent upon learning on October 11, 2008 that Austrian pro-white, anti-Third World immigrant governor Joerg Haider had been murdered in a spectacular car “accident.” Almost exactly five months later, my adjutant Holappa was arrested.

Maybe I should sign, like Conan O’Brien, a $45 million deal to NOT host the Tonight Show. 😉

John de Nugent
213 Ekastown Road
Sarver PA 16055 USA
(724) 353-0154
(724) 524-1002

* * *

I need money to finish my book, print my door-to-door materials, to train witnessing teams, and to get $2000 worth of DVD reproduction machines transported here from North Dakota, because my key book IS A DVD (text, photos, music, videos, and I also talk directly on the video in a heart-to-heart fireside chat to the reader).

You can send a money order, cash, a check to John de Nugent, or use PayPal.

John de Nugent
213 Ekastown Road
Sarver PA 16055


  1. And correction to your translation;

    “Finnish caption: Ministeri Aatos Erkko seuraa kriittisesti suomalaista sotilasmusiikkia. Hän näkee kehittämistarpeita, mutta antaa myös tunnustusta. [Rough translation: “Erkko listens with appreciation to Finnish soldier music!””

    It says exactly the following; “Minister Aatos Erkko observes critically the Finnish military music. He also sees needs for the development, but gives some appreciation [to it].”

  2. Thank you for both comments, comrade Henrik. I just corrected the translation in my blog today of the Erkko photo caption as per your comment. And this information is of the greatest importance.

    If we work hard, and we will, then this foolish bill will become yet another public relations disaster for the Jew-Finn government, for the illegal alien Obama, and for the nauseating hypocrite Lesbillary Clinton, for whom human rights apply only to the Chinese — and not to WHITES!

  3. Good post, John!

    It will create difficulties for the Finnish government to define what “racism” is. If they will go ahead with the law, they will have to create an official governmental list of alleged “racist websites” – and actually implement this law.

    According to the “so-called Southern Poverty Law Center” in the United States of America, there are about 5000 classified racist/white supremacist websites on the Net. Now, they have been working for the list maybe several years, so how can the Finnish government assume that a Finnish citizen will be aware of this list of racist websites?

    And not necessary all website addresses have “incitement” or “racist” in their web URL address! So, what if a person ends up in a racist website by an accident? Well, sadly enough, the law bill does not recognize a “surfing accident”. It only recognizes visiting on a racist website — which would be a felony crime for four years.

    Therefore the law assumes that the web surfer would know in advance and exactly, before clicking on the website, its content — and it is just “too bad” if the website’s URL is misleading and might not have an “inciting” sound to the website address.

    And because of the law, I could not give any examples, because linking to a possible racist website address might be a crime!

    Also… now that I am visiting YOUR website and actually leaving a comment, there we go, I would be committing a crime!

    PS: Just recently I read an article where the Finnish newspaper was reporting how China and Iran were limiting its citizens’ Net surfing. And according to the newspaper, that not only violated freedom of speech, but it also violated human rights. I wonder why the Zionist-controlled newspapers in Finland do not write that the Finnish govt is now possibly going to violate freedom of speech and human rights?

    You asked for credibile proof, John, that the Finnish government and media are really saying that just visiting a WN website could trigger prison. Here it is:

    I will give you some links and quotations;

    YLE (the biggest news-service in Finland, comparable to the BBC)


    “Uudeksi rikosnimikkeeksi esitetään törkeää kiihottamista kansanryhmää vastaan […] että rikosnimike soveltuu muun muassa linkkien avaamiseen rasistista kiihottamista sisältäville internetsivuille. […] Työryhmä ehdottaa myös, että rikoslakiin lisättäisiin erityinen törkeää kiihottamista kansanryhmää vastaan koskeva rikos. […] Enimmäisrangaistus olisi neljä vuotta vankeutta.”


    Aggravated incitement for racial hatred is being suggested as a new parliamentary bill […] The new suggested law would also apply for opening a website that contains racial incitement […] The legal group [developing the bill] suggests that the special crime of “aggravated incitement of racial hatred” […] would be punishable by a maximum sentence of four years in prison.

    The TV news report of 19th of January, on YLE at 8:30 pm, mentions that linking to a racist website would be a crime,but leaves out the criminal nature of visiting the website.

    But several news-sources has confirmed that — as above — JUST visiting a racist website would be a crime.

    Video in Finnish: (length: 17minutes 46 seconds)


    The newly registered [and degenerate] leftist party – “Piraattipuolue” (“Pirate Party”) also left an announcement under its slogan:

    “Piraattipuolueen lehdistötiedote: Rasismin torjuntaan päättömiä keinoja”
    Transl: “The Pirate Party: Not Working Means Preventing Racism” [sick humor]

    And here this leftist party gloats:

    “Oikeusministeriön tiedotteessa ehdotetaan jopa rasististen linkkien avaamisen kriminalisointia.”

    “In the announcement of the Department of Justice it is being suggested that even opening a racist website would be criminalized.”


    And from the Department of Justice’s own website:

    “Ehdotuksen mukaan kiihottamisrikossäännöksessä mainittaisiin uutena tekotapana yleisön saataville asettaminen. Näin varmistettaisiin, että rikosnimike soveltuu mm. linkkien avaamiseen rasistista kiihottamista sisältäville internetsivuille.”

    “According to the suggestions for the bill against criminal incitement, the new law would target things accessible to the public. It would make sure that the criminal penalty paragraph can be used, for example, against opening a website that contains racial hatred.”

    This is all that I found for now, yet it confirms everything I wrote in my article to be true.

    After all, the last link is to the official site of the “Department of Justice.”

    I hope this helps.


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