“Fathers and Daughters” — moving family drama with Russell Crowe; “God is dead, life sucks, then you die” does not comfort a bereaved little girl

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Widower (Russell Crowe) tells his daughter (Kylie Rogers) that her mom is looking down from heaven on her.

I just saw an IMO great movie, “Fathers and Daughters” with Russell Crowe, Aaron Paul (of “Breaking Bad”) and Amanda Seyfried (as the daughter — as an adult), shot in my other native town, Pittsburgh.

It tanked at the box office, but (or therefore 😉 ) I found it quite good. Maybe it was that the director is an Italian…. and I lived in Europe. European movies actually have a plot. 😉 Not one special effect in this one, or aliens, boobs, vampires or zombies. 😉

Just, uhhh, real people. 🙂


Trailer: .https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZ-6gOCidMY

The father (Crowe) is brilliant, a Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist, but (partial-spoiler alert) gets into a terrible car wreck during a spat with his wife, she is killed — and he is brain-damaged and never the same after, having epileptic seizures and depression.
His little daughter (played by a very good little actress, Kylie Rogers) has a very tough childhood from both losing her mother and then, as it turns out, a functioning father.
Being left with her aunt and uncle as dad goes away for a year into a clinic
The uncle is played by Canadian Bruce Greenwood, who was superb, btw, in the John F.Kennedy docudrama “Thirteen Days” about the Cuban Missile Crisis.
Amanda Seyfried, a pretty German-American actress from Allentown, on the eastern side of Pennsylvania….
…..plays the young adult, and has flashbacks — the movie is basically flashing back and forward — to when her dad was still alive.
While she does attract an adoring boyfriend, “Cameron” (Aaron Paul), a smart young writer who reveres her late father’s work, she pushes him away, fearing yet another abandonment.  .

She is an absolute prisoner of the past, of past trauma,

….trapped in what Eckart Tolle would call “the pain body,” that storehouse of fear and agony from childhood that many of us shlep around (I did until age 49) until we become enlightened that our ego — our me-me-me, our Me-and-My-Painful Memories (of mishaps that stopped happening years or decades ago) — this ball-and-chain is ruining our life .. with her, it destroys her potentially great present!
“Fathers and Daughters” is great on the theme of how some white people, when overburdened by pain, emotionally shut down, almost hibernating……an Ice-Age trait our race has….
It also shows how she, having shut down, goes for promiscuous sex and for all the absolutely wrong reasons….. such as being a numb person who just wants to feel SOMETHING.

BUT what I found bleak is that when the father is trying to explain life and its tragedies, it is always against the emotional and ideological backdrop of atheism — “this life is all there is, yeah, it sucks, honey, there isn’t really any god or higher power that cares, but kid, you just gotta be tough to survive.”


And it is clear that this message does NOT “do it” for the kid.


This is why we whites need a religion that is new and true.



There is a nice scene at the zoo where Crowe assures his daughter, who espies a mom with her daughter, that her late mother is looking down on her with love ( = from heaven), but I think the average person will interpret this as ‘not true but a nice, consoling thing to say to dry a child’s tears.’



…….People simply do not understand that life after death is real, proven, and so is reincarnation for most of us



This book is overly Pauline-Christian but otherwise great. Some of the experiences clearly point at reincarnation – and NOT being in heaven or hell forever after death — and author Burke, an engineer turned now clergyman, murks his way through these. 😉


Also overly Pauline-Christian — the guy to whom the story happened is a minister –  but very valuable…. a very proven case of a very fatal car wreck…. and an NDE (Near Death Experience,” or rather a “Back-from-the-Dead” experience because he was dead: no breathing or pulse. (In hospital ERs, they can check for a third sign of death: no brain waves.)



(Scene from the movie based on the book “90 Minutes in Heaven,” which I also recommend.) This is the effect of a combined speed of 110 mph and a head-on collision with a tractor-trailer truck. The driver was pronounced dead twice on the scene, with many of his bones smashed to dust as the truck ran right over the passenger compartment.  THIS INCIDENT REALLY HAPPENED.



….but the guy, or his soul,  was pretty busy on the other side…. for 90 amazing minutes…..before returning to our world and agonizing pain….




..and it was in a gorgeous place, which is where basically good people temporarily go, to a welcome center….a real, material world with trees, flowers, grass and cities similar to, but not the same as this planet, much more beautiful…. a kind of northern California with the color saturation on Photoshop turned way up. 😉 This dimension is a hologram, but so is ours.


But if the white masses did “get” it about the afterlife and judgment, they would act very differently toward each other,

….knowing they are being WATCHED and will be JUDGED  — exactly as Christianity says, which is 70% accurate expect for the Jewy parts that Paul/Saul squeezed back in.

They would understand we will be forced to watch a sometimes searing, brutally eyewitness video of how we affected others… every time we failed to help, every time we did something selfish, and also every time we DID come through gloriously 🙂 for our friends, family, nation and race in the hour of need.

As Dostoyevsky said: “If there is no God, everything is permitted,” and right now there is no God for most people — so everything IS permitted.



This is why the Holappas and Porters of this world can shamelessly lie about me, just as people lied about Hitler, whom they also called a nut and a coward, because they fear no God, no karma, no judgment…. “If a lie advances my cause, my hate and envy, go with it.”

That is their motto. Holappa once said to me: “It is all just psychological warfare.”!


That is exactly how the Jews see it. Lies are as good as truth if it is good for them!






And what is the karma of the ineffably mentally lazy who gobble their crud up, shamelessly refusing to make even the slightest effort to question and demand verification of their libellous and defamatory claims…their slanders against our race, against the Germans, against Hitler, against me, against Rockwell, against Ben Klassen, etc, etc, etc.


“I believe it ‘cuz my friends do!”




I at least say I believe it to stay in good with my friends, and keep my job, career and marriage.




……Virtus videos (before my book)


Virtus videos 6, 7 & 8 why people won’t talk about God, death or religion; hard-science studies at U. Virginia of life after death and being reborn back to this earth; Normandy 1944 and 2014


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