Facebook thots really love me

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With Faceberg friendship requests like this, I could start a Nevada whorehouse.

Mark Hastings
Mark Hastings Nice choice , sorry you got kicked off for a few days. I think it was my post about ovens.


Marco Adolph
Marco Adolph Ob man so was überhaupt in seiner Freundesliste braucht?


Marco Adolph
Marco Adolph Ich würde die alle löschen. Bei wiederholten Versuch blockieren.


Ole Olesen
Ole Olesen Dont FRET .. EXHIBITIONISM is a FEMALE TRADEMARK … its how they ensure the continuation of the Species….


Alexander Kern
Alexander Kern Have over 200 subs because of them 😉
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Thomas Lane
Thomas Lane They’ve been coming to me too. I think they are Facebook moles…Or Zionist shills.
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Danny R Thomson A lot of them are blackmailers. They get dumb married men to cam with a girl (that is actually a video). They record the guy playing with himself and threaten to send the video to friends and family via the guy’s friend list if he does not pay.
They tend to focus on Islamic Middle-East guys because they are much more likely to pay because it’s such a massive taboo thing there. I’ve seen a few warnings about this.
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John de Nugent
John de Nugent Danny R Thomson Good warning, thanks, and I know for a fact that they do this; it happened to someone I know.


John de Nugent
John de Nugent With me, so often these thots are supposedly “from Providence, Rhode Island,” which “just happens to be” my city of birth. It is all computer-generated — and uses your info in “About.” And even though — or rather BECAUSE — I put down “in a relationshhip,” these CGI sluts contact me. In reality, at least in my case, it is pot-belled male NSA or CIA COINTELPRO types.



John de Nugent

John de Nugent This “smoldering hottie” is 100% a nasty male. I had some FB chat with HIM: https://johndenugent.com/…/abigail-anderson-fbi…




John de Nugent
John de Nugent This “babe” had every Holappa and Porter defamation of me memorized.


John de Nugent
The amazing Carlos Porter lives as a stateless person in the EU, he scoffs at hate-speech laws, he bashes blacks and calls them “n—rs” on his website, and he debunks the Holycost — illegal, illegal, illegal — yet never gets arrested.
Now, just how does that work? Is it because he has agreed to defame ME? (And they put it on page one of Google.  )
John de Nugent And the style of writing reeked of masculine. I finally said “you are a guy with a paunch and hairy forearms.”
He replied,  just the way a guy would, “Fuck you, Nugent.”

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